My healthy mum whom I spoke to a few days earlier unexpectedly suddenly became ill. I was sad and felt low in spirit in grief although she was ready to see Father God.God Spoke to me to Comfort and reassure me all will be well with mum’s transition duration her passing moment. With love, care and attention mum passed peacefully in her sleep surrounded by loved ones.

Above all, my vision dreams from God confirmed mum’s passing. After mum’s arrival in heaven I had a special vision dream in a moment which stood out for me as God’s face appeared in the clouds in my vision dream so said your mother is here with me. God said all was  so memorial managed successfully as planned. The  amazing words of encouragement God Spoke to me gave as one mourns gave me hope. ???????????????????????????????After God Spoke to me He moved His Head aside so said now talk to your mother. I saw my mother’s face appear from behind God’s face in sky in vision looking young and beautiful. She blessed me with Psalm 1 so I was intensely pleased about this moment. God helped me deal with the consequences of her not with us anymore. God told me all is well including preparation arrangement God made available.

After mother blessed me with Psalm 1 that I am tree planted by river…. I woke up and phone rang as my brother confirmed exact details as God told me in vision dream of names, location details of funeral. After God talked to me in dream vision I felt uplifted in my spirit. Praise God for the first time in my life I saw the face of God in vision dream in the darkest moment of hopelessness and helplessness of grief. So Our tangible God reveals Himself in His Word the Bible through visions and dreams.
In Joel 2:28 as God said, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people, your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams and your young men will see visions. The last days include season we live in as 1000 years is like a day to God. Believe and expect young men and women to dream dreams. And see visions, your sons and daughters  prophesy of testimonies all over the world today.

These visions and dreams appear to believers open, willing to receive God’s words to come to pass in their life. In Acts 2:17, your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, your old men dream dreams as Mary responsed in Magnificat in Luke 1:46-55, thanked, accepted and glorified God for choosing her a vessel of honour to use for God’s Glory.Only those who believe and receive God’s words will see manifestation of God, Jesus, angels, visions of future event messages from God because God is same yesterday, today and forever. God Still speaks to reveal Himself today and His secrets to prophets. So speaks directly to those people who yearn to talk directly to him.
Jesus-Picture-In-Heaven-On-The-ThroneMansion depict exact painted visions so agrees with descriptions in Bible of heaven. In Habakkuk 2:2, God said write visions down to make it plain so all who see it will run with it. I started writing beautiful dream visions for years with dated document to manifest to give testimony, thanks and Glorify to God. It is impossible to describe intense feelings of pain of losing mum loved ones as Mary watched her son Jesus die.

God encouraged me that He cares about me personally so reveals Himself to me when totally devastated. My mother was my best friend and confidant so it was hard times. She is a great woman of God, a saint, as people described her as an epitome of all that Christ expects in all believers. Others said if there is really heaven, they know for sure mum is the first person they know personally who definitely made it to heaven. In another vision I saw mother’s golden beautiful home in heaven surrounded by crystal river. It started on a beautiful morning, while getting ready for work when I got the phone call, my perfectly healthy mother suddenly fell ill unable to eat or drink fluids. I dropped everything and headed for family home to see mother. She looked tired and exhausted and her voice changed too.  She could not keep food down or fluids given. Coming from the medical professional with majority of family having such background it means every form of medical treatment available was explored. Eventually she was admitted in hospital so I had to travel to and fro to support her careers as often as possible. I planned to take annual leave to spend quality time with her because things changing so rapidly heading towards a downward spiral.
I did not want to take any chances to miss precious intimate day of her passing. Life became unpredictable and so I had to make some adjustments to be available on call whenever things seemed worse and I needed to be by her bedside for her final moments on earth. I found myself in a state of limbo as she was not fully in the here or now, neither is she gone yet. This continued for months until family agreed she required intensive care to meet her needs beyond private home treatment.

The doctors did the best they could for mother but she deteriorated. She begun to flow in and out of consciousness yet glowed with radiance every time she came to. Mother begun to tell us about the vivid visions and her experiences she saw of God’s beautiful heaven beyond description. She was fascinated with insight into amazing wondrous heaven. She saw her beloved Saviour Master Jesus Christ and God’s Glorious bedazzling Presence. The praise and the worship in heaven is marvellous as she celebrates. Everyone is perfectly happy and all things in unison. God is Centre of Attention with Christ on God’s Right Hand in charge as advocate. She sang favourite church songs joined in to sing with her. While doctors prepared more advanced treatment for physical body. Mother clearly tasted heavenly joy and seen the Glory of so not prepared to return physically to earth anymore. Everyone was perfectly happy and all things in unison. God was the Centre of Attention and Christ in charge as advocate. She sang favourite church songs joined in to sing with her. While doctors prepared more advanced treatment for physical body. Mother clearly tasted heavenly joy and seen the Glory of so not prepared to return physically to earth anymore. She called family asking permission to let go to God.She thanked family for great care taken of her to express appreciation for all done humanly possible to get her better but she is ready to go. Mother was transferred to a major hospital a bit further from us but more suitable for her care. However, she has come to decision and conclusion her time is up. She said she lived a blessed life beyond average standard life expectancy for women. Soon ready to go into heaven as soon as Jesus allowed her time to do so.

The pastor was invited to anoint and give the last rights. As a born-again baptized believer she knew her future was secured in Christ in heaven. Yet soon I found myself having sleepless nights not resting properly, living on auto pilot, feeling numb beyond description. Anticipation, knowing precise time of mother’s passing was painful catch 22 situation in limbo neither here nor the moment again and again. We kept up prayer, thanksgiving until mum joined all the rest of the family in heaven.
It dawned on us that there was not much we could do any more she was spiritually ready to yield her soul to God indeed into heaven. I felt like my body was being stretched and pulled. These feelings were unlike any experiences endured in life before. Believe me, I had my share of life’s adversity, traumas, loss, afflictions, disillusionment, pain, trials, heartbreak, betrayal, physical sorrow, sickness, abandonment, and personal rejection, discouragement and bereavemet too many to list all here.
Thanks and Glory to God mother passed peacefully in her sleep, safely into loving arms of Christ with welcome party ready for homecoming. Heaven took on whole new meaning with reassurance our direct link mother in Christ is in God’s throne room sitting at Jesus feet. I cried until no tear was left. Weeping endures for a season but joy comes in the morning so I mourned with hope knowing in future if Jesus tarried I will see her again, happy and rejoicing in heaven.My mum is a loving saint in heaven who loved people. God is our best friend so knows pain of Jesus death for us so weeping endures for a season but joy comes in the morning. Mum is rejoicing in heaven and no more in pain. She certainly would not like me to be sad not enjoy life any more because of her passing. Writing poems, memories is therapeutic as well as meaningful for closure. We thank God for her blessed life in Christ. We thank God for the privileged and assurance of salvation to marriage supper of Christ in heaven.


5 thoughts on “MOTHER IN HEAVEN

    • Thank you for your comment on Mother in Heaven assuring us of eternal life in Presence of God with Christ, Christ and angels. Christian believers mourn with hope knowing family circle will be complete in future in Jesus Name. God bless

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    • Christmas time is usually an extra busy time for mothers. This is when women call on mother or grandma for secret family recipes. Men also cook and be similarly in touch while the Christmas meal is cooking. Despite the moments of gratitude to God for all His blessings it can be tainted by the time of tears and sorrow. Frustrations mount with thoughts of, if only mother and grandma or the family chef were around there will not be this much stress. Yet eventually manage to put together the preparations eventually. Soon forget the sad moment but always remember the precious memories of all the loved ones who passed into heaven. Thanks and have a Blessed Christmas.

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