david-before-the-ark King David danced to thank, praise, worship God in celebration of all the great and mighty victories God won for nation. King David humbled himself, jumped freely up and down dancing to glorify God. This action of David impressed God because usually a king sits down to watch dancers perform in their honour. David set aside protocol Honour God. His wife was offended for David dancing in such manner so accussed David of embarrassing himself. This blame of King David cost his wife to become barren because she was not pleased about King David’s dance for God. Similar opinions and various views exist on different churches about what constitutes praise and worship of God. Some accept all forms of musical instruments including those found in Psalm 150:1-6, the Psalm of praise using trumpet, psaltery, harp, timbrel, stringed instruments, loud cymbals and the dance.Image

To worship God accordingly liberates mind, body and soul in God’s presence and does good like a gym fitness exercise does to the physical body. This recreates refreshing times engrossed deeply in the joy of the by totally focussing on God in that moment. When we think of all that God has done for us by counting all our blessings of life breath in us, ability to eat, talk, walk, enjoy the blessings of family, loved ones, friends, work, colleagues it is beyond description in words. Give thanks to God in all things to praise and worship God daily.Image

Many musicians spend many hours in the studio perfecting the sound of music and writing songs until right note is hit for great composition. Doing this takes hours or days and in some cases years to complete. A maestro uses all talents and abilities to write, edit, record in different genre, mix, remix until the whole world is soon listening to the song on radio, DVD, CD, iPod, phone, singing lyrics along song. The music is set to dance form, or other forms as desired. King David as a great lover of music composed all the Psalms in Bible played as music on his harp to worship God.showroom_500x500

Music meant a lot to King David as it soothes his soul and consoles the spirit. He played mostly as a lonely young man keeping sheep yet remembered God in such times. Most churches use different music forms suitable for each ocassion. Globally various intruments unique to particular cultures. Indian churches and Chinese Dong Pipa songs use traditional style music for heritage songs. Most global music in general become hit some fixate so play it religiously everyday. Others remember playing it during engagement proposal, wedding songs, parties. Pretty soon composer is surprised by turn of events of popularity of music. Adapted by nations as favourite, played by the orchestra for years from generation to generation. Lyrics celebrate magnificence and majestic glory of God.

ImageGreat orhestras all over the world celebrate God by their style of praise and worship in a formal pre arranged and rehearsed manner. On the other hand some people prefer a more traditional type of music. Using local musical instruments suitable to their environment to celebrate God. Some are folk traditional songs composed about the majesty of God in local languages. They may be written or passed down as oral traditional dance songs sung daily or on special ocassions only.Image This is due to their personal taste, choices, familiar shapes used and also sometimes more convenient typical instruments. To the outsider, such methods used to worship and celebrate God according to their lifestyle way and understanding is different to them but makes perfect sense to God. Each one has a choice made depending on personal tastes or the nurturing impact from their community. So some prefer freestyle music, rap, reggae, gospel, hip hop, hand clapping shouting or total silence in the presence. God is All Things to all people so any chosen form centred on praising and worshipping God is acceptable to God for He created all forms and put songs in hearts including those not up to other’s people’s taste or approved dance style.Image

On the other hand some prefer total silence to ‘praise and worship’ God Who said be still and know I am God. So some seat down in quietness to reflect and meditate on God’s words so allow the presence of God to descend in their midst. So are such believers in spirit of unity with one accord through the Holy Spirit that God manifests. Some start shaking with the Holy Spirit upon them, some sing or laugh. So earned the name the shakers.Image Whatever the preferred method accepted each is in the presence of God who approves of their approach to Him ultimately. As long as the Bible and Christ is at the centre of the heart of worship and adoration of God, Christians need to bless each other instead of enmity on doctrine and style. dancing9999

Man sees the outward appearance and look but God sees deeper into sincere and genuine love of God expressed in various ways to praise and worship God. No particular approach or form of worship and style is above or beneath the other. It is all about Sovereignty of God not mere gathering for entertainment of people. God comes first in all areas of life including praise, worship and dance in church to celebrate Christ through Holy Spirit.


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