story1 In Matthew 5:13 Jesus said believers are the salt of the earth. Believers are the flavour of life as the salt of the earth with lustre from natural salts. The salt of the earth’ is used to describe ‘a person or persons of great kindness, reliability or honesty.’ This is a claim for origin of saying those who mined salt from the earth were so good they were so described. Salt is so precious it was used to pay salaries so often for such payments a man is said to be worth his salt. The Romans paid soldiers allowance of salt, from word sal so called it salarium – hence the word salary and ‘true to one’s salt’. And if you ‘salt a mine’, you add value to make potential buyers get something worthwhile.  Salt is a preservative which enhances the quality of products to prolong shelf life or in fabric dyes used in processing prints. As salt of the Earth Christian believers are to lead others to eternal prolonged life. A variety of salts come different places used for various purposes in the form of rock salt, tablets or to enhance quality to improve taste. Salt is a common ingredient used in nearly everything from food products including cosmetics and hair products. There’s Fudge Urban Sea Salt tropical coconut mist to spray in and scrunch it up for that messy ‘out of the surf look’. Salt helps to restore the deficiency to improve taste sensation, to stop cramps, weakness, cardiovascular distress from exertion and blood pressure. Naturally occurring salt sources are from rocks, sea beds, pit, mines, ashes from trees burnt so sodium-rich flavour is added to food. Salt improves the texture of food and provides rich minerals. The scientific name for salt is Sodium chloride needed for proper digestion of carbohydrate foods. As important as salt is to preserving food so does God’s salts enhance people’s lifestyles by faith in God. Natural iodine is replaced by potassium iodide with dextrose so turns salt purple, then bleached to make the salt white again. Salt is flavoured to various tastes and varieties like strawberry etc. Salt is used for canning and fermenting pickles without iodine or anti caking agents. The fine grains dissolve easily, creating clear brine solution additive-free of anti-caking agents. Kosher salt is made according to Torah guidelines so meat kosher removes blood effectively. Salt preserves fish,food so is used in cooking and baking. There are many types, grains and colours of salt. Halite rock salt is found near the Himalayas as pink salt also from Chile, Hawaii, Utah, Bolivia, Peru, Australia and Poland. This salt contains very high amounts of Sodium Chloride  is red or pinkish colour results from iron oxide. Organic salts contain rich minerals and elements necessary for body growth. The best and purest unrefined sea salt comes from the natural salt marshes of Brittany, where it is farmed using ancient method of sun-drying the sea water in large clay vats. This method is used all over the world and the dries to the state required. Refined “sea salt,”label indicates the salt is derived from sun-dried, minimally processed methods, so contains natural mineral ingredients. The new low-sodium ingredient was developed recently at Salt of the Earth’s R&D center and was tested successfully in various bread and breakfast cereals.Using a high quality salt not only aids in better digestion of food, but results in richer, more complex flavor. You will be reminded of the rewards of choosing unprocessed salts every time you prepare meals and savour them. Below is a Salinas de Maras salt mines near Peru formed from rocky mountains and old sea beds. Chloride supports proper function of the brain, nervous system and many other processes of the body as well. Magnesium and countless trace minerals from the sea, including Iodine can also be found in salt. Processed salt highly refined removes minerals and strips salt of enzyme activating powers. Sun dried sea salt contains minerals from marine life, providing organic iodine. Table salts contain anti-caking agents with toxic heavy metals, such as aluminum so many useful minerals are removed a bit like chaff salt though makes food taste great. In extreme winter conditions, road gritters are used to spread salt on roads if dangerous and slippery. Salt is literary used to ensure the roads are safely covered to protect roads and cars or people from slipping and falling down. In life believers need word of God to preserve lives. So does God program believers to be versatile to be called upon for service to do God’s work wherever and whenever God chooses to send them for His Glory and testimony with confidence and assurance God will preserve their work. A popular saying cautions people to take information with a pinch of salt meaning not accept everything as truth at face value. Check God’s word to ensure action is pleasing to God to fulfill His Plans and Purposes for mankind. As spread salt covers icy slippery roads, so God’s words protect and preserve us in all conditions in Jesus Christ Name.

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  2. I love this post…of course it is the essence of my blog’s theme, and my life as a Christian. Thank you for so much support!


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