ImageJesus the star child is in the news as we hear about other little children who do great and impossible things according to their age. They do feats considered beyond level of maturity, knowledge understanding as 2 year old saved mother’s life. By navigating his way through mother’s sophisticated phone, pressed emergency button to alert father when mother collapsed on floor. Such miracle is expected through adult appropriate technology yet child star take centre stage of life to deliver great line messages forever remembered. In John 7:14-31, during feast celebration, Jesus impressed learned scribes and rabbi’s with his excellent knowledge of the word of God in the synagogue. ImageThe message delivered by Christ 3 days engrossed people so much he continued teaching until his parents had to go looking for him. They realised Jesus did not follow them behind in the crowd while returning from Jerusalem but found Jesus busy teaching in temple. When asked why Jesus said He had to do His Father’s business. God uses child stars because the talent and abilities in them is created by God. So God uses a child star to bless like young girl maid servant child star whose advise led Naaman to Israel prophet to be healed. When Aramaen mercenaries captured this Israeli girl in 2 Kings 5 and sold her into slavery, her new master was that powerful army captain. She was not bitter for her lot in life but showed kindness to master and did good and what is right. Similarly the Sound of music tells the story of child stars who confronted danger from the Nazis. ImageThis true life story in cinemas and theaters, tells their victory in popular film called Sound of music lovely child star’s in living history. Endearing to audience this little children overcome adversity by bravely performing music in the face of Nazi threats to entertain people. They were healing and thriving from loss of their mother so triumphed over Nazis who took over their home and wealth. Such is the impact of small children on people as they become center of focus, attention and hope to many children facing danger and adversity.Image They can also be used by God to deliver important messages to the nations. The information can be good like Christ sent to save all who accept Him. In Matthew 14:13-21 another little child star also willingly to let go of his packed lunch to share his food with others so was kind to others hungry. In John 6, a boy shared his lunch with the Saviour Who is able to feed a multitude. Several versions of this child star’s generosity is told in the Bible again and again. Account is slightly varied because no mechanized data registered precise numbers like calculators so different eye witness accounts is expected in such situations. images (28)Christ blessed and multiplied it to feed more than 5000 multitude counting women and children who followed Jesus to listen to messages shared. In any case Jesus feeds the multitudes using a child star’s packed lunch as an example to do miracles beyond expectation with extra surplus taken home by all.  They collected 12 baskets extra surplus food more abundantly multiplied so took the rest home. In Jeremiah 1:6 God called a young man to serve as a prophet and he told God he was ‘a child,’ so felt too young to do God’s work. God touched his lips so strengthened him to do God’s work. One is never too young to serve as God called Samuel a little boy to deliver message to the nation in 1 Samuel 2 : 12 -17. God spoke directly to him while asleep so God woke him up 3 times to talk to him.copley-john-singleton-samuel-reading-to-eli-the-judgments-of-god-upon-elis-house The little boy thought it was the prophet who called him so the prophet Eli taught him to answer ‘Yes Lord Speak for your servant is listening.’ God spoke to this prophet child in training to deliver a hefty punishment message for the nation because God was very angry and fed up with 2 greedy men in the temple. For their arrogance and disrespect shown to God and worshipers was appalling. As children of privileged high society disregarded God so behaved badly towards their father the High Priest, worshipers, priests and the nation.burnt-offering-11

They felt so proud and thought they were above God and temple protocol. Their aged blind father the prophet Eli could not control his sons Hophni and Phinehas who were rebellious, so showed no respect for their father’s office. They were very greedy and selfish so gluttony caused them to first serve themselves from largest best portions of the meat sacrificed to God even before God’s portion was dedicated on altar by the worshipers. These adults priests are supposed to protect God’s sanctuary and set a good example but all too often, some prey on worshipers. 741 They practiced temple prostitution by copying the heathen nations. So they took advantage of the women dedicated and vowed to serve God in the temple by defiling and sexually abusing them. The leaders of the theocratic nation did nothing to stop them so God was very angry and disappointed so let the whole nation be defeated in war. These two priests were killed and shock of their death killed pregnant wives and Eli their father the High priest. This little boy Samuel understood consequences of God’s judgment so at first hesitated to tell Eli yet bravely faced them. So prophet Eli prompted him to deliver the sad news. Instead of Eli calling nation to repent and fast like Nineveh to plead God’s mercy and forgiveness Eli gave up. Hophni and Phinehas had wives yet strayed without self – control.story5Yet, in Genesis 39:1-12, a child star Joseph who heard God’s voice clearly through dreams, respected and honoured God by refusing Portipher’s wife’s advances, saying he ‘will not sin against God.’ Joseph realized his body was God’s Holy Temple so did not defile himself or destroy his destiny to damage God’s call on his life if compromised with sin. Joseph had no father, mother or siblings and was a slave so the perfect candidate desperate for love, affection and comfort for relief. Joseph would have ended up like Hophni and Phinehas when devil tried to tempt him in his most vulnerable moment in life. Joseph was young, handsome, single, yet pure so walked in holiness to Glorify God.

Jesus did and used to save mankind from sin to restore people to God. So did the little boy share his lunch happily and got extra reward surplus God gave back. The boy Samuel heard God clearly and perfectly in evident manifested consequences in the history of the nation. God uses a child star to bless, heal, deliver and protect a nation that trains them to obey, love and follow God. A child star is still used by God to save nations today so listen to them. Honour and teach them correct way of God through Christ Jesus,  Best and Greatest example of a child star ever- living. So did Miriam a young girl risk her life to be willingly used by God to protect her baby brother Moses hidden on a river.Princess Finds The Basket As a child star in the Bible is in Exodus 2, Mariam kept a watchful eye on her baby brother hidden inside a reed basket coated with tar on the river Nile. Miriam boldly talked to Pharaoh’s daughter the princess who found baby Moses and rescued him from drowning from the Nile river. Miriam’s bravery and quick thinking saved Moses so his mother was allowed to be nanny living in palace to raise baby Moses. Again God used the young boy David, who bravely faced the giant Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 and defeated Philistines. God’s spirit strengthened David to fight when the veteran seasoned warriors cowered in fear for their lives. In Mark 14, God used a young girl watching Peter warm himself by a fire to prompt Peter about the promise he made to Jesus never to forget or let Him down. She identified Peter, having seen and heard Peter preach and minister there at times. She boldly faced to challenge him, “You were with Nazarene, Jesus!” Peter denied Jesus as cock crow signal confirmed prophecy of Jesus. An outstanding story is loyalty friendship covenant is Jonathan and David’s love for each other closer than brotherly love. Unlike Peter, Jonathan denied himself to acknowledge God ordained anointing upon David to be King. So Jonathan willingly swapped royal garments with David to promote God’s work. This infuriated King Saul, Jonathan’s father who accused him of condoning with the enemy to self destruct the kingdom due him for inheritance. Jonathan’s action of loyalty became a generational blessing to Jonathan’s son years later. Accidentally disabled as child, Mephibosheth was remembered by the powerful King David who sent convoy with chariots to save from Lodebar into a privileged position to seat and eat with King David for the rest of his life. So one good turn deserves another as Jonathan helped the child star David become future king so help build nation of Israel. Similarly God used a young girl Joan of Arc in France to build nation as shown here . Joan of Arc was a young girl used by God in living history to win victories expected from adults yet sacrificed. Other women like judge Deborah, Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana in Ashanti Gold Coast times, Queen Nanny of Maroons in 1685 – 1755, a Jamaican National well-known leader origin from West Africa, contributed tremendously in history. Young girls or boys play active roles in nation’s victory remembered in yearly commemoration celebrate their sacrifice for the peace of the nation. Lots of unsung heroes sacrifice lives still today like these child stars to protect the nations globally. It is worth thanking God for such lives acknowledging their families who pay costly price to preserve other lives. Jephthah’s daughter is such child star. This child star virgin girl welcomes with father Jephthah as shown above from 1858, oil on canvas, bequest of Charles Knox Smith. Jephthah’s daughter in Judges 11:34 agreed with father’s rash vow thank offering given to God after victory in battle. Running to welcome father to find she was vowed as sacrifice for nation’s victory. Jephthah met on return by only child tore his clothes and cried my daughter brought victory with sorrow.

It was common practice to sacrifice virgins as God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. God required animal sacrifices to provide a temporary covering of sins and to foreshadow the perfect and complete sacrifice of Jesus Christ in Leviticus 4:35. Animal sacrifice was important in Scripture because “without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins in Hebrews 9:22. When Adam and Eve sinned, animals were killed by God to provide clothing for them in Genesis 3:21. Cain and Abel brought sacrifices to God yet Cain’s unacceptable because he brought fruit, while Abel’s was accepted as it was “firstborn of his flock” in Genesis 4:4-5. After flood, Noah sacrificed animals to God in Genesis 8:20-21 thanksgiving. Others sacrificed before battle to seek help or during adversity to stop it. So it cost Jephthah daughters life by father’s pledge to honour God after victory. Others replace a human sacrifice with sheep and scapegoats but in Hebrews 10:4, it is written “it is not possible the blood of bulls and of goats to take away sins so the ultimate blood sacrifice for salvation is Jesus Christ the greatest child star of them all. Animal sacrifices stopped with Jesus Christ the ultimate sacrificial substitute once for all time in Hebrews 7:27 so now Christ is the only mediator between God and people in 1 Timothy 2:5. So the greatest gospel privilege is Christ is punished instead of sinner so the remission of sin takes the weight and guilt of shame from the sinner. Christ removes every handwriting of ordinances and laws out of the saved person and nails it to the cross never to be condemned. This gives direct access to God’s forgiveness of sins through our Lord Jesus. Christ paid the price for all sin as The High Priest so made reconciliation for forgiveness of all people. Christ the High Priest made Sacrifice Atonement Reconciliation to God.

Read more:http://www.gotquestions.org/animal-sacrifices.html



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