Kanakuk_Thanksgiving_Wallpaper_1680+x+1050Two sisters after 50 years apart had a God sent miracle chance encounter to reconnect again. The two sisters between ages 6 and 8 years lost touch with each other when violently kidnapped while they innocently happily playing with friends in their home on a lovely sunny afternoon. Sarah was the oldest of the two and Jean was the younger one and the baby of the family. Both are delightful beautiful little girls and a great source of joy to their family. They played skip rope, hop scotch, hide and seek. They run around chasing various colourful butterflies and played with their pet dog. Everything seemed normal as usual on particular day like any other day. Suddenly they heard strange noises of commotion, people screaming and running helter skelter. They saw strange men on horsebacks grabbing children running off with them plus others never seen again.

skipping-ropeskipping-rope (1)

Sarah was captured while screaming for Jean. It was the last time both girls saw each other after years of living and having fun together playing popular games like skipping rope and hop scotch. Both were taken several miles from home to new places they never heard of before. They lived with different people because they were constantly moved on to avoid being easily traced by family. The children grew up and continued to help with their new family business. Both grew up as fine young business women. On special occasions, as oldest daughters asked their mothers to rest so they took charge of the business to give Sarah and Jean a well deserved break. Sarah’s daughter Abigail and Jean’s daughter Lizzy unknowingly travelled to exact nearby commercial warehouses to buy stock on behalf of their mothers. They learnt to cook delicious meals, sew, knit, became wonderful home makers. Each married, raised  and trained children well. Each prayed to God to meet again so never forgot childhood memories, games of hop scotch or chasing butterflies which reminded them of time of their playing together.

PMG019Simages (2)

As adults, now speak two different languages due to places abductors sold them to. Yet bumped into each other regularly over 30 years without realising family connection. During business trips both noticed each other’s identical features recognised in each other but paid no attention immediately. After meeting for years on previous occasions took closer interest to talk more to each other. So became firm friends without realising they were blood related cousins sharing maternal family tree. They learnt to cook delicious meals, sew, knit, became wonderful home makers. Each was married so raised their own children and trained them well. Yet never forgot childhood memories of each other. Seeing their children grow reminded them of their own childhood. God heard and answered their prayer to meet again. So during another trip and their routine normal conversation the miracle happened. Pretty soon they described their families to one another and found out they were related. Soon word got round and time was set to meet each other’s family. When the meeting eventually took place they cried tears of joy. Both Sarah and Jean never dreamt they will ever see one another again. Each thought about the other everyday with grief of losing their natural blood family for 50 years.

6d09b816675acddc2f4699194423bd4dMuch to surprise Sarah’s home is similarly decorated identical to Jean’s home although 50 years passed since they saw or heard from each other. Each created large vintage design patterns which reminded them of childhood home. They spent precious time together getting to know families again. As Sarah and Jean spoke different languages so required translators to talk to each other. They recounted teenage memories and experiences. Both recorded and documented life stories and traced family tree to place of childhood where originally kidnapped. Records tallied accurately with photographs so families continue to remain in touch to date. They celebrate their newfound families by sharing God’s miracle of their sterling reunion. They join in extended family events and exchange presents to mark various occasions. So participate in bigger family events, visit ancestral family home. Thank God for His Mercy, Compassion and Loving-kindness. So whether in care, given away, adopted, abducted, kidnapped, believe God Almighty the Great I AM IS ABLE to reconnect families. With God all things are possible. Call directly unto God to hear and answer prayer to deliver and save loved ones wherever they are. God’s Eyes roams to and fro on your behalf to keep loved ones safe and well in Jesus Name. Trust God to keep all faithful, loyal, saved in eternity with God.


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