God is Majesty on High adored, loved, worshiped, surrounded by angels, elders and saints. In Psalm 68:5 God protects from His Holy Habitation. God Loves you so He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die and save you for eternal life in Hebrews 1:3.

The radiance of God’s glory upholds universe by His Word and Power. God sustains faithfully all abandoned, rejected, bruised. Some think God is too Holy to talk to by ordinary people because He warned against attempts to peep and look at Him. Others remember God as feisty fearful warrior so do not want to fall into His Hands. The Living God therefore is presented as detached from direct contact with people reached through the select few holy enough to see him and not die.

Such messages discourage people from seeking God without middlemen. Eternal life is personal journey race run by each to account of self to God. Jesus is advocate in Heaven who defends. Nobody can save Christian believers except Christ. In James 1:17, every good gift and every perfect gift is from God above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. Yet God is placed in a such Superior High Position, Above and Beyond Reach of mere mortals. Those who dare draw near God as His Children to A Loving father will definitely die. So, leave God alone in His Heavenly Abode to receive worship and adoration from saints, 24 elders, 70 leaders of Israel and the angels. All saved Christian believers will join heavenly host in the presence of God in future.

It is assumed it is better not try to approach God directly but to focus on the here and now on earth through loving friendship of fellow humans who represent the love of God. In so doing, many do not apply God’s command for all to come boldly into His Presence through the Name and Blood of Jesus in Hebrews 4:16. They miss out on a personal intimate relationship with God due to fear of God. God said He has not given us the spirit of fear but of Power, Love and a Sound Mind. God is Love so Wants a Loving Relationship with All His Children. Which child can fear his father so much he cannot look him in the eye, talk to him, eat with him, play with father, abandon father to grandmother, mother, uncles, aunts and siblings yet say he loves father. Some cut off direct interaction with God as they see God as a Dictator Tyrant due to misplaced fear without understanding of Shekinah Glory of God.

God said if ordinary people know how to treat each other well, give and receive good gifts how much more God the Loving Father Loves To Give Good Gifts of Only Son Jesus Christ to die to save all. Call God’s wonderful names depicting His Nature, personality and works. God said as He allowed Jesus to die for our sins so Gives Deeper Friendship as Loving Father. Talk to God directly, Trust God to Answer and Help you at God’s Right Time. Do not be deceived to fear God so much you cut yourself off from Him to lose A Precious Quality Life-Time of Loving Relationship with God your Friend and Father. God calls all who love Him His Children so shows a Great example of Father Child relationship through His Son Jesus who is very close to God. God is closer to you above everyone so love him too.

In John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, gave His only Begotten Son, so whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God cares about you so will supply all your needs in Jesus Name. God loves you so much. The living God wants all to come closer to Him as a loving Father Loves His Children but firmly discipline to correct if wrong. God made all people so is.entitled to a Due Respect and Honour He deserves in Jesus Name.

Today remember to spend time talking to talk as much as one talks to Christ, friends and family. It is good to have reliable friends and family, colleagues, wealth and all that and a cup of tea. However, without a personal intimate relation ship with God, life is a meaningless search of mirage for fulfillment in wrong places. The inner peace and joy longed cannot come from only humans because their capacity is limited. Only God can love in the deepest perfect sense yearned. So Love God to discover Perfect Peace of God which passes all human understanding.


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