In 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 the Christian believer is described as an athlete running the Christian life race. This description is truly appropriate in the New Testament as competition is tough requiring believer’s attention, focus and concentration. It is important and necessary to know how to run the Christian race. God’s Olympic endurance matters mean completing race to receive ultimate prize.Christian believers are to run in such a way that you may win. And everyone who competes in the  life is compared with sports whereby people live daily as though in competition to win the ultimate prize. The race is tough so demands walking, jogging, running, exercising faith,decisions and challenges on the way. At times crawling on hands, knees through exhaustion is achievement as each runs at own pace God scope ability.

It demands strenuous exercise, gym, training, endurance skills, motivation, sacrifice, cost time and resources, requires support and fans to be at the ultimate Spiritual Olympic Level by faith through Christ. The symbolism here is to aim to finish in style to win the grand prize. It requires vigilant training, sacrifices as Christ and Paul did among others to present the gospel message of salvation. The price to pay for the prize costs a lot to accomplish. It includes training in all kinds of weather, tenacity, and endurance skills.9781593172046Each race brings a new personal record (PR). But eventually you have a race when conditions were not ideal, you weren’t feeling great, or you simply did not do the proper training. Sometimes unforeseen problems, dealing with the crowds, onlookers, fans, fellow runners mean dealing with issues to cope and helping others running the race. At times Christian race is stressful, frustrating in effort to improve personal performance. Running faster and working harder improves God’s Olympic Team.

Setting a goal to improve own personal best finishing time daily, reviewing visions, actions, goals, activities, profession, confession, objective analysis. Smart strategies help to check own strengths and weaknesses focus adapt daily. Doing this helps to seek God’s face to see if on track or needs to focus more on strength, ministry, hospitality, teaching and preaching. Spiritual personal fitness depends on well – being. Renewing, transforming mind with God’s word, believing with confidence and trust in God is essential to carry on.

Running a spiritual marathon demands a new set of rules in its own right.  The marathon vision level depends on God for strength to fulfill the ultimate calling of God’s  Christian responsibilities. Duties involve personal best so require joint- pulling of strands together through Christ to fulfill God’s work. The journey is tough so it means doing God Will to complement others through Christ Jesus. Resources available enhance positive attitude to develop more to build up others to win the race. So cooperate unity is required to help those barely alive to start own race.

The first timers require prompting, encouragement, motivation, to run short and long distances. One has ensure the champion experts have Godly approaches in place, to support, answer questions and concerns of new runners of what to expect in the Christian race. To help get full understanding of God so be grounded, rooted in faith. To get more acquainted with God through Christ in prayer to endure challenges.

With a cloud of witnesses all around it is important to seek refreshing times in God’s presence to recharge batteries to continue the race without burn out. As Paul said, he did not want to lead others to Christ and receive a pat in the back yet not make it to win the race or the prize. So the race is not for the faint- hearted or the weak in spirit. God’s Spirit through Our Lord and Master dwells in us to strengthen us to continue the race. The author and finisher of our faith is able to keep us to win the race to receive prize in Jesus Name.

Behind the scenes training culminates in Gold medalists hero Usain Bolt running to win his finishing line. So is the Christian life liked to a race to win a prize. It is important to put in place helpful back up support, spiritual coach, mentor, umpire, referee, depending on multi-talent sportsmanship demands. Celebration of prized reward is uplifting, exhilarating with visibility for all to see caliber of ultimate winner. Racing, gradually, building fitness, confidence, exciting to see faith race times keep improving to win prize.


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