Spirit-fruit3Galatians 5:22-24 says fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Qualities of God’s character is orchard fruitfulness. Is sign of growth maturity, multiplication and by faith. God’s First Fruit greatest love is Son Christ who restored and grafted Jews and Gentiles into God’s Kingdom.IMG-20190706-WA0012.jpgChrist is First Fruit sacrificial offering of God’s Love harvest agricultural produce for souls. Greater love has no man than Christ Who gave His life as a ransom for many by unconditional love. Believers told be Christlike in spiritual love fruits to have impact in the kingdom of God.Understand God’s love is important for the Holy Spirit to love supernaturally by God’s ultimate example expressed love in Christ Jesus. Love depicts emotional feelings which changes with the times but God’s love is manifested through the gift of fruit of the Holy Spirit. Fruit grow mature, ripe, firmly is colourful desired to taste appeals to be eaten. Godly Love attract people to God’s kingdom to taste and see that God is good all the time.
IMG-20190706-WA0009.jpgJesus the Son Christ is sent to save to us to restore us to God if we obey to repent we are forgiven in Jesus Name. We start as baby Christians on soft fruits mashed until we grow milk teeth to eat the fruit too tough to chew. Eventually we choose our favourite fruits in season to eat and to maintain our body to feed nutrients to nourish us. We decide what we love to eat if given options availability to us.IMG-20201009-WA0004God’s favourite fruit of the Holy Spirit is LOVE because GOD is LOVE the greatest fruit of all is GOD’S AGAPE LOVE. This is love from the LOVE of God flowing in us to others through us. Unconditional love takes God’s Grace to help to enable us to overlook others faults to pray for enemy to heap coals of fire on their heads as God commands. God loved us while we still sinners Christ died for us. As mixed fruit bowl contains various fruits so Church of God is mixed. 


Godly joy affection has a clear boundary to focus and passionate about life. We can develop compassion in the heart for holiness to permeate all things to reach people. We are joyfully involved in loyal commitments able to apply life wisely to to good through Christ Jesus crucified.Patience endure difficult circumstances to persevere in the face of provocation without acting annoyed in negative way to show anger. Those in Christ have joy connected to Godly love from the LORD God our strength to walk in the perfect peace of God that passes all human understanding.

Kindness is marked by good ethics and a pleasant personility concern for others. Patience of saints is a virtue and recognized and valued in Christianity. Kindness is a generous in spirit is consideration to help make life easier or bearable. Use resources, time set aside to help others in Jesus Name.Kindness is a state and quality of being good, with moral excellence; virtue and kind feeling of kindess. Excellent quality by good work strength integrity, honest, upright good moral  virtuous quality conduct. Goodness is good behaviour.


Goodness is God’s standard Christian virtue, good morals conforms  to standards of right conduct. Citizens with high moral  virtue of goodness  in spite of challenging temptation. to overcome influences by virtue worth and value.Faithfulness is the strict or the thorough performance of duty by faithful worker true to one’s word, promises, vows, etc. Steady in allegiance, affection, constant loyalty. God is faithful to sent Jesus to restore us to God. So Christian believers walk in faithfulness and loyalty to God.Gentleness is eighth on list of fruits of the Holy Spirit known is meekness or humility. A gentle person gives a soft answer if provoked or under pressure is not aggressive. Power of the Holy Spirit helps to teach to be gentle. Gentleness is well by wisdom, strength, self -control.Selfcontrol is the ability to control one’s emotions, feelings, behaviour, desire, choices, actions, decisions and obtain a reward. Avoids consequence if pleasing God finds Favour with God and people. Do right things by faith, grace and mercy of God in Christ strengthens us to bear good fruits in Jesus Name.


Jesus Christ is the Greatest Super Star in history. Christ is reliable, dependable, trustworthy. God wins souls with wisdom through Christ. So the eternal plan of salvation is dictated from heaven by God’s infallible judgment. God reveals in every line of creation His infinite skill apparent. It is not child’s play achieved if half asleep. Attempt is by deep consideration carried on with gracious help from wise God. Jesus Christ Himself is the morning star in Revelation 22:16 who is saved from the darkness of sin. Approaching dawn means He will return, Godstars are encouraged to arise and shine.

For God’s Glory long nights of challenges mean sunshine’s brilliance dispels darkness.The Almighty God created the heavens, firmament, galaxies, ordained stars in Psalm 8:3. In Daniel 12:3,”Those who are wise will shine like brightness of heavens. Those who lead many to righteousness are stars forever and ever. God calls soul winners wise stars, as God’s wisdom is seen in the new creation of a saved soul, magnificent as the ancient Creation of the world. God is the Greatest Scientist, Chemist, Physicist, Astronomer, Biologist, Artist, Creator, Maker of all the, intrinsically phenomenal universe as God’s absolute Masterpiece.


God says those who win souls are wise  stars because to accomplish such a work, a believer must be wise to win souls. This requires infinite wisdom like it takes to reach the skies and fly to the moon and stars. It is a work which filled the Saviour’s heart and moved the mind of Jehovah for ever as earth was created. It is a work which filled the Saviour’s heart and moved the mind of Jehovah for ever as earth was created. God’s Glory is displayed in the marvelous beauty of the universe rising out of nothing.  The universe rising out of nothing is like believers who work with God proceeding side by side to do great work of soul-winning wise, too to restore lives. image_thumb4The Bible begins with the creation of the universe stating, In the beginning God created heavens and earth in Genesis 1:1. When God created man with joy He Spoke so it cost nothing. God is perfect so original creation was perfect in Genesis 1:31 as God called mankind very good. God’s Good nature was imbibed through God’s Spirit in people so remains intact though tainted by sin. Though originally God called mankind and all creation as very good and perfect si destroyed mankind’s relationship with God. So mankind became tainted through sin. Therefore God sent Jesus Christ, the Second Adam to come and restore all to God. Sin caused spiritual death and material loss of the garden of Eden. In a sinner saved is much of God’s Glory. Like a piece of coal, God’s process removes dross of sin to create diamond to shine so does gold diggers remove and wash dirt to reveal best carat gold. 

Jesus’ blood washes clean to restore people to God. Creation cost nothing but cost God everything to save one lost soul through sacrifice of Christ. Heaven rejoices and the angels sing and dance, when a soul is saved. God’s most priceless, precious, asset, valued above all creatures and billions of angels in heaven, His Saved Children. Salvation is the greatest miracle which transform a person from death to eternal life to live forever in infinity. Jesus gave His Life to Save People as dedicated health stars do here.God’s most priceless, precious, asset valued above all other creatures and the billions of angels in heaven is His Saved Children. Salvation is the greatest miracle transform a person from judgment, condemnation, death, hell into eternal heavenly star lifestyle. God’s greatest desire is to prevent people from going to hell because it was made for only the devil. Every born again believer must empty hell and fill heaven with souls as duty responsibility, commitment of great commission, to share amazing truth with all earth to enjoy privilege of salvation in Christ. People are called stars for helping to save souls as God and Christ did. God is impressed creation connects so wants to restore relationship in God’s original perfect image.  Adam and Eve paid price of consequences of sin, it is God Who Restores privileged luxury life wealth transfer. God’s Goodness and Mercy endures forever in preserving lives. Christ our bright and morning star victory of light over darkness, and others in the New Testament. 

You Deserve It Gold Trophy Reward Recognition

“St. Cyprian spoke of Christ the true sun constant like the northern star and faithful to all who trust Jesus. So the believer seeks the face of God in prayer, fasting, holiness and righteousness to please God and live Holy.King David highly honoured because of His love and worship of God, poems, music in humility. The Star of David is the primary modern emblem of the Jewish religion some think is was an emblem used by the Biblical King David (hence the name Magen David, or “shield of David”). The Star of David is important in the Messianic Christian faith from generation to generation and city of David is named after him. David is classic example of a believer who fell short of Glory of God many times  humbled himself, repented God’s mercy, forgiveness and compassion.

biblianazar60_0714pointstarDSCF7609God heard and answered his prayer by sending Christ through David’s family tree to save mankind. God forgives those who ask for His forgiveness, restores and re-establishes them. Glory of God is restored spiritually for God made provision through Christ sin is cleansed through repentance by washing by God’s word and blood of Christ. Godly life is recovered through Christ’s salvation to elevate soul winners as God’s stars for ever. Christ was born as God’s Morning Star Saviour, believers who saved are called God’s stars. The pursuit is wise although not easy because to saves souls priceless beyond material treasures. Christ, God’s great Soul-Winner, is “the wisdom of God” as well as “the power of God.” Jeweler use intricate details to create star coins, trinkets, menorah so God Saves.jewish day chicago 193314K-Gold-Star-of-David-with-Menorah-Pendant_large40739_pewter_star_of_david_with_hebrew_home_blessing_jerusalem_and_judaica_symbols_view_1Christ has a covenant link with us through King David’s star seen in many forms, shapes, colours, symbolizing Christianity today. Jesus’ stars mark his place of birth and where he dwelt in Egypt. Jesus is ultimate superstar whose stardom is a blessing to those who are God’s stars for winning souls. According to Ezekiel 33:3 and Ezekiel 3:33 those saved are delivered from blood guiltiness as soul winners so rewarded by God. The star is used to commend highest office with stars and badges of honour and excellence. Many awarded the most prestigious medals for incredible acts of bravery, feats and gallantry in the face of enemy pu lives on the line believers challenged to win souls.

The creator of the universe has written believers in Palm of His Hands so do not need other powers to tell the future. The believer’s life, thoughts, future plans, goals, ambitions, wealth, riches, good success are all in Christ Jesus Hands. Use total focus to do God’s will to fulfill plans by prayer, hard work, God’s Favour by God’s Will. Lives of lost souls are transformed so saved from destruction. Hollywood stars record to celebrate in hall of fame. Monuments of achievements showcase Neil Armstrong with twin Gemini stars of safe trip to moon with Buzz Aldrin. Jasper Carrot’s star is imprinted on Broad Street by Old Orleans in UK Birmingham, Madam Tussauds Honour great achievers in life. So if accomplishments in entertainment, comedy of Michael Caine among others in Hollywood stars God Celebrates more.
 a-Gemini12David’s star emblem symbolizing Judaism consist of 6 points, not associated with faith till middle ages. It appeared on flags, tombstones, synagogue decorations used to represent memorial symbols of the holocaust. The star made of dichroic glass changes colour in day as sun reflects on it from different angles. In December 16,1944, German armies plunged hills and forest of Ardennes in Belgium, Luxembourg to attack 85 mile front line to Port of Antwerp, 125 miles to fight American and British forces. In dense fog, snow, bitter cold, American forces stubbornly resisted German attacks.After more than 40 miles into allied territory, forming a salient bulge, restored original front line  for final victory on V-E Day, May 8, 1945. To commemorate,“We did not want this to look like a war memorial.Tony Moody, A.I.A. 1000000 men participated in the battle, 600,000 Americans, 55,000 British with Canadian, Belgium’ French contingents and 500,000 Germans. The casualties 100,000 German including 24,000 killed, 81,000 wounded.Cape Coral dedicated Iraq war monument on Veteran’s Day ceremony. 


Sadly war memorial commemoration stars represent remembrance of tragic loss of those who died in battle. The star is a double-sided badge honour for God’s soul winners for highest distinguished service of eternal life. It  reminds all to remember millions who died. The  star is in forms of food shapes, prints, fabrics, found in nature in plants and vegetables. so because Jesus Lives We can face tomorrow. Because Jesus Lives all fear is gone, because I know He holds the future our lives are worth the living just because Jesus lives as our lives are hidden in Christ Jesus with God. We have assurance and know for sure Jesus holds our future so it is well with star believers safely hidden in God’s secret dwelling place. We come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord, trusting in His Holy words, He never failed us in Jesus Name.

images (5)Paopu_Fruit
We confidently know God so our life is hidden in Christ the Superstar. As the fishers of mankind believers challenged to win souls and sponsor those winning souls to help make the stars of God. Enthusiastic, actively motivated school children seek reward, God said believers must be like little children passionate about spreading the Gospel Gossip to win souls to please God. So for those conversation starters and ice breakers of star signs, tell people God forbids His people from reading stars as already Stars of God who know their future is secured in Christ. Through it all we learn to trust in God to depend on words of the Lord no matter situations. God’s stars forever have names written in the Lamb’s Book of life through Christ Jesus our Saviour and Lord.stock-vector-rastafari-star-of-david-splash-143155489

In Isaiah 47:13, God warns Christian believers not to seek psychic stars or palm reading, enchantments or divination from idol source. So then let your astrologers come forward, those star-gazer who make predictions each day and month. Let them take their stand as the ones who see omens in the sky, who gaze at stars as star-gazer and those who look to them according to their desire. 14 So they are like stubble, Fire burns them; They cannot be saved. So put your trust and confidence in God Who knows your future plans and thoughts before you were formed in the womb. God will give you a great future with hope as faithful stars winning and sponsoring souls in God’s Kingdom.

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20190919_065944.jpg 20190919_070339.jpgThese beautiful cakes depict the good news of the Gospel message of the testimony and power of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ Who died on the cross at Calvary and resurrected in 3 days then after 40 days went to sit on the Right Hand of God the Father in heaven In the Bible. In 1 Kings 19:7-8 God sent an angel to bake a cake to feed Jacob sustained for 40 days without eating another meal. In Hosea 7:8-11 God described His people as caked baked so expected delightful delicious hot cakes. God was not happy with how those cakes turned out. God described His people as a half-baked caked not turned. Like the cakes shown here God wants perfection. The Cross Cake of Jesus tells of God’s salvation message through Christ shared through sweet fellowship for all to taste and see God is good. This Calvary crucifixion cake highlights Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection in Christianity.

hp photosmart 720

Bible Grooms Cake

God’s Gospel Cakes illustrate Good News Message to believers by token symbol of cake baked to picture life happenings to deliver Godly instructions to us. So God describes  unique cake creation process to celebrate covenant relationship with HIS people. God, Master Baker, expects His people to be delicious hot cakes to enjoy sweet fellowship with HIM. God expects HIS cakes to amaze and delight, by wow factor to feel proud about HIS people. Beautiful perfect cakes surprise, make loved ones happy and feel good so God wants believers to dedicate time to bake special testimony cakes that do Honour and celebrate God. Believers Celebrate Living God as Delicious Best Quality Cake is enjoyed. Cakes remind us of God’s expectations, instructions to follow daily in this long-term covenant relationship. God expects Cakes baked to be perfect in agreement in covenant marriage relationship.

Through studying and reading the word of God daily, Christ the Perfect Cake of God shares loving covenant union pleasing to God between Him and all Christian believers for eternal jubilee celebration. Designed by God ensures tests for testimony and challenges of changes in life are passed in God’s Bakery University of life. God gave the Bible to teach Good Theology to train believers to be grounded and rooted in His Word to be excellent students of distinction. This help perfectly bake life in the fire lesson like Daniel to God’s Standard for a successful relationship to remember to enjoy and celebrate good times of God’s promotion. Believers by accepting Christ are automatically entered in invitation of salvation to join God’s Greatest Baking Challenge for the ultimate prize. To celebrate God’s cake baked to standard the believer is trained correct God’s life skills, methods, procedures, presentation manual appropriately.
 053 woodcross??????????????????

God’s Perfect Cake Standard design Jesus the Perfect Lamb of God, sophisticated, ultra perfect, intricate, exquisite exact scale proportion, detailed shape size followed is the perfect example representing God’s image in us, Godly values, is the ultimate cost paid by His Son Jesus Christ’s life and shed blood to redeem our lives in Jesus Name.  As annual event theme cake match occasion, memories recorded to remind people to remember special celebrations of past or important current anniversary desired. Similarly, God expects interaction between Him and His people to remain wonderful, lovely to improve growth in years to continue celebrating Christ. To focus on God’s exact weights, measures, calculations, mixing, timing, blending, correct temperatures as God prefers for His baking to achieve good success. God is worshipped through dance and praise musical instruments as king David danced demonstrated by guitar cake, garment cake of a woman, cake drums.

 groomscake1  1451_4032785262348_359283530_n5270371642_c4a15e0bb4_z
Believers are to return to God to prepare for celebration of the marriage of the Lamb, Christ Jesus, the perfect thoroughly well-baked cake example fulfils enjoyed covenant relationship to God. So God expects all His Cakes representing mankind to be the best specifically chosen cake to mark God’s occasion event to impress Him with the highest quality. For His exceptional speciality cake above all others, God desires and deserves moist cake, delicious and tasting great to share His Goodness. God wants to be impressed with cake baked by highest standard to perfection. God, the source of believer’s strength, Protects His children so wants to have fellowship to celebrate union with God of heaven who delivers through Christ in image of God. Nations pray to God to save leaders or queen in crown castle cake so all need salvation in God.
God’s Cake designs share messages of love, joy, appreciation, honour, peace, Hanukkah, Godly promotion, engagement, wedding, children’s day, golden week, St Patrick’s, St George’ day, birthdays, baby shower events, these share the cake gospel message of culinary perfection palatable to God.God wants His believers to be baked to outstanding perfection, exquisitely hand-picked cake, fit to win international competitions. As the chosen role model Israel (Ephraim), God wants believers saved and preserved through God’s covenant with Abraham. As Abraham’s descendant off springs, God wants the best for His beloved children. Just like this $30,million modern diamond jewellery encrusted cake for a socialites by Buddy, the Cake Boss, Carlos Bakery in USA takes on a whole new meaning to make dreams come true, so God wants to celebrate and enjoy believer party.


Each person has to run the race of life to win the prize of God by enduring to the end through the name of Jesus Christ. So must remember to turn one’s life cake in God’s Oven to ensure one’s life is thoroughly baked to God’s perfection by God’s grace and mercy. The gospel message is through Jesus Christ alone not through any personal man-made achievements. With TV channels presenting baking skills and showing the strategies involved in demonstrating baking process viewers now are privileged to see great works and artistic cakes unfolds. Whatever it takes a cake is made and brought to life with amazing features to adorn occasion like birthdays, victory events, baby showers, naming ceremonies, weddings, graduation ceremonies and other memories.


Spiritually speaking, God wants the perfect cake result through Christ so each believer gets rewards in Christ in heaven. Like the above cakes made, God wants His people to make Him smile and feel good about His chosen cake to please Him as He protects and provides for them. Like the great bakers today, God the Master Baker designs life perfectly by creating Cake design to perform the function each person is called, equipped and set up to perform. Modern cake designs use various sophisticated construction techniques, architects, engineering, mechanics, electronics, pyrotechnics, fire works, water works, milk from cows, mobile cakes create perfect replica of real life monuments like castles, chandeliers, among others, so God designs each one in His Image to function as part of the body of Christ so provides best input for His Cakes.

CAQ5XP8HCAHDE8DMCADPLGOXCA5GFVSKCAAA13NZCAXB69GZCAD1Q1T3CAIUG3N1CAGRGCH5CAISNG15CABZ9ME1CABYYZI7CAFSPM8FCA7TRWMJCA3HS5DBCAWVWK0QCA30D4B8CAJ8MI8KCAPDUUJNCAR9K0PILike amazing designs from portfolios of modern cakes, one sees wonderful achievement, accomplishment and great joy it brings in eating cakes fit for all over the world. Belief, trust, confidence, obedience demonstrates actions louder than words type cake. God’s people in Hosea 7:8-11. The Bible expects to fulfill His Will. They were highly blessed and favoured by God, with resources, enjoyed material prosperity, privileged as chosen people to celebrate God. God provided all needed for occasion, budget, texture, purpose, celebration for perfect cake to make God Happy.

Cake_Boss_708God sees people as perfect ingredients, flavour, taste, aroma He wants in His Cake mix. God chooses special cakes to stand out above cakes to bake thoroughly to taste great. It is interesting and exciting to see life-size monuments made in exact model replica cakes. God’s cake cannot be baked anyhow so must be baked properly by doing the right thing. God Perfect Baker’s Oven of life is configured, calibrated to correct setting temperature for even distribution of heat, bakes well.

8776953So cake must be carefully attended to, timed correctly and turned to bake to perfection by Christian believers as God desires.So God wants believers to pay attention to His best recipes which is the word of God’s refined ingredients of love, faith, action, hope, kosher appropriate best cakes. Wonderful colourful cakes depict historical places, God wants His cake to represent His vision and dreams of believer’s life.


God wants them to pay attention to God’s instruction manual for accurate weights and measurements required for the right result. God’s chosen approach has specific detailed guidance, instructions, preferred methods, God’s Ways and ideas used to ensure things are perfect. God’s loving compassion is expressed in His cake design using illustration of baked cake metaphor to show His love and expectation for His children as Christ taught believers using parables and stories.


Its amazing God talks of HIS relationship with  people as cakes being baked in the oven.  So provides the best quality ingredients from the land flowing with milk and honey and God expects the best quality cakes. God’s people were trained by God is best Master Baker and Confectioner who expects to produce superb cakes fit for kings, queens and dignitaries. Ace of Cakes makes cakes for people all over the world.

Believers are trust and depend on God for strength not to worship other gods.  They must give credit to Jehovah Nissi  for victories in battle and abundant provisions to sustain them. Believers thank God for his Mercy, Goodness baked cake pleases God not to take pride in man-made power which cannot save when the trumpet sounds. God wants the cake to be exactly what told them to bake to perfection. buckingham_palace_xmas_cake_bangalore
God is in control so ordered His Cake to show His Majesty, Power, Dominion and demanded total obedience not to depart from his recipe. God therefore wants to be acknowledged He deserves Honour, Respect, Worship, Adoration due Him the Creator. All people, including leaders must follow God’s acceptable methods designed for all to make the right decisions by  focusing on God’s process baking as God prefers. All must abide by God’s standard rules and methods for achieving best baked cakes. In annual competitions, bakers each year display amazing perfection cakes for star prizes as believers do by faith in Christ with full assurance in confidence for God’s reward in Christ
By putting confidence in manpower alliances, chariots, horses for help, they adopted strange ways when attacked so did not return God but appealed for help from enemies which made God unhappy. God expects repentance and humility to return to him to supply fresh ingredients necessary to bake the cake until it turns out exactly as God wants. God does not want His people to continue in faith so will not give up on the quality of the expected cake. So boldly come to God through the blood of Jesus to ask God directly for his help and supply to God’s cake in holy communion for healing in Jesus Name.
Chef Christy Seelye-King saw 1947 Bible Cake recipe with ingredient from Biblical verses published in “Olio” Cookery Book in England. Bible Cake idea was invented, as written by food journalist Rick McDaniel, earliest Bible Cake recipes from cookery books published in England in late 1700’s, Cake ingredients are recipe for sweet fellowship and communion to celebrate Christian believer’s love for God’s instructions in memory for posterity.20190919_063916.jpg
  1. 225g (1/2 lb.) Judges V, verse 25 (last clause)
  2. 225g (1/2 lb.) Jeremiah VI, 20
  3. 15ml (1 tbsp) I Samuel XIV, 25
  4. 3 of Jeremiah XVII, II
  5. 225g (1/2 lb.) I Samuel XXX, 12
  6. 225g (1/2 lb.) Nahum III, 12 (chopped)
  7. 50g (2 oz) Numbers XVII, 8 (blanched and chopped)
  8. 450g (1 lb.) I Kings IV, 22
  9. Season to taste with II Chronicles IX, 9
  10. a pinch of Leviticus II, 13
  11. 5ml (1 tsp) Amos IV, 5
  12. 45ml (3 tbsp) Judges IV, 19

‘Leaven’ is ‘baking powder’ so add Exodus III, 14 to moisten the mixture) Beat 1, 2, and 3 to a cream; add 4, one at a time, still beating; then 5, 6, and 7, and beat again.  Add 8, 9, 10 and 11 having previously mixed them 12.  Bake in a slow oven for 1 ½ hours. Prayer, studying the word, seeking wisdom from God in humility, believers can follow God’s choice, to use correct  ingredients, recipes to bake life cakes to perfection like Mary Berry.Christ died on cross so believers must follow His Example. To train in endurance to graduate as qualified bakers, teachers,instructors, using God’s Cake Recipes to build up sound Biblical living cakes as living sermons of Gospel message of God in Christ Jesus.

By God’s Grace, Mercy, Compassion and Help through Christ Jesus, believer’s life cake is perfected in Jesus Name. God the Master Baker, wants obedience like Noah’s obeyed God accurately and meticulously by following detailed instructions God’s specifications to build the ark to save his family, animals rescued before flood. So God demands His cake to be perfectly baked as ordered in His message still relevant today for believers to follow God’s method..Accept God’s forgiveness, washed in blood of Lamb to live in total obedience.IMG-20190919-WA0001.jpg
God wants His people not to be baked on one side as a half-baked cake, burnt on one side, because it if not turned it is uncooked on the other side like cake in Hosea 7:8-11. If cake is not fit for purpose it is thrown away, waste of time, resources, not profitable, cost-effective. So believers are to remember to turn life cake in God’s Oven, alert, praying, reading Bible, with strong faith to endure heat as baked through test and endurance challenges to God’s perfection. God’s intended monument cake baking process is to exact cake recipe provided in his word as recipe book required.
Believers represent God as God’s exact cake replicas reproduced to God’s perfection. So celebrate Christ as Best Example of God’s Cake Champion Winner to mark God’s faith event to remember salvation message recognized by all who know God. God reveals Himself  in Christ who said, you see me you see God. Believers are God’s Living Cake Testimony in sweet fellowship for all to see and taste God is Good.  So represent God’s Kingdom as God’s Christian Cake Ambassadors on earth.
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images jesusJesus said in Luke 33:34, in His chicken and chicks sermon, He wants all to come under His wings like Mother Hen protects chicks from preys to be saved. Jesus loves you so gave His life to save, protect believers like chicks safe under mother’s wings. Easter celebrations portray chicken, chicks and eggs as part of the message of resurrection of Christ. Jesus’ heart cry is to save adults children He Loves and died for. Adults and chicks today need extra attention of love from Christ and God’s Help for Protection to grow wisely and live properly. As long as believers obey and remain under God’s authority in range of Mother Hen’s fold, they are safely protected. Christ defends and fends off all enemies trying to snatch them from God’s Kingdom. Despite what life throws at us Jesus keeps us all safely wrapped under His warmth and Loving arms to preserve, protect us like Mother Hen does her chicks. Jesus uses everyday happenings to tell parables and stories to help people visualise image of His message for understanding. Key points Jesus’ death and resurrection brings under His wings.henwithchick

As part of life, one experiences unexpected life altering changes keeps one wondering how on earth one survives after traumatic event. As life unfolds, things happen, some become overwhelmed and wonder if life is worth living anymore. Others lose hope completely, due to sudden changes of unforeseen circumstances. Some become angry with themselves and blame others for not helping to guide or prevent them from making wrong choices. By putting all eggs in one basket, assured themselves they are in charge until something happens beyond their control. Without back up plan B when basket falls the eggs break beyond use, although absolutely certain during the preparation process and it seemed right during decision-making process, it was not possible to fully understand implications of choices until that basket fell and the eggs splattered beyond scooping. Christ shows us we must only put our confidence in God to protect us trying to cause premature breaking and losing precious of life eggs human basket of life sometimes due to circumstances beyond control.images chocolate and chick on egg

An elderly grandmother testified about her teenangel who visited her every weekend, cleaned, dusted and hovered for her. He helped her wash clothes and ironed them, brought her presents from his pocket money while in College studying. However others grow and join conditioned groups of youth, aimlessly playing games, watching TV all day long or forced to attend unrealistic data enhancing, bonus paying scheme benefiting the rich at their expense as guinea pigs. Adults who created such Frankenstein, Teensteins and Teenzillars do not realize they contributed to it. But by deliberately keeping them positively lazy engaged without practical life skills results in mind-sets not to receive instruction with humility. Not allowing parents to train in childhood means some grow up thinking they dared not be corrected for the right reasons because inbuilt so discourages active participation. Some generations were raised, without basic standard, acceptable parental discipline, due to state interference. Children recognize weakness in scapegoating parents so play system, schools by constantly reporting parents even for disciplining them appropriately. Toddlers and young children are removed without support for struggling families  helping their children, to change lifestyle to study and work harder to improve their lot in life with God’s help.chocolate easter eggs

Just as one size does not fit all, chicks have different personalities from introvert, ambovert and extrovert  so mother chick has to adapt to each chick’s needs like Christ meets our needs. Parents wait and hope for the bestall will turn out well after hatching to find out variety of gender needs required to support their chicks. The organic farmer entrusts free range mother hen, confidence,  ability to keep chicks safe, well fed return on time despite birds of prey circulating all day around them while feeding unsupervised.  Yet human parents are constantly scrutinized and blamed without appropriate empathetic support for excellent work they do. State makes some children or youth untouchables allowed to do own thing with post codes rules. When it goes wrong, parents are held accountable for youth actions, though denied necessary foundation of handling and disciplining, which plays a major part in the adults they are. Like mechanized poultry farming, families are compelled against their will to let their children be brainwashed by anti-Christ values. It seems they want them to fester so not be obstacle force contending and competing against the chosen privileged few. Often parents of a rebellious child are hounded, hunted, punished yet child goes Scot free out of control so Jesus said bring children like chicks to save and protect.images chocolate eggs

Christ keeps us hidden in Him with God so our strength is from God. However, some have no choice but to face the music and dance to the tune of chosen music or lie in their  made bed. Christ comes in to protect and deliver those expecting and may be  force to changes to combine school, work and parenthood or drop out because something has to give. When the rubber hits the road support systems available makes or breaks motherhood especially for youth. The impression created to let youth to enjoy ‘innocence,’ freely explore curious, inquire about life, make mistakes in own way is not right. Encouraged to focus on the external, outward outlook on physical appearance, so materialism takes over, without substance and realistic long – term planning for the future of youth. Media, games, education, fashion, attract, boast ego of what is in it for me mentality think indulgence means growing up or certain lifestyles make considered matured. It cost emotionally, physically, spiritually and unbearable for youth, families involved in picking up the pieces. Parents are made to feel they have no right to discipline or correct innocent with certain behaviours that need to be nipped in the bud. Some parents in denial wrap the majesty the child in cotton wool to fester as teenstein so no one dare advise precious children to behave well other families sacrifice to keep supporting children to consider others.

images egg hunt

Believers need to realize ‘eggs’ of life to be handled gently and carefully within right environment temperature for right chicks desired. At times incubators or surrogates nurture to produce young ones due to the Mother Hen needs chicks cared for with loving tender care if they bear, take care themselves. Children’s lack of development of brain cortex makes it hard to fully grasp risk, consequences of wandering away from safe protection of  Mother Hen as believers need Christ. Chicks  roam freely until they hear the sound of Mother Hen calls to run to safety from preys. Believers hear the voice of God, run, hide, abide, in dwelling place of Most High God’s Secret Place in Psalm 91 from danger. Or explore options of experiences from own frame of mind to act before reality check sets in to understand, accept what matured people know. Ignorant chicks roams freely until something happens then runs to Mother Hen to be nursed back to health. Christian believer’s shock from pain is unbearable, some lose appetite for food, anorexic or comfort eat to develop weight problems. In some cases chicks like adults and children withdraw, fun age appropriate activities once passionate about needs other’s input, support and help. Like mother hen does and becomes committed to seating on the eggs until hatched so is Christ committed to believers for spiritual delivery.


Some are bored need pragmatic knowledge relevant to history and culture often see no point in wasting time to be educated. After all, the brainiest admired are poorer after university education, unemployed despite filling thousands of applications, numerous interviews, bonus enhancing placements, they owe debts, loans than them. Parents are crucified for daring to discipline their children to study hard to improve their lot in life. They are even persecuted by some teachers and other parents for being firm with their child to do better above average to have good success in life. Such parents are vilified and ostracized for doing the right thing and social services are called because those children are asked to finish the homework before playing games or addicted to social networks. Some children spend all night playing games so go to school tired and sleepless so cannot focus on school work. Refuse to eat healthy good nutritious home – made meals addicted to junk foods which does not nourish brain.

images hatching

Refusing to be led safely, protected due to rebellion, results in opposite effect of ignorance, lack of understanding of loyalty, duty and hard work so must be taught giving back respect. Youth rebellion becomes a force to reckon with at home, always on-line, on the phone, physically present in body but absent in mind and without spatial knowledge and basic survival skills without adult input. Some are taught at a certain age it is okay to indulge in sex and alcohol as long as they consent. However, those who gave them such advise do not live with the consequences of their choices for life. The girls often bear the brunt of consequences of putting trust and confidence in fellow youth as encouraged to hang around peers than adults. The blind leads the blind based on hormones dictating their profession of love for each other. The naïve youth think just because someone said they loved them they are sincere. Family love not fantastic like soap opera happily ever after they are always looking for affection in the wrong places. Friendly transition from childhood to youth chicks become hens or cockerels full of responsibility and contradictions from society and school to follow leader. The chick whether a cockerel or hen still needs guidance from God for protection, so it is in their own interest to be trained from youth to grow equipped and prepared to handle life successfully.

images man walking chicken

Pattern of rebellion cycle is broken when a young person understands who they are from within. Teaching high self-esteem and repeat, reinforce treatment if authorities of not let parents freely do their job properly. Some give up because they feel too much to handling changes faced in life under such circumstances and struggles. Good news manages to turn life around in victory by help and support of God, the team through Jesus Christ, helps those wanting  to do right if willing to do so. Social media non-denominational support group welcomes those joining to keep moving in faith. Our current interest among others help young people understand, endorse good choices permitted with long-term commitment and responsibility. A rich momentary love has life time of expected joy time, financial, psychological, generational blessings in a child is for life. Jesus said, what constitutes a person, is not outside influence but what comes from within. Indulging flesh to focus on external physical body building, shape and size or fashion, property, uneducating child is not right priority. It is difficult for a children to raise children to keep under control by themselves. Parents struggle but with God all things are possible.images child and chicksWe focus on the within stuff by exploring practical solutions to help youth interested in building up their lives with the support of families believing in them and helping them to do so. It is not easy but with determination, perseverance, hard work, you will succeed at last if you choose to do so. After all, life has taught youth rebellion brings suffering to them, more than the illusion of happiness they thought they would get by putting their life, trust and confidence in the hands of fellow peers as they were misled to do from childhood. When it all goes wrong how many peers helped and took on the sleepless nights of babysitting and nappy changing with them? The ones who professed to love them most, run away when the going got tough and soon found someone to take advantage of. The greatest need of youth is peace of mind, joy, knowledge of God to fulfill their heart and purpose in life. To learn to honour and respect parents and adults so it will be well with them and they will live long. To deliberately focus on socializing a child with peers more than training them to have family values is the devil’s ultimate plan to divide and ruin families. Children who think they are free to do own thing end up gullible, vulnerable taken advantage of, destroyed by vultures out there looking for naive children to abuse. Become victims of seed of rebellion planted in them childhood by refusing to humble themselves for correction but blame everyone else for their problems.jesus-eating

Families endures years of  the unthankful, ungrateful, youth demanding to eat like elephants and lazy like lions because they believe they are superior above a humble beginnings. They wear the most outrageous expensive clothes, shoes, accessories they cannot afford, cannot pay household bills they incur above everyone. Some mess up sleep patterns that cannot keep up with realistic time keeping for normal working hours cannot hold down jobs. Others do not understand boundaries, time for work, leisure, pleasure, weekend rest for chilling out. To them life is one long big continuous party of indulgence for fun so nothing is taken seriously, they talk the talk but do not walk the walk. The expect those who provide for them or employ them to dance to their tune without understanding domino effects of deadlines and working seriously to build strong customer base for reliability success of  company. They seem to think life revolves around their spoilt brat behaviour bubble they live in. Some are even tolerated and entertained by the very people who should teach them to behave acceptably. Often they storm off to parasite off friends and family before long they show their true colours. They cannot keep house, cook or clean properly or on the streets with gang drug dealers yet not allowed in the safety and comfort of own home so overwhelms parents.Jesus1-254x281While some law makers hire chaperons, nannies, security body guards to look after their own, those children misled to rebel are left to street elements while parents do 3 or more jobs to keep roof over children’s heads. Those children don’t have servants, butlers yet have audacity to complain they feel neglected by the extremely hard-working parents who look after them and imposed grandchildren. They think they are born to be  indulged, so never want to be responsible to do the right thing. Often, children are flattered to think they are grown ups so falsely made to believe they are mature enough to handle life without adult input. They are the first running home for help from parents when burnt, battered and bruised, act like everything is alright so continue pattern of behaviour to repeat the cycle. They never learn from past mistakes so jump right back in where they left off, believing this time round it is different. They entangle themselves with multiple webs of lust relationships in spite of others helping them to change to restore their lives; often threatened by baby mamma who chose own destiny but blame others they are bitter against for their choice consequences. They refuse to listen to sound advice, complain of being judged yet  families deal with raising their children, feeding and taking care of them. Despite pain of heartache, tears, tantrums of ignorance, Jesus loves and accepts such teens kindly and treats them well like mother hen cares for her chicks.jesus_children_-275x300God does not create mistakes for everyone is a perfect blessing from God but parents are made to feel guilty held accountable for rebellious teens. Forget when whispering sweet nothings parents had nothing to do with it or knew nothing innocent children are blamed for showing up unexpectedly and ruining their lives and careers. They are constantly made to feel unwelcome in the world but turn to the law to blackmail baby daddy they accuse of neglect. Refuse to use  protection, forgetting men do not get pregnant so onus is on them to prevent conception. Jesus said in chicken and chick sermon, the rebellious argumentative do not listen to advise, invited to do the right thing, refuse but the obedient are defended like mother duck protects young ones.article-2136932-12D30EB5000005DC-648_964x413Chicks are not lured from safe protection like others who think and feel their ideas are always the best above God Himself. Some seduce and cunningly manipulate naïve boys for lust then blame them for issue sorrows do not know or remember their cycle under influence of alcohol and substance abuse to clearly reflect on own actions. They turn in frustration to child maintenance to punish teens they knew had nothing before their indulged lust. For upkeep they sabotage, blackmail, threaten to make teen’s life miserable for their own  lustful rebellious failures. They do not feel responsible for actions, decisions so turn to blame, bad mouth innocent blood relations for loose morals but Jehovah Jireh cares so forgives and provides like mother hen.baby chick in basketbaby chickChicken_CostumeAfter playing with ordinary plastic dolls for years children think they understand motherhood and childcare by baby sitting for family and friends. So some struggling children are misled by peer pressure to join others teenagers who think having children or indulging in lustful puppy love solves all life’s problems for happiness need help. With permission and support of interested parents, including potential trouble shooting boys and girls from 11 years, electronic plastic baby dolls taken care of to document thoughts, feelings and ideas about life and child care. This will follow-up again from time to time in the future keep to see how changes in development affect youthful thinking and experience. We strongly believe it is important to help millions of children bringing forth children all over the world in credit crunching season, unprepared, burdening an over stretched parents who need break from life time of child raising to enjoy their freedom. Christ strengthens the family to do all things to overcome.images and baby childSome may not available, to take over care of grandchildren for they must extend life time of working years to earn to secure own future. Some see parents as burdens but forget sacrifices and input to build them up to grow to participate realistically by contributing to duties in family. Simple task cleaning, sweeping, removing rubbish, dish washing, wiping surfaces, ensuring toilet is properly kept hygienically clean at all times for next user, shopping, washing help equip, prepare train child for future.HenandChicks Hen_pngTo stop and force parents to keep children ignorant, naive, to have head knowledge without practical life skills is destroying the future. A young man doing apprentice course said he did not know a deep freezer was cold until the boss asked him to pick something for him at work and another blew his face in university trying to boil eggs in a kettle. God Almighty says where people made mistakes by permitting the mighty prey enemy to take them captive, He will contend with them to deliver them and feed their enemies with their flesh. Every evil hand-writing of ordinances and curses contrary to youth because of enemy who wants to put to shame is removed out-of-the-way nailed to cross in Jesus Name.images easter castle eggsEaster festivities are full of technological jargon, games fantasies so at times cocoons from reality of life in egg shell. A soft tree branch is malleable easier to bend than a twig which breaks, teens must be trained in the formative years. Asking parents not to train children but wait until teen years, after molded and influenced by society and set in ways is cause of teenage rebellion. As a chick specific number of days to hatch and grow so is right timing essential for training children. Jesus said, He is calling people like Mother Hen to run under His Safe Wings to hide from the birds of prey which dive unnoticed trying to kill them. Run to Safety of Jesus protected from evil pursuers chasing to kill and eat them for a quick meal. Stubborn and rebellious who refuse to receive Jesus’ help captured and destroyed by enemy if drawn away.CA38QMPICAP5574NCAR8JOJFCAI7N84CCAOF948PCALG8P6WCAGB0MR8CAFGG56WCAPFGTV0CAAIK8DNCAOVJMITCAYLXT2BCATURL1FCA13E9Y5CAMXI52FCA1AKRD2CA0ODZWLCAWM7L6ACA2PQXJSCAKY3YN2No weapons formed ever against the youth will prosper no satanic divination or any enchantments against believer work in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. A battle for souls of youth continues to be fought relentlessly for devils sees  future destiny wants to destroy in vain. God is in control so parents like Mother Hen with prayer and  fasting will not toil hard for enemy to take for free by seducing them to use and abuse them in vain for their selfish motives to exploit them for selfish gratifications of lust. God loves them to be protected and raised according to His Will.FAMILYEaster message is enjoy chicken, chocolate eggs but remember Christ who gave His Life to die, to safely protect like chicks under mother hen’s wings. To stop enemy luring to deceive and destroy but never claim responsibility for seduction. No matter what believers face, it is important to trust God to hold on till Jesus Christ returns for rapture. A sound foundation from childhood keeps children trained, rooted, grounded in Christ so remain teenangels who grow as responsible adults like chick dancing by Asda.10_ways_to_pray_for_your_child_600px (1) 210_ways_to_pray_for_your_teen_600px (1) 2


CA6VIMKSCAXWA1HOCAH5J3ZGCAYEJ731CAMU86A4CARXF8O9CA7QC1FUCA63660VCAXTRC8XCASIIY21CAONT1BTCADQR0J0CAU4PWA9CA564PWWCAE8V0RFCATMKNMZCA0UV3E4CAXVFXCFCAUSA78YCAGK5F1ADo you know some people you lived with or worked with who disappeared from your life? Some moved on due to changes of jobs, location or time changes in career, promotion or search for greener pastures. Drought makes people move further afield into unknown and unchartered territory. Often not sure of personal safety or violent situations of places. Two women worked once late accepted lifts from two strangers because buses not working after midnight. It turned they were targeted by customers who stalked them. One woman screamed loudly to alert other next door who jumped through toilet window to escape with her life. Her body was not found by the family because too dark at night to locate place.HeirHunters5xOthers pass on vital information, wealth or skeleton in cupboards without any reason to think so. Heir hunters knocked on their door to delivered surprising good news or shocking secret of inheritance bequeathed to them. Discover lost family and bad news of death, while they were still wondering if those people are alive or dead. So precious memories from old photographs and past experiences are all they have to hold onto. Others speak to possible contacts, network of friends and family in vain. Ceremonies birthdays, anniversaries are particularly difficult.  LTheir voice and jokes are often remembered by their loved ones who live with the void of their absence. One such missing person was a colleagues I once and asked to say hello to only to be told by the spouse he disappeared while on duty on his job so wad never seen or heard from again.  He was called human map because trained surveyor he could tell any location like London cab drivers before satnav. was invented and became popular. There was no suspicion circumstances or any dubious actions on his part.facebook-logoIt is painful to tell loved ones and spouse, siblings and colleagues about the person. A daughter taught in place disappears never heard of again. It is difficult for children who are young to remember loved one so listen to others recount their lives to them. Considered devastating if the person never married or children to continue bloodline and family tree. Incident happened when young sailors docked in the place warned about. Followed their captain’s instructions to move about in groups or pairs, never to go anywhere alone. Despite warnings the 2 were lured into a strange neighbourhood they never ever visited before. After many months at sea wanted ‘fun’ but the locals wanted money and imported goods from abroad. Were ambushed so one murdered without knowing at the time the other ran for his life and the other never made it. The family thought he was at sea but were told the sad news. Unfortunately they could not visit the location because nobody knew the exact place they were lured to so bodywas never found for burial.fig,white,mens,ffffff

Faithful and loyal friends keep the memory alive through relentless campaigns and the publicity to continue their search for loved one until time limitation delay stop of lack of response mean the person is presumed dead. Other ccasions funeral or memorials enmass in place only for person to turn up alive unexpectedly. There is joy, jubilation by loved ones and shock for spouses who moved on in new relationships.MDmissingimageMilk cartons, newspapers, radio, posters or other communication methods are all used to reach as many people as possible. In an effort to jog someone’s memory to help if underage or disabilities to receive medical care quickly necessary as soon as possible.  Yet not all missing people ever located so may be honoured with funeral for closure. The family may build memorial in honour to remind community and hope someone somewhere may have answers to questions on their mind. As new generations replace the old, often the missing person becomes part of family history without raw emotion of pain felt by those who know intimately while alive. Remembered with flowers and memorial tended to prevent it from ruin.440px-Garden_of_the_Missing_in_Action_IMG_1290Relatives often do not know or understand the circumstances surrounding those lost so wonder if the were at peace in their last moments. Some of course are never heard from, lost contact with loved ones. So could not get back in touch for help in a difficult moment. Those left behind grieve through stages of bereavement in denial, anger, guilt, survival complex, trauma or coming to terms of loss. Some never recover from shock, suspense of unanswered questions so become ill, depressed, angry and lose faith by blaming God.200px-UnknownBritishSoldierSome friends, relatives and colleagues at times find loss so unbearable lose interest in life become struck with mystery illness, nightmares but just carry on in life for the sake of siblings or responsibility of life duties. Others become too ill to hold down jobs in same place of the one lost so move on. The mssing missionaries, millions, slaves M.I.A. rest in peace in the Safe Arms of God, comforted by Jesus Christ. God sees and knows all, vengeance belongs to God. RIP


3-halfman cropThe other-half is so much emphasised in relationships people feel they are incomplete unless they have a spouse partner. as significant person for intimacy in their lives. It is absolutely true God said it is not good to be alone so God made Adam for Eve as his help-meet. It did not mean Adam was half – man, incomplete, helpless, so his needs were exclusively met by Eve as the only reason for their marriage or companionship. Adam was in charge of the garden of Eden with responsibilities of naming animals and dominating earth before Eve arrived. Adam did not consider his life meaningless because he was the first man on earth. God visiting him with the angels to talk with him so never alone or had to marry himself..image-0902313c2f1c46e6d0d483a7c154a2c85c23aebec9558aa79f2ec9548b4ecebb-V

Adam worked hard and had resources plus wealth more than he needed as a single man. So Adam did not think, unless obliged to support his wife and children, there was no vision or ambition to live for. For love is a two-way street not a cul-de-sac; for supporting the family in love and unity by God’s Grace.So the notion single people are not complete or whole, makes it seem like God created half man. And man had to help God complete man’s creation by finding love. So it means half man cannot live without another. This is why Adam and Eve did not see themselves as wholly complete in God. It is true God said 2 become one flesh but God did not say two halves become one.jesus_adam_eve_touch1

The other half, when imagined as a half sawn person, from head toe in equal parts cannot live. So people are not halved without a partner for God made them ALREADY INDIVIDUALLY COMPLETELY WHOLE IN HIS OWN IMAGE FROM CREATION AND BIRTH. Which means mankind is totally PERFECT and capable of achieving anything in life without the other half always by their side.  The fact that God joined Adam and Eve with all the worldly goods and material resources did not mean their marriage was perfect. They argued like some people do and had no prenuptial agreement. Instead they were not content or satisfied with all God gave them. They wanted to become like God by touching God’s exclusive tree of life preserved for God’s use only. So allowed themselves to be misled by deceiver to rebel against God with dire consequences so thrown out by God from Eden. Yet God sustained them and increased them by providing for them.

adam-eve-cain-and-abel-GoodSalt-dmtas0086Today relationships are still going through turmoil and malice because of the other half idea making people feel incomplete. Cain incomplete because God rejected his sacrifice but accepted Able’s.  Cain mistook God’s rejection of his inadequate offering as rejection of him. So instead of making peace with God with fresh sacrifice he projected his anger on his brother. Such are inconsistencies of codependence emotionally by presuming to live within other’s input to God. It creates generations of some feeling needy and clingy. By comparing themselves to others or other half, do not focus, trust or believe they are completely capable of achieving good success in life. So fulfil destiny purpose for life with or without other half’s rib. If found fits perfectly to complement each other.  Screen-Shot-2013-03-07-at-10.38.54-AMSo there is no need to put life on hold without vision, inspiration or motivation to achieve anything to fulfil themselves. hey run to and fro after anyone who acknowledges or flatters them yet use and abuse them. Some are made to feel lonely or as if something is wrong with them without just anyone on their arm to prove they are lovable. God’s calculations show it takes 1  + 1 =1 whole person not a half man as people think. Furthermore, the most precious years that must be spent enjoying life, growing, nurturing high self-esteem, earning, preparing, planning, building savings, wealth and security for future is wasted. This is because modern society pressures many immature people without full understanding of intimacy, risks and consequences to waste their life on puppy lust ‘love.’ Such people do not ever believe in themselves to comprehend life as a whole person deserving self-love. One does not have to have all the money or possess everything before marriage.iStock_000019627026Small-710x579The human expectation from half concept needs serious consideration because some communities are communal so not built on 2:4 notion of family. Relationship is not a trophy of conquest to prove one has arrived because family is bigger than just the 2 people involved. They do need God however God and the angels with the wealthy resources provided by God was still not good enough to sustain them. They needed to honour God and obey Him without allowing evil to influence them.They must do their part by contributing fairly and being self-reliant, self- sufficient with God’s help, as part of teamwork. The two becoming one flesh adapts issues of what is mine, yours and ours with a deep sense of belonging. thumbnailA whole person, fully matured, content and at peace with high self- esteem in tune with God will be able to cater for self plus another as a bonus and icing on the cake. An insecure person feels being alone means loneliness, half man syndrome so always on the look out for fulfilment as a parasite leech attached to others. Some panic in rebound relationships without dealing with themselves as completely whole human beings. Lustful addiction ties people to indulge flesh not have self- control as God’s temple to morally endure to please God. Half man is not God’s reason marriage for relationship is too serious a commitment not for the faint- hearted incomplete half-man. Rethink notions to renew transform one’s mind for wisdom, knowledge and understanding about purpose of relationship according to God’s will.


tree-by-river-pmPeople like trees are regenerated in life into transformed and renewed lifestyle as Psalm 1 in Bible describes Christians. Believers are the living trees planted by the living water Jesus Christ so shall not be moved in Jesus Name. So bear good fruit in old age to bloom and blossom no matter what life throws at them daily. A highly blessed favoured tree bears good fruit of righteousness as God’s trees of life multiplies. Living trees planted by a riverside benefits from constant natural nutrient supply. A living tree provides oxygen for fresh air, pure breathing as programmed by God. Trees take in the carbon dioxide to make the plant foods stored in the roots in food chains. Being planted rooted, grounded flourishes it to grow better than trees found in hard dry desert wilderness place drought. It provides shade to shield from elements.tree

A quality living tree is a good source of food, fruits lasting for a long time. Some trees live beyond a 1000 years and turn later into the plywoods used for homes, and timber logging, furniture, firewood. Other trees needs more time to dry up to be processed into new role change of life. After some years trees change state, conditions turn to beautiful flourishing houses and homes. And this becomes a dwelling place for the family or holiday resort for vacation. Some are chopped into log pieces for firewood to warm the people living in the home. After demise turns into a blessing of wood for a house. Or changes into shelter, shade as natural time frame comes up. Some perfumed trees like lady of the night give sweet fragrance perfume scent at night. Others processed or are burnt for fragrance aroma to give relief to people under stress, pressure in life or burials. God regenerates some trees to life again to rebound used to make all things work together for good. Even dead wood does impossible things so becomes a possible cargo, trains, ship or boat for travelling. Metaphorically speaking, believer’s life is transformed under a pressure, stress, by pain or agony and trauma, under fire overcomes challenges to restart by faith. So assured God controls life, God Knows what is best for all mankind. As the tree successfully completes a purpose in life it now regenerates into a lovely musical instrument of joy. Dead wood recreated as guitars or a harp produce astounding maestro music celebrations.

Heaven_Harp_by_VassanthaOther renewed tree’s strength is put to use new shoots and branches; either it will rise up to produce new sprouts as the willow, alder tree, others; reported cypress tree, when cut down, may sprout  more.When passed from earth soul goes to Heaven among the saints worshipping God. So soul winning by believers who wins souls is wise according to Proverbs 11:30. The Cross of Christ is the most priceless piece of wood that ever blessed mankind yet was made from dead wood. Although considered of no use, piece of a rejected dead wood played its greatest part in salvation history. Our sins are forgiven, and our hearts renewed to holiness, heaven will be the rest of our souls, while our bodies are hidden in grave from malice of enemies, feeling no more grief or a pain from God’s corrections.  The wooden cross carried our Saviour Christ Jesus to fulfil His Mission and destiny on earth to save us with His precious BLOOD. Believers planted by living water Jesus Christ will resurrect eternally forever in Heaven in the PRESENCE of God and Christ.

The life of man may fitly be compared to the upright maypole firmly secured in Christ. Various people with opposite views dance round with their ribbons attached at the top of the pole. And soon interweave beautiful pattern around the pole in unity. An ordinary log turns into a centre of focus of interaction for the community. In Christ people unite to serve God and joined joined by the love of God. The waters of land surrounding tree may flood, spread afar but it soon dries up. Job’s expressions of belief in time of testing is a great doctrine of the resurrection. Although Job’s friends are miserable so not comforting but please themselves not God WILL. Job’s life is to depend on God’s expectations not false friends so he had true change of heart. He saw through his friends so depended more on God. At times, God allows such change to challenge, reprocess people to fit HIS Plans, Purpose, Thoughts, Better, Higher Greater than human ones. Moses Turning the Aaron's Staff into a Serpent Nicolas Poussin

The Christian life is as versatile as living the trees regenerates, restored, recreate, resurrect lives to fulfil God’s miracle test into testimonies. Similarly, Christian believers spread the WORD of God that Jesus saves lost souls, refreshed and so replenished by Holy Spirit and nurtured by God. Aaron’s rod buds, blossoms with flowers in the Bible as ordained by God.

download (6) Moses’ piece of rod turned to a serpent that swallowed smaller Egyptian ones. God’s power redeemed Jewish slaves when God Showed Superior Weapons of warfare with the rod which swallowed all the little snakes of the magicians of Egypt before Pharaoh.  A Christian’s life is versatile and God treats, regenerates, restores, recreates, resurrects life again. Stitched PanoramaTrees are processed into books including the most read book the Bible. Can be reprocessed as woodchip for gardening, sculptures for places and play grounds. Beautiful carvings are the regenerated products used as artifact of souvenirs and miniature gifts.

Some trees are used across footpath rivers,   ceilings, tiles or logs. They are perfectly and safely constructed into playground furniture to give fun to children. Dead wood is used for entertaining relaxing times for playground furniture or becomes boat transport fit for royalty.Wood is transformed into a boat just as Johan Huiber in Netherlands in 2007 rebuilt Noah’s ark. People visit this boat and it is going sailing around the world for the Noah experience. Today Biblical life is exactly possible as in Noah’s days Jesus warned people to beware and to seek refuge in Jesus Christ our Ark of hope for eternal life. Jesus said as it was in the days of Noah so endtime will be. Thrill seekers are beckoned to enter ark, but some mock so reject offer but others faithfully accept invitation so saved in Rapture from the Great Tribulations.

3345748822_f632de81fe Noah used wood to build the ark to rescue his family from floods to save humanity for God in extreme cases becomes fed up with people beyond redemption like Sodom and Gomorrah but saves those who love and obey Him. A picture below of fallen tree amazingly in this picture the fallen tree stood up. It is good lesson to learn for all those who feel they fell beyond restoration. Bible says, the righteous fall seven time but the LORD RESTORES them again.  Podocarpus elongatus, the 'Magic Tree' in November 2011

Magic Tree on the day it blew down

Podocarpus elongatus, the 'Magic Tree' in November 2011

Remembering in 1984 the tree remains felled and removed. Then, during day of gale force winds, in November 2005, the remaining yellowwood was split in half. Because it was still rooted, the Breede River Yellowwood was able to resprout and recover from the damage like this so decided to save it. The exposed roots were covered with soil, a portion of the crown was cut back and some of the boughs braced. It suffered sunburn but survived so now has strong new shoots. Growth recovery is a slow process but doing well. The children may have lost a tree for now but in few decades its back, bigge, better than before. Plant website is on Podocarpus elongatus and other South African yellowwoods.



In Job 14:7-15 though a tree is cut down, yet, in a moist situation, shoots come forth, and grow up as a newly planted tree. For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again if it cut down to the root, and only stump of the root is left in the ground, as the tree in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, Daniel 4:15 yet the owner of it may entertain a hope it is not destroyed but bud or logged so mundane woods becomes fun times to enjoy in life. In Aenaria since this is the case its sufficient for job’s purpose and the tender branch will not cease; from shoots or suckers will not cease. May be observed frequently to grow out of the roots of trees cut down as mentioned. A tree create times of refreshing by camp fires. Some become a place of shelter for animals who dwell in them. People cut a bamboo shoot and other trees used for jugs and mugs for drinking juice, fluids.

Wonderfully regenerated trees produce mushrooms sprouts growing naturally. No situation in life is beyond God repair although it may take on some different regenerated shape as wood carvings, mortar, pestles, woodwork is  useful so sustains life within plans and purposes of God for mankind. Still useful purpose of uniting the community to celebrate good times so God uses people for team work to rebuild His Kingdom.

Supernaturally an exceptionally crafted natural homes emerge from ruins of nature provides safety for wildlife. Beautiful branches turn to dead logs, become safe footpaths to keep the path clean and easy to walk on. The live tree become a pole without leaves, buds, branches, fruits etc. Wood becomes centre of focus for campsite stools, barbecues, toast marshmellows with joy laughter listening to stories.

Wood stumps for footpath landscaping, Amazon rainforest, Peru - stock photo


Regenerated trees are replaced from the new nursery young shoots so sprouted replanted as new trees. God replenishes the earth by replanted trees to save the environment. Life is described as trees many times in the Bible from garden of Eden to Revelations trees are discussed. So many life lessons are taught by trees so we can learn to live by the examples and challenges overcome by trees.



Jesus spoke about new beginning using the illustration of corn he plucked and ate with the disciples  as a lesson on soul food of life to teach believers to feed the hungry at all times whether it is a Sabbath day or not. The Greeks asked to see Jesus at one time so He told them unless a grain dies to become germinated it remains a single seed. This means Christians when Christ and resurrected so did believers become transformed and renewed to become fruitful to multiply and yield bumper harvest of souls as Spiritual farmers for  God. As the farmer saves the best golden grain of corn to replant for new beginning and it regenerates to multiply yielding abundant harvest, so believers are to help faith multiplication by encouraging others to grow in faith. Just as the natural process of corn growth is a miracle done by God with…

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Jesus the Seed from God is first fruit harvest and Lord of the Sabbath in Matthew 12 and Mark 2:23; 3:6. Jesus said corn gives new life because cornseed sown has life from God to reproduce itself in cornfield. In Mark 2 Jesus walking in a cornfield with His disciples  on Sabbath plucked fresh corn to eat but was confronted by the Pharisees and Sadducees. Accuse Jesus plucking corn to eat considered ‘work’ for ‘breaking’ Sabbath law of rest day to worship God. Jesus Lord of Sabbath and creator of corn, answered, ‘Sabbath is made for man, not man for Sabbath. Jesus fulfills the law expanding a deeper meaning to help understand God. Jesus created an extra mile action faith to feed hungry because God says can enter cornfields, wheat fields and fruit orchard farms to eat as much as needed but not sell a produce of farm entered. Leviticus 23:22 says leave food grains for the poor, travelers and the foreigner residing among you. Leave it for the foreigner, fatherless and the widows so the LORD God will bless you for you are all aliens on earth once strangers in slavery. Be kind to all the fatherless and the widows, so the LORD your God will bless you, your town in Deuteronomy 28. God the owner creator of whole world and cattle on a thousand hills says share food with others. People are the stewards of God’s resources and in fields Ruth gleaned from Boaz as an amiable landowner. As she gleans Boaz gave orders to his men, “Let her gather among the best and leave some more deliberately. Jesus, co-creator with God has the right to enter fields any time for food. People on trips, sojourners take food freely any day or time to save life of the hungry person’s life as priority imperative and is more important than keeping law or millstone around necks.pb-110801-corn-field-eg-01.photoblog900Jesus teaches people, company’s policies to factor in charity, generosity, kindness to all human beings created by God. Do not bury tons of food and throw away the perfectly good foods in excellent conditions buried in ground. Jesus says to humans be flexible, compassionate, be generous to all fellow human beings. Jesus taught His lesson on soul food life for believers to feed hungry at all times whether it is Sabbath day or not. Jesus challenged Pharisees and Sadducees for their querying of feeding Himself and disciples on Sabbath day. Greeks asked to see Jesus one day He told them about corn reproducing life. Jesus told them a corn grain dies to germinate or remains single seed. Christ meant when He died and resurrected His believers transform and renewed are fruitful, multiply and yield a bumper harvest of souls for God as He is the Spiritual Farmer for God.Farmer save their best golden seed grains of corn to replant in the new farming season to regenerate life. Jesus multiplies yielding an abundant harvest in believers to help Godly faith multiplication process. By encouraging seed faith to grow person saved in Hands of God. The Holy Spirit changes their hearts to become a child of God. Christians adapt to a modern soul farming methods and keeps up with the times as Jesus and His disciples did. The natural process of corn growth miracle is God’s single corn in good soil reproduce to yield increased crop harvests. God’s corn is supernaturally multiplied to more seed life. So God uses believers to win more souls in God’s Kingdom. One seedcorn yields harvest so believers sow seeds by faith watered by the Holy Spirit grows increase harvest from God. By hardwork prays to God to preserve  souls to control and influence good harvest.Challenged by Pharisees and Sadducees for plucking corn on the Sabbath Jesus said its better to feed hungry people than to starve them due to a bureaucratic man made laws. Corn maze fun times used to play in or for a wedding ceremony. The farmer assured of a good soil replants and harvests if weather is good as a season permits. Farmers work the land, till, sow, water in drought expect their best yield. Jesus told wonderful parables of farming and crop yields from fields. Some of the soil produced hard bumper harvest of a hundred fold at end of season. Best yield is preserved by traditional farmers from God kept dry at the top of a fireplace in barn for a next planting season is used as a seedcorn.wp-1580246065234.jpgdsc00488Christian believer farmers dedicate the best yield to thank God for the crop growth with blessings of rain and a rich organic soil and sunshine and gift of strength for hard work. The farmer assured replant and harvest the  seed during next season. Farmers work the land, till, sow, water in drought expects the best yield. Jesus told parables about farming crops, good soils, resilience, good yields and to help work hard for bumper soul harvest at end of life season. Jesus said, Sabbath is made for man during crisis so it is alright to harvest corn to eat not to let people starve to death because of the man-made law. Jesus encourages believers to have consideration for fellow human beings by sharing surplus food if possible at all costs to help poor out.941224169Farmer store corn harvest in safe tanks used depending on demand and supply. So a land planted is allowed to fallow seven years to replenish soil to regain nutrient. A previous year’s harvest lasts for years stored in silos is extra increases supply for seedcorn crops. Companies buy grains  for corn processed as chicken feed and income increase in a year by good harvest. Farmers lose if no harvest in due to climate changes, drought, storm in shock by loss. Discover fake seedcorns sown do not germinate despite all hardwork, cost, farmers do not recover input. A farmer pays high prices in using tractor to till land, plant, but without a harvest. Farmer  need to feed family lose income so no business. The corn genetically modified fertilized by children of a certain age or height hired to remove male part of corn. Grain not resown by farmer must buy seedcorn so depend on Monsanto.SiloFillSeedcorn planted is not wholeseed God gave containing life to replant sustains regrowth. Excessive greed for unfair profit by nations starved are sold chaff deadcorn to stop them fending for themselves. Capitalist mindset of agricultural seed companies keep the large-scale farmers to be dependent on Monsanto. Farmer learn the hard way about changes to Godly to the traditional methods of farming. Replaced  by the fake tampered hybrid seed corn is not harvested in cornseed preserved use by a previous generation. The abundant harvest depends on hardwork of farmer so God expects kindness as Boaz allowed Ruth to glean in barley fields. Greedy rich farmer enlarged own barns but pay poor not wages worth of workers. The barn preserves crops from rain elements provide for their family and corn buyers but the poor starve and die.download (5)Technology uses electronic crop processing silos of stainless steel or aluminum attached to computers to process the corn. Means loss of jobs for the farm workers affects whole communities so farmers struggle. Fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, contaminate natural organic corn field. Christian need changes to cruel methods. The Gospel remain authentic God as word of God the same as yesterday today and forever. Traditional farm method is farming cornrow fields ripe for harvests. Jesus in discourse of cornfield said mankind must not become slave of the selfish human  laws be it a Sabbath day or other actions to  put mankind in bondage. Jesus delivers and saves lives feeding people. The good news is feed the poor as Jesus did not kill, deprive or starve them. Watch greedy live in avaricious gluttony. The corn rows processed to variety of tasty delicacies is available to all equally.Photography Courses in FranceVariety of corn planted belongs to God. Jesus shows God more than enough food for all to feed people with good health spiritually and physically and emotionally. Spiritual Soul food from God, the Greatest Farmer is freely abundantly available to all people. Ancient gleaning law provide wisdom on how to feed the poor. To care for them gleaning fields to leave food for poor on edge of field. Crops if  gathered falls on ground left for poor grapes in vineyard left for the poor and stranger. I AM the LORD God of fatherless and widow. the LORD God so will bless you. In House of God people give  help there by choice to feed clothe and care for them. As Cornflakes taste experience uses sweet corn, savoury, mixed depend on poor circumstances of life. Those with sweet tooth love corn product much as savoury love theirs. Choice is endless and so more than enough to feed all in the world without wasting food. Some processed corn eaten fresh on the cob, shredded or grinded.corn waffles 1 big
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God has provided more than enough food as Jehovah Jireh to feed the whole world. But greedy selfish wicked people destroy God’s seed by hybrid genetic modification damage to kill seeds. Christ Jesus first fruit gives life eternally to resurrect after life. Empowered by Holy Spirit, goodwill, faithful, dedicated born again believers work hard, share food to feed the hungry. All over the world, God’s faithfully supplies seedcorn from His riches in Glory through Christ Jesus to farmers to replant. But the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy what God give all to enjoy. So God’s salvation plan is for all to be saved. Farmers get excellent harvest depending on the corn yield. Farmers for centuries replant seeds in fields sown from harvest. But selfish people want total control of food to dominate use food as weapons of colonialism and slavery. Monsanto sells dead seeds that grow once with fertiliser and pesticides destroying the soil. Corn flakes, pop corn, green giant, corn bread, beverage delicious nutrition varieties keep people alive among millions numerous businesses but natural seed destroyed. Food is chaff to the body lack nutrient or mineral essential for good health. People have illness from hidden chemicals damaging the body. Hidden carcinogens deliberately kills people to reduce population by Rockefeller and Bill Gates playing God to cull life here on earth. Harvest Music by Stephen Schwartz is the “All Good Gifts” song is perfect to celebrate and thank God to celebrate abundant supply to thank God our Father for all things bright, beautiful and the good corn house in China. 


Lyrics for “All Good Gifts”

We plow the fields and scatter the good seed on the land..
But it is fed and watered by God’s almighty hand..
He sends us snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain…
The breezes and the sunshine, and soft refreshing rain…

All good gifts around us
Are sent from Heaven above
So thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord for all his love…

We thank thee then, O Father, for all things bright and good,
The seedtime and the harvest, our life our health our food,
No gifts have we to offer for all thy love imparts
But that which thou desirest, our humble thankful hearts!

All good gifts around us
Are sent from Heaven above..
So thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord for all his love..

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The Story of Stephen

In Acts 6, as the apostles and disciples lived together and shared belongings, it was not long before some begun to complain about unfair treatment. It was decided a committee be set up to oversee the distribution of food as one of the issues of the source of conflict among the group. DSC_0031 A meeting was held to appoint dedicated and devoted, honest, trustworthy and reliable believers for the job. After prayers and deliberations a few were selected and approved. However, Stephen felt since he was not a trained chef his time was better spent in prayer and intercession to seek the face of God.   Some took offence that Stephen did not accept their choice for him so harboured bitterness and resentment against him. Other’s thought perhaps it was felt by Stephen they were not considered good enough to be around him. Maybe he looked for an excuse to avoid them rather than partake in the juicy complaints.   Whatever the case, Stephen chose to focus more on preaching and teaching the word of God. He knew Jesus prayed intensely and sought the face of God regularly. After all, the cornerstone of the church is Christ Himself who taught them to pray the Lord’s prayer.


Above all, there were more than enough dinner laddies and other committee members devoted to food affairs and meal time arguments. Stephen ‘ decision caused so much anger from those he expected to stand by him and support him.   Contrary to Stephen ‘ expectations, gossip and Chinese whispers were fuelled against him. People like elders and those from the synagogues who did not like others converting to Christianity through Stephen’s teachings and miracles, plotted against him with lies in the name of God that they heard him blaspheme against God. Yet who appointed them to defend God’s reputation? It was just to blackmail Stephen an anointed man of God who did wonders and miracles among them. They failed to see that instead of being jealous of Stephen’s anointing, they could also have the same power of the Holy Spirit. If they believed and also practiced the presence of God in prayer like Stephen they could also work miracles like him.


They instead gang up against Stephen and stoned him to death endorsed by Paul (then Saul). Why would a Christian group choose gluttony over faith and dedicated ministry? Wealth seems to be always be bedfellows in some situations like that one. With in abundance suddenly attention shifted from focus on ministry to prosperity infighting. The Christian group that started recovering and recreating their lives in unity and harmony now are dealing with trauma of Stephens death. Christ Jesus stood up for Stephen like Joan of Arc, he saw visions and did miracles that came to pass yet attacked and murdered for their faith in God. Today, unfortunately property and wealth focus at the expense of salvation of souls is alive and going on in some churches. Some pastors know their member’s positions and rank of financial status from their bank details and size of offerings than caring about the less fortunate among them. In fact, some churches will not allow hierarchy of leadership below a certain membership ranking.


To sponsor the Christian ministry heavily relies on and requires excellent jobs with income and finances. Meanwhile those benefiting turn around to condemn them for not doing enough. It seems like they never seem to know when enough is enough. Yet what shall it profit to gain the whole world and lose the soul. The church needs to focus more on prayer action with the sense urgency of salvation and deliverance message again.


It is absolutely true ministry cannot take place without financial support. It cost so much to pay for the crusades, cost of running premises, paying bills, heating, tea and coffee, confectionary, wages of pastors and workers. Today with high cost fuel and private jets to run due to schedules, security, health, safety, body guards, administrative costs, etc. ministry requires big money than ever before.


Many pastors pray with sacrifice for many years without complaining, knowing with assurance their wealth and crowns of rewards are in heaven. Today, church has adapted to meet the needs of modern society however it is important to remember Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Above all, Stephen revered the Lord’s prayer so forgave his false accusers in Jesus Name.

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