God good deeds are love actions of faith in life done to others in the name of God and turns into a memorial to save life of the donors. This is really so true because many lives have been saved by giving to others. So literally saved by love deeds as people helped PLEAD God’s Mercy and Compassion, because they could not let go of such a precious soul. When Tabitha Dorcas in the Bible died, people brought along her gifts of purple clothes she gave them, so sent for Peter to come to pray to raise her from death so Tabitha was saved from premature death. At the time of giving, she did not know God took notice so recorded her faith actions and alms as a memorial. Her intention was to bless others less fortunate as God required. She fulfilled Proverbs 19:17, which says, Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD so God rewards them for what they have done. Every little help given to God’s creation preserves God’s created life so Tabitha was RICH TOWARDS GOD. She did not lay goods up selfishly to store all treasures only for herself. She knew God  LOVED her so she had no problem Loving people. Her money was not her master so she gave as she can afford cheerfully like widow gave 2 mites praised by Jesus in a Temple. So Tabitha gave to help alleviate pain to relief suffering of others pleased God as she gave unto the Lord. God alone fills void of deep hunger of human souls so God Gives HIMSELF, abundant Eternal Life spirit into souls. As Tabitha seeks first the kingdom of God and all HIS righteousness so all things abundantly including extra life span added unto her. 

Tabitha’s generous kind-hearted deeds became a memorial as righteous woman in the Bible whose actions saved her life. Her name in Aramaic Tabitha in Greek means Dorcas. She was Jesus’ disciple who lived in Joppa in Acts 9:36-42 in the New Testament. When she died, she was mourned by widows crying and showing Peter purple robes and other clothings Dorcas made in Acts 9:39. As a very rich widow she set up charity to help poor. So the disciples sent for Peter to come from Lydda to the place where her body laid for burial and raised her from the dead. The Spirit of God in man is the Source of life so it is not ATM cash machines that saves lives but GOD’S Grace keeps many people alive. Godly wealth  is not  defined by ATM  bank balance.  Jesus’ BLESSING is God’s GIFT of eternal priceless treasure so do put not your confidence in a material wealth amassed. Proverbs 22:9 says the generous will be Blessed  because they feed the poor. Tabitha’s love faith actions reached before the throne of God. Jesus  said good deed faith actions of kindness was done to him through those helped. James 2:16 says, if you say to a poor man go in peace, be warmed and be filled, yet you do not give them what is necessary for their body, what use is that? So faith, if it has no works is dead. Jesus said, if you tell poor hungry person, ‘go in peace keep warm, have a good day yet eat well but you do not give food or clothing to that person you told, “God be with you, it means your faith is dead. Jesus said, I was hungry and you fed me and clothed me when you do it to the least in society. You say the way to God is by faith alone but in James verse 25: 35 Jesus said, ‘For I was hungry and you fed me; I was thirsty and you  gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in and kept me warm and protected me.

  true story of a great good deed was by the King Hezekiah who bargained with God to live based on his good deeds. In Isaiah 38:1, Hezekiah was then sick unto death, so Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz came unto him and said, God SAYS prepare to die. So Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20 and Isaiah 38 turned his face towards the wall cried to God prayed so said, Lord, I am good to You and walk uprightly. I do  works of righteousness for God’s Glory. Please spare my life and let me live. And Hezekiah’s prayer changed God’s Mind so God SAVED and extended Hezekiah’s life to another 15 years in the Bible. God told Hezekiah in 2Kings 16:20-21-22 to blend fig herbs to boil and drink, then to come into temple after 3 days to worship God. Hezekiah’s actions of good deeds pleased God, so God saved him. He sang songs of praise and gave thanks to God. In 2 Chronicles 32, 33, the rest of the acts of Hezekiah and his good deeds written. So the rest of the history of Hezekiah’s life of loyal service, alms, were memorial to God. As one of the best kings on the throne of Judah, he humbled himself to pray for God’s mercy and compassion. God answered, because the good deeds were done out of a pure righteous heart to God with good motive to bless people. So if you feed the hungry, and help those in trouble then your light will shine out from the darkness around you will be as bright as noon in Isaiah 58:10.

In the Bible good deeds are highly rated by God and remembered to bless, honour or bring back to life. God is with His people under all conditions. When a great leader for Israel was required the Lord provided one, from obscure source. In this study let us notice several things the presence of God with His children. Mordecai’s good deed saved the king’s life and rescued the Jews. Mordecai heard of a plot to kill the king so he reported it to Esther who told the king on Mordecai’s behalf. As seen here in image, Mordecai was used by God to save His people. Hebrews 6:10 says God WILL not forget your good deeds For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and your labour of love action you have done to others on behalf of God. Trusting God FIRST and putting HIM in our lives FIRST so all things that we need will be added in Jesus Name. Bible in Hebrews says all works of love done for GOD’S GLORY in Christ or done to his saints for Christ Glory GOD WILL not forget to reward the endeavours of good deeds of love action.


In Esther 2:21, Mordecai was sitting at the  king’s gate, Bigthana and Teresh, two of the king’s officers who guarded doorway, became angry and conspired to assassinate King Xerxes. 22 Mordecai found out about the plot so told Queen Esther, who reported it to the king, gave credit to Mordecai. 23 The report was investigated and found to be true so two officials hanged on gallows. Mordecai’s good deed preserved  the king’s life and saved Mordecai’s own life and empire from rebellion. All was recorded in book of the annals in the presence of the king.  

Mordecai communicated again with Queen Esther regarding Haman’s plan to annihilate the Jews. Esther by her bold intervention, and fasting and prayer, the scheme was frustrated. By distributing arms to Jews of Susa and other Persian cities to crush Haman’s militia.The King rescinded the edict to murder empire’s Jews. Mordecai was promoted, honoured, raised to a high rank, donned in a royal gray cloak. Traitor Haman was executed on hangman gallows he made in advance anticipating Mordecai’s demise.

This deliverance wrought for the Jews to this day is celebrated the feast of Purim or “Lots.” Also,  Mother Teresa wore a sari that cost $1 but clothed herself with good deeds done in Jesus’ name. Oprah Winfrey once gave money to people do good deed’s project to strangers and some turned out as long – term businesses..

No good deed is ever big enough to be rated equal to Christ’s  faith work of salvation. That is not a convenient excuse to refuse to obey God to give to others then condemn them for God loves a cheerful giver. Good deed giving is a choice and a challenge because it involves doing without to help others. Society indulges, wealth as the sign status of achievement.

Yet nowhere in the Bible did God say salvation of soul for eternal life is found in bank balance account. The god of mammon drives worldly system profit making to demise God’s creation. It does not matter those destroyed or killed as long as company completely wins competition list as world’s richest. Yet is this really the only reason God made wealth?

Jesus was touched by good deeds of Martha and Mary so went to raise Lazarus. In the classic case of  Martha arguing with her sister about faith and works, both are required to enter the Kingdom of God. So Christians are called to live between faith and works. We cannot enter the Kingdom by merely believing, nor can we enter by merely doing. We live in tension. We believe and we must act on what we believe. Belief and action are equally important. What we are is determined by what we believe, just as what we believe is shown by our actions. without Faith it is impossible to please God. At the same time Faith without works is dead and works alone does not count towards salvation.

God says good deeds might just touch the hearts of an unbelieving spouse. In 1 Corinthians 7:16 it is written, a spouse’s good deeds lifestyle of righteousness counts towards saving them. So do you know, husband if God will use you save your wife? So every thing should be done to promote harmony, as far as truth and holiness will permit.

We hear about good deeds in the papers with people thanking total strangers for helping rescue a loved one, recover a lost property, or one thing or the other. The source of all wealth is from God the owner of all the silver and gold, and a cattle on a thousand hills.

Some under- develop and exploit others so gain undue advantage head start. Then turn around to insult those whose wealth they usurped and flaunt it to taunt them. Check world history of wealth creation by guerrilla business tactics used to subdue to grab wealth. Is God, Creator of all wealth pleased by treatment of His Creation. Christ showed God’s Kingdom Best Way of  Business Principles entirely different from the world’s methods.

In Christianity, good deeds of righteousness are NOT works of the flesh so count towards salvation, deliverance and resurrection from premature death. Good deeds are relevant blessings so cannot be underrated. Who knows it might count towards your well- being, raise loved ones from death like Dorcas or Hezekiah and saved Jewish people through Mordecai and Esther. Christian good deed is done unto the Lord without any expectation of reward from recipient.

The motive is to gain God’s Reward Point. Above all, Christ’s Priceless Divine Exchange is the Ultimate Good Deed of God’s Good Deed. Salvation through Jesus Christ the author and finisher of  faith, through His blood sacrifice paid price for all sin. God’s Salvation Plan shows Christ Loved, Adored, Revered, Honoured, God’s Good Deed Sacrifice. So all are blessed, highly favoured by God who believe, receive, obey in Jesus Name. Secular system influence God’s people to adapt contrary to God’s Envisaged Way Christ taught, preached in ministry. Subtle pressure to conform to world system to engage in certain buying and selling method is not pleasing to God. So take good look at modern trends, dynamic financial strategies and show me how God’s Will is fulfilled. Good deeds are God’s command blessing reward those who understand and live by Tabitha’s combined faith action.

Courtesy credit Image:

Healing and Raising of Tabitha  by  Masolino da Panicale, 1425


2 thoughts on “GOD GOOD DEEDS

  1. In the classic case of Martha arguing with her sister about her action on faith and works, both are required to enter the Kingdom of God. So Christians are called to live between faith and works. We cannot enter the Kingdom by merely believing, nor can we enter by merely doing. We live on best middle way combining faith with action through Christ. Action Faith in Christ = God+man + man+man = Christ Narrow Middle Way. So we act on what we believe plus action equally important. What we are is determined by what we believe, just as what we believe is shown by our actions.

  2. And we find salvation neither in works nor in faith alone that we should boast. God gives us grace through faith…

    Steve Pejay

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