Painting Of Come To Me - The Only Way To God 2 With Jesus as the only way for the Christian believer it is possible to sing with assurance despite challenges that: Because Jesus Lives we can face tomorrow, Because Jesus Lives, All fear is gone, Because we k-n-o-w Jesus holds our future, Life is worth the living just because lives. Christ in us is our hope and Glory so we will make it by God’s Grace and Mercy. For the path of life is directed by God through Christ by the Holy Spirit for the believer. At times the bigger picture is not very clear immediately to us. Like a jigsaw puzzle, we understand bits here and there in obedience until all the parts fit together completely in our eureka moment. There are trying moments when it seems God abandoned us. So we ask all sorts of questions in anger against God. Some may be tempted to desert God for not answering prayers or helping as they wanted. However, God’s thoughts and plans for redemption are always higher than our thoughts and plans for our lives.20060213We recognise what it is all about eventually for there is a way that seems right to man but the end is death and destruction. So life is not as a simple straightforward journey rather as often described we negotiate all sorts of bumps along the way. And with God’s help we carry on daily fulfilling our call in doing God’s will performing duties.Life-is-About-Creating-Yourself.002 Life is so dynamic we are constantly changing with the times with digital technology, social media, sat nav. etc. We look at our past treasure troves and precious belongings and wonder did we really feel passionate about them. We look at photographs and fashion sense of the time and ask what were we thinking. In life somehow we keep on keeping on, making the most of it as we can. There are days we feel like a floating feather on air and times we are walking on sunshine.  Yet other days we feel like crawling under the duvet not wanting to face the world. Whatever moment we find ourselves in, it is well in Jesus Name. happiness-is-a-journey-not-a-destination-life-quote-picture-image-art-design-happiness-happy-advice The issues of life try to overwhelm us but one way or another we seem to bounce back. By God’s grace, mercy and love of friends and family we feel encouraged to continue. At times we feel battered and bruised but hope is not lost. We count all our blessings and thank God for helping us overcome challenges. a-journey-quote-inspirational-positive-life-changes-pictues-quotes-picThese days we face stress and pressure to be the best to multiply to yield results. This means we work harder than before to become more fulfilled to enjoy life. The good news is when we have no more strength of our own God comes through to help carry us. We look to the future with hope. We may have interests, passions, hobbies to keep us alive and to connect is with fellow humans. It may  be music, sport, drama, social networks and loved ones. Mountain River at Sunset Walks, exercise and activities help us through rough and painful times. free-cartoon-easter-day-hd-wallpaper_422_90585 With Jesus in the boat we can smile at the storm because He is control. We may be thrown in the fire but with the 4th man Christ we will not burn. stock-vector-a-young-family-starting-their-journey-of-life-125827295Indeed because Jesus lives, we can face tomorrow with confidence and certainty on life journey. For God’s word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path in Jesus Name. All will be well in Jesus Name because works all things together for good.



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    • The Christian life is a journey mapped through Christ Jesus. Through focus on word of God, guided by God’s help on the narrow path directed by JESUS the Light can the believer truly make it. Thanks and God bless you.

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