Jesus said He brought the Sword of God’s words in Bible to strengthen believers. In Nehemiah chapters 1-7, repair and rebuilt walls of Jerusalem survived constant threats of enemies. God’s Word is sharper than 2 edged sword for believer’s use against enemy fighting to cut through bone and marrow in victory. Believers in God’s kingdom suffer spiritual violence so violent take it by force as good soldiers of God to save souls not kill them. Keep watch against enemies who taunt to try to stop God’s work. Nehemiah had confidence in God to stand strong to succeed.

images (3)So accomplished vision and ambition to repair the wall. Believers keep guard to protect their spirit with the Sword of the Spirit of God’s Word. A Christian is like a city built full of priceless precious treasures and jewels. God Protects believers by God’s Holy Spirit in Jesus Name not to let ungodly spirits overcome them. So be boldly strong in God’s Mighty Power. For God has not given us spirit of fear but love, power and a sound mind.


The spirit of fear is subdued and over-ruled by God’s Spirit Sword to negative thoughts, words, objects, subjects, suggestions stop entering the mind. This is a powerful weapon of God. So stops fear, panic attack, anxiety from overwhelming the person to dwell on negative pain. It helps clear head so stops mind overshadowed by fearful thoughts. To dwell on good positive things in a person’s life by guarding the spirit.

images (1)Some try to convince believers to join lukewarm ways and rebellious attitudes towards God. So call them names like fanatic, holier than thou, old fashioned, killjoy, nun, monk, etc. Some family members turn against dedicated devoted worshipers of God. They may not recognise God’s call upon such loved ones to support them. True believers love God with their whole mind, soul, body in complete obedience and loyalty.

be strongDespite facing challenging times from family members, friends, colleagues, institutions, schools, employers hold on by faith in God. Some lack accurate correct knowledge of God. Without understanding God’s words are not synchronized with Jesus’ return with sword to deal with enemies. Jesus said a prophet is not without honour except among own creation or hometown. Choose to obey God rather than people. Jesus Christ is the slain lamb of God and the lion of Judah who will return to judge the world.

Jesus-ReturnsThis is why the body of Christ has to be strong to build up fellow believers to remain boldly strong in Christ. Negative words, lyrics of music cause people to replay depressive negative thoughts constantly. Be fully committed to God, not complain, feel intimidated because other dedicated zealous believers walk in holiness and righteousness. Love yourself, and build up your own personal inner strength in God in Christ. It influences body language behaviour, leads to depression if not dealt with by talking therapy prayer.inspiringVigilance is required to get rid of negative trigger words to replace with high self-esteem self-belief words. It is good to encourage and build up good thoughts and speak them out for life and death is in the tongue. To speak life into situations no matter what one sees or one feels. Believers are to transform and renew minds to have the mind of Christ and be brainwashed by the blood of Jesus. 

Be-Strong-and-BelieveIt is interesting Gideon’s army in the Bible was told those fearful should go home not to demoralize the courageous and bold soldiers. Believer today faces challenges so must stand strong during adversity. Christians are warned by God’s words in Revelation 21:8 that fearful unbelieving have no place in Heaven. Thoughts of fear must be rejected with the blood of Jesus in Jesus Name. And replaced with relevant positive words of God from the Bible everyday words of encouragement.

This song helps reassure believers God, Christ, angels are around to strengthen always.

Be Bold, Be strong for the Lord your God is with you

Be Bold, Be strong for the Lord your God is with you,

I am not afraid, For I am walking in faith and victory,

Yes I am walking in faith and victory

For the Lord my God is with me.

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One thought on “BE STRONG IN GOD

  1. As Christians we were not trained with a “spirit of timidity!” (2 Tim.1:7) God helped to make us ready to do battle for His word and will. Very good post!

    Steve Pejay

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