Year ago, intimacy was treated with sanctity and few knew it took place even between married couples in the home. It was handled with utmost secrecy so innocent children did not have an awareness of existence of such moments. It was carefully done so people in the home did not hear any untoward sounds and disrespectful irritating noises by those without consideration for others in the vicinity of their premises . With modern exposure of access to all areas, knowledge of intimacy in adverts, porn, magazines, information abounds beyond expected limits required appropriately. This dis-synthesized sanctity of intimacy with graphic details splattered in papers, TV, Internet, etc.


As a result intimacy preoccupied the mind than expected so has become the center of focus of conversations and jokes at the expense of females often clad semi-naked in adverts. Such a heightened perception devalues sanctity of  intimacy so intensity the use and abuse sacred seed. God designed it to bring joy, affection, contentment, peace, relief, trust, acceptance, consummation of marriage by couples deeply in love with each other. The real glow shows after orgasm and the happiness of intimacy brings couples closer together united as one flesh. In addition those who desire to multiply and replenish the earth bring forth children to continue the next generation.

And this helps to create heirs for the family and continue blood line for inheritance of wealth and life to continue. The survival of the fittest in this essential ultra-million sperm race  for the winner takes all in the sperm war. This feeling is beyond description when approved by God because there in no guilt or stolen water thrill seeking with consequences between the parties endorsed as a spouse. The happiness achieved in this mystery of the bond of union is amazing.

Researchers Robin Baker and Mark Bellis (1), found ‘approximately 35 percent of sperm are ejected within half an hour of intercourse and those that remain are anything but home free. The womb’s biological structure  is constructed by God genetically to take care of excess sperm naturally. The female’s body perceives sperm as antigens foreign bodies promptly attacked by anti-sperm leucocytes which outnumber sperm 100:1. Only one in 14 million sperm reach the oviduct so sperm run into competition for winning race the race to attain the prize. So the womb is also naturally designed to co-operate to help the one egg select the ultimate winner by usually accepting just one sperm at a time.  A bit like lady Gaga whose head can wear only one sperm hat at a time.


In the Bible in Genesis, chapter 16 a similar opportunity arose for the aged Abraham to do the did and continue his family line. Abraham was called upon by Sarah to indulge himself with Hagar to create an heir Ishmael and the rest is history. Abraham urged on agreed to be laid with younger female servant as allowed to be concubines in those days. Abraham urged on agreed to be laid with a younger female servant as allowed to be his concubine in those days.

Banksy's sperm alarm

However, something strange happened contrary to expectation in Onan’s case when requested to do a similar did. Onan knew the seed will not be his so it came to pass, when he went in, he spilled it on the ground so not give seed. And the thing which he did displeased slew him. Onan’s actions was not acceptable in the eyes of the Lord Jehovah because the sin of Onan was an offence against the sanctity and prosperity of the theocratic family of the Living God. So prejudicial to mankind and displeasing to God.

Sperm people - super series 1 by teddyppl23

Onan knew the child will be considered the son of his brother as a first-born of replacement marriage of late brother.  The child understandably is named after late husband to continue blood line to keep memory alive through child.


Although this happens only concerning the firstborn; all the rest of the children born afterwards were the children of two new real parents. This was a custom known to cohabit with her as man and wife having married her according to father’s direction. He did not want his first-born given to late brother as he wanted his own heir to inherit the estate.

This action of Onan is sin called Onania condemned by the light of nature. In some societies the earth is sacred so must not be allowed to be dumped without proper respect of living sperm seen as completely fully human. The sanctity attached to a sperm is taken for granted so carelessly discarded often with the protective condom and the contents seen all around some streets, in public places.

You can't be uncomfortable talking about sex while someone is dressed up as a bi ok sperm! Hooray safe sex!

This is unfortunately usually picked by innocent children playing about mistaking it for balloons. With HIV and STD’s it is not appropriate to let loose sacred seed anyhow and anywhere. After gaining knowledge and understanding of  the sacredness of the seed, it must be concealed and safely disposed of in the bin not publicly left out and about.

Sperm condom

Some stalkers looking for cheap source of money-making strategies from superstars like Britney Spears, once had a pregnancy testing kit taken from a bin in a hotel room. Sacred seed is obtained by bin divers looking for evidence for DNA to proof paternity for future record. In case of denial the man involved in act is helped to remember the precise timing of ovulation and monthly date of conception not often accurately kept . Some may be too drunk, high, stoned to be consciously aware of  involvement to know exact moment of the one responsible among various participants.

Spermies @Etsy

So contributors to the fun check multiple sacred seeds in paternity test for identity of father. Others due to shock of feeling entrapped by women failing to protect sacred seed donated from gestation, blatantly refuse to honour a loyal and faithful partner so tarnish and taint her reputation. The vengeance of a woman scorned knows no boundaries so in turn accuse donor of irresponsible sacred seed wild oats sown carelessly to blame them for destroying life career.

Sperm-shaped USB flash disk

In some high society inner circles mistresses and escorts often fish for the sacred seed of very fabulously rich men’s sperm given to the head of the brothel to be used in spells to keep such rich men hooked as customers for life.  So in deliverance saved believers testify of  how rich men are influenced through such actions to make them impotent with spouse but active only with them until saved and healed from such witch craft. Sacred seed is precious so protect it.

Whenever you're feeling down, just remember, you're the sperm that won.

Such actions impact rich man’s family as the rich person sets up lavish homes for the other woman mistress, travels all over the world, indulges them while their own flesh and blood who stood by them through thick and thin before the wealth suffer in poverty. It is important to value sacred seed to preserve and protect human life itself.Seducers are not  after man’s wealth but such men die prematurely. Because their souls are tied to the wrong source of power which monitors their business and family so affects heirs. So sacred seed must be treated with dignity.

Sperm Cupcakes by mandypantz, these would be hilarious for an all guy baby shower for the daddy!

These cup cakes are suitable to demonstrate sperm entering egg and then tail is broken off  to explain with sacred seed wisdom for teaching intimacy consequences. God’s creation gift of sacred seed blessings are for continuity of life on earth. So is not based on aesthetic cosmetic looks, height, status so Mr. Right is not best dad biologically speaking. So believers need to remember God’s mercy, grace, favour to respect for God’s valued sacred seed as treasured asset.


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