CrossHeart1denominationsGod sent Christ Jesus to save Christian believers to follow Jesus the Saviour. The Christian lifestyle feels at times like biggest 32,000 and 24,000 jigsaw puzzle pictures made from many pieces. God-given pictures by God at different times to complete are like jigsaw puzzle an image. God starts with sample picture of a small easy one for starters to put together pieces. These are quickly assembled by experienced in a matter of seconds. Others on the other hand, take a bit longer to accomplish in minutes while putting together the clues of shapes, sizes, or colour codes of a picture. Such is life in general and for a Christian believer faith requires patience, focus, endurance, interest and love and tolerance of others and self. We can do so through Christ Jesus who strengthens us and first loved us to enable us to continue in faith. Often attempts are made to have insight into some parts of a jigsaw grouped together. So this is then used to create an altogether bigger picture which takes hours, years, months, life-time achievement to complete. images (14)Some may require extra focus and the concentration with no distractions to see details better. Most require determination to keep it carefully in a safe place so not to knock it over to start all over again. Such is real life to continue to keep on keeping on until a bigger picture is glimpsed at. The picture seen is intricate each puzzle piece no matter how small, it makes a lot of difference to the whole big picture. The word of God leads, guides, directs believers line by line precept by precept. It is faithfulness in small things leading to bigger roles in life. God could give total victory all at once to His Children but if it happens could not handle victory. CO-006-World-Jigsaw-PuzzleThey would become a victim of their own success, overwhelmed, tired exhausted with maintaining the demands of that type of success so it will destroy them. This is all because they were not prepared or ready for such a gigantic victory so needs fruit of Holy Spirit. So precept upon precept God guides Christian believers to follow great example of obedience through Christ. For God so loves the world He Gave His Only Begotten Son Christ Jesus so all who believe in Christ will not perish but have everlasting life. Christ completed first assignment God gave to save souls. So Christians assemble in various parts of jigsaw puzzle world to save life. There are such times when God also reveals through His words the plans for us in small measures of life pictures to follow guidelines in small steps for mankind. psalmThen as faith muscles grow God grants giant leap of faith steps through audio-visual images to help reflect His perspective to help us lead our lives in the direction pointed. God uses His words, visions, dreams, symbols, tokens to reflect message at particular times in stages of obedience. Sometimes the jigsaw picture pieces are messages and clues jumbled up with a whole load of other similar pieces irrelevant to the one at hand. So it is not easy to follow always the glorious blessings of God. This is mixed with ideas and instructions or thoughts needing decluttering before one reaches jigsaw final text God put into teamwork spirit. Each small piece is carefully observed, analysed to ensure it fits perfectly. images (15)One cannot grab any similar looking piece to fix in place until it is the correct right one. Life decisions or options are carefully reflected for motives and thoughts before a decision or commitment is made. So requires patience focus, total concentration and power of endurance with perseverance skills to build the ultimate picture desired. Other occasions bring jigsaw piece mixture introduced to enhance picture at hand. Yet it does not fit perfectly the into exact shape needed to complete the precise image required. Those days when one does not know where to start, begin with God by seeking His Face to guide the thoughts and decision-making process. Each piece of information seems ideal and appropriate but not sure of how turns out as end result is not clear from onset but start anyway with help of the team.five-men-jigsaw-puzzles-22154150

Every person is unique so never feels left out-of-place to fit into God’s Bigger Picture of Life. Even if the head becomes filled with difficulties, each piece vying for priority attention, address each one at a time. Spend precious time to ponder over the hardest puzzles first of all. Where to begin, whom to share problems with to confide without betrayal. Can one afford to bear burdens alone or find the Divine connections to team up to solve problems? Some spend sleepless hours at night wondering how to hold on until joy comes in the morning. The hardest jigsaw puzzle of life suddenly turns up unannounced with pressure stress urgency to deal with it immediately. It makes life complicated and so intense and unbearable at times. One in moment feels like tearing hair out in pain.

puz3However there is a saviour for all broken-hearted, battered and bruised who comforts and heals. So place all the pieces of jigsaw problems of life together to present the various pieces of each jigsaw puzzle of all aspects of life to God. Lay it all the table before God and give Christ access to all areas of personal life, social or community issues. God is interested in each minute part insignificant to you.



The answer and help comes from God the maker of heaven and earth so most terrible problems becomes a terrific global miracle to help others all over world. Worst difficulty becomes the source of strength and answer to help others.  Miracle become big beyond oneself so share testimony with others all over the world to magnify God to celebrate His Mercy, love and compassion.

puzzle8 _font_b_3D_b_font_jigsaw

One becomes happy feeling clever for solving all these puzzles of problems of life so feels like lift off experience out of this world. When one is successful and feeling up high always give thanks and glory to God for everything. Life can be like a jigsaw puzzle sometimes. Christian life compelling challenges for believer. Overcome and win victory through Christ Jesus focus and concentrate. So lift off into the heavenly realms to join saints in unison. Praise, worship,give thanks to God for all his creation blessings in the valley. Even in the middle of the most daunting challenges trust God in Jesus Name.



Nothing is shocking or impossible to God. Eventually the Holy Spirit shows up, sent from God Almighty in name of Jesus Christ to open mind. Suddenly one receives wisdom from above, with understanding to discern and gain Godly knowledge to handle challenges better. One can do impossible beyond strength.


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