tree-by-river-pmRegenerate life to transform and renew lifestyle as Psalm 1 in the Bible describes Christians. Believers as living trees planted by living water Jesus Christ shall not be moved. So bear good fruit in old age to bloom and blossom no matter what life throws at them daily. Highly blessed favoured trees, bear good fruit of righteousness as God’s tree of life multiplies. The living tree planted by riverside benefits from constant nutrient supply. A living tree provides oxygen for fresh air, breathing programme by God. Trees take in carbon dioxide to make plant food stored in roots food chain. Being planted rooted, grounded flourishes, grows better than trees found in hard dry desert wilderness place drought to shield as shade.

treeA living tree is good source of food, fruits yet lasts for a long time. Some trees live beyond a 1000 years and turns later into plywood used for homes, timber logging, furniture, fire wood. Others need time to dry up to be processed in new roles changes of life. After years trees, change state, condition to beautiful flourishing houses and homes. This becomes a dwelling place for family or holiday resort for vacation. Some are chopped into log pieces for firewood to warm the people living in the home. After demise turns into a blessing of wood for a house. Or changes into shelter, shade as natural time frame comes up.

Some perfumed trees like lady of the night give sweet fragrance perfume scent at night. Others processed burn to give relief to people stressed and pressured in life. God regenerates tree life again to rebound to make all things work together for good. Even dead wood does impossible to become possible to shield life from the elements. Similarly, metaphorically speaking, believer’s life is transformed under pressure, stress, pain, agony, trauma, under fire overcomes challenges to restart by faith. Assured God controls life God Knows what is best for mankind. A tree successfully completes purpose in life regenerates to lovely musical instrument of joy. Dead wood recreates harp for astounding maestro music celebrations.

Heaven_Harp_by_VassanthaRenewed tree’s strength is put into new shoots and branches; either it will rise up to produce new sprouts as the willow, alder tree, others; reported cypress tree, when cut down, may sprout  more.When passed from earth soul goes to Heaven among the saints worshipping God. So soul winning by believers who wins souls is wise according to Proverbs 11:30. The Cross of Christ is the most priceless piece of wood that ever blessed mankind yet was made from dead wood. Although considered of no use, the piece of a rejected dead wood played its greatest part in salvation history.

Our sins are forgiven, and our hearts renewed to holiness, heaven will be the rest of our souls, while our bodies are hidden in the grave from the malice of our enemies, feeling no more pain from our corruptions, or our corrections.  The wooden cross carried our Saviour Christ Jesus to fulfil His Mission and destiny on earth to save us with His precious blood. Believers planted by the living water Jesus Christ will resurrect again eternally forever in Heaven in the Presence of God and Christ.


The life of man may fitly be compared to the waters of a land flood, which spread far, but soon dry up. All Job’s expressions here show his belief in the great doctrine of the resurrection. Job’s friends proving miserable comforters, he pleases himself with the expectation of a change. At times, God allows changes and challenges to reprocess people into His Plans, Purposes and Thoughts Which are Higher and Greatern than human ones. Moses Turning the Aaron's Staff into a Serpent Nicolas Poussin

The Christian life is versatile as living trees regenerate, restore, recreate, resurrect live to fulfil God’s miracle test. Similarly, Christian believers spread the word of God so Jesus saves lost souls refreshed and replenished by the Holy Spirit and nurtured by the word of God. Aaron’s rod buds, blossoms with flowers in the Bible as ordained by God.

download (6) Moses’ rod turns into a serpent that swallowed smaller Egyptian ones. God’s power redeemed Jewish slaves when God Showed Superior Weapons of warfare with rod which swallowed the little snakes of magicians of Egypt before Pharaoh.  The Christian life is versatile so God treats, regenerates, restores, recreates and resurrects life again. Stitched PanoramaTrees are processed into books including the most read book the Bible. Can be reprocessed as woodchip for gardening, sculptures for places and play grounds,

Some trees are used across footpath rivers,   ceilings, tiles or logs. They are perfectly and safely constructed into playground furniture to give fun to children.

Dead wood is used for entertaining relaxing times for playground furniture or becomes boat transport fit for royalty.

Wood is transformed into a boat just as Johan Huiber in Netherlands in 2007 rebuilt Noah’s ark. 3345748822_f632de81fe Noah used wood to build the ark to rescue his family from floods to save humanity for God in extreme cases becomes fed up with people beyond redemption like Sodom and Gomorrah but saves those who love and obey Him. In the picture below a fallen tree amazingly

Magic Tree on the day it blew down

Podocarpus elongatus, the 'Magic Tree' in November 2011

In 1984, this tree was blown down in a severe storm that many still remember, and its remains were felled and removed. Then, on a day of gale force winds, in November 2005, the remaining yellowwood was split in half. Because it was still rooted, and because the Breede River Yellowwood is able to resprout and recover from damage like this so we decided to save it. The exposed roots were covered with soil, a portion of the crown was cut back and some of the boughs braced. It suffered sunburn but survived and sent out strong new shoots. Growth recovery is a slow process but doing well. The children may have lost a tree for now, but in a few decades it will be back, bigger and better than before! Go to plant information website on Podocarpus elongatus and other South African yellowwoods.


In Job 14:7-15 though a tree is cut down, yet, in a moist situation, shoots come forth, and grow up as a newly planted tree. For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again if it cut down to the root, and only the stump of the root is left in the ground, as the tree in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, Daniel 4:15 yet the owner of it may entertain a hope it is not destroyed but will bud out or logged so mundane tasks become fun times as seen here.
Unless in one place, in Aenaria; but since this is the case of some, it is sufficient to Job’s purpose and that the tender branch thereof will not cease; from shooting out; or its suckers will not cease which may be observed frequently to grow out of the roots of trees, those cut down, such as mentioned.So trees create times of refreshing by camp fires. Some become a place of shelter for animals who dwell in them. People cut up bamboo shoots and other trees for jugs and mugs as seen in picture.

Trees also regenerate to produce mushrooms sprout growing naturally. No situation in life is beyond repair although it may take on a different regenerated shape as wood carvings, mortar, pestles, woodwork is  useful so sustains life within the plans and purposes of God for mankind. Still useful purpose of uniting the community to celebrate good times so God uses people for team work to rebuild His Kingdom.





Dead logs become safe footpaths to keep the path clean and easy to walk on. The live tree become a pole without leaves, buds, branches, fruits etc. Wood becomes centre of focus for campsite stools, barbecues, toasting marsh mellows with joy laughter listening to stories.

plant-nursery-mekong-deltaWood stumps for footpath landscaping, Amazon rainforest, Peru - stock photo

Trees are replaced with from nursery young shoots, sprouted, replanted as new trees so we replenish the earth by replanting trees to save the environment.


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