God wants all to remember, value, appreciate Him during abundant prosperity and plenty when life is easy through the gift of God on the mountain top. Although one may feel secure in the material world God reminds all He is the Source and Giver of life. Especially, all Christian believers are to be careful, when comfortably lying safely in soft beds, sitting on soft cushioned sofas to remember Christ sacrifice. God gives Godly joy, happiness in as a gift for to be to enjoy wealth is a gift from God as believers to receive one’s blessed portion and rest in life is also a gift from God. So take great care with caution to stand on guard daily rejoicing in God’s power, goodness, keeping faith active and alive, in mind, at hand, on God’s Way. Walking with God daily and testifying of His Love.

God wants all to Chat God 24/7 as instruction given in Deuteronomy 6:7. As follows  God’s words are commanded to be in your heart, when you walk by way, when you lie down, when you rise up.  8 You shall bind them in heart, read Bible at hand, send texts, use gadgets, wristbands for inspiration. Believers are to impress God’s words on heart, on soul; bind them as a sign on hand as a binding covenant. God’s reason for this idea is for chritian believers to dwell on Sovereignty of God at all times to focus on God. Remember how hot on fire one is with first love feelings of joy towards God immediately after salvation when bible was the most treasured asset. One could not have enough of the word of God so carried bible everywhere, read it everywhere publicly or privately. Beaming with joy of salvation, one shared the word with all people you came across. Some wear symbols of the wrtten word on their hands to remember God.

This helps to keep a Godly believer’s mind in perfect peace, beyond human understanding. God said those who want inner peace must keep mind permanently stayed on God’s word. Keep mind on good report in Christ while busy doing other things as you are what you read, see, hear, believe. God’s Sovereignty is remembered in Psalms, songs, daily greeting, frontal reminders kept on the head, in mind, on forehead. God’s words are printed onto leather or fabrics worn on hand daily. Strips of God’s words attached to the hand is sign of binding the letter of God’s words to Jews and all. God’s Chosen Role Model Nation wear phylacteries. This little boxes contain God’s words appointed to be written in sentences to wear. Comandments given to Moses by God was written on tablets, on walls, scrolls of parchment and worn on wrists. So physically, literally wear God’s Words on heads and hands. Others keep it spiritually in head at hand. Although God forbids marking the body in Levictus 19:28, people mark verses of Bible texts on hands.

God’s words jumps with deeper meaning, from the logos rhema word so specific at times, as if written exclusively for a situation. God wants to restore first love joy relationship again. Some touch and hold onto God’s words so feel God’s words. Others smell sweet fragrance of God’s words, taste aroma of God’s words to see God is good. Some bake cakes from recipe of God’s word so enjoy sweet aroma. God’s words are spiritually ingrained on finger tip, printed on hands, embedded in mind, spirit, rubs onto soul, dye garments prints. The living word of God alive in hands is sharper than 2edged sword. The hot fire in God’s words flows through hand to comfort, heal, love, demonstrate affection, Godly Love touch to warm hearts. Remembering God daily keeps God in mind always maintaining Godly lifestyle. God in the heart, family, homes, schools, community saves whole nations. Jesus bears Great Testimony as Witness of God, Sacrificed with nail marks on Hands and Feet. Jesus Talked the Talk, Walked the Walk so Ministered as Perfect Living Example to help make you whole.

God’s words worn on hands, between eyes and on the door jambs of houses is constant reminder of God’s Power and Presence of God. God’s word is written on hand figuratively speaking to touch and feel God’s words imprinted on hands. God’s word regularly soaks mind brainwashed with blood of Jesus. Sinks in mind, renews the body, transforms and regenerates the spirit and soul. The Word of God in shape of opened palm covered with printed Bible literary wraps pair of hand in print text. This was received during Bat Mitzvah, Jewish rite of passage for teenagers into adulthood. Book shaped as hand pages cut together to create a prayer book reflecting relationship to God. Godly spirituality, seeks answers, writes it down precept by precept, little by little to build a sound foundation in words of God. One may not be Jack Van Impe or Andrew Womack but know enough word of God to stand strong in adversity on the word of God. So all things charming most in past pale in comparison to activated love of God’s living word. It comforts, reassures, brings inner peace, joy, despite outward heals circumstances.


Jesus’s true life story is clearly recognized by all. Christ was the word with God who became flesh and dwelt among us. So believers are living words some watch and follow to be born again. This is why God’s words is kept in mind in head thoughts laid up in heart, held dear at hand, daily employed about God’s goodness and love. Also great care and diligence is required to remember God daily in walk with God to answer questions asked. This helps to know God, understand commandments, love, fear God, serve, worship, nurture spirit in admonition of  God.


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