saupload_wealthThis is a story about a man who had a dream in which God told him that the richest man in the city was going to die that night. Since he knew only one rich man who fitted that description and title, he plucked up courage to go tell him about the impending news. He wanted to tell the richest man to prepare himself about the sudden urgent news now creating emergency in case he had no will to put his house in order before eventualities or demise. Immediately, the richest man sent for his doctor who examined him thoroughly. The doctor checked several times and told the richest man he was fit as a fiddle so had nothing to worry about. In any case the doctor stayed around to reassure him and keep an eye on him in case something happened. 

So continued to check for unforeseen, unexpected potential heart attack or unknown previously undetected ailments.  So the dreamer went home after delivering the message and had a humble meal of broth that night. Soon after, while the doctor remained with the richest still attending to his client, word got around that the dreamer passed peacefully in his sleep that night so went to be with the Lord His maker in eternity. He was actually the ‘poorest’ man in town and so little was his worldly goods and possessions it did not fill a suitcase although he passed at a blessed ripe old age. Luke 12:15  says man’s life does not constitute in abundance of material possessions. A man’s happiness does not consist of abundance of things possessed though wealth makes life easier. This story again shows the word of God in him was more precious than gold.

Little did he know in God’s Eyes he was the richest man in the city spiritually, because he was rich towards God. So Biblical wisdom might help you, even if you aren’t a follower of Jesus or don’t believe the Bible. Paul spent years traveling and teaching people about the Living God. God warns not to be greedy to only seek to procure treasures on earth for no use in eternal life. The necessaries God, shelter, food, safety and family life. Therefore time and energy spent chasing material goods and things desired itself does not constitute happiness. So does God endorse poverty so prefers poor in His Kingdom. God said the poor will be destroyed in Revelation 19 if not repented. The main necessaries of life is love of God, shelter, food, safety and family life. Therefore time and energy spent chasing only material goods or things desired itself does not constitute happiness. God does not endorse poverty or prefer poor in His Kingdom. 111-Fitzgerald-1280x1024_500God is respecter of person so does do favouritism. God says the poor will be destroyed in Revelation 19 :11-21 if not saved. John saw an angel standing in the sun, with a loud voice and called to all the birds that fly directly overhead, “Come, gather for the great supper of God, 18 to eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all men, both free and slave, both small and great. A life-time spent acquiring material goods benefit comfortable living standards beyond basic necessity lifestyle which is good. Yet God still wants to be Glorified for abundant life on earth with blessings beyond eternity. God promised houses, lands, vineyards, wealth and riches in our houses. God also requires us to ensure we provide resources for Kingdom to go forward to reach the uttermost parts for all to be saved.Painting Of Come To Me - The Only Way To God 2

It is true Jesus alone died to save the world but Jesus cannot save the world by Himself.  The message of salvation is not exclusive monopoly of any privileged few. No single church, ministry, pastor or individual can win all billions of souls alone for God. Jesus completed His mission on earth and returned to God. So He sent the Holy Spirit to equip all to continue to do greater works. Jesus had limited time so salvation of souls goes on and depends on all. You do want to be blamed by God for depriving yourself, family and others from salvation. Each person matters to God who knows them before they conceived and born. God knows the number of hairs on each head. Life was perfect in the beginning until; sin entered so chaos and confusion set in. God allowed mankind as long as possible to try to rule without God’s intervention.

As a Loving Father, God yearns for people to rediscover His True Image to restores mankind to Himself through Christ His Chosen Way for Christian Believers. Sadly it never worked and never will because things got worse without God. So God has patiently extended his mercy and compassion and time allowed to ensure all hear the good news of salvation before it is too  late. Salvation is really a serious matter because when the trumpet sounds money cannot save. When titanic sank, there was millions of wealth and millionaires on board yet money was totally useless and meaningless to save from perishing. Abundant wealth is good but do not put total trust and confidence in it Above God’s Kingdom. Seek wealth and prosperity but do not forget God as the pressure to generate more wealth produces rat race competition of life  which causes undue pressure on world resources.

Too much is over produced daily at a very high price yet chucked away as garbage while 2/3 of the world starves. Extra waste is avoided by cost of insurance so giving to others is win win situation. The challenge is take God more seriously to promote Godliness as physical material possessions are encouraged. Resources are available for spirituality to extend beyond the here and now into eternity. Today, we speak blessings into your life so you are blessed more abundantly beyond measure so you cannot have rooms enough to store your wealth in Jesus Name. We also stand in agreement with you for God to open doors no man shut to prosper. Where you tried before and did not succeed we ask God in Jesus name encouraged you like Peter to launch into deep after toiling all night without harvest. To provide supernatural financial miracle for you through the work of hands to prosper.

The world life promotes self- indulgent life beyond measure but remember after indulgence, 150 years nobody will be alive on earth if Jesus tarries. This cycle repeats from generation to generation into eternity. However, it is very important to be rich towards God in all generations as much as one provides to secure the family’s future on earth. The rich man had abundance in material wealth but did not take anything out of world. We agree for God’s favour for you to receive blessings enriched like Hebrews received compensation from slavery in Egypt. This helped King David to build tabernacle so thanked people for providing too much than he needed. Generational blessings provided from Egypt flowed to Solomon who inherited the wealth to build the Wailing Wall Jerusalem Temple standing today as a testimony. 8e241bf7515ebd88ae4dd68a28e46ea1God’s work concerns you so remember to help His ministries. According to Matthew 24 and Ezekiel 33:33 and 3:33 people must learn about God to save souls as world events point to the rapture and second though Only God knows that day and time.Be safe with God to promote salvation sharing testimony of blood covenant through Christ Jesus. Sponsor and give to spread gospel of Jesus Christ to those who love and accept Him. He ended up tormented, thirsty, pleading with God for mercy in vain because it was too late. It is better to be rich towards God to help sponsor those fulfilling calling to share the word of God globally for all to be restored to God. Whoever and wherever you are, ensure you promote the gospel message. Help the Vision of God to restore peace on earth through Christ Jesus by giving supporting the ministry for God’s sake and for your own good deeds rewards.


Jesus said it is harder for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God. This is because the rich young man put more trust in tangible material things he sees and feels more than in Jesus Christ or in the Immortal Invisible God. Jesus died for the rich people more concerned about love of things more than Loving the Living God. God Still Loves them deeply though many are busy, too pre-occupied with business as usual to take any notice of God. Yet Jesus is still waiting patiently with widely opened arms to forgive and receive them. Do not harden your hearts when you hear God’s voice today to save you. Accept God for Jesus died to save you. Many rich men and women in the Bible love and serve God in world today so love God. Abraham loved God and virtuous woman loved God as God Loved them and loves you too.


2 thoughts on “HEAVEN’S RICHEST MAN

  1. I found a wallet on the bus and returned it and never felt better about myself! I feel as if GOD gave me a challenge too see if I would take the money or do the right thing…and I passed his test

    • You did a great thing by your honesty and compassion for owner as testimony to the Glory of God. This proves you have confidence in God Almighty Jehovah Jireh. For He will supply all your needs according to His Riches in Heaven by Christ Jesus. Those who Love God will never lack any good thing in Jesus Name. God bless you.

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