images jesusIs Christ your Lord and are you saved in God’s Kingdom? When the trumpet sounds are you sure you are in with Christ during the rapture? God must be taken extremely seriously. Pressure to achieve more in the world, earn more, pay more taxes, demolish old, replace with new buildings, change things into new, modernize methods, computerize  life is endless thread mill, of aesthetic things pleasing to the eyes. Is economic success all needed?CAONH5RXCATOQQ1CCARFTUU3CA8EC3X3CAMLGRDTCAOZ8SPTCA0Q2X77CAQCCABMCASV27N4CAYFJG6YCA7L2PZZCAHWCJ06CA89QUG2CAN170OYCAWZ92BBCAI2OHTQCAS4YTJJCA0GX5IDCAN3UP0GCA019AMG Salvation must be urgently reiterated to ensure all are saved and ready for rapture. Does the reality of life improve and enhance the quality of human life? There seems to be more emphasis on the outward physical while the inward life might be terrible for millions. People are pushed to join the rat race, busy uses bureaucratic processes to do one job 3 times or repeatedly.  This increases cost but as the list goes on with pressure to meet deadlines, does all these really help the human soul to attain God’s Standard? It is important to share God’s salvation message of the Cross of Jesus Christ. For the world is on the Broadway, encouraged to rebel against God and do own thing. Are people happier for gaining more materially?  The flesh is glorified above the eternal destination of the soul as an after though. There is more expansion and development projects to improve material resources and those who cannot afford to buy encouraged to borrow and be in debt.


Are you in God’s Kingdom and right with God in your private prayer closet? Going to church is great and wonderful to belong to a community, however constantly ask yourself am I prepared for the trumpet sound? We are bombarded to buy more, change our cars and jets, spend beyond means yet does these Glory God or self. Do you compare yourself with Joneses to keep up the competition so engage in kind of jobs not acceptable to God.


The world’s labels force situations to compel things disliked but God loves you.  Studying God’s words despite status, power, position, wealth, riches by those who are in. God says all people must repent because the time is getting near for Christ to return. Christianity is not for the hopeless, old or poor people but God’s direct connection to everyone. So it is necessary to ask loved ones and friends, ‘are you in God’s Kingdom.’ Church does not save, it Jesus is Who Saves so ask God to save all your family and pray for God’s mercy, compassion, and repentance for all the nations.

Are you in God’s Kingdom? This is the question to ask to ensure repentance and helping others to repent. So we must continue to reflect on our life daily to focus on God’s deliverance plan for solution to repent and return to God through Christ.


One thought on “CHRIST IS LORD

  1. Well done! There are just two kingdoms…God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom. God offers life…Satan promises death…

    If we are not in God’s kingdom, the by default, we belong to Satan. Now, who in his right mind, (and heart), really wants that?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Steve Pejay

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