Alex is a typical big baby, loved and adored as the first son and first grandchild, long-awaited for. The king needed an heir descendant to continue on the throne. Bentley, Alex’s father, a magistrate unusual profession for his royal blood but chose to make a name for himself. Alex grew well, he was taught the love and fear of God and doted on, spoilt, pampered especially all. He had privilege and status so lacked nothing by God’s grace. He was indulged, but disciplined, polite respectful of the family and people in general. It was popular to breastfeed children as long as possible so he enjoyed his flavour as he called until he was 7 years old. Alex grew up so remembered fun times played with friend and father the magistrate. He admired his father’s job and was impressed although busy with work he made time to teach him. The day was sunny and bright and Alex looked forward to those special moments he spent with his father. Play football, games, learn to read and write. Recalls his father’s favourite word, “attention” often said to remind him to focus and concentrate on his studies. Their belongings were carefully packed and about to loaded by the chauffeur into vehicle when news came through of sudden death of his loving gentleman father, Bentley.

court-st (1)MIC2008 thoughtful young manRemembering sad realities, Alex cried until he could cry no more tears again. He felt numb and his world never felt the same ever again. He was devastated and at a loss. How on earth was he going to make it and survive by losing two of the most precious and important people among those closest to him in his life. Now Alex contributes to the family as required to earn pocket-money. Alex thought his life as he knew was over without the pecks and privileges attached to his father’s profession. He knew for sure they could not return to live in government’s first class posh suburbia residential gated community left behind with high society neighbours. He recollected memories of good times role playing with friends as mock magistrates. As his father was now in the mortuary, so the next magistrate would certainly require his bedroom for his two sons when he resumes his new job to replace his father’s office. He wondered how he could cope in a shared extended family home without privacy he enjoyed previously. He met family members who comforted him but life was different without father so life changed dramatically for the worse. They searched for best affordable coffin style father would prefer. He was amazed at design shapes not seen before to select so appreciated he was asked to decide with others to find a coffin.


cadillac__dts_funeral_car__hearse__funeralcar_2012_1_lgwThey had a service in the church then hurst driven to cemetery for burial and dust to dust prayer rituals. Some screamed but others watched silently. The coffin in grave was covered safely against rain and damage. Guests and relatives returned to continue the memorial service. Some left eventually while others stayed behind to support the family and help with cooking and serving. People donated money to help with funeral costs or contributions for costs of meals. Now death was personal so he could understand why people cried so much during funerals. Now plans changed to stay behind for support from family. After what seems like forever they put funeral together the day arrived to lay his father to rest. He was enrolled in a new school so missed his other childhood friends. He was in school when his mother came to fetch him for the journey to bury his father in his city. For some reason his mother decided to give him a second bath within a few minutes changed his school uniform.

Accompanied by other mourners, some relatives and his mother in chartered cars to funeral. Some visited cemetery with flowers said goodbye then got home. But others stayed around for funeral. Some he recognised as state official and neighbours. Word got round so people rallied around almost immediately to help any way they can. Whereas he had servants before and was sent to school in style now he had to walk everywhere as there were too many people sharing the family car. He shared bathrooms, kitchen and other amenities as well. He was grateful and thankful he was not homeless on the streets. He learnt new skills like gardening and household duties. He wants to become a magistrate one day like his dad God willing. Bentley was laid to rest after granted privacy to say good bye to touch father’s body for closure. They attended memorial service as standard prayers said and Alex’s father was buried. People people ate, drunk and danced. He listened to wonderful music played on the piano and various people making speeches about what a gentleman his father was.


To Alex’s shock and horror relatives gathered with his mother at the centre of the funeral crowd to debate Alex’s future. The caviar attached to his father’s wealth to claim inheritance was he must remain behind with unknown relatives to receive them. As under 16 years old too young to handle property and assets. Moreover, since he was a minor under 16 years, the property and assets had to be entrusted to guardians who would become his protegé. Total strangers he barely knew were discussing his life. As if he had no say or cared about father’s loss grief sad feelings. Worst of all his mother must agree to marry a new distant relative or lose her husband’s wealth. All seemed overwhelming, too soon as father was buried a few hours previously while Alex faced uncertain future. Alex saw treatment by extended family so vowed to serve God to provide for him. Both Alex and his sister teamed up with God to make a way for them where there seems no way. They prayed daily for God’s miracle help and worked hard to sustain themselves. As the family took everything they owned including their personal basic necessities. God is so Good and Faithful as Jehovah Jireh God provides for the in Jesus Name. With God all things are possible in travesty trust God to carry through in Jesus Name.


4 thoughts on “THE MAGISTRATES SON

  1. Hi, I do think this is an excellent web site. I stumbledupon it 😉 I may return once again since i have bookmarked it. Money and freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich and continue to guide other people.
    Thanks for your comments, having money and freedom is good to help in life but confidence in God to provide and supply all needs is above all.

  2. An extremely well told story! In the end, we wind up at the beginning…we start with God, and we end up before Him in judgment. If we can realize and commit to Him during the days of our earthly lives, we do very well!

    Steve Pejay

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