In John 11: 35, as Jesus wept over Lazarus death so today Jesus weeps in wrath against death He subdued by love  to save all who receive Him. Christ won significant victory over death for your life in eternity with Him so does not want anyone to perish. Right now Christ is seated on the Right Hand of God interceding for all for God to have mercy and forgive.


God is tolerant and patient for a reason and a season as Loving Father to let in those who accept Christ. Yet like anything sold with sell by date and deadlines, time is running out as God’s timing is getting nearer.

trio1God is merciful, forgiving, wants all to trust, have confidence in Him as His Children to avoid hell so pleading for now. As a Loving, Merciful father, Full of Compassion God warns, Repent.

trio10God loves you and wants all to be saved. Christ is crying over you to accept him, repent before it  too late to be saved from hell fire. Christ will appear in great wrath eventually to his enemies, who will not have him to reign over them. God will surely punish and deal with the despiser of the gospel in judgment.

trio6There is no exit point to transfer from hell into heaven because is it too far apart and too late. Accept Christ speaking from heaven with infinite tenderness and love to rescue the perishing before it is too late. Yet world promotes sin indulged flesh as lovers of pleasure more than LOVERS OF GOD. trio7Wakie! Wakie! If the trumpet sounds are you saved and ready for rapture, safe, with Christ?  It is not too late to choose to accept Christ to repent to change lifestyle.trio8Printed T shirt’s advertise God’s salvation message loud and clear to hear God. Your soul is more precious than all assets of world put together, priceless, paid for by Christ  Jesus so repent and be saved. trio11Repent means accept Christ to change your ways, be baptized, faithfully live for God, be light to the world. It is easy to obey and to trust God, so ask for strength and self-disciple to focus more on God as a believer.trio12Christ will return when God decides time and moment. Only God Knows precise time and moment so redeem the times. Do not take time for granted because 1000 years is like 1 day in God’s Eyes and 1 day is like 1000 years to God. So are you in God’s Kingdom?Ready for Saviour Jesus Christ’s Return for rapture? Red moon signs show believers must be alert.


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