Overcoming adversity is part of life as a series of unfortunate events tend to follow endlessly after another like Job 42 Bible Study outlines.  The adversary challenged God to prove believers only loved God because of material blessings, wealth and riches they received from God. Knowing God built a hedge of protection around Job, the adversary proceeded to torment and torture Job with boils, illnesses, and adversities. Job lived in Uz as God’s faithful man. Job is pronounced Jobe and lived a blameless and upright life. He feared God and shunned evil. He had 7 sons and 3 grown daughters with own families, fabulously rich, very wealthy and had much land. God permitted the adversary to Prove that no matter the adversities thrown by the adversary the believe overcomes it in Jesus Name. Job dealt with life struggles and expressed his feelings and thoughts openly about concerns and problems of evil. Job repented from his sins 42:1-6, God forgave Eliphaz and 2 friends after offering sacrifices and Job prayed for them.  Such is life as one problem is solved there comes along another challenge. Those intimately close may not fully understand what is going on and even blame the person. Sometimes like Job, one feels one cannot survive another day. The family is traumatized with tragedy after tragedy. The health of some members become overriding issue of concern. Medical bills pile up high while savings deplete, jobs lost as time is taken out to look after loved ones. So no salary or health care means an imposed poverty because health prevents the ability to work. Since no extra money is provided the limited funds available adds to stress of care. One feels sometimes numb in limbo neither here nor there due to situation, state of circumstances in dealing with sick loved ones like Job. The mind runs helter skelter in panic worrying about wht to do. Stress affects relatives unable to focus at work. Also one hospital trip after another plus surgeries and treatments interfere with a sick child’s school lessons if young or education delayed and studies interrupted with pain affectings grades. All these domino effect impacts siblings and spouses who feel neglected by intense focus on one needing perpetual care. So love life is put on hold without date time because emergency needs of loved ones is paramount and overrules family life.Those not directly affected feel sense of abandonment and feel too much special attention is given to the one needing round the clock care. If asked if they want to exchange their healthy lifestyle places of good health with the one suffering in sickness of course the answer is a resounding no! In addition, strain and emotional drain on carer takes its toll on sleep, eating habits and taking personal care of themselves. Although many feel isolated so cry themselves to sleep every night, feeling lonely, without support and respite care or holiday breaks to recharge their batteries it is good to remember God sees it all and is pleased with them. Furthermore, society attacks them for not earning enough social security points for pension or benefits so in limbo without help and necessary support. Their full time dedicated service is taken for granted so they are not seen as doing any valid work that benefit because the sick person is a relative who cannot afford to pay them. The sick person suffers own loses as time is devoted to taking care of personal health so unavailable to work. If self -employed they earn nothing if it is an internal hidden disability not measurable physically outwardly they are not supported with disability car, equipment and facilities. Many lost their lives because the nature of this illness makes the survivor seem healthy yet ill. Often, they are made to feel like a nuisance, and not wanted around as a second class citizen because many do not understand their condition. So life is hard on the family as they struggle a lot and sometimes do without just to pay the bills or chose between putting food on the table. The unpredictable nature of sudden occurrence of illness means carers are on standby for life. Their career in interrupted regularly to take time out to care. Yet all this hard work is not considered as of any monetary value. So the family plod along hopping for the best. This is the case of many millions of people made to feel as if they have done something wrong just for caring. Those they care for at times turn on them with their frustrations created for them so they happen to bear the brunt of good deed bug.  However, if a total stranger is hired to provide same care they are well paid including their fuel bills of taking client to and fro hospitals appointments. This is the computerized age of gadgets and heavy duty mechanized care so any one one caring in a practical hands on traditional loving manner is seen as not sophisticated enough to be considered as providing valued service. Siblings, feel neglected and deprived of carers attention so no matter what is required there never seems enough of carer to go around. So feels stretched beyond limit to please everyone and spread thin. Those capable and able do not seem to feel it any of their duty of care to support the dedicated stay home 24 hour carer penalized for not being available to work. Since the ill person is not treated as disabled enough to get help so both suffer in silence.  Their hurts and pain is put on the back burner so some implode, drink, smoke or look for affection in wrong places if it is ever possible to do so. Others have dealt with bereavement, grief sorrow and shock of loss like no other. They feel they cannot endure another day and wish the earth opens to swallow them alive to take away pain as it is too much to bear. Some need to be warm at all times for blood vessels to function well but not given heating allowance and basic lifeline necessities. If they can talk, walk, eat by themselves, answer the phone they are deemed fit.  Nobody seems to also fully understand their predicament to empathize with them. In short they do not not thrive but live in auto pilot zombie mode all the time with no time to see the flowers or the roses all around the. They remembered past good times so wish they had amnesia to forget tormenting pain of loss and adversity. Instead of comforting the sick one they wallowed in misery of loss of bromate so felt Job should curse God and die. Some divorce the sick one on grounds of incapability of fulfilling and providing spousal duties so incompetent. So Job ended up losing everything yet stayed loyal and faithful to God in the gravest hour of his life. He endured pain and took insults from those who misunderstood and rejected him in his greatest hour of need. If a perfect son of God went through sorrow and pain for doing no wrong how then can mere mortals born in sin be able to fully comprehend fellow human beings enough to walk in their shoes. God is in control still on the throne so able to provide supernatural miracle intervention. It may not always be the answer or response one prefers. However you can trust God all will be well, for all things to work together for good. So whatever the devil meant for evil God is able to turnaround for good because God turns curses into blessings. Some end up in a downward spiral of no point of return. Yet Job endured so much adversity for just being faithful and loyal to God. His wife and friends do not seem to get it. They missed and longed for their friend who was emotionally available when all was well. Such is life so hold on to God no matter what family or society throws at you. While loss of jobs, business, friends, supports seems to dwindle never let go of confidence in God through Christ. All the years that the locust, canker worm and palmer worm have devoured God is able to restore into all beyond expectation with a double portion plus profit in Jesus Name. God is faithful so will do it again in Jesus Name to your testimony and Glory of God through the blood covenant of Jesus Christ. So do not be anxious for anything, but in everything with prayer and thanksgiving let requests be made known to God for He cares for you. The Bible story of Job is a true real life experience yet Job was once again blessed by God with twice as much as he had before.


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