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These beautiful cakes depict the good news of the Gospel message of the testimony and power of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ Who died on the cross at Calvary and resurrected in 3 days then after 40 days went to sit on the Right Hand of God the Father in heaven In the Bible. In 1 Kings 19:7-8 God sent an angel to bake a cake to feed Jacob sustained for 40 days without eating another meal. In Hosea 7:8-11 God described His people as caked baked so expected delightful delicious hot cakes. God was not happy with how those cakes turned out. God described His people as a half-baked caked not turned. Like the cakes shown here God wants perfection. The Cross Cake of Jesus tells of God’s salvation message through Christ shared through sweet fellowship for all to taste and see God is good. This Calvary crucifixion cake highlights Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection in Christianity.

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Bible Grooms Cake

God’s Gospel Cakes illustrate Good News Message to believers by token symbol of cake baked to picture life happenings to deliver Godly instructions to us. So God describes  unique cake creation process to celebrate covenant relationship with HIS people. God, Master Baker, expects His people to be delicious hot cakes to enjoy sweet fellowship with HIM. God expects HIS cakes to amaze and delight, by wow factor to feel proud about HIS people. Beautiful perfect cakes surprise, make loved ones happy and feel good so God wants believers to dedicate time to bake special testimony cakes that do Honour and celebrate God. Believers Celebrate Living God as Delicious Best Quality Cake is enjoyed. Cakes remind us of God’s expectations, instructions to follow daily in this long-term covenant relationship. God expects Cakes baked to be perfect in agreement in covenant marriage relationship.

Through studying and reading the word of God daily, Christ the Perfect Cake of God shares loving covenant union pleasing to God between Him and all Christian believers for eternal jubilee celebration. Designed by God ensures tests for testimony and challenges of changes in life are passed in God’s Bakery University of life. God gave the Bible to teach Good Theology to train believers to be grounded and rooted in His Word to be excellent students of distinction. This help perfectly bake life in the fire lesson like Daniel to God’s Standard for a successful relationship to remember to enjoy and celebrate good times of God’s promotion. Believers by accepting Christ are automatically entered in invitation of salvation to join God’s Greatest Baking Challenge for the ultimate prize. To celebrate God’s cake baked to standard the believer is trained correct God’s life skills, methods, procedures, presentation manual appropriately.
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God’s Perfect Cake Standard design Jesus the Perfect Lamb of God, sophisticated, ultra perfect, intricate, exquisite exact scale proportion, detailed shape size followed is the perfect example representing God’s image in us, Godly values, is the ultimate cost paid by His Son Jesus Christ’s life and shed blood to redeem our lives in Jesus Name.  As annual event theme cake match occasion, memories recorded to remind people to remember special celebrations of past or important current anniversary desired. Similarly, God expects interaction between Him and His people to remain wonderful, lovely to improve growth in years to continue celebrating Christ. To focus on God’s exact weights, measures, calculations, mixing, timing, blending, correct temperatures as God prefers for His baking to achieve good success. God is worshipped through dance and praise musical instruments as king David danced demonstrated by guitar cake, garment cake of a woman, cake drums.

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Believers are to return to God to prepare for celebration of the marriage of the Lamb, Christ Jesus, the perfect thoroughly well-baked cake example fulfils enjoyed covenant relationship to God. So God expects all His Cakes representing mankind to be the best specifically chosen cake to mark God’s occasion event to impress Him with the highest quality. For His exceptional speciality cake above all others, God desires and deserves moist cake, delicious and tasting great to share His Goodness. God wants to be impressed with cake baked by highest standard to perfection. God, the source of believer’s strength, Protects His children so wants to have fellowship to celebrate union with God of heaven who delivers through Christ in image of God. Nations pray to God to save leaders or queen in crown castle cake so all need salvation in God.
God’s Cake designs share messages of love, joy, appreciation, honour, peace, Hanukkah, Godly promotion, engagement, wedding, children’s day, golden week, St Patrick’s, St George’ day, birthdays, baby shower events, these share the cake gospel message of culinary perfection palatable to God.God wants His believers to be baked to outstanding perfection, exquisitely hand-picked cake, fit to win international competitions. As the chosen role model Israel (Ephraim), God wants believers saved and preserved through God’s covenant with Abraham. As Abraham’s descendant off springs, God wants the best for His beloved children. Just like this $30,million modern diamond jewellery encrusted cake for a socialites by Buddy, the Cake Boss, Carlos Bakery in USA takes on a whole new meaning to make dreams come true, so God wants to celebrate and enjoy believer party.


Each person has to run the race of life to win the prize of God by enduring to the end through the name of Jesus Christ. So must remember to turn one’s life cake in God’s Oven to ensure one’s life is thoroughly baked to God’s perfection by God’s grace and mercy. The gospel message is through Jesus Christ alone not through any personal man-made achievements. With TV channels presenting baking skills and showing the strategies involved in demonstrating baking process viewers now are privileged to see great works and artistic cakes unfolds. Whatever it takes a cake is made and brought to life with amazing features to adorn occasion like birthdays, victory events, baby showers, naming ceremonies, weddings, graduation ceremonies and other memories.


Spiritually speaking, God wants the perfect cake result through Christ so each believer gets rewards in Christ in heaven. Like the above cakes made, God wants His people to make Him smile and feel good about His chosen cake to please Him as He protects and provides for them. Like the great bakers today, God the Master Baker designs life perfectly by creating Cake design to perform the function each person is called, equipped and set up to perform. Modern cake designs use various sophisticated construction techniques, architects, engineering, mechanics, electronics, pyrotechnics, fire works, water works, milk from cows, mobile cakes create perfect replica of real life monuments like castles, chandeliers, among others, so God designs each one in His Image to function as part of the body of Christ so provides best input for His Cakes.

CAQ5XP8HCAHDE8DMCADPLGOXCA5GFVSKCAAA13NZCAXB69GZCAD1Q1T3CAIUG3N1CAGRGCH5CAISNG15CABZ9ME1CABYYZI7CAFSPM8FCA7TRWMJCA3HS5DBCAWVWK0QCA30D4B8CAJ8MI8KCAPDUUJNCAR9K0PILike amazing designs from portfolios of modern cakes, one sees wonderful achievement, accomplishment and great joy it brings in eating cakes fit for all over the world. Belief, trust, confidence, obedience demonstrates actions louder than words type cake. God’s people in Hosea 7:8-11. The Bible expects to fulfill His Will. They were highly blessed and favoured by God, with resources, enjoyed material prosperity, privileged as chosen people to celebrate God. God provided all needed for occasion, budget, texture, purpose, celebration for perfect cake to make God Happy.

Cake_Boss_708God sees people as perfect ingredients, flavour, taste, aroma He wants in His Cake mix. God chooses special cakes to stand out above cakes to bake thoroughly to taste great. It is interesting and exciting to see life-size monuments made in exact model replica cakes. God’s cake cannot be baked anyhow so must be baked properly by doing the right thing. God Perfect Baker’s Oven of life is configured, calibrated to correct setting temperature for even distribution of heat, bakes well.

8776953So cake must be carefully attended to, timed correctly and turned to bake to perfection by Christian believers as God desires.So God wants believers to pay attention to His best recipes which is the word of God’s refined ingredients of love, faith, action, hope, kosher appropriate best cakes. Wonderful colourful cakes depict historical places, God wants His cake to represent His vision and dreams of believer’s life.


God wants them to pay attention to God’s instruction manual for accurate weights and measurements required for the right result. God’s chosen approach has specific detailed guidance, instructions, preferred methods, God’s Ways and ideas used to ensure things are perfect. God’s loving compassion is expressed in His cake design using illustration of baked cake metaphor to show His love and expectation for His children as Christ taught believers using parables and stories.


It is amazing God talks about His relationship with  people as cakes being baked in the oven.  So provides the best quality ingredients from the land flowing with milk and honey and God expects the best quality cakes. God’s people were trained by God the best Master Baker and Confectioner who expects to produce superb cakes fit for kings, queens and dignitaries. The Ace of Cakes also makes cakes for great people all over the world.

Believers are trust and depend on God for strength not to worship other gods.  They must give credit to Jehovah Nissi  for victories in battle and abundant provisions to sustain them. Believers thank God for his Mercy, Goodness baked cake pleases God not to take pride in man-made power which cannot save when the trumpet sounds. God wants the cake to be exactly what told them to bake to perfection. buckingham_palace_xmas_cake_bangalore
God is in control so ordered His Cake to show His Majesty, Power, Dominion and demanded total obedience not to depart from his recipe. God therefore wants to be acknowledged He deserves Honour, Respect, Worship, Adoration due Him the Creator. All people, including leaders must follow God’s acceptable methods designed for all to make the right decisions by  focusing on God’s process baking as God prefers. All must abide by God’s standard rules and methods for achieving best baked cakes. In annual competitions, bakers each year display amazing perfection cakes for star prizes as believers do by faith in Christ with full assurance in confidence for God’s reward in Christ
By putting confidence in manpower alliances, chariots, horses for help, they adopted strange ways when attacked so did not return God but appealed for help from enemies which made God unhappy. God expects repentance and humility to return to him to supply fresh ingredients necessary to bake the cake until it turns out exactly as God wants. God does not want His people to continue in faith so will not give up on the quality of the expected cake. So boldly come to God through the blood of Jesus to ask God directly for his help and supply to God’s cake in holy communion for healing in Jesus Name.
Chef Christy Seelye-King saw 1947 Bible Cake recipe with ingredient from Biblical verses published in “Olio” Cookery Book in England. Bible Cake idea was invented, as written by food journalist Rick McDaniel, earliest Bible Cake recipes from cookery books published in England in late 1700’s, Cake ingredients are recipe for sweet fellowship and communion to celebrate Christian believer’s love for God’s instructions in memory for posterity.
  1. 225g (1/2 lb.) Judges V, verse 25 (last clause)
  2. 225g (1/2 lb.) Jeremiah VI, 20
  3. 15ml (1 tbsp) I Samuel XIV, 25
  4. 3 of Jeremiah XVII, II
  5. 225g (1/2 lb.) I Samuel XXX, 12
  6. 225g (1/2 lb.) Nahum III, 12 (chopped)
  7. 50g (2 oz) Numbers XVII, 8 (blanched and chopped)
  8. 450g (1 lb.) I Kings IV, 22
  9. Season to taste with II Chronicles IX, 9
  10. a pinch of Leviticus II, 13
  11. 5ml (1 tsp) Amos IV, 5
  12. 45ml (3 tbsp) Judges IV, 19

‘Leaven’ is ‘baking powder’ so add Exodus III, 14 to moisten the mixture) Beat 1, 2, and 3 to a cream; add 4, one at a time, still beating; then 5, 6, and 7, and beat again.  Add 8, 9, 10 and 11 having previously mixed them 12.  Bake in a slow oven for 1 ½ hours. Prayer, studying the word, seeking wisdom from God in humility, believers can follow God’s choice, to use correct  ingredients, recipes to bake life cakes to perfection like Mary Berry.Christ died on cross so believers must follow His Example. To train in endurance to graduate as qualified bakers, teachers,instructors, using God’s Cake Recipes to build up sound Biblical living cakes as living sermons of the gospel message of God through Christ Jesus.

 By God’s Grace, Mercy, Compassion and Help through Christ Jesus, believer’s life cake is perfected in Jesus Name. God the Master Baker, wants obedience like Noah’s obeyed God accurately and meticulously by following detailed instructions God’s specifications to build the ark to save his family, animals rescued before flood. So God demands His cake to be perfectly baked as ordered in His message still relevant today for believers to follow God’s method. By accepting God’s forgiveness, washed in the blood of the Lamb, living in total obedience.
God wants His people not to be baked on one side as a half-baked cake, burnt on one side, because it if not turned it is uncooked on the other side like cake in Hosea 7:8-11. If cake is not fit for purpose it is thrown away, waste of time, resources, not profitable, cost-effective. So believers are to remember to turn life cake in God’s Oven, alert, praying, reading Bible, with strong faith to endure heat as baked through test and endurance challenges to God’s perfection. God’s intended monument cake baking process is to exact cake recipe provided in his word as recipe book required.
Believers represent God as God’s exact cake replicas reproduced to God’s perfection. So celebrate Christ as Best Example of God’s Cake Champion Winner to mark God’s faith event to remember salvation message recognized by all who know God. God reveals Himself  in Christ who said, you see me you see God. Believers are God’s Living Cake Testimony in sweet fellowship for all to see and taste God is Good.  So represent God’s Kingdom as God’s Christian Cake Ambassadors on earth.
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