According to Bible in Amos 9:2 they dig in hell as predicted by Jesus in Luke 16:19–31. Scientist Dr Azzacove shows information recording hellfire discovery located in Siberia near Moscow. Screams from hell were heard by Dr Azzacove and the scientific research team in Siberia as they drilled deep into core of earth near Russia. Their instruments picked up cries of billions of voices in agony in hell. Unsaved billions since creation of world end in hell. After soul and spirit departs from body into heaven or hell, the flesh remains on earth so returns to dust. No holding place gives second chances to people awaiting fate to decide between heaven and hell. Hell is a real place as stated by Jesus the most trustworthy reliable eye witness who knows most about heaven or hell. hell (1)Whether one believes in heaven and hell does make a difference to God. This is because one’s choice depends on believing in God’s salvation. To be in heaven is a decision consciously made by a person to accept Christ to follow Him. To reject Christ Jesus means rejecting God’s merciful compassion plan of salvation for eternal life. Those saved and living according God’s standard salvation are guaranteed heaven. God sees how the rich badly treated the beggar lazarus noted in Bible in Luke 16:19–31. The rich man did not provide any kind treatment for lazarus but took only sheep Lazarus owned through greed. Jesus told parable of rich man and poor Lazarus to show God’s justice. Lazarus is comforted by Abraham rich in heaven. Heaven and hell are real places all will go to one or other. The choice is yours to determine your final eternal destination in heaven or hell.

boiling oil 2

Jokes are made about Heaven and hell as fantasy, non-existent, not real places because quite frankly people do not want to think about death or the after life. Some prefer to bury head in sand on issues of talking about heaven or hell. So feel discussing such topics are uncomfortable. They have good times in the here and now so do not want to reflect on future. Some think life ends after death so not worry about afterlife. Yet there is life after death for believers, atheists, unbelievers, agnostics and heathen whether they accept Jesus or not God will judge them. So ensure one’s life is rightly connected to God to got to heaven or hell. The destitute rich man burned alive forever in hell lake fire.hipster.pl-The-Door-to-Hell3

Do not end up in hell because the most pleasant joyful celebration on earth cannot compare with the perfectly fulfilled happiness in heaven. Challenges of life do not impair eternal life because in heaven there are no tears, sorrow, pain or dying. Spiritual blindness causes the perishing not to see God’s plan of salvation. So reject Christ God’s redemption reconnection to creation after sin and fall of Adam and Eve in garden of Eden. God’s words do not return void so accomplishes God’s Plans. Those who mock or ridicule heaven self-destruct themselves in process. They miss out on opportunity to be saved so becomes to late in hell but cannot cross over into heaven. Rebellious support relied on against God is all gone. One faces Maker God Creator alone on judgment day then sent into hell. Heaven and hell real places so the choice is yours. Be sure to make heaven in Jesus Name to the Glory of God.


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