Those days that you feel let down, disappointed, alone, worn out, under attack, everything possible goes wrong, at the end of your tether, stressed, depressed, not knowing where to turn. You get down on your knees and the words are stuck in your throat. You question God and ask Why me? Then cry until there are no more tears left so become numb with worry, sorrow and grief. You call on God for protection yet feel in limbo, neither here nor there, with the world and time passing you by. Instead of receiving love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, support, help, sympathy you feel unappreciated, taken for granted. Worst of all the ones you love most and help hurdle and throw stones at you. For your love they show hatred but you give yourself to prayer. Suddenly, in the lowest moments when all hope seems lost, Christ the Saviour shows up at the exact right time to your shock and disbelief. Christ opens and stretches His loving Arms Widely, Protects and Shields you from the attacks. Your attackers are confused because you seem the least and foolish one chosen by God to confound the wise. You are surprised and amazed by the grace of God on your behalf God would save such a wreck like you. Thank you God for saving me in Christ Jesus and Holy Spirit.

1.Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found;
Was blind, but now I see.

  • 2.’Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
    And grace my fears relieved;
    How precious did that grace appear
    The hour I first believed.
  • 3.Through many dangers, toils and snares,
    I have already come;
    ’Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,
    And grace will lead me home.
  • 4.The Lord has promised good to me,
    His Word my hope secures;
    He will my Shield and Portion be,
    As long as life endures.
  • 5.Yea, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
    And mortal life shall cease,
    I shall possess, within the veil,
    A life of joy and peace.
  • 6.The earth shall soon dissolve like snow,
    The sun forbear to shine;
    But God, who called me here below,
    Will be forever mine.
  • 7.When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
    Bright shining as the sun,
    We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
    Than when we’d first begun.



ImageJesus is best star child in the news as we hear about other little children who do great and impossible things according to their age. They do feats considered beyond level of maturity, knowledge understanding as 2 year old saved mother’s life. By navigating his way through mother’s sophisticated phone, pressed emergency button to alert father when mother collapsed on floor. Such miracle is expected through adult appropriate technology yet child star take centre stage of life to deliver great line messages forever remembered. In John 7:14-31, during feast celebration, Jesus impressed learned scribes and rabbi’s with his excellent knowledge of the word of God in the synagogue. ImageThe message delivered by Christ 3 days engrossed people so much he continued teaching until his parents had to go looking for him. They realised Jesus did not follow them behind in the crowd while returning from Jerusalem but found Jesus busy teaching in temple. When asked why Jesus said He had to do His Father’s business. God uses child stars because the talent and abilities in them is created by God. So God uses a child star to bless like young girl maid servant child star whose advise led Naaman to Israel prophet to be healed. When Aramaen mercenaries captured this Israeli girl in 2 Kings 5 and sold her into slavery, her new master was that powerful army captain. She was not bitter for her lot in life but showed kindness to master and did good and what is right. Similarly the Sound of music tells the story of child stars who confronted danger from the Nazis. ImageThis true life story in cinemas, theaters tells their victory in popular film called Sound of music lots of lovely child star’s in living history. Endearing to audience this little children overcome adversity by bravely performing music in the face of Nazi threats to entertain people. They were healing and thriving from loss of their mother so triumphed over Nazis who took over their home and wealth. Such is the impact of small children on people as they become center of focus, attention and hope to many children facing danger and adversity.Image They can also be used by God to deliver important messages to the nations. The information can be good like Christ sent to save all who accept Him. In Matthew 14:13-21 another little child star also willingly to let go of his packed lunch to share his food with others so was kind to others hungry. In John 6, boy shared his lunch with the Saviour Who is able to feed a multitude. Several versions of this child star’s generosity is told in the Bible again and again. Account slightly varied no mechanized data registered precise numbers calculated differently by eye witness account reports. images (28)Christ blessed and multiplied food feeds more than 5000 multitude not counting women and children who follow Jesus to listen to messages shared. Jesus feeds multitudes using a child star’s packed lunch example to do miracles beyond expectation with extra surplus taken home by all. They collected 12 baskets extra surplus food more abundantly multiplied so took the rest home. And in Jeremiah 1:6 God called a young man to serve as prophet told God he was a child felt too young to do God’s work. So God touched his lips to strengthen him to do God’s work. One is never too young to serve as God called Samuel a little boy to deliver message to nation in 1 Samuel 2 : 12 -17. God spoke directly woke him up from asleep three times talks to him.copley-john-singleton-samuel-reading-to-eli-the-judgments-of-god-upon-elis-house The little boy thought it was the prophet who called him, prophet Eli taught him to answer, ‘LORD Speak your servant is listening. God spoke to prophet child in training to deliver a hefty punishment message for the nation because God was angry and fed up with two greedy men in the temple. Their arrogant disrespect to God and worshipers was appalling. As children of privileged high society, disregarded God, behave badly towards their father the High Priest, worshipers, priests, their wives affected the nation.burnt-offering-11Proudly thought they were above God and temple protocol. Their aged blind father the prophet Eli could not control his rebellious sons Hophni or Phinehas. Showed no respect for father’s office of high priest. They were very greedy and selfish so gluttony caused them to first serve themselves from God’s first best portions of the meat sacrificed to God before God’s portion was dedicated on altar by the worshipers. These adults priests are supposed to protect God’s sanctuary and set a good example but all too often, some prey on worshipers. 741 They practiced temple prostitution copy heathen nations. Took advantage of the women dedicated and vowed to serve God in temple by defiling and sexually abusing them. The leaders of theocratic nation did nothing to stop them so God was very angry and disappointed so let whole nation be defeated in war. Two priests killed and shock of death killed pregnant wives, Eli father High priest. Samuel understood consequences of God’s judgment first hesitated to tell Eli yet bravely did. Prophet Eli prompted him to deliver sad news. Eli did not call nation to repent or fast like Nineveh to plead God’s mercy and forgiveness, Eli gave up. Hophni and Phinehas had own wives yet strayed without self – control.story5Genesis 39:1-12 child star Joseph heard God’s voice through dreams, respected and honoured God refusing Portipher’s wife’s advances, said he ‘will not sin against God.’ Joseph realized his body was God’s Holy Temple so did not defile himself, destroy his destiny to damage God’s call on his life if he compromised with sin. Joseph had no father, mother, siblings a slave so the perfect candidate desperate for love affection and comfort for relief. Joseph would have ended up like Hophni and Phinehas so devil tried to tempt him in a vulnerable moment in life. Joseph young, handsome, single, yet pure walked in holiness to Glorify God.Jesus saves mankind from sin to restore people to God. Little boy shares a lunch happily gets extra rewards surplus God gives back. Samuel heard God so clearly and perfectly evident in the manifested consequences in history of their nation. God uses child star to bless, heal, deliver and protect a nation that trains them to obey, love and follow God. A child star is used by God to save nations today so do listen to them. Honour and teach them correct way of God through children. An example of child star Miriam young girl risks her life used by God to protect her baby brother Moses hidden on a river.Princess Finds The BasketBible in Exodus 2, says Mariam kept her watchful eye on baby brother hidden in reed basket coated with tar on the river Nile. Miriam told Pharaoh’s daughter the princess who found baby Moses and rescued him from drowning in the Nile river. Miriam’s bravery quick thinking saved Moses his mother allowed to be nanny living in palace raise baby Moses. God used young boy David, who bravely faced giant Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 and defeats Philistines. God’s spirit, strength in David fights as the veteran seasoned warriors cowered in fear for their lives. A5dr.gifIn Mark 14 God used another young girl watching Peter to warm himself by fire to prompt Peter about promise he made to Jesus never to forget or let Him down. She identified Peter, having seen, heard Peter preach and minister at times. She boldly challenged him, “You were with Nazarene, Jesus!” Peter denied Jesus as cock crow signal confirmed prophecy of Jesus. The outstanding story of loyalty friendship covenant with Jonathan and David’s love for each other closer than brotherly love. Jonathan denied himself to acknowledge God ordained anointing on David to be King. Jonathan willingly swapped royal garments with David to promote God’s plans for kingdom work.
Infuriated King Saul, Jonathan’s father accused him of condoning with enemy to self destruct the kingdom due him for inheritance. Jonathan’s action of loyalty generational blessing to Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth. Remembered a powerful King David sent convoy with chariots to saved from Lodebar to royal privileged position to seat and eat with King David for the rest of his life. So one good turn deserves another Jonathan helped child star David become future king to help build nation of Israel. wp-1573906860609.jpgGod used the young girl Joan of Arc in France to build the nation Joan of Arcs a young girl used by God in living history to win victories expected of adults but is sacrificed. Women like judge Deborah, Yaa Asantewaa of Ghana Ashanti Gold Coast times, Queen Nanny of Maroons in 1685 – 1755, a Jamaican National well-known leader origin from West Africa, contributed in history. Young girls or boys play active roles in nation’s victory remembered commemorated to celebrate their sacrifice for peace of the nation. Lots of unsung heroes sacrifice lives today like the child stars to protect nations globally. Worth thanking God to acknowledge families who paid a costly price to preserve other people’s lives. Jepthah's_Foolish_Vow_1193-76.jpgJephthah’s daughter child star the virgin girl welcomes father Jephthah’s foolish vow. Jephthah’s daughter in Judges 11: 34 agreed with his father’s rash vow as thank offering for his victory in battle. Running first to welcome her father had to find she was vowed as a sacrifice for nation’s victory. Jephthah met on return by his only child tore his clothes, cried daughter brought victory with sorrow. God did not ask him for a sacrifice so it was not required. But common practice to sacrifice virgins as God once asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. God required animal sacrifice temporarily covering sins. Foreshadows perfect and complete sacrifice of Jesus in Leviticus 4:35 animal sacrifice in Bible because without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins in Hebrews 9:22. Matthew+1-22+To+Fulfill+What+Was+Spokne+By+The+Lord+Through+Prophets+red.jpgjesus-on-the-cross-roman-piercing-kurt-miller.jpgAfter Adam and Eve sin, animals killed by God to provide clothing for them in Genesis 3:21. Abel brought his sacrifices to God but Cain’s fruit rejected. Abel’s is accepted firstborn of his flock, Genesis 4:4-5. Noah sacrificed animals to God in Genesis 8:20-21 for thanksgiving. Others sacrifice for battle to help in adversity cost Jephthah his only daughter’s life. It was father’s pledged to honour ‘God’ in victory could redeem human sacrifice with sheep and scapegoats. In Hebrews 10:4, written “not possible blood of bulls and of goats to take away sin. Ultimate blood sacrifice salvation in Jesus Christ greatest child star all. Animal sacrifices stops with Jesus Christ ultimate sacrifice substituted for all sin in Hebrews 7:27. Christ only mediator between God and people in 1 Timothy 2:5. Greatest gospel privilege is Christ is punished instead of sinner for remission of sin takes weight and guilt of shame from sinners. Christ removes all handwriting of ordinances, laws of saved person’s life nails to cross not condemned. Gives the direct access to God’s forgiveness of sins in our Lord Jesus Christ paid price for sin. A Highest Priest’s reconciliation for forgiveness of people is Christ Who made the Ultimate Sacrifice Atonement Reconciliation. God gives you HIS eternal Child Star Christ celebrated for thousands of years.

Further Reading: gotquestions.org/animal-sacrifices.html


snap121Jesus Christ the Messiah lives in heaven seated at the Right Hand of God Almighty, celebrated as the authorized, endorsed KING of Kings and Lord of lords. God Highly exalted Jesus Christ by giving Christ Him the NAME above all names so every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God Yahweh Our Father in Jesus Name. All those washed by the Sacred Blood of Jesus Christ enduring to overcome by their testimony will join Jesus in heaven in Rapture and Celebrate Jesus Christ’s in the Party Above all other parties celebrating in Victory. Christ steps forward to receive scroll for He Alone Qualifies to do so.14 (1)Christ is called to receive the highest accolade of distinction for distinguished service to mankind. Christ truly earned this Genuine Glory Approved by God so as Distinguished VIP already waiting for this wonderful moment. Jesus won the battle as the lamb of God to defeat death so chosen exclusively as the Son of God to save mankind in eternal life forever. On arrival in heaven, there is the great rejoicing and celebrations. Then Jesus personally welcomes each person and gives them their mansions in heaven. It is written in Bible on reward day people will receive many crowns of life on the head according to their works on earth. thought (1)
when-jesus-calls-your-name (1)When Jesus calls your name you step forward and take the centre stage. God Almighty gives Christ authority to give out rewards as the symbol of His Power and Authority to rule over all people and all nations. The saints and angels clap in unison to confirm their approval and acceptance of King of kings. Those on earth think they have good times must wait to Celebrate Real Best times at Jesus’ Special Party enjoying praise and worship in the Presence of God. Jesus on His throne reviews the book of life to reward those who qualified by their actions on earth. While sitting  on the right hand of God, accepting thanks and praise as an advocate interceding for believers still on earth. Afterwards all are called to celebrate enthronement of King of kings and marriage of the Lamb of God. The loveliest meals which cannot be compared to the best food on earth are served. Believers talk to each other and swap stories of life journeys and testimonies and passion for loved ones to successfully in future to join in. 2245e538807f2f9b79e807a0426b5531Heaven found by Nasa Hubble telescope is as exactly described in the Bible. The believers live with Jesus with God and the angers sent to earth as messengers. It is time to enjoy life in heaven with no no more crying, no more tears, no more pain for former things shall pass away. Life is renewed with younger looking spiritual bodies that eat food and enjoy music and dancing. There are various roles assigned to each citizen of heaven acvording to their abilities, skills and talents. Life is perfect in heaven without diseases, sickness or need to marry. For life lasts eternally so no more death or need to replenish life so lives forever. GreatCouncilinHeaven4.jpgMeanwhile greatest music sound is booming with Glory Honour, Highest Praise, Adoration to God. Heaven’s chefs are ready with banquet set in perfect peace and great rejoicing and dancing is ongoing perpetually forever and ever. Another new arrival is welcomed so celebrated for making it safely into Heaven. There are peak days huge multitudes arrive enmasse and so Heaven is kept busy during such peak times as queues get extra long but does not take long to go through the records of books of life to check life accounts. Jesus our advocate intercedes defending His believers as worthy to receive grace, mercy and forgiveness by repentance. 03_01 (2)
Extra attention is paid to the excellent merits and distinguished service to God. Crowns of life are duly given to each called to the centre and rewarded with noted life achievement. When life ends on earth mankind’s spirit soul returns to God in heaven from where life came to earth. Before the Throne of God is the book of life containing accounts of all people’s life activities, actions, lifestyles and duty of care towards others. This book is opened and Jesus gives rewards according to how one loved and served God and fellow human beings. Those who obeyed and submitted to God and washed by the Blood of the Lamb Jesus are accepted and allowed into heaven.ceu-50The list goes on continuously so heaven is busy buzzing with new entrant’s given the welcome shout. The book of life is opened to check entrant’s life doings. Those who qualify and approved proceed to join others in Heaven. The one’s found wanting are sent to hell immediately. Those who make it are transformed instantly so clothed with their new heavenly garments. People happily join to rejoice to celebrate Jesus and worship God in heaven. Heaven is a pleasant place for all worthy of gift of salvation. Life on earth is beautiful, lovely with great moments and challenges yet Great Celebration is bigger, better so lasts forever. Life on earth is for a season, temporary until Christ Jesus returns to restore Perfect Peace on earth as it in Heaven on earth in the future time set by God. Believers resurrected or in rapture have new spiritual bodies, citizens of heaven living together with God as described in this video below:


david-before-the-ark King David danced for God to thank and praise to worship God to celebrate the great and mighty victories God won for Israel. King David danced freely up and down to glorify God. David’s actions did impress God because kings sit down to watch dancers perform in their honour. David humbled himself to God, set aside protocol to Honour God wife is offended because David’s unusual dance style made her angry so she accused David of embarrassing himself. Her disapproval of David cost her to be barren because she was not pleased about King David’s dance for God. So opinions and various views exist on different churches about what constitutes praise and worship of God. Some accept all forms of musical instruments like those found in Psalm 150:1-6. Psalms of praise using trumpet, cymbal, psaltery, harp, timbrel, stringed instruments and special dance routines.ImageWorshipping God accordingly liberates mind, body and soul in God’s presence and does good like gym fitness exercise does to the physical body. This recreates refreshing times as engrossed deeply in the joy of the LORD totally focussing on God in that moment. When we think of all God has done for us, by counting all our blessings of life breath in us, ability to eat, talk, walk, enjoy the blessings of family, loved ones, friends, work and all colleagues God is beyond description in words. Give thanks to God in all things to praise and worship God daily.ImageMany musicians spend many hours in the studio perfecting the sound of music and writing songs until right note is hit for great composition. Doing this takes hours or days and in some cases years to complete. A maestro uses all talents and abilities to write, edit, record music in different genre, mix, remix until the whole world is soon listening to their songs on radio, DVD, CD, iPod, phone, singing lyrics along song. The music is set to dance or other form desired. King David, a great lover of music composed all the Psalms in Bible, he played music on his harp to worship God everyday.showroom_500x500Music meant a lot to King David soothes his soul so consoled his spirit he played mostly as a lonely young man keeping sheep yet remembered God at all times. Most churches use music forms suitable for each ocassion. So global intruments unique to particular cultures the Indian churches and Chinese Dong Pipa songs use traditional style music for heritage songs. Global music in general becomes hit so some played religiously everyday. Or remember playing a special unique song during their engagement proposal, wedding songs, parties. Composers are often surprised by the turn of events of popularity of music. Adapted by nations as favourite, played by the orchestra for years from generation to generation. As lyrics celebrate the magnificence and all majestic GLORY of Almighty Yahweh.ImageGreat orchestra halls all over the world celebrate God by their styles of praises and worship in a formal pre arranged and a rehearsed manner. Others prefer  a more traditional type of music using local musical instruments suitable to their environment to celebrate God. So folk traditional songs composed about majesty of God in local languages. They may be written or passed down as oral traditional dance songs sung daily or on their special occasions only each year.ImageDue to personal taste, choices, familiar shaped musical instruments used as its a more convenient typical instruments. To the outsider, such methods used to worship and celebrate God according to their lifestyle way and understanding is different to them but it makes perfect sense to God. Each one has choice made depending on their personal tastes and nurturing impact from the community. Some prefer genre freestyle music, rap, reggae, gospel, hip hop, hand clapping shouting or total silence in the presence. God is All Things to all people so chosen music form centred on praising God or worshipping God is acceptable to God. HE created all forms and puts songs in hearts including those not up to other people’s taste or approved dance style.ImageOn the other hand some do prefer total silence to ‘praise and worship’ God says be still and know I AM God. Some seat down in silent quietness to reflect and meditate on God’s words so allow the presence of God to descend into their midst. Such believers in spirit of unity, with one accord through the Holy Spirit God manifests. Some start shaking with the Holy Spirit upon them, some sing or laugh. So earned the name the shakers.Image Whatever a preferred method accepted each one is in the presence of God who approves of their own approach to Him ultimately. As long as Bible and Christ is at the centre of the heart of the worship and adoration of God. Christians blessed by each other for where two or three gathered in the Name of God is in their midst. Music calms people and creates a peaceful atmosphere instead of enmity fightings on doctrines and work styles. dancing9999Jesus loves dancing too so good to dance now because there is more dancing in heaven. Man sees outward appearance and looks but God sees a deeply sincere and genuine love of God expressed in a dance form. Various ways to praise and worship God so no particular approach or form of worship and style is above or beneath others. Its all about Sovereignty of God not just their mere gathering for entertainment of people. So God comes first in all areas of life including praise, worship and dancing in the churches to celebrate God in Christ and Holy Spirit. You can also dance, praise and worship God privately like King David did alone on his harp while keeping a watch over his flock while outdoors. Others dance in a group regularly with flags waved to celebrate God each week in Church and to pray afterwards. You can sing to God, and play music by yourself and worship God too at home if alone with God.


Interestingly life journeys mimics roller coaster rides. People travel to have fun in many places of giant roller coasters for adventure. Some getting bigger and higher than ever before to be the tallest in history. Psalm 139:2 says up or down God knows when you sit down or when standing up thoughts known to Jesus. It is so for Christian believers on days one sits down in perfect rest, comfortably in presence of God at peace. On other days times literary stands on the word of God holding on by faith, confident God doing things, GLORIFY HIS Mighty Holy Name.TusenFryd park in Oslo, NorwayDuring the up days one feels secured in knowledge God is in charge so controls by faith feeling great. One smiles, sings joyfully to praise and to thank God. The sun and flowers brighter in a good time and you feel wonderful and happy God remembers you. So up times life is easy at its best like a roller coaster one stays up enjoying every moment. On such a day one feels on top of the world, like walking on sunshine and able to handle anything coming up more ready, easily. Good experiences compares to a full joy excitement felt on riding roller coasters. People describe euphoria moment thrill of up and down joy priceless treasures unleashed beyond description of words. wp-1576761774821.jpgDuring up, happy days, life can become oblivious to issues in life full of joy like trusting children. Believers are like little children in Kingdom of God. Although challenges loom large like Goliath God protects us in Jesus Name. The child of God has confidence in God for the battle is the LORD’S. One feels miniscious like little roller facing daunting overbearing and tough Goliath yet God lifts us up in the spirit realm to become strong in the power of God’s might to win. Some are appropriately named the Goliath roller coaster in Gurnee Illinois among tallest in world, one feels moments of hype.wp-1576759973148.jpg In Christ life is greater than the thrill of roller coasters dealing with challenges of seemingly looming larger than life sizes of some roller coasters. Described as the roller coaster for dare devils it is interesting people are willing to ride it for adventure thrill seeking. Christians doing work of God overcome in midst of challenges of world as strengthened in Christ and so victorious. The following rocking roller roller coaster is designed to be age and height appropriate with a restriction that come in all forms. God looks out for our life safety and general well-being by giving us many guideline commandments and wise regulations. wp-1576759941855.jpgGod gives liberty in Christ some times to decide the best suitable roller coaster if carefully following Godly instructions. It includes joy, peace, love, self-control, health issues, emotion, pain, trauma or dizziness, recovery, healing for thriving to ensure rider is not compromised on ride to save lives and promote healthy lifestyle. Avoid trigger happy rumbling onus on roller coaster rider or company to ensure all are entertained safely. The believer’s life feels like putting oneself on biggest roller coasters ever ridden. It is full of leaps and bounds and uplifting, exhilaration, fun, joy, laughter and with playfulness full of good peak moments. wp-1576759929694.jpgBeautifully designed magnificent scenic views, gorgeous towers and landmarks possibly seen above ground Christianity spiritually speaking has high moments. It takes leap of faith to rise above needs to reach out to Gid and others then one gets closer in spirit and nearer God for a deeper relationship. Roller coaster rider feels on top of the world by having such good times thoughts, rising and falling many times in process yet lands safely. A bumper ride ramble strip shakes body to the core and some scream in fear or become sick by unpredictable effects. Yet will go again to repeat the fun times enjoyed each year many times at events to celebrate the seasons and parades.wp-1576759900540.jpgPeople party and even eat on some of the roller coasters to celebrate special events. These type of the roller coaster designed to serve meals and stop mid – air for a while have special features required. Some turn riders upside down just as life turns turns Christian’s life upside down for season. Pictures taken commemorate day as an unforgettable memory to remember and shared with friends and family. The stories of such experiences are shared again and again like gospel good news gossip message. It is time to socialise after hard work.in the years people have lots of fun times.wp-1576759913781.jpgGod’s redeeming work depends on HIS constant love and the finished work of Christ makes eternal life guaranteed to all accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.  As the LORD’S Sun never sets so is Jesus’ undying love for us dependable and so reliable. God’s redeeming work is not like a roller coaster up and down one moment in the sky and the next in the ground floor. The Spirit of God does not retract, evaporate, diminish, leak away. HE abides in HIS Covenant with us at all. The gifts and callings of God are for ever and trustworthy to rely on Jesus. While settling to take more pictures to enjoy the moment, sometimes prepaid time limited ticket require one to stop to enjoying more of a wonderful moment suddenly goes back down roller coaster. In fact in valley moments in life, Christ and the angels keep believers safely so gently let back down by announcement made to come down carefully. One exits, others get ready to climb up again into same place to ride again to repeat same process. The brave and daring pay again to hang in there so to enjoy more joyful moments until touchdown after chaos. wp-1576759881420.jpgSo some travel the world to enjoy these various types of all roller coasters. From the tallest in the world to smallest ones thrill seekers have been there, done that got the T-shirt to prove it. With fantastic images put together to invite, encourage others to help fully understand fun and various functions of the roller coasters. Until a person rides the roller coaster to fully understand poster picture, it is just meaningless fantasy in head. Christians are presented with lifestyle according to God’s standards and expectations. Until one tastes to see goodness of God in the land of the living it may not make sense. Bible is a love letter God gives to assure believers HE loves them and also cares. What goes up must come down after the thrill seeking life one faces God one day to give account of your life experiences. wp-1576759956476.jpg During up, happy days one forgets will get down back to normal life again. The time comes to take stock of life while in moment of fantastic joy. Amazing thrill seekers want a higher and taller roller coaster options to ride and enjoy. This is exactly how God wants the Christian too to seek higher standards of faith to live from glory to glory in Jesus Name. Then the believer’s roller coasters faith tested in fire refined as pure gold and silver to be mature in Christ. Its everyone’s cup of tea to love rides describe as a unique experience they cannot be compare to anything else. The Living God cannot be compared to other deities and so Christ is a super mega giant league Son of God Word turned to man and resurrected is living now in heaven. Interesting faith actions of life lessons learnt from roller coaster experiences similar to belief.


CrossHeart1denominationsGod’s Love jigsaw puzzle reveals bigger picture of Christ Jesus sent to save all Christian believers who follow Jesus the Saviour. Christian lifestyle at times feels sorting biggest 32,000 and 24,000 jigsaw puzzle pictures made from many pieces. God-given pictures of life assigned by God to complete feels like jigsaw puzzle image. God starts with a simple picture so small and easy for begginner starters to put together. This pieces are quickly assembled by inexperienced in a matter of seconds. Gets ready to take on more simple puzzles till upgrades to complex ones taking a bit longer to accomplish. Complex puzzles put together by clues of their shapes, sizes or colour codes of picture, most challenging. Christian life of faith requires a detailed attention to instructions from God, patience to focus and endure with interest and love and tolerance of others and self. Doing so is through Christ who strengthens us and first loved us to enable us to continue in faith. Attempt is made by an insight into how parts of jigsaw group together. So used to create altogether bigger picture which takes hours, years, months, life-time faith to achieve and to complete.images (14)The Church of God and body of Christ is in a way like jigsaw puzzle takes time to figure it out. So requires extra focus and concentration without distraction to get the Gospel message details better. Most people require support to understand a functioning Church. Determine to keep all carefully in safe place not to knock a person to discourage them. So trust God and start all over again if puzzles mess you or vice versa. So is real life continue keeping on until a bigger picture is fully glimpsed at. Delicate picture is intricate each puzzle piece no matter how small, makes a lot of difference to a whole big picture. The word of God leads, guides, directs believers line by line precept by precept to gain understanding of God. It is faithfulness in small things that leads to the bigger roles in life. God could give total victory all at once to His Children but if it happens cannot handle victory. Don’t despise small beginnings start the Christian race at your own pace achieve your personal best in Christ. Use God given talents and abilities to reach out to others with the Gospel in the world . CO-006-World-Jigsaw-PuzzleBeing a faithful follower of Jesus helps to share Gospel to have good success. Do not be overwhelmed, tired, exhausted to maintain a pressure of demands to burn out or destroyed. Be trained to prepare for bigger roles so ready for the gigantic victory through fruits of the Holy Spirit. Precept on precept God guides Christian believers to follow the great example of obedience through Jesus Christ. For God so loves the world He Gave His Only Begotten Jesus. All who believe in Christ will not perish but have everlasting life. Christ completed a first assignment God gave to win and save souls. Christians too share Gospel to win souls for God in various parts of world and to save lives eternally. God reveals HIS words in the plans in small doze bite sizes measures of life like the jigsaw pictures to follow HIS guideline small steps for mankind. psalmAs faith muscles grow God grants giant leap of faith big steps in an audio-visual images to help reflect HIS perspective to help lead lives in the direction pointed. God uses His words in the Bible visions, dreams, symbols, tokens and through others to reflect message at particular times in stages of obedience. Sometimes the jigsaw picture pieces are messages and clues jumbled up with a whole load of other pieces irrelevant to the one at hand. Its not easy to follow always the glorious messages for blessings of God. The mixed ideas, instructions, thoughts decluttered gets a jigsaw final text God puts by teamwork to help. Small pieces observed put in the right place fit wells. images (15)One cannot grab any piece to fit in any place until its the correct right one. Life decisions or options carefully reflected for motives, thoughts before a decision or commitment made. So life requires patience focus, total concentration and power of endurance with perseverance and skills to build the ultimate picture desired. On other occasions jigsaw piece enhances picture at hand, fits perfectly in exact shape completes precise image required. Some days come easy on other days one does not know where to start. Begin by seeking God’s Face to guide the thoughts and decision-making process. Each piece of information if seems ideal and appropriate continue but if not sure how end result turns out not clear from onset then start with help of team, listen someone may see what you don’t see. No man is an island so God uses people to impact mentor your growth lifestyle.


just-for-youth-is-intelligence-the-most-important-factor-for-success.jpg.crop_displayfive-men-jigsaw-puzzles-22154150Jesus person uniquely bring good ideas so never feels left out-of-place to fit into God’s Bigger Picture of Life. If the head creates difficulties or each piece is vying for priority attention, address one at a time. Spend more time to ponder over the hardest puzzles first of all. Where to begin, whom to share problems with to confide without any betrayals. Can one afford to bear burdens alone or find the Divine connections to team up to solve problems? Some spend sleepless hours at night wondering how to hold on until joy comes in the morning. Then hardest jigsaw puzzle life turn up unannounced with help from God to stop the pressure and stress urgently dealt with quickly. Life is complicated, intense, unbearable at times feels like pulling hair in pain. It feels like life is drowning in deep seas of pain, grief, sorrow but God is control. puz3Our Saviour Jesus heals broken-hearted, battered, bruised comforts through the Holy Spirit. God puts people in all areas of life like pieces of jigsaw to help solve problems of life together. So present the various pieces of each jigsaw puzzle of all aspects of life to God. Lay it all the table before God and give Christ access to all areas of your personal life, social or community issues. God is interested in each minute part significant to you so choose right fit for your mind, thought process for a man thinks so is his life. Its what comes out of your mouth reveals what is stored in your heart and mind.create-roomJesus said bear good fruits of the Holy Spirit and ask for the answers with help from God maker of heaven and earth. The most terrible problems becomes the greatest terrific global miracle achieved to help others all over world. The worst difficulty becomes source of strength to help others get their answers to prayer. Miracle becomes big beyond oneself so to share testimony with others all over the world to magnify God’s Glory and to celebrate His Mercy, love, compassion.The-Job-Hunt-Puzzle-top


puzzle8 One becomes happy feeling clever for solving all these puzzles of problems of life so feels like lift off experience out of this world. When one is successful and feeling up high always give thanks and glory to God for everything. Life can be like jigsaw puzzle sometimes. Christian life is compelling challenge for believer. But overcomes and win victory through Christ Jesus focus to concentrate to lift off into rapture heavenly realms to join saints in a love unison. Praise, worship, give thanks to God for all HIS creations, blessings in valley of life. In the middle of most daunting challenges, trust God in Jesus Name to overcome as mankind is conquering space in modern times. As this century extends into exoplanets get out of limitations of your comfort zone. _font_b_3D_b_font_jigsawWith God all things are possible and as people created space shuttles into space and live in space nothing is shocking or impossible to God. The Holy Spirit sent from God Almighty in the name of Jesus Christ opens minds to receive wisdom from above. Godly understanding helps to discern and gain Godly knowledge to handle challenges of life better. One can do the impossible beyond your strength by power and authority of Jesus Name. Jesus said we will do greater things in His Name so believe Jesus, do the best you can so give thanks to God in Christ.


images (4)jesus-ruling-1Heaven view is the Biblical final frontier the Christians experience in long – awaited Godly Heavenly Kingdom as stated in Bible in 2 Corinthians 5:8, in the Presence of God. Heaven is a beautiful place of perfect joy, blissful worship, praise and perpetual celebration which cannot be compared to the greatest happiness on earth. God is TRULY LOVE, WONDERFUL, AND THE GREATEST SOURCE OF LOVE, JOY, PEACE. God is truly tangible and evident to those who love and seek Him. God is not to blame, for it is since sin entered God’s Perfect world created, mankind changed life to become short-lived.

_kirkjustjori_notendur_thorhallur_my_documents_my_pictures_god_jesus_throne_cat_rel_hist_02roberttbarrettGod is broken-hearted and disappointed mankind chose to obey the devil in the garden of Eden through Adam and Eve. God still loves people so much He yearns and still cares about them. God sent Christ in John 3:16 to come into the world to declare and share good news to save Christian believers to restore eternal life through Christ Jesus.  Thousands of saints and angels worship God daily. As messengers God despatches them to earth to carry out His Instructions. Christian believers live as Christ tarries so continue to have heaven within their hearts. Heaven is still daily expressed outwardly in love of God, fellow human beings. Worship, prayers and thanksgiving is given to God in the Christian meetings attended through Holy Spirit with born again believers in sweet fellowship. The final frontier rapture anticipates those saved and free at last from challenges of the world to be with God in heaven. The Spirit of God helps believers to pray for healing, inner peace, deliverance, to intercede, to minister to help save souls. Billions of faithful angels are in heaven sent daily by God as messengers on behalf of people to help them, They bring miracles so as the praises go up, God’s Glory comes down to deliver, heal, save, provide miracles in Jesus name.Heavenly worship is similar to the Christian praise and worship concerts but 1000 times better. Those who pass have soul and spirit ascend to God clothed in heaven with new garments of righteousness but fleshly body remains on earth.

The peace, joy loved ones enjoy is amazing, so all pain and sorrow from earth vanishes. Worship from the crowd on earth pleases God so much and so will heavenly worship be 1000 times more celebration of the Sovereignty of God. As believers become refreshed in the presence of God with joy forevermore, so is heavenly bliss eternal and glorious with  joy, laughter and dancing.  People become youthful again and reunite with loved ones, to continue worship as they see God in Heaven. There is perfect peace, radiant joy, no sorrow, grief, pain or crying. The one who snatches loved ones is defeated as people longing and yearning for heaven enjoy worship on earth.


jesus-good-shepherd-16Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd in John 10:27 and Calls believers His sheep who hear His voice and follow him the Lamb of God. It takes One to recognise one so the Lamb of God Jesus Knows His sheep and fellow true shepherds minding the flock faithfully. Christ is the Head Shepherd of all the shepherds so select and choose faithful sheep Establish God Kingdom on earth. Jesus decides sheep saved, given eternal life remain in Jesus’ Kingdom. God Gives Jesus all Power in Heaven and earth to Rule Reign with believer sheep  forever. 4_titleBelieve in Christ and accept and know Jesus as Lord and personal Saviour before it is too late. God will send Jesus Christ to earth to return to confirm God’s Help to Rescue those in Christ and saved during rapture from earth. Paul in Philippians 1:6 told believers to be confident God Who begun good work will complete it in Jesus Christ. In Matthew 25:31 Jesus returns the second time to set up 1000 year reign on earth. God is faithful by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord’  in I Corinthians 1:8-9. Then Christ returns to earth in Matthew 25:31-33 the Son of Man comes in His glory with holy angels to sit throne of His glory. All nations will be gathered before Jesus to separate as shepherd divides sheep from goats. Whole nations saved by accepting to believe Christ as Lord.

Jesus Will set sheep on His RIGHT hand but goats on His left hand. This passage on eternal gathering separates the sheep believers and unsaved unbeliever goats. Bible states in Romans 8:38 believers are reassured, persuaded, neither death nor life, angel, principalities, powers, things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, created thing, shall be able to separate from the LOVE of God in Christ Jesus. Some sheep exhausted, battered worn out looked down on but counterfeit fake Christian celebrated by man already received reward have no part in Christ.

Jesus segregates the sheep nations from the goat nations to the real place called heaven on earth and begins to rule as king of kings. In Isaiah 62:6-7, God says believers who love Jerusalem and pray for peace are blessed. Jesus is speaking to Christian believers first then audience present, often a mixture of all sorts from different places and all parts of the world. Jesus addresses first the lost sheep of the house of Israel His salvation includes the Jews. Jesus ministry on earth started first with Jewish fishermen who the apostles and the disciples. His teaching and healing ministry included Samaritans and surrounding gentile people around who came to listen and hear Jesus. Jesus priority was for the Jews first as the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Believer sheep go to heaven and unbelievers goat go to hell.These means those willing to believe, obey and follow Christ receive eternal destination with God. Jesus’ sermon is a metaphor used often as Christ spoke in parables in story forms to the crowds. Jesus did not refer literally to sheep and goats. But made point using token familiar language visual image  for a better understanding of message. In Matthew 25:31 when the Son of man comes in glory with all holy angels with him, He will sit upon the throne of His glory. By doing the will of God decides who is sheep and goat nations. In Matthew 25 32 before God is gathered all nations and He shall separate as shepherd divides sheep from goats. 33 He sets believer sheep on His Right Hand in Glory Forever as children of God. Snap1The sheep join Jesus to rule and reign for a 1000 years on earth. 34 King Jesus said to those on His Right Hand as sheep, come you blessed of my Father inherit kingdom prepared for you from foundation of world. You helped others when life got worse, things complicated to bear by own strength. Healed the sick, raised the dead in the name of Jesus motives were right. Jesus told disciples to rejoice not for doing miracles or healing sick but rejoice names written in the book of life. Make mention of God, keep not silent and give God no rest to establishes Jerusalem praise in all earth.

So the peace of Jerusalem is sign of birth pangs of Christ’s return. Jesus said the good deeds people do for others determines faith love action as part of God’s sheep worthy of admittance into eternal Kingdom as goat condemned to hell. Those left behind on earth include 144,000 virgin males from Israel plus unsaved during those years. The 144000 become evangelists to save those left on earth. After great tribulation all saved in heaven 7 years. Rapture saved believers return from heaven after 7 years with Jesus and all saints together to earth to fight battle of Armaggedon, defeats devil to rule earth with Christ 1000 years from Jerusalem Israel Christ’s Headquarters. Perfect PEACE restored on earth because devil bound 1000 years but later the devil loose a little while tries to destroy peace.6a00d8341c7a9f53ef0162ffbed9e2970dMatthew 25:35 For I was hungry, you gave me food and meat, I was thirsty you gave me drink I was a stranger you took me in.36 Naked, you clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. 37 The righteous answer saying, Lord, when did we see you hungry so feed you, thirsty and gave you drink? 38 When did we see strangers and take them in, naked and clothed you?39 When did we see you sick or in prison and came to help you. The truth is Jesus approves of giving as love action of Gospel by kind generous. 40 King Jesus shall answer and say, inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me. Those unable to pay back in equal measure God Rewards Giver for sustaining salvation gospel good news message to maintain God’s Kingdom to win more souls to the Glory of God. All sheep rewarded with wealth transfer for gospel plus mansions in heaven before returns to earth to reign with Christ. Matthew 7:2 Jesus rejects unsaved to depart from Him as He does not know them. Paul warns sheep to remain loyal and faithful to the end to be saved in Jesus Name. So not save others but lose own soul. Although used by God mightily to save others, often neglect own personal salvation so do not want to enter heaven due to rebellion, pride, ego, false belief so must repent. Jesus said to such depart from me you evil doers who hate righteousness yet take advantage of all those innocent genuinely seeking God. Some God asked to die but repented and prayed for were saved to endure rapture. Christ defeats him finally so thrown in eternal lake of fire called hell. Jesus said prophet is not without honour except in own house among own people.

This is why Jesus could not do a single miracle in Nazareth according one’s own faith and belief is a miracle manifested. God set watchmen on walls praying for Jerusalem to never hold their peace day nor night. Some goats piggie back on sheep to do wondrous miracles successfully in Jesus Name. Some tell people good deeds does not add any value or enhance faith for salvation.  Jesus uses faith actions to judge sheep to segregate from goats so God said be kind to strangers for one never knows one may entertain angel or God Himself. It is good motive of giving to God that counts to show compassion to share abundant goodness of God’s provisions. 41 Then shall he say to those on the left hand depart from me you cursed into everlasting fire, prepared for devil and his angels. Paul in 1 Corinthians 9:27 said watch, pray, be saved. Each believer is to stand guard, alert to watch and pray until Jesus returns to save forever.

 Keep own body in subjection to God in Christ lest after the preaching to others one castaway. Jesus tells all to watch and pray as roaring lions devours sheep so watch out. Other signs include world events, earthquakes, rumours of wars, red bull without spot or blemish, the moon turning red. Israel is God’s time clock signal sequence of events news on general trends. Rebellious despise and hate God are hot-headed, ungrateful, lovers of self. The rebellious despiser of God, continue to hate God and do not Give God His Due Credit for Creating universe so unrepentant are unfaithful to God. They are described as goats because stubborn and rebellious never submit to God’s authority for thinking wiser than God Almighty. God lets them delude themselves. The proud never apply God’s Biblical principles in national affairs in life, family, business matters. Believer saints remain faithful to God in Christ in everlasting life.

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God is Majesty on High adored, loved, worshiped, surrounded by angels, elders and saints. In Psalm 68:5 God protects from His Holy Habitation. God Loves you so He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die and save you for eternal life in Hebrews 1:3.The radiance of God’s glory upholds universe by His Word and Power. God sustains faithfully all abandoned, rejected, bruised. Some think God is too Holy to talk to by ordinary people because He warned against attempts to peep and look at Him. Others remember God as feisty fearful warrior so do not want to fall into His Hands. The Living God presented as detached from direct contact people reach through the select few holy enough to see him and not die.Such messages discourage people from seeking true God without middlemen. Eternal life is personal journey race run by each to account of self to God. Jesus is advocate in Heaven who defends. Nobody can save Christian believers except Christ. In James 1:17, every good gift and every perfect gift is from God above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. Yet God is placed in a such Superior High Position, Above and Beyond Reach of mere mortals. Those who dare draw near God as His Children to A Loving father will definitely die. So, leave God alone in His Heavenly Abode to receive worship and adoration from saints, 24 elders, 70 leaders of Israel and angels. All saved Christian believers will join heavenly host in the presence of God in future.Its assumed, better not try to approach God directly but focus on the here and now on earth through loving friendship of fellow humans who represent the love of God. In so doing, many do not apply God’s command for all to come boldly into His Presence through the Name and Blood of Jesus in Hebrews 4:16. They miss out personal intimate relationship with God due to fear of God. God said He has not given us the spirit of fear but of Power, Love and a Sound Mind. God is Love Wants a Love Relationship with His Children. Which child can fear his father so much he cannot look him in the eye, talk to him, eat with him, play with father, abandon father to grandmother, mother, uncles, aunts and siblings yet say he loves father. So cut off direct interaction with God they as the Dictator Tyrant due to misplaced fear without understanding of Shekinah Glory of God.            God said if ordinary people know how to treat each other well, give and receive good gifts how much more God the Loving Father Loves To Give Good Gifts of Only Son Jesus Christ to die to save all. Call God’s wonderful names depicting His Nature, personality and works. God said as He allowed Jesus to die for our sins so Gives Deeper Friendship as Loving Father. Talk to God directly, Trust God to Answer and Help you at God’s Right Time. Do not be deceived to fear God so much you cut yourself off from Him to lose A Precious Quality Life-Time of Love Relationship with God your Friend and Father. God calls all who love Him His Children so shows a Great example of Father Child relationship through His Son Jesus who is very close to God. God is closer to you above everyone so love him too. In John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, gave His only Begotten Son, so whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God cares about you so will supply all your needs in Jesus Name. God loves you so much. The living God wants all to come closer to HIM for God as loving Father Loves His Children but discipline correct if wrong. God made all people so entitled to a Due Respect and Honour deserved in Christ. Today remember to spend time talking to talk as much as one talks to Christ, friends and family. It is good to have reliable friends and family, colleagues, wealth and all that and a cup of tea. However, without a personal intimate relation ship with God, life is a meaningless search of mirage for fulfillment in wrong places. The inner peace and joy longed cannot come from only humans because their capacity is limited. Only God can love in the deepest perfect sense yearned. So Love God to discover Perfect Peace of God which passes all human understanding.


saupload_wealthThis true story about God’s richest man who had a dream God told him that the richest man in the city was going to die that night. Since he knew only one rich man who fitted description and title, he plucked up courage to go tell him about the impending news. He wanted to tell the richest man to help prepare himself for that sudden urgent news or creating emergency in case he had no will to put his house in order before eventualities or demise. Immediately, the richest man sent for his doctor who examined him thoroughly. The doctor checked several times and told the richest man he was fit as a fiddle so had nothing to worry about. In any case the doctor stayed around to reassure him and keep an eye on him in case something happened. So continued to check for unforeseen, unexpected potential heart attack or unknown, undetected ailments.  So the dreamer went home after delivering the message and had a humble meal of broth that night. Soon after, while the doctor remained with the richest still attending to his client, word got around that the dreamer passed peacefully in his sleep that night so went to be with the Lord His maker in eternity. He was actually the ‘poorest’ man in town and so little was his worldly goods and possessions it did not fill a suitcase although he passed at a blessed ripe old age. Luke 12:15  says man’s life does not constitute of their abundant material possessions. Man’s happiness does not consists of abundance of the things possessed although wealth makes life easier. This story shows word of God in him was more precious than gold.
Little did he know in God’s Eyes he was the richest man in the city spiritually, because he was rich towards God. So Biblical wisdom might help you, even if you aren’t a follower of Jesus or don’t believe the Bible. Paul spent years traveling and teaching people about the Living God. God warns not to be greedy to only seek to procure treasures on earth for no use in eternal life. The necessaries God, shelter, food, safety, family life. Time, energy spent chasing material goods and things desired itself does not constitute happiness. So does God endorse poverty so prefers poor in His Kingdom. God said the poor will be destroyed in Revelation 19 if not repented. The main necessaries of life is love of God, shelter, food, safety and family life. Time and energy spent on chasing material goods desired does not constitute happiness. God does not endorse poverty poor in His Kingdom. 111-Fitzgerald-1280x1024_500God is no respecter of person so does do favouritism. God says the poor will be destroyed in Revelation 19 :11-21 if not saved. John saw an angel standing in the sun, with a loud voice and called to birds flying directly overhead, “Come, gather for the great supper of God, 18 to eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and their riders, and the flesh of men, both free and slave, both small and great. Life spent acquiring the material goods to benefit a comfortable living standard beyond basic necessity lifestyle is good. Yet God still wants to be Glorified for giving an abundant life on earth with all these blessings beyond eternity. God promised houses, lands, vineyards, wealthy riches in our houses. God requires us to ensure we provide resources for Kingdom to go forward to reach uttermost parts so all to saved.Painting Of Come To Me - The Only Way To God 2Jesus died to save whole world yet Jesus saves the world through you message of salvation is not exclusive monopoly of a privileged few. And so no single church ministry pastor or individual alone can win billions of souls for God. Jesus has completed His mission on earth returns to God. He sent Holy Spirit to equip all believers to continue doing His greater works. Jesus had limited only time so salvation of souls goes on and depends on all. You do not want to be blamed by God for depriving yourself, family and others of salvation matters to God who knows them before conceived and born. God knows number of hairs on a head. Life was perfect in beginning until; sin entered so chaos and confusion set in. God allowed mankind too long possible to rule without God’s intervention.Loving Father God yearns all rediscover His True Image to restore mankind to HIMSELF in Christ His Chosen Way for Christian Believers. God shares HIS love mercy, compassion, time to ensure all hear good news of salvation before too late. Salvation is a serious matter when the trumpet sounds money cannot save. As titanic sank millions of the wealth  of millionaires aboard money was useless lost, perished. Abundant wealth is good but do not put total trust confidence in it above God. Seek wealth or prosperity but do not forget God gives you wealth from HIS resources. Over produced high prices waste garbage while 2/3 of world starve, claim insurance not sold cheaper for win win situation. God’s word is true Godliness and resources for spirituality extend beyond here and now in eternity with blessings more abundantly beyond measure. Room enough to store wealth in Jesus Name to stand in agreement for God to open doors no man can shut to prosper. If you tried but didn’t succeed ask God in Jesus name. Peter launched in deep after toiling all night without harvest. God provides His supernatural financial miracle in Christ by work of hands to prosper in Jesus name blessed.

The world life promotes self- indulgent life beyond measure but remember after indulgence, 150 years nobody will be alive on earth if Jesus tarries. This cycle repeats from generation to generation into eternity. However, it is very important to be rich towards God in all generations as much as one provides to secure the family’s future on earth. The rich man had abundance in material wealth but did not take anything out of the world. We agree for God’s favour for you to receive blessings enriched Hebrews compensation from slavery in Egypt. This helped King David to build tabernacle so thanked people for providing too much than he needed. Generational blessings provided from Egypt flowed to Solomon who inherited wealth to build Wailing Wall Jerusalem Temple standing today as a testimony. 8e241bf7515ebd88ae4dd68a28e46ea1God’s work concerns you so remember to help His ministries. According to Matthew 24 and Ezekiel 33:33 and 3:33 people must learn about God to save souls as world events point to the rapture any second though Only God knows that day and time. Be safe with God and promote His salvation sharing testimony of blood covenant through Christ Jesus. Sponsor and give to spread gospel of Jesus Christ to those who love and accept Him. Not end up tormented, thirsty, pleading with God for mercy in vain because its too late. It is better to be rich towards God to help sponsor those fulfilling calling to share the word of God globally for all to be restored to God. Whoever and wherever you are, ensure you promote the gospel message. Help the Vision of God to restore peace on earth through Christ Jesus by giving supporting the ministry for God’s sake and for your own good deeds rewards.jesus-whipJesus said it is harder for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God. This is because the rich young man put more trust in tangible material things he sees and feels more than in Jesus Christ or in the Immortal Invisible God. Jesus died for the rich people more concerned about love of things more than Loving the Living God. God Still Loves them deeply though many are busy, too pre-occupied with business as usual to take any notice of God. Yet Jesus is still waiting patiently with widely opened arms to forgive and receive them. Do not harden your hearts when you hear God’s voice today to save you. Accept God for Jesus died to save you. Many rich men and women in the Bible love and serve God in world today so love God. Abraham loved God and virtuous woman loved God as God Loved them and loves you too.