Jesus Christ is the Greatest Super Star in history. Christ is reliable, dependable, trustworthy. God wins souls with wisdom through Christ. So the eternal plan of salvation is dictated from heaven by God’s infallible judgment. God reveals in every line of creation His infinite skill apparent. It is not child’s play achieved if half asleep. Attempt is by deep consideration carried on with gracious help from wise God. Jesus Christ Himself is the morning star in Revelation 22:16 who saves from the darkness of sin. The approaching dawn means he will return, so God’s stars are encouraged to arise and shine.

For God’s Glory long nights of challenges mean sunshine’s brilliance dispels darkness.The Almighty God created the heavens, firmament, galaxies, ordained stars in Psalm 8:3. In Daniel 12:3,”Those who are wise will shine like brightness of heavens. Those who lead many to righteousness are stars forever and ever. God calls soul winners wise stars, as God’s wisdom is seen in the new creation of a saved soul, magnificent as the ancient Creation of the world. God is the Greatest Scientist, Chemist, Physicist, Astronomer, Biologist, Artist, Creator, Maker of all the fascinating, intrinsically phenomenal universe as God’s absolute Masterpiece.


God says those who win souls are wise  stars because to accomplish such a work, a believer must be wise to win souls. This requires infinite wisdom like it takes to reach the skies and fly to the moon and stars. It is a work which filled the Saviour’s heart and moved the mind of Jehovah for ever as earth was created. It is a work which filled the Saviour’s heart and moved the mind of Jehovah for ever as earth was created. God’s Glory is displayed in the marvelous beauty of the universe rising out of nothing.  The universe rising out of nothing is like believers who work with God proceeding side by side to do great work of soul-winning wise, too to restore lives. image_thumb4The Bible begins with the creation of the universe stating, In the beginning God created heavens and earth in Genesis 1:1. When God created man with joy He Spoke so it cost nothing. God is perfect so original creation was perfect in Genesis 1:31 as God called mankind very good. God’s Good nature was imbibed through God’s Spirit in people so remains intact though tainted by sin. Though originally God called mankind and all creation as very good and perfect si destroyed mankind’s relationship with God. So mankind became tainted through sin. Therefore God sent Jesus Christ, the Second Adam to come and restore all to God. Sin caused spiritual death and material loss of the garden of Eden. In a sinner saved is much of God’s Glory. Like a piece of coal, God’s process removes dross of sin to create diamond to shine so does gold diggers remove and wash dirt to reveal best carat gold. 

Jesus’ blood washes clean to restore people to God. Creation cost nothing but cost God everything to save one lost soul through sacrifice of Christ. Heaven rejoices and the angels sing and dance, when a soul is saved. God’s most priceless, precious, asset, valued above all creatures and billions of angels in heaven, His Saved Children. Salvation is the greatest miracle which transform a person from death to eternal life to live forever in infinity. Jesus gave His Life to Save People as dedicated health stars do here.God’s most priceless, precious, asset valued above all other creatures and the billions of angels in heaven is His Saved Children. Salvation is the greatest miracle which transform a person from judgment, condemnation, death, hell into eternal heavenly star lifestyle life with God.

God’s greatest desire is to prevent people from going to hell because it was made for only the devil. Every born again believer must empty hell and fill heaven with souls as duty responsibility, commitment of great commission, to share amazing truth with all earth to enjoy privilege of salvation in Christ. People are called stars for helping to save souls as God and Christ did. God is impressed with His creation though disconnected so wants to restore diminished relationship to God’s original perfect image.  Although Adam and Eve paid the price of consequence of sin, it God Who Restores privileged luxury life wealth transfer. God’s Goodness and Mercy endures forever in preserving lives. Christ our bright and morning star, the victory of light over darkness, and others in the New Testament. 

You Deserve It Gold Trophy Reward Recognition

“St. Cyprian spoke of Christ the true sun constant like the northern star and faithful to all who trust Jesus. So the believer seeks the face of God in prayer, fasting, holiness and righteousness to please God and live Holy.King David is highly honoured because of His love and worship of God, poems, music in humility. The Star of David is the primary modern emblem of the Jewish religion some think is was an emblem used by the Biblical King David (hence the name Magen David, or “shield of David”). The Star of David is important in the Messianic Christian faith from generation to generation and city of David is named after him. David is a classic example of a believer who fell short of the Glory of God many times but humbled himself, repented and asked God’s mercy, forgiveness and compassion.


God heard and answered his prayer by sending Christ through David’s family tree to save mankind. God forgives those who ask for His forgiveness, restores and re-establishes them. Glory of God is restored spiritually for God made provision through Christ so sin is cleansed through repentance by washing by God’s word and blood of Christ. Godly life is recovered through Christ’s salvation to elevate soul winners as God’s stars for ever. Christ was born as God’s Morning Star Saviour, believers who saved are called God’s stars. The pursuit is wise although not easy because to saves souls is priceless beyond material treasures. Christ, God’s great Soul-Winner, is “the wisdom of God” as well as “the power of God.” Jeweler use intricate details to create star coins, trinkets, menorah so God Saves.

jewish day chicago 193314K-Gold-Star-of-David-with-Menorah-Pendant_large40739_pewter_star_of_david_with_hebrew_home_blessing_jerusalem_and_judaica_symbols_view_1

Christ has a covenant link with us through King David’s star seen in many forms, shapes, colours, symbolizing Christianity today. Jesus’ stars mark his place of birth and where he dwelt in Egypt. Jesus is ultimate superstar whose stardom is a blessing to those who are God’s stars for winning souls. According to Ezekiel 33:3 and Ezekiel 3:33 those saved are delivered from blood guiltiness as soul winners so rewarded by God. The star is used to commend highest office with stars and badges of honour and excellence. Many awarded the most prestigious medals for incredible acts of bravery, feats and gallantry in the face of enemy pu lives on the line as believers challenged to win souls.
The creator of the universe has written believers in Palm of His Hands so do not need other powers to tell the future. The believer’s life, thoughts, future plans, goals, ambitions, wealth, riches, good success are all in Christ Jesus Hands. Use total focus to do God’s will to fulfill plans by prayer, hard work, God’s Favour by God’s Will. Lives of lost souls are transformed so saved from destruction. Hollywood stars record to celebrate in hall of fame. Monuments of achievements showcase Neil Armstrong with twin Gemini stars of safe trip to moon with Buzz Aldrin. Jasper Carrot’s star is imprinted on Broad Street by Old Orleans in UK Birmingham, Madam Tussauds Honour great achievers in life. So if accomplishments in entertainment, comedy of Michael Caine among others in Hollywood stars God Celebrates more.

David’s star emblem symbolizing Judaism consist of 6 points, not associated with faith till middle ages. It appeared on flags, tombstones, synagogue decorations used to represent memorial symbols of the holocaust. The star made of dichroic glass changes colour in day as sun reflects on it from different angles. In December 16,1944, German armies plunged hills and forest of Ardennes in Belgium, Luxembourg to attack 85 mile front line to Port of Antwerp, 125 miles to fight American and British forces. In dense fog, snow, bitter cold, American forces stubbornly resisted German attacks.After more than 40 miles into allied territory, forming a salient bulge, restored original front line  for final victory on V-E Day, May 8, 1945. To commemorate,“We did not want this to look like a typical war memorial.Tony Moody, A.I.A. 1000000 men participated in the battle, 600,000 Americans, 55,000 British with Canadian, Belgium’ French contingents and 500,000 Germans. The casualties 100,000 German including 24,000 killed, 81,000 wounded.Cape Coral dedicated Iraq war monument on Veteran’s Day ceremony. 


Sadly war memorial commemoration stars represent remembrance of tragic loss of those who died in battle. The star is a double-sided badge honour for God’s soul winners for highest distinguished service of eternal life. It  reminds all to remember millions who died. The  star is in forms of food shapes, prints, fabrics, found in nature in plants and vegetables. so because Jesus Lives We can face tomorrow. Because Jesus Lives all fear is gone, because I know He holds the future our lives are worth the living just because Jesus lives as our lives are hidden in Christ Jesus with God. We have assurance and know for sure Jesus holds our future so it is well with star believers safely hidden in God’s secret dwelling place. We come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting in His Holy words, He never failed us in Jesus Name.

images (5)Paopu_Fruit
We confidently know God so our life is hidden in Christ the Superstar. As the fishers of mankind believers challenged to win souls and sponsor those winning souls to help make the stars of God. Enthusiastic, actively motivated school children seek reward, God said believers must be like little children passionate about spreading the Gospel Gossip to win souls to please God. So for those conversation starters and ice breakers of star signs, tell people God forbids His people from reading stars as already Stars of God who know their future is secured in Christ. Through it all we learn to trust in God to depend on words of the Lord no matter situations. God’s stars forever have names written in the Lamb’s Book of life through Christ Jesus our Saviour and Lord.stock-vector-rastafari-star-of-david-splash-143155489

In Isaiah 47:13, God warns Christian believers not to seek psychic stars or palm reading, enchantments or divination from idol source. So then let your astrologers come forward, those star-gazer who make predictions each day and month. Let them take their stand as the ones who see omens in the sky, who gaze at stars as star-gazer and those who look to them according to their desire. 14 So they are like stubble, Fire burns them; They cannot be saved. So put your trust and confidence in God Who knows your future plans and thoughts before you were formed in the womb. God will give you a great future with hope as faithful stars winning and sponsoring souls in God’s Kingdom.

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