Laughter brings inner cheerful joy into the heart just like good medicine brings healing through medical treatment. Laughter is compared to good healing medicine in Proverbs 15:13 and Proverbs 16:23. As Christ lives inside the believer, Christ brings wonderful sense of happiness beyond human comprehension. So it is God’s living word and spirit that gives strength to enable the kind of laughter that does good like medicine.

Laughter is the balm of Gilead with healing effect on believer like good medicine has on the on mind, body and soul. Many parallel words are used to express laughter which includes; ‘a cheerful heart,’ ‘merry heart,’ ‘joyful heart,’ ‘rejoicing heart’. The etymology of laughter from Greek root word is “gelos” meanings ”to laugh.” In Ecclesiastics 9:7, God approves and endorses a Christian believer’s heart to be full of joy. The peace of God which passes all human understanding keeps hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus. 

Such joy is not shaken by adversity because it is flowing from the blood of Christ. So, laughter rooted, grounded in the joy of the Lord is through the Holy Spirit. A room is lit on entry by person with shining countenance. Other’s can’t help but join in the smile and spontaneous laughter uniting those interacting through laughter. Joy is written all over believer’s face, radiating the love of God. Joyful laughter is heard in tone of voice, sounding good and encouraging.

 Rejoicing in Christ’s Righteousness, Hope, Glory of God, Inner peace gives victory in spiritual warfare, so never let joy be destroyed to be depressed. So, refuse to let go joyful faith in God. Laughter humiliates, defeats adversary expecting you to be overcome with grief. Joy is not a love tank filled with happiness and emptied by sorrow , but confidence in God that it is well with your soul no matter what in Jesus Name.  Joy is seen in the positive body language, observed in emotion, warmly felt through touch, vibrant and bubbly.  

At times, laughter is expressed in graceful, quiet, gentle, genuine smile, or by serene countenance cool, calm, collected grin under pressure. Joyful laughter is not based on external circumstances or situations so manifests the love of God outwardly. A daily dose of good Godly “medicine” (gehah) brings “healing” “relief” in Jesus Name so laugh more. The scientific study of laughter research shows laughter is regulated by the brain seratonin and dopamine happiness hormones.

A bellyful laughter refines, tones stomach muscles pulled by laughter, provides emotional comfort and pleasure fulfilling confirmed intentions in social interaction. The health benefits shows laughter improves the mind and well being. It helps happiness for sense of good humour diffuses tension and so creates a happier atmosphere with to enjoy life. Joyful laughter reduces stress levels as laughter action noise produces positive calming experience. 

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It manifests mirth, joy, excitement, merrimenthigh spirits,  mirthfulness, cheer, cheerfulness, cheeriness, hilarity, glee, laughterjocularity, levity,  gaiety, buoyancyblitheness, euphoria, exhilaration, elation, light-heartedness,  joviality, joyfulness,  joyousness, fun, enjoyment, amusement, pleasure,  merrymaking,  jollity,  festivity,  revelry, frolics and frolicsomeness. A prudent person keeps God ‘s word on laughter continually in view in the face of scorn so has joyful look. Laughter from friendship shared outweighs scorn and sadness. God’s words for mankind is to LAUGH WITH JOY OF THE LORD.


A daily dose of laughter, merry heart, is God’s Health Supplement Nourishing the body, mind and soul. Laughter immunizes the spirit so is equivalent to preventive good medicine treatment. Joyful laughter raises the spirit by invigorating the body for excellent service and business. It lifts the spirit up with feelings like floating on air so strengthens inner core being like good medicine does to the body. A rejoicing heart does good to the body so makes people behave kindly with reassurance and good purpose. Laughter shows by scientific evidence to confirm and agree with God quantifiable physiological and psychological benefits in both preventative and therapeutic medicine.

Physiological benefits associated with daily laughter and humour include improved learning and memory, respiration, circulation, immunity, endorphin production, and decreasing stress and stress hormones. Psychological benefits include reducing anxiety, depression, enhancing creative thinking and problem solving skills; increasing energy providing a sense of empowerment and control.On the contrary a person not allowed to smile is broken, smitten, crushed in spirit with dry bones. So God, Christ, Holy Spirit, believers, experts recommend people laugh daily to consciously plan 3 types of laughter into daily life.

  • Spontaneous laughter: This laughter is triggered by humour, playing, clowning and emotionally contagious settings. Watch a comedy, read funny jokes (; pick the category that suits you), get together with old friends and just act silly.
  • Simulated laughter: This laughter is elicited through specific exercises that are offered in therapeutic laughing classes. Consider joining laughter.
  • Stimulated laugher: This laughter is typically generated by physical contact and sensory stimulation such as tickling, hugs and massages. Nobody is too old for horseplay.
  • Finally, learn the lingo: This will make you more familiar with and aware of the world of laugher.

Psychologists say even in the midst of tragedy and adversity it is essential to find a sense of humour. It necessary to keep focus for one’s own sanity not to be stoic to grief or mourn  beyond measure. It is God who turns mourning into dancing and sorrow into joy. Torturing one’s own body, punishing self with guilt, regret, anger, tears or fear does not really bring change  regarding the situation. For which of you by worrying can add iota to your body. God knows the number of hair on your head and the hairs of your loved ones. Loved ones would definitely not want to see you destroyed over them. They know you love and care for them absolutely so give thanks to God in all things. Worship and give sacrifices of praise to God in the midst of adversity. Even in laughter the heart may ache, and the end of joy may be grief yet even if He slays the believer, yet shall we praise God more. So do not say what use is laughter while hurting in pain for it helps in healing and recovery in Ecclesiastes 2:2.


God is in control, ON THE THRONE WHERE HE IS ALWAYS SEATED. So it is crucial not to blame God for things done by the devil, to cut off intimacy with God. In fact, it is in the darkest hour, God Shines HIS Brightest Light so hold on to God in faith.  God has a sense of humour so chooses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Put trust in the Name of the Lord God Jehovah THE STRONG TOWER, always Watching over you.  Continue to share laughter, jokes, stories, memories, fun, with loved ones to celebrate God and Christ through the Holy Spirit.  In midst of circumstances God’s Glory is Paramount despite challenges in life. 

Sarah was barren for so long yet managed to laugh in Genesis 21:6,  for Sarah said, “God has made laughter for me; everyone who hears will laugh over me.” So be glad in the Lord as Psalm 32:11 says, Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, O righteous, and shout for joy, all you upright in heart!  The paradigm shift is to turn from complaining against God, to rejoice and be like Joel 8:21, God will fill a man of integrity’s mouth with laughter and lips with shouting. Again in Psalm 126:2 it is written, “The LORD  filled mouth with laughter tongues with joyful shouting. So said among the nations, “The LORD has done great things for us and we are glad.

ABOVE ALL, REMEMBER IN PSALM 2:4, GOD WHO SITS IN THE HEAVENS LAUGHS!!!!!!! In Psalm 37:13, The Lord laughs at the wicked, for he sees their day coming. In Psalm 16:11, God makes known to me the path of life for in God’s Presence there is Fullness of Joy; at your right hand are Pleasures forevermore.

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