In 2 Corinthians 3:2, the Christian believer is a living Bible read by all as a written letter, in peoples hearts, known and read by all men; 3 being manifested you are a letter of Christ, cared for by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. 4 Such is the confidence believers have through Christ toward God. In John 1 The Word Jesus Became Flesh and dwelt among us. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God who became flesh. Matthew 4:4 ‘Jesus said People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the word of God. Many people live their lives through watching others in the world. Their entire life is modeled on what they see in others, hear from others, look upon others, touch from others living through people including buying perfume scents approved by Hollywood stars. There is a strong belief  if  somethings works well for someone else it is good enough for others too. So billions of dollars spent on advertisement especially through favourite stars, often given free gifts to be seen wearing certain clothes, shoes, bags, , drivings certain car endorsements to publicize the product. Similarly it is becoming evident that so many people do not search the scriptures for themselves. This is often due to the misconception that people feel they are not trained in Biblical knowledge or ordained as a minister of the Gospel so cannot possibly rightly divide the word.

d096f089fbffd2bf690810a25b0ab3ae The believer is to study the Bible by diligently reading it everyday in the version and translation meaningful to their context. To show themselves approved unto God, a workman that need not be ashamed. Studying here means reading the word and inviting the Holy Spirit to help guide the reader to make sense of the text and the story. 2 Timothy 2:15 verse encourages Bible Study among pastors, Bible students, Bible colleges, and seminaries. In King James Version, Paul instructs Timothy to “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. This helps to memorize relevant texts needing to be recalled during challenges times as a strong Armour to fight the enemy battling thoughts through the mind. No competent soldier goes to battle empty-handed without appropriate equipment and protection. So does the word of God cover from top of the head to the soles of the feet the living word as a two- edged sword that cuts through the marrow to accomplish that for which it sent.  The other reason why prefer listening to others and watching others lives is because they feel of the word works in their lives then it will work for me. It is important to remember the word inside the believer is activated by the Holy Spirit to manifest with signs and wonders to the Glory of God. The supernatural testimony seen is  due to a believer holding on in faith onto God’s word in the midst of adversity. The righteous walks by faith not by sight. So the believers confidence and trust in God comes from the word of God which God puts above himself. 116 When all seems lost and natural circumstances seem contrary to expectation it is then the word of God takes life over to give great victory to the Glory of God. For the baby Christian God allows the matured believer to be the role model to piggie back until grown enough to fully understand some aspects of the word of God. There are  parts no amount of studying or teaching logically explains the word by testing methods. That is when the mystery of God takes over so stands by faith on the word of God fully accepted. Some issues in the Bible are exclusively God’s providence, grace, mercy and compassion so cannot be explained to prove first before it is accepted. Although God commands all believers to talk God 24/7 everywhere whenever at home, on the way, wear on hands, share in psalms, songs and praises. Most leaders discourage members of churches from any form of self -study of the Bible. Due to different interpretations and translations and doctrines out there it is safer to confine the believer to a particular translation and interpretation. This can lead to stereotype error because of lack of open- mindedness  to other sources of correct and right teaching because it is not approved by the leader. So the whole congregation obliges and follows due to ‘trust me I am a doctor mindset. It does not necessarily mean to question and disobey the leader but it means the church believes the leader more than personally seeking God’s face in prayer for  Godly guidance. The super-nanny leader becomes all things to all men and women, because their opinion and approval counts more than hearing from God directly. As a matter of fact, the leader has total monopoly over God as the expert so no ordinary mere mortal can be permitted to hear God directly except through that particular leader only.his creates cults as no one dare go contrary to leaders. views, specified directions and opinions. This is why many dare not read the Bible themselves for fear of the leader when the ask for clarification from them about something read. Furthermore, it makes the leader’s life easier because if each member turns up everyday with several different daily readings from their Bibles for help on exposition exegesis they will be overwhelmed. Also, it creates confusion due to contradictory interpretation bias in text depending on translators background, leanings, motives and location history. Most pastors vehemently oppose certain types of Christians and accuse them of justified addiction to books and to Scripture study by Paul because of apparent command in 2 Timothy 2:15 for Timothy to “study to show thyself approved unto God.” Really in the King James Version translation this way it influences many churches, ministries, and pastors to focus on Bible Study and actively living the word of God. This creates a contradictory sub- culture that will not read books anymore because Bible reading, studying the Bible and memorizing scripture is considered abuse. So this has a clear domino effect from steering people from reading books to gadget reading ebooks, ipods,  blogs, pdfs, instagram, twitter, facebook, social media networking rather than be by themselves for 15 minutes to few hours alone in the presence of God. The new preferred lifeline automatic connection gives attention from fellow humans so focus is not on the word of God. Some meditate on man- made theories, views, opinions, sayings, writings but will not read the word of God for themselves. This is form of x factor idol seeking belief in looking upon others can become idolatry if people want adulation, glory, acknowledgement from human beings. On other hand the believer is not to be wrapped up in Scripture study to neglect family, the poor needy in community but serve others in love taking care of orphans, widows like Jesus focused in His ministry. Direct belief in Invisible God is seen, felt, touched, heard, smelt through fragrance of Jesus the best friend. Friendship from pictures of millions of wonderful highly appreciated people has its place yet God is remembered first. So embrace the Greater Good of God’s Sovereign Words, Appreciate and Value Christ.

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