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Jesus said in Luke 33:34, in His chicken and chicks sermon, He wants all to come under His wings like Mother Hen protects chicks from preys to be saved. Jesus has unconditional love so gave His life to save and protect believers like chicks safe under mother’s wings. Easter celebrations portray chicken, chicks and eggs as part of the message of resurrection of Christ. Jesus’ heart cry is to save adults and children He Loves dearly and died for. Adults and chicks today need extra attention with from Christ and God’s Help for Protection to grow wisely and live properly. As long as believers obey and remain under God’s authority within the range of Mother Hen’s fold, they are safely protected by Christ who defends and fends off all enemies trying to snatch them from God’s Kingdom. Despite what life throws at us Jesus keeps us all safely wrapped under His warmth and Loving arms to preserve and protect us like Mother Hen does her chicks. Jesus uses everyday happenings to tell parables and stories to help people get a visual image of His messages for better understanding, like the key point of Jesus’ death and resurrection to draw all under His wings.


As part of life, one experiences unexpected life altering changes that keeps one wondering how on earth one will survive after a traumatic event. As life unfolds, things happen, some become overwhelmed and wonder if life is worth living anymore. Others lose hope completely, due to sudden changes of unforeseen circumstances. Some become angry with themselves and blame others for not helping to guide or prevent them from making wrong choices. By putting all eggs in one basket, they fully assured themselves they are in charge until something happens beyond their control. Without back up plan B when that basket falls the eggs break beyond use, although absolutely certain during the preparation process and it seemed right during decision-making process, it was not possible to fully understand implications of choices until that basket fell and the eggs splattered beyond scooping. Similarly Christ shows us we must only put our confidence in God to protect us from situations trying to cause premature breaking and losing precious of life eggs human basket of life sometimes due to circumstances beyond control.

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An elderly grandmother testified about her teenangel who visited her every weekend, cleaned, dusted and hovered for her. He helped her wash clothes and ironed them, brought her presents from his pocket money while in College studying. However others grow and join conditioned groups of youth, aimlessly playing games, watching TV all day long or forced to attend unrealistic data enhancing, bonus paying scheme benefiting the rich at their expense as guinea pigs. The adults who created such Frankenstein, Teensteins and Teenzillars do not realize they contributed to it. By deliberately keeping them positively engaged without practical life skills, it results in mind-sets not to receive instruction with humility. Not allowing parents to train them from childhood means some grow up thinking they dared not be corrected for the right reasons because it was inbuilt so discourages active participation. Some generations were raised, without basic standard, acceptable parental discipline, due to state interference. Children fully recognize weakness in scapegoating parents so play system, schools by constantly reporting parents even for disciplining them appropriately. Toddlers and young children are removed without support for struggling families  helping their children, to change lifestyle to study and work harder to improve their lot in life with God’s help.

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Just as one size does not fit all, chicks have different personalities from introvert, ambovert and extrovert  so mother chick has to adapt to each chick’s needs like Christ meets our needs. Parents wait and hope for the bestall will turn out well after hatching to find out variety of gender needs required to support their chicks. The organic farmer entrusts free range mother hen, confidence,  ability to keep chicks safe, well fed and return on time despite birds of prey circulating all day around them while feeding unsupervised.  Yet human parents are constantly scrutinized and blamed without appropriate empathetic support for the excellent work they do. The state makes some children or youth untouchables allowed to do own thing with post codes rules. However, when it goes wrong, parents are held accountable for youth actions, though denied the necessary foundation of handling and disciplining, which plays a major part in the adults they become. Like mechanized poultry farming, families are compelled against their will to let their children be brainwashed by anti-Christ values. It seems they want them to fester so not be an obstacle force contending and competing against the chosen privileged few. Often parents of a rebellious child are hounded, hunted, punished yet child goes Scot free out of control so Jesus said bring children like chicks to save and protect.

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Christ keeps us hidden in Him with God so our strength is from God. However, some have no choice but to face the music and dance to the tune of chosen music or lie in their  made bed. Christ comes in to protect and deliver those expecting and may be  force to changes to combine school, work and parenthood or drop out because something has to give. When the rubber hits the road support systems available makes or breaks motherhood especially for youth. The impression created to let youth to enjoy innocence, freely explore, be curious, inquire about life, make mistakes in own way is not right. They are encouraged to focus on external, outward outlook on physical appearance, so materialism takes over, without substance and realistic long – term planning for the future of youth. The media, games, education, fashion, attract and boast ego of what is in it for me mentality so some think indulgence means growing up or certain lifestyles make considered matured. However, it cost emotionally, physically, spiritually and unbearable for the youth and families involved in picking up the pieces. Parents are made to feel they have no right to discipline or correct innocent with certain behaviours that need to be nipped in the bud. Some parents in denial wrap the majesty the child in cotton wool to fester as teenstein so no one dare advise their precious child to behave well while other families sacrifice to keep supporting children to fairly consider others.

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Believers need to realize the eggs of life must be handled gently and carefully within right environment temperature for the right chicks desired. At times incubators or surrogates nurture to produce young ones due to unavailability of Mother Hen for chicks want to be cared for with loving tender care as they cannot take look after themselves. So children’s lack of development of brain cortex makes it hard to fully grasp risk, consequences of wandering away from safe protection of  Mother Hen as believers need Christ. Chicks  roam freely until they hear the sound of Mother Hen calling to run to safety from preys. So believers hear the voice of God, run, hide, abide, in the dwelling place of the Most High God’s Secret Place in Psalm 91 from danger. Though some explore options of experiences from own frame of mind to act in a certain way before reality sets in to understand and accept what matured people know. Ignorant chicks roams  freely until something happens then they run to Mother Hen to be nursed back to health. Similarly, the believer’s shock from pain can be unbearable, some lose appetite for food, anorexic or comfort eat to develop weight problems. In some cases chicks like adults and children withdraw from fun age appropriate activities that they were once passionate about so need other’s input, support and help. Like mother hen does and becomes committed to seating on the eggs until hatched so is Christ committed to believers for spiritual delivery.



Some are bored without pragmatic knowledge relevant to history and culture so often see no point in wasting time to be educated. After all, the brainiest admired are poorer after university education, unemployed despite filling thousands of applications, numerous interviews, bonus enhancing placements, they owe debts, loans than them. Parents are crucified for daring to discipline their children to study hard to improve their lot in life. They are even persecuted by some teachers and other parents for being firm with their child to do better above average to have good success in life. Such parents are vilified and ostracized for doing the right thing and social services are called because those children are asked to finish the homework before playing games or addicted to social networks. Some children spend all night playing games so go to school tired and sleepless so cannot focus on school work. Others refuse to eat healthy nutritious home – made meals so addicted to junk foods which does not nourish the brain.

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Refusing to be led safely, protected due to rebellion, results in opposite effect of ignorance, lack of understanding of loyalty, duty and hard work so must be taught giving back respect. Youth rebellion becomes a force to reckon with at home, always on-line, on the phone, physically present in body but absent in mind and without spatial knowledge and basic survival skills without adult input. Some are taught at a certain age it is okay to indulge in sex and alcohol as long as they consent. However, those who gave them such advise do not live with the consequences of their choices for life. The girls often bear the brunt of the consequences of putting their trust and confidence in fellow youth as they are encouraged to hang around peers than adults. The blind leads the blind based on hormones dictating their profession of love for each other. The naïve youth think just because someone said they loved them they are sincere. After all, their family love is not fantastic like the soap opera happily ever after so they are always looking for affection in the wrong places. There must be a friendly transition from childhood into youth as chicks become hens or cockerels seems full of responsibility and contradictions from society and school to follow their leader.The chick whether a cockerel or hen still needs guidance from God for protection, so it is in their own interest to be trained from youth to grow equipped and prepared to handle life successfully.

 images man walking chicken

The pattern of rebellion cycle is broken when a young person understands who they are from within. This by teaching high self esteem not to repeated reinforced treatment by authorities of not letting parents freely do their job properly. Some give up because they feel it is too much to handle changes to face life under such circumstances and struggles. Yet the good news one can manage to turn life around in victory by the help and support of God, the team through Jesus Christ, helps those wanting  to do right if willing to do so. Social media non-denominational support group welcomes those joining to keep moving in faith. Our current interest among others is to help young people understand, endorsed choices permitted has long-term commitment and responsibility. A few minutes of momentary lust has life time of unexpected time – consuming, financial, psychological, generational consequences because a child is for life. Jesus said, what constitutes a person, is not outside influences, but what comes from within. So indulging the flesh by focusing on external physical body building and shape and size or fashion without own property or educating own child is not the right priority. It is difficult for a child to raise another child to keep them under control by themselves while their parents are already struggling but with God all things are possible.

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We focus on the within stuff by exploring practical solutions to help youth interested in building up their lives with the support of families believing in them and helping them to do so. It is not easy but with determination, perseverance, hard work, you will succeed at last if you choose to do so. After all, life has taught youth rebellion brings suffering to them, more than the illusion of happiness they thought they would get by putting their life, trust and confidence in the hands of fellow peers as they were misled to do from childhood. When it all goes wrong how many peers helped and took on the sleepless nights of babysitting and nappy changing with them? The ones who professed to love them most, run away when the going got tough and soon found someone to take advantage of. The greatest need of youth is peace of mind, joy, knowledge of God to fulfill their heart and purpose in life. To learn to honour and respect parents and adults so it will be well with them and they will live long. To deliberately focus on socializing a child with peers more than training them to have family values is the devil’s ultimate plan to divide and ruin families. Children who think they are free to do own thing end up gullible, vulnerable taken advantage of and destroyed by vultures out there looking for naive children to abuse. So become victims of seed of rebellion planted in them childhood by refusing to humble themselves for correction but blame everyone else for their problems.


Some families endures years of  unthankful, ungrateful, youth demanding to eat like elephants and lazy like lions because they believe they are superior above  humble beginnings. They wear the most outrageous expensive clothes, shoes and accessories they cannot afford, yet cannot pay household bills they incur above everyone. Some mess up sleep patterns that cannot keep up with realistic time keeping for normal working hours cannot hold down jobs. Others do not understand boundaries, time for work, leisure, pleasure, weekend rest for chilling out. To them life is one long big continuous party of indulgence for fun so nothing is taken seriously, they talk the talk but do not walk the walk. The expect those who provide for them or employ them to dance to their tune without understanding domino effects of deadlines and working seriously to build strong customer base for reliability success of  company. They seem to think life revolves around their spoilt brat behaviour bubble they live in. Some are even tolerated and entertained by the very people who should teach them to behave acceptably. Often they storm off to parasite off friends and family before long they show their true colours. They cannot keep house, cook or clean properly or on the streets with gang drug dealers yet not allowed in the safety and comfort of own home so overwhelms parents.


While some law makers hire chaperons, nannies, security body guards to look after their own, those children misled to rebel are left to street elements while parents do 3 or more jobs to keep a roof over their children’s heads. Those children therefore do not have servants, butlers yet have audacity to complain they feel neglected by the extremely hard-working parents who look after them and imposed grandchildren. They think they are born to be  indulged, so never want to be responsible to do the right thing. Often, children are flattered to think they are grown ups so falsely made to believe they are mature enough to handle life without adult input. They are the first running home for help from parents when burnt, battered and bruised, yet act like everything is alright so continue pattern of behaviour to repeat the cycle. They never learn from past mistakes so jump right back in where they left off, believing this time round it is different. They entangle themselves with multiple webs of lust relationships in spite of others helping them to change to restore their lives; often threatened by baby mamma who chose own destiny but blame others they are bitter against for their choice consequences. They refuse to listen to sound advice, complain of being judged yet  families deal with raising their children, feeding and taking care of them. Despite pain of heartache, tears, tantrums of ignorance, Jesus loves and accepts such teens kindly and treats them well like mother hen cares for her chicks.


God does not create mistakes for everyone is a perfect blessing from God but parents are often made to feel guilty or held accountable for rebellious teens. They forget when whispering sweet nothings parents had nothing to do with it or knew nothing about it yet innocent children are blamed for showing up unexpectedly and ruining their lives and careers. They are constantly made to feel unwelcome in the world but turn to the law to blackmail baby daddy they accuse of neglect. They refuse to use  protection, forgetting men do not get pregnant so onus is on them to prevent conception. Jesus said in the chicken and chick sermon, the rebellious argumentative do not listen to advise, though invited to do the right thing, refuse but the obedient are defended like mother duck protects young ones.


So chicks are not lured from safe protection like others who think and feel their ideas are always the best above God Himself. Some seduce and cunningly manipulate naïve boys for lust then blame them for issue sorrows but do not know or remember their cycle under influence of alcohol and substance abuse to clearly reflect on own actions. They turn in frustration to child maintenance to punish teens they knew had nothing before their indulged lust. For upkeep they sabotage, blackmail, threaten to make teen’s life miserable for their own  lustful rebellious failures. They do not feel responsible for actions, decisions so turn to blame, bad mouth innocent blood relations for loose moral consequences but Jehovah Jireh cares so forgives and provides like mother hen.

 baby chick in basketbaby chickChicken_Costume

After playing with ordinary plastic dolls for years children think they understand motherhood and childcare by baby sitting for family and friends. So some struggling children are misled by peer pressure to join others teenagers who think having children or indulging in lustful puppy love solves all life’s problems for happiness need help. With permission and support of interested parents, including potential trouble shooting boys and girls from 11 years, electronic plastic baby dolls taken care of to document thoughts, feelings and ideas about life and child care. This will follow-up again from time to time in the future keep to see how changes in development affect youthful thinking and experience. We strongly believe it is important to help millions of children bringing forth children all over the world in credit crunching season, totally unprepared, burdening an already over stretched parents who need break from life time of child raising to enjoy their freedom. Christ can help to strengthen the family to do all things to overcome.

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Some may not be available, to take over care of grandchildren for they must extend life time of working years to earn to secure own future. Some see parents as burdens but forget their sacrifices and input to build them up to grow to participate realistically by contributing to duties in the family. In simple task like cleaning, sweeping, removing rubbish, dish washing, wiping surfaces, ensuring the toilet is properly kept hygienically clean at all times for nest user, shopping, washing up, all help to equip, prepare and train child for the future.

 HenandChicks Hen_png

To stop and force parents to keep children ignorant and naïve, to have head knowledge without practical life skills is destroying their future. One young man doing apprentice course said he did not know a deep freezer was cold until the boss asked him to pick something for him at work and another blew his face in university trying to boil eggs in a kettle.God Almighty says where people made mistakes by permitting the mighty prey enemy to take them captive, He will contend with them to deliver them and feed their enemies with their own flesh. Every evil hand-writing of ordinances and curses contrary to youth because of the enemy who wants to put them to shame is removed out-of-the-way and nailed to the cross in Jesus Name.

images easter castle eggs

Some Easter festivities are full of technological jargon, games fantasies so at times cocoons from the reality of life in the shell. As a soft tree branch is malleable and easier to bend than a twig which breaks, teens must be trained in the formative years. Asking parents not to train children but to wait until teen years, after molded and influenced by society and set in ways is the cause of teenage rebellion. As a chick has specific number of days to hatch and grow so is right timing essential for training children. As Jesus said, He is calling people like Mother Hen to run under His Safe Wings to hide from birds of prey which dive unnoticed trying to kill them. By running to Safety of Jesus they are protected from evil pursuers chasing them to kill and eat them for a quick meal. However, stubborn and rebellious who refuse to receive Jesus’ help can be captured and destroyed by enemy if drawn away.


No weapons formed ever against youth will prosper neither will satanic divination and enchantments against the believer work in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The battle for the souls of youth must continue to be fought relentlessly for devils sees their future destiny and wants to destroy them. God is in control so parents like Mother Hen with prayer and  fasting will not toil hard for enemy to take for free by seducing them to use and abuse them in vain for their selfish motives to exploit them for their selfish gratifications of lust. God loves them to be protected and raised according to His Will.


Easter message is enjoy chicken, chocolate eggs but remember Christ who gave His Life to die, to safely protect like chicks under mother hen’s wings. To stop enemy luring to deceive and destroy but never claim responsibility for seduction. No matter what believers face, it is important to trust God to hold on till Jesus Christ returns for rapture. A sound foundation from childhood keeps children trained, rooted, grounded in Christ so remain teenangels who grow as responsible adults like chick dancing by Asda in ww.youtube.com/watch?v=rsY8nb_1Zb8.

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