The changing face of Christianity require dynamic new tools of the trade to showcase the word of God in modern formats.  It is wonderful to post great news to share message of Gospel of Christ out and about in the market place, the sea side, mountain tops, synagogues, anywhere, everywhere people gather. Phones and art are new forms of Bible and living gospel gossip is message some read and follow. It is a fact not all believers go to church as some are secret disciples in danger for faith so express believe in art clubs, on line, networking, gym, dance clubs, as Christ did with Nicodemus. The world needs to take notice to recognize few people go to church out of billions on earth, so need to encourage an expression of faith through gadgets and artistic inclinations. God Himself is the greatest artist showing the power of God’s aesthetic creation of people showing God’s artistic flair and His Nature on canvass. Christianity is a passionate message of love so when you feel you need loving and hugs embrace the word made flesh among us. So time must be spent to express first love to God as love tithe life action shared  in art form with others. Social insistence on pristine Christian iconography, and refusal to embrace the Christianity of flesh and blood ostracize important expressions of Christian art up to the present day.

Visceral Christian imagery form of art depicting faith, ‘has always been harshly regulated; it’s run the gamut from the sincerely faith-driven to the blatantly politically oppressive, and all conventional critiques of the institution of the Church apply here.  As with all regimes, art has always played a vital role in the propagation of all the most oppressive aspects of the misogynistic, imperialistic Christianity under which so many have suffered.   This statement functions as a sort of disclaimer, in that the history of Christian imagery, in all of its complexities, is an ocean of study and thought unto itself, and this essay barely skims the surface of those murky and vibrant waters.  Artist and activist who is also a Christian, and not as a theologian, I’d like to discuss my problem with the insistence on a pristine Christian iconographic tradition.

Phones are used for all forms of expression of love, passion, music, recording events, pictures, texts, videos of precious moments, booking holidays, election voting, creativity, job search,  films yet few use it for sharing the word of God. Consequently, visceral Christian imagery to some is offensive, denigrates sanctity of holiness causing vitriol violent hate and anger expressed through severe fury and criticism. Such freedom of expression is often depicted as vulgar so does not reverence God. Therefore the my way or no way method causes conflicts endured from past history, of sanctions, crusade wars and blatant disregard of faith from the other beholder’s eye’s and of point of view. To protect and preserve the chosen standard one size fits all dominant culture view, faith is imposed against the will and wishes of people with compliance to enforce control of others. This leads to sectarian conflict and discrimination suffered by those who dared to do otherwise. They are blacklisted, ostracized, blackmailed for exercising their God given right of freedom of choice and expression. The Christian phone expression preaching Christ will cause offense as a stumbling block but be a stepping stone of progress to propagate faith in modern style by brave phone users for communication in the new format palatable to buyer’s budget and digestive taste to the phone user. Like art forms TV ministry improvise was received by non- converted with disdain as new generation had bible removed from schools. New forms meaningful to current phone users may not always appeal to traditional respect attached to Bible. So pastors must allow modern generations to read bible on line, on phone for domino effect of reading ebooks, gadgets ipods,  blogs, pdfs, instagram, twitter, facebook, social media networking preferred in the presence of God.


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