3-halfman cropThe other-half is so much emphasised in relationships people feel they are incomplete unless they have a spouse partner. as significant person for intimacy in their lives. It is absolutely true God said it is not good to be alone so God made Adam for Eve as his help-meet. It did not mean Adam was half – man, incomplete, helpless, so his needs were exclusively met by Eve as the only reason for their marriage or companionship. Adam was in charge of the garden of Eden with responsibilities of naming animals and dominating earth before Eve arrived. Adam did not consider his life meaningless because he was the first man on earth. God visiting him with the angels to talk with him so never alone or had to marry himself..image-0902313c2f1c46e6d0d483a7c154a2c85c23aebec9558aa79f2ec9548b4ecebb-V

Adam worked hard and had resources plus wealth more than he needed as a single man. So Adam did not think, unless obliged to support his wife and children, there was no vision or ambition to live for. For love is a two-way street not a cul-de-sac; for supporting the family in love and unity by God’s Grace.So the notion single people are not complete or whole, makes it seem like God created half man. And man had to help God complete man’s creation by finding love. So it means half man cannot live without another. This is why Adam and Eve did not see themselves as wholly complete in God. It is true God said 2 become one flesh but God did not say two halves become one.jesus_adam_eve_touch1

The other half, when imagined as a half sawn person, from head toe in equal parts cannot live. So people are not halved without a partner for God made them ALREADY INDIVIDUALLY COMPLETELY WHOLE IN HIS OWN IMAGE FROM CREATION AND BIRTH. Which means mankind is totally PERFECT and capable of achieving anything in life without the other half always by their side.  The fact that God joined Adam and Eve with all the worldly goods and material resources did not mean their marriage was perfect. They argued like some people do and had no prenuptial agreement. Instead they were not content or satisfied with all God gave them. They wanted to become like God by touching God’s exclusive tree of life preserved for God’s use only. So allowed themselves to be misled by deceiver to rebel against God with dire consequences so thrown out by God from Eden. Yet God sustained them and increased them by providing for them.

adam-eve-cain-and-abel-GoodSalt-dmtas0086Today relationships are still going through turmoil and malice because of the other half idea making people feel incomplete. Cain incomplete because God rejected his sacrifice but accepted Able’s.  Cain mistook God’s rejection of his inadequate offering as rejection of him. So instead of making peace with God with fresh sacrifice he projected his anger on his brother. Such are inconsistencies of codependence emotionally by presuming to live within other’s input to God. It creates generations of some feeling needy and clingy. By comparing themselves to others or other half, do not focus, trust or believe they are completely capable of achieving good success in life. So fulfil destiny purpose for life with or without other half’s rib. If found fits perfectly to complement each other.  Screen-Shot-2013-03-07-at-10.38.54-AMSo there is no need to put life on hold without vision, inspiration or motivation to achieve anything to fulfil themselves. hey run to and fro after anyone who acknowledges or flatters them yet use and abuse them. Some are made to feel lonely or as if something is wrong with them without just anyone on their arm to prove they are lovable. God’s calculations show it takes 1  + 1 =1 whole person not a half man as people think. Furthermore, the most precious years that must be spent enjoying life, growing, nurturing high self-esteem, earning, preparing, planning, building savings, wealth and security for future is wasted. This is because modern society pressures many immature people without full understanding of intimacy, risks and consequences to waste their life on puppy lust ‘love.’ Such people do not ever believe in themselves to comprehend life as a whole person deserving self-love. One does not have to have all the money or possess everything before marriage.iStock_000019627026Small-710x579The human expectation from half concept needs serious consideration because some communities are communal so not built on 2:4 notion of family. Relationship is not a trophy of conquest to prove one has arrived because family is bigger than just the 2 people involved. They do need God however God and the angels with the wealthy resources provided by God was still not good enough to sustain them. They needed to honour God and obey Him without allowing evil to influence them.They must do their part by contributing fairly and being self-reliant, self- sufficient with God’s help, as part of teamwork. The two becoming one flesh adapts issues of what is mine, yours and ours with a deep sense of belonging. thumbnailA whole person, fully matured, content and at peace with high self- esteem in tune with God will be able to cater for self plus another as a bonus and icing on the cake. An insecure person feels being alone means loneliness, half man syndrome so always on the look out for fulfilment as a parasite leech attached to others. Some panic in rebound relationships without dealing with themselves as completely whole human beings. Lustful addiction ties people to indulge flesh not have self- control as God’s temple to morally endure to please God. Half man is not God’s reason marriage for relationship is too serious a commitment not for the faint- hearted incomplete half-man. Rethink notions to renew transform one’s mind for wisdom, knowledge and understanding about purpose of relationship according to God’s will.


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