Inner peace is how we keep our mind, body, spirit, soul protected from the chaos all around us. Focusing on God in the sanctuary of our inner most being, helps restore our life and strengthen us. The days and moments when life seems drab and routine,  there is a special unique space within us, above all places to be in to recover. That is the time and the place to call be designed specifically to call upon the Lord, to help me to live in Your joy and peace. Give me strength and understanding to resist anxiety, anger, envy, depression, bitterness, hopelessness, loneliness, fear and guilt. Rescue me when “my spirit is overwhelmed within me; my heart within me is distressed(Psalm 143:4). I refuse to let my life be brought down by negative emotions such as these.There is so much negativity surrounding us life just as we turn on the news it all comes with the latest this, that and the other. Spending a whole day listening to such negativity wears the mind emotionally, triggers of issue heard, causes tears and lack of focus. It is the time to consciously turn off the TV, then set time and space to go to that special sanctuary to pray, reflect and to renew the mind. If possible, if an early riser try to be in the sanctuary before the start of the day. Something special happens when we meet with God and chat with Him. Pouring our love, praise, adoration, trust worship before God to be His friend to listen to His Heart. It is amazing how lovely God is and very friendly too. It does not matter whether it done in the morning only. After having a hard day at work or during hard times, the atmosphere is changed suddenly. By bringing in praise, dance and worship or changing the channel, the environment is influenced so to speak. some people call it the practice of the presence of God by brother Lawrence.


When I am tempted to give in to them, show me Your Truth. You have said in Your Word that by our patience we can possess our souls (Luke 21:19) Give me patience so I can do that. Help me to keep my ‘heart with all diligence,” for I know that “out of it spring the issues of life: (Proverbs 4:23). Jesus often took time out by Himself to dwell in the presence of God. It is called the practice of the presence of God. The phone may be switched off with advance notice to significant others about the alone time with God. Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness, fasting and praying. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea to pray intensely under such circumstances. Today you can find yourself again to make time to be alone with candles, music, good food to recharge batteries so not be lonely in a crowd. Take a breather today, to walk, meditate on a particular verse until it soaks up the spirit like the testimony Pastor Cho shared on Christian Meditation in his book on Prayer.

Peace can still be achieved within and without until the Prince of Perfect Peace Christ Jesus returns to restore ultimate peace on earth. It true there are high and low moments in life daily in life however you we have a choice to let the good overcome such times. Praising God during mourning brings joy and strength to carry on in life despite challenges. The question of real, lasting world peace concerns human beings, basic human feelings,at its roots. Through inner peace, genuine world peace can be achieved. In this the importance of individual responsibility is quite clear; an atmosphere of peace must first be created within ourselves, then gradually expanded to include our families, our communities, and ultimately the whole planet.

Inner peace  and  peace of mind refers to a state of mental well-being and spiritual focus on God through Christ Jesus for Christian believers. Peace with enough Godly knowledge and understanding  helps to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress and adversity. Being “at peace” is considered by many to be healthy and the opposite of being stressed or anxious. Peace of mind is generally associated with bliss, calmness, contentment, fulfillment, happiness, inner satisfaction, joy and pleasantries.

Prayer For Peace In the Family

Lord, bless our family
May we be a beautiful garden for you.
Help us to live in harmony, to provide support to each other when needed

And at other times space for each of us to grow.

Help us to take the time to receive the warmth of your grace in our lives

And to drink from the water of life daily.

Guide us as we live our lives to have the right balance of work, rest and play.
May we be healthy, contented and giving in all that we do.
Create in us an oasis of love and hope that others can rest within and enjoy.Amen.

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Peace of mind, calm, cool, collected are descriptions of a disposition free from the effects of stress. In some cultures, inner peace is considered a state of choice and persistence practice to decide consciously or have an awareness of a state that may be cultivated by various forms of training, such as  Christian prayer and Christian meditation. This is done by pondering on a text then dwelling on the message from the Bible relevant to issue dealt with in Jesus Name.


Dear Lord and Father of mankind,
Forgive our foolish ways;
Reclothe us in our rightful mind,
In purer lives Thy service find,
In deeper reverence, praise.
Drop Thy still dews of quietness,
Till all our strivings cease;
Take from our souls the strain and stress,
And let our ordered lives confess
The beauty of Thy peace.
Breathe through the heats of our desire
Thy coolness and Thy balm;
Let sense be dumb, let flesh retire;
Speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire,
O still, small voice of calm.

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