images (4)jesus-ruling-1Heaven view is the Biblical final frontier the Christians experience in long – awaited Godly Heavenly Kingdom as stated in Bible in 2 Corinthians 5:8, in the Presence of God. Heaven is a beautiful place of perfect joy, blissful worship, praise and perpetual celebration which cannot be compared to the greatest happiness on earth. God is TRULY LOVE, WONDERFUL, AND THE GREATEST SOURCE OF LOVE, JOY, PEACE. God is truly tangible and evident to those who love and seek Him. God is not to blame, for it is since sin entered God’s Perfect world created, mankind changed life to become short-lived.

_kirkjustjori_notendur_thorhallur_my_documents_my_pictures_god_jesus_throne_cat_rel_hist_02roberttbarrettGod is broken-hearted and disappointed mankind chose to obey the devil in the garden of Eden through Adam and Eve. God still loves people so much He yearns and still cares about them. God sent Christ in John 3:16 to come into the world to declare and share good news to save Christian believers to restore eternal life through Christ Jesus.  Thousands of saints and angels worship God daily. As messengers God despatches them to earth to carry out His Instructions. Christian believers live as Christ tarries so continue to have heaven within their hearts. Heaven is still daily expressed outwardly in love of God, fellow human beings. Worship, prayers and thanksgiving is given to God in the Christian meetings attended through Holy Spirit with born again believers in sweet fellowship. The final frontier rapture anticipates those saved and free at last from challenges of the world to be with God in heaven. The Spirit of God helps believers to pray for healing, inner peace, deliverance, to intercede, to minister to help save souls. Billions of faithful angels are in heaven sent daily by God as messengers on behalf of people to help them, They bring miracles so as the praises go up, God’s Glory comes down to deliver, heal, save, provide miracles in Jesus name.Heavenly worship is similar to the Christian praise and worship concerts but 1000 times better. Those who pass have soul and spirit ascend to God clothed in heaven with new garments of righteousness but fleshly body remains on earth.

The peace, joy loved ones enjoy is amazing, so all pain and sorrow from earth vanishes. Worship from the crowd on earth pleases God so much and so will heavenly worship be 1000 times more celebration of the Sovereignty of God. As believers become refreshed in the presence of God with joy forevermore, so is heavenly bliss eternal and glorious with  joy, laughter and dancing.  People become youthful again and reunite with loved ones, to continue worship as they see God in Heaven. There is perfect peace, radiant joy, no sorrow, grief, pain or crying. The one who snatches loved ones is defeated as people longing and yearning for heaven enjoy worship on earth.



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