Psalm 139:2 says, God you know when I sit down and when I stand up my thoughts are known to you. For the Christian believer, there are days one sits down in perfect rest, comfortably in presence of God at peace. Then there days and times one is literary standing on the word of God holding on by faith, confident God will do it again to Glorify His Mighty Holy Name. During up days when one feels in charge and control by faith feeling great. One smiles and sings joyfully to praise and thank God. The sun and flowers seem brighter in such times feeling wonderful happy God remembers you. In the up times life is easy at its best so like a roller coaster one stays up enjoying every moment. Such days one feels on top of the world, like walking on sunshine, able to handle anything that comes up easily. Such experience is compared to the joy and excitement felt especially in riding roller coasters. Others describe up euphoria moments as priceless treasures beyond description. In such a state one becomes oblivious to issues in life full of joy like trusting children. Believers are like little children in the Kingdom of God. Although challenges loom large like Goliath God protects us in Jesus Name.TusenFryd park in Oslo, Norway

The child of God is to have confidence in God for the battle is the Lord’s. When one feels miniscious like a little roller facing a daunting overbearing and tough Goliath yet God lifts us up in the spirit realm to become strong in the power of God’s might to win. Like the above appropriately named Goliath roller coaster in Gurnee Illinois currently the tallest in world, one feels moments of hype in Christ which is even greater to the thrill of roller coaster. Again the other side of the coin means dealing with the challenges seemingly looming large as this roller coaster. Described as the roller coaster for dare devils it is interesting people are willing to ride it for adventure thrill seeking. Christians often doing the work of God overcome in midst of challenges from world strengthened in Christ and victorious. The following rock & roller roller coasters is designed to be age and height appropriate with restrictions that come in all forms. So God looks out for our safety and general well-being giving guideline commandments and regulations. God gives us liberty in Christians life at times to decide the best suitable roller coasters by carefully following Godly instructions. This also includes joy, peace, love, self-control, health issues, emotion, pain, trauma, dizziness, recovery, healing for thriving to ensure rider is not compromised on ride as in life to promote healthy lifestyle. To avoid trigger caused by rumbling onus is on both a roller coaster rider or company to be entertained safely.

Similarly, a believer’s life feels  like putting oneself on the biggest roller coasters ever ridden. It is full of leaps and bounds, uplifting, exhilaration, fun, joy, laughter and playfulness. The peak moments include beautiful all the magnificent scenic views, gorgeous towers and landmarks impossible to see from the ground. Christianity spiritually speaking has highest moments in faith when one gets closer in the spirit nearer God for deeper relationship. So roller coaster riders feel on top of the world by having such good times though, rising and falling many times in the process yet landing safely.

People party and eat on some roller coasters to celebrate special events. The type of roller coaster designed to serve meals and stop mid – air for a while have special features required. Some turn riders upside down just as life turns turns the Christian’s life upside down for a season. Pictures taken commemorate the day as an unforgettable memory to remember to share with friends and family. The stories of such experiences are shared again and again like gospel gossip message.

While settling to take more pictures to enjoy the moment, sometimes prepaid time limited ticket require one to stop to enjoying more of this wonderful moment, suddenly to go back down the roller coaster. In fact in such valley moments in life, Christ and the angels keep believers safely to gently be let back down due to announcement made to come down carefully. As one exists, others get ready to climb up again into same place to ride again to repeat same process. The brave and daring pay again to hang in there to enjoy more joyful moments again until touchdown.

Some travel the world to enjoy various types of roller coasters. From the tallest in the world to the smallest ones thrill seekers have been there, done that so got the T-shirt to prove it. So many fantastic images are put together to to invite and encourage others to help fully understand the fun and functions of roller coasters. Until a person actually rides a roller coaster to fully understand a poster picture, it is meaningless. Christians are presented with chosen lifestyle according to God’s standards and expectations. Until one tastes to see goodness of God in the land of the living, it may not make sense. The bible is love letter God gives to assure believers He loves them and cares.

Amazingly thrill seekers want higher and taller roller coaster options to ride and enjoy. So does God want Christian believers to seek a higher standard of faith to live from glory to glory in Jesus Name. Although roller coasters may not always be everyone’s cup of tea, those who love to ride describe it as a unique experience that cannot be compared to anything else. So the Living God cannot be compared to other deities. Christ is in a super mega giant league of His Own as Son of God and the Word turned man and resurrected. It is interesting action faith life lessons can be learned through roller coaster experiences.



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