Jesus’ life tells a great story recognized by all as Christ was trained in the word with God after He became flesh and dwelt among us. So believers are living words people will watch and follow to become born again. This is why God’s words must be kept in mind, spiritually in the head, in thoughts, laid up in heart, held dear at hand, daily employed about God’s goodness and love. Great care and diligence is required to instruct children as soon as possible when capable in the knowledge of God. Adults, parents, family members are the first teachers to share God’s words with the child. To help children know and understand the commandments love God, fear God, serve and worship God to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

So teach children diligently about God words so your sons and daughters shall talk of them when you sit in your house at home. Keep Jesus first in life, family so always have His Protection and Blessings! God bless our Homes. Christian education of children depends on the exact words chosen from the Bible presented simply with illustrations at their level of understanding. Therefore teach children to love God. So when they grow they will not depart from God and His Words. the sound foundation laid by significant adults in the child’s life will be build upon in youth and adult life.

It is very important and necessary to teach children and young people about God above all other things learnt. Even beyond passion in academic grades it is crucial to teach God’s Truth to all. Those entrusted under our care as stewards, God demands due reverence, seriousness, to benefit children, servants, friends, companions. Christian believers are to take all occasions to discuss God’s plain truths and requirements of God to ensure peace. Children are not too young to know God because they understand Macdonald, Barbie, Kenneth, Action Man, Buzz Light Year, Cindy toys they love to play with and enjoy.

Frequent reading of the word of God increases the memory data storage capacity for recall. Each verse in the Bible has a purpose and a function and is appropriately applied at the right time and occasion to meet all needs. By all means make the word of God familiar, ready to use on all occasions, for restraint to direct us daily. God Talk 24/7 helps focus so reinforces God in mind, spirit, soul, thoughts, actions. We must never be ashamed to own faith and trust in God and share with children at their level of understanding. Above all, encourage excellence in academia but remember education is for just a moment but salvation lasts throughout a lifetime beyond infinity into eternity. So children’s grades and career, relationships are very important however their soul lasts longer above all things.


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