Alex is a typical big baby, loved and adored as the first son and first grandchild, long-awaited for. The king needed an heir descendant to continue on the throne. Bentley, Alex’s father, a magistrate unusual profession for his royal blood but chose to make a name for himself. Alex grew well, he was taught the love and fear of God and doted on, spoilt, pampered especially all. He had privilege and status so lacked nothing by God’s grace. He was indulged, but disciplined, polite respectful of the family and people in general. It was popular to breastfeed children as long as possible so he enjoyed his flavour as he called until he was 7 years old. Alex grew up so remembered fun times played with friend and father the magistrate. He admired his father’s job and was impressed although busy with work he made time to teach him. The day was sunny and bright and Alex looked forward to those special moments he spent with his father. Play football, games, learn to read and write. Recalls his father’s favourite word, “attention” often said to remind him to focus and concentrate on his studies. Their belongings were carefully packed and about to loaded by the chauffeur into vehicle when news came through of sudden death of his loving gentleman father, Bentley.

court-st (1)MIC2008 thoughtful young manRemembering sad realities, Alex cried until he could cry no more tears again. He felt numb and his world never felt the same ever again. He was devastated and at a loss. How on earth was he going to make it and survive by losing two of the most precious and important people among those closest to him in his life. Now Alex contributes to the family as required to earn pocket-money. Alex thought his life as he knew was over without the pecks and privileges attached to his father’s profession. He knew for sure they could not return to live in government’s first class posh suburbia residential gated community left behind with high society neighbours. He recollected memories of good times role playing with friends as mock magistrates. As his father was now in the mortuary, so the next magistrate would certainly require his bedroom for his two sons when he resumes his new job to replace his father’s office. He wondered how he could cope in a shared extended family home without privacy he enjoyed previously. He met family members who comforted him but life was different without father so life changed dramatically for the worse. They searched for best affordable coffin style father would prefer. He was amazed at design shapes not seen before to select so appreciated he was asked to decide with others to find a coffin.


cadillac__dts_funeral_car__hearse__funeralcar_2012_1_lgwThey had a service in the church then hurst driven to cemetery for burial and dust to dust prayer rituals. Some screamed but others watched silently. The coffin in grave was covered safely against rain and damage. Guests and relatives returned to continue the memorial service. Some left eventually while others stayed behind to support the family and help with cooking and serving. People donated money to help with funeral costs or contributions for costs of meals. Now death was personal so he could understand why people cried so much during funerals. Now plans changed to stay behind for support from family. After what seems like forever they put funeral together the day arrived to lay his father to rest. He was enrolled in a new school so missed his other childhood friends. He was in school when his mother came to fetch him for the journey to bury his father in his city. For some reason his mother decided to give him a second bath within a few minutes changed his school uniform.

Accompanied by other mourners, some relatives and his mother in chartered cars to funeral. Some visited cemetery with flowers said goodbye then got home. But others stayed around for funeral. Some he recognised as state official and neighbours. Word got round so people rallied around almost immediately to help any way they can. Whereas he had servants before and was sent to school in style now he had to walk everywhere as there were too many people sharing the family car. He shared bathrooms, kitchen and other amenities as well. He was grateful and thankful he was not homeless on the streets. He learnt new skills like gardening and household duties. He wants to become a magistrate one day like his dad God willing. Bentley was laid to rest after granted privacy to say good bye to touch father’s body for closure. They attended memorial service as standard prayers said and Alex’s father was buried. People people ate, drunk and danced. He listened to wonderful music played on the piano and various people making speeches about what a gentleman his father was.


To Alex’s shock and horror relatives gathered with his mother at the centre of the funeral crowd to debate Alex’s future. The caviar attached to his father’s wealth to claim inheritance was he must remain behind with unknown relatives to receive them. As under 16 years old too young to handle property and assets. Moreover, since he was a minor under 16 years, the property and assets had to be entrusted to guardians who would become his protegé. Total strangers he barely knew were discussing his life. As if he had no say or cared about father’s loss grief sad feelings. Worst of all his mother must agree to marry a new distant relative or lose her husband’s wealth. All seemed overwhelming, too soon as father was buried a few hours previously while Alex faced uncertain future. Alex saw treatment by extended family so vowed to serve God to provide for him. Both Alex and his sister teamed up with God to make a way for them where there seems no way. They prayed daily for God’s miracle help and worked hard to sustain themselves. As the family took everything they owned including their personal basic necessities. God is so Good and Faithful as Jehovah Jireh God provides for the in Jesus Name. With God all things are possible in travesty trust God to carry through in Jesus Name.


Kanakuk_Thanksgiving_Wallpaper_1680+x+1050Two sisters after 50 years apart had a God sent miracle chance encounter to reconnect again. The two sisters between ages 6 and 8 years lost touch with each other when violently kidnapped while they innocently happily playing with friends in their home on a lovely sunny afternoon. Sarah was the oldest of the two and Jean was the younger one and the baby of the family. Both are delightful beautiful little girls and a great source of joy to their family. They played skip rope, hop scotch, hide and seek. They run around chasing various colourful butterflies and played with their pet dog. Everything seemed normal as usual on particular day like any other day. Suddenly they heard strange noises of commotion, people screaming and running helter skelter. They saw strange men on horsebacks grabbing children running off with them plus others never seen again.

skipping-ropeskipping-rope (1)

Sarah was captured while screaming for Jean. It was the last time both girls saw each other after years of living and having fun together playing popular games like skipping rope and hop scotch. Both were taken several miles from home to new places they never heard of before. They lived with different people because they were constantly moved on to avoid being easily traced by family. The children grew up and continued to help with their new family business. Both grew up as fine young business women. On special occasions, as oldest daughters asked their mothers to rest so they took charge of the business to give Sarah and Jean a well deserved break. Sarah’s daughter Abigail and Jean’s daughter Lizzy unknowingly travelled to exact nearby commercial warehouses to buy stock on behalf of their mothers. They learnt to cook delicious meals, sew, knit, became wonderful home makers. Each married, raised  and trained children well. Each prayed to God to meet again so never forgot childhood memories, games of hop scotch or chasing butterflies which reminded them of time of their playing together.

PMG019Simages (2)

As adults, now speak two different languages due to places abductors sold them to. Yet bumped into each other regularly over 30 years without realising family connection. During business trips both noticed each other’s identical features recognised in each other but paid no attention immediately. After meeting for years on previous occasions took closer interest to talk more to each other. So became firm friends without realising they were blood related cousins sharing maternal family tree. They learnt to cook delicious meals, sew, knit, became wonderful home makers. Each was married so raised their own children and trained them well. Yet never forgot childhood memories of each other. Seeing their children grow reminded them of their own childhood. God heard and answered their prayer to meet again. So during another trip and their routine normal conversation the miracle happened. Pretty soon they described their families to one another and found out they were related. Soon word got round and time was set to meet each other’s family. When the meeting eventually took place they cried tears of joy. Both Sarah and Jean never dreamt they will ever see one another again. Each thought about the other everyday with grief of losing their natural blood family for 50 years.

6d09b816675acddc2f4699194423bd4dMuch to surprise Sarah’s home is similarly decorated identical to Jean’s home although 50 years passed since they saw or heard from each other. Each created large vintage design patterns which reminded them of childhood home. They spent precious time together getting to know families again. As Sarah and Jean spoke different languages so required translators to talk to each other. They recounted teenage memories and experiences. Both recorded and documented life stories and traced family tree to place of childhood where originally kidnapped. Records tallied accurately with photographs so families continue to remain in touch to date. They celebrate their newfound families by sharing God’s miracle of their sterling reunion. They join in extended family events and exchange presents to mark various occasions. So participate in bigger family events, visit ancestral family home. Thank God for His Mercy, Compassion and Loving-kindness. So whether in care, given away, adopted, abducted, kidnapped, believe God Almighty the Great I AM IS ABLE to reconnect families. With God all things are possible. Call directly unto God to hear and answer prayer to deliver and save loved ones wherever they are. God’s Eyes roams to and fro on your behalf to keep loved ones safe and well in Jesus Name. Trust God to keep all faithful, loyal, saved in eternity with God.


dementia-choices-training-largeThe phone rang and I got the good news, a long time friend and colleague who is a diplomat is in town. We talked often on the phone but our schedules and commitments meant we treasure special occasions we meet face to face. Joshua has keen eyes, an alert and sharp mind, an excellent and competent diplomat. He always gave the extra mile service and dedicated himself to millions he served over the years. He gave time and resources to gladly help other’s better themselves. Joshua dressed smartly befitting his status and profession. He mentioned if I can avail myself for his forthcoming birthday he accurately mentioned is on 30th May. He recounted wonderful memories as far back as he could remember. He cracked jokes and we burst out laughing uncontrollably until I could feel my muscles tightening around my stomach with tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks with his jokes. When his drink spilled on the table I quickly wiped it, so Joshua commented “ever ready for instant service.” Everything about Joshua looked and sounded as normal as possible since I know him. We chatted consistently, recalling times and places we worked in from the past. Then it hit me suddenly like thunderbolt Joshua asked about people he knew well. Some passed on, so he was actively present or organised funeral memorial yet asked, who is so and so and where are they many times.


Or asking me who am I again for the 5th time. After lunch with him in one of the finest restaurants, he said he had not eaten the whole day yet. Or say he ate an imaginary meal not provided by family which meant he did not eat yet when at the hospital for treatment. Trained as qualified pastoral counsellor life coach it dawned on me the reality of transition dealt with  through Joshua’s changes right before my eyes. Most clients referred are already clinically ill before support in a state before first meeting. I noticed, Joshua talks accurately one moment about precise information confirmed by family, yet in between at times absent minded. Joshua said, ‘a diplomat’s words are carefully selected tools appropriately used to befit the chosen person dealt with for respect and honour.’ His words are polite to ensure a person feels highly appreciated and valued. My personal knowledge of Joshua through years shows he looks the same. Yet different in responses as known before so changing gradually after diagnosis. Although alert and communicates, cannot be left on his own unattended for safety reasons. This challenges with empathy all forced by circumstances to switch roles to become parent of adult with health challenges. Or vice versa as children look after adults. The carer misses original adult personality of parent. And Joshua’s dementia tests confirm changes in behaviour.


The family adapted to change so now fully responsible for caring for Joshua. He is dearly loved, highly respected, honoured, lacks nothing except memory loss. Well cared for, provided for by friends, family and loved ones by God’s Grace. This journey embarked on is to support and encourages all Joshuas and family. Update on treatment shows haemorrhage on Joshua’s brain caused distortion of information by his mind. At times, families are under immense stress, pressure. So are exhausted from implications of things said unknowingly or done by beloved one cared for. This can hurt at times due to frustrations of lack of appreciation of dedicated service of love. Most intimate family members bear brunt of putting up with dementia changes of second childhood. Some adults become totally dependent like new born infants. So an irony in seeing fully matured grown up act like baby. They are not faking it for attention to cause offense but reality of changes in the brain. Also, is accompanied grief, mourning loss of original loved one previously known. Loved ones are under tremendous pressure to become parent of their parent plus financial consequences as provider carer. One appreciates life more seeing change transitions of Joshua’s life. We hope for the best so continue prayers for Joshua’s family. We give thanks, Glory to God for his wonderful blessed years. And pray for strength, a sound mind, God’s blessings upon caring loved ones in Jesus Name. It is important to heal one self from any caring insults and abuse from loved ones to make peace with them before their demise passing. Forgive for they know not what they were doing. Remember God will not forgive you if you do not forgive all who hurt you.



Jesus said He brought the Sword of God’s words in Bible to strengthen believers. In Nehemiah chapters 1-7, repair and rebuilt walls of Jerusalem survived constant threats of enemies. God’s Word is sharper than 2 edged sword for believer’s use against enemy fighting to cut through bone and marrow in victory. Believers in God’s kingdom suffer spiritual violence so violent take it by force as good soldiers of God to save souls not kill them. Keep watch against enemies who taunt to try to stop God’s work. Nehemiah had confidence in God to stand strong to succeed.

images (3)So accomplished vision and ambition to repair the wall. Believers keep guard to protect their spirit with the Sword of the Spirit of God’s Word. A Christian is like a city built full of priceless precious treasures and jewels. God Protects believers by God’s Holy Spirit in Jesus Name not to let ungodly spirits overcome them. So be boldly strong in God’s Mighty Power. For God has not given us spirit of fear but love, power and a sound mind.


The spirit of fear is subdued and over-ruled by God’s Spirit Sword to negative thoughts, words, objects, subjects, suggestions stop entering the mind. This is a powerful weapon of God. So stops fear, panic attack, anxiety from overwhelming the person to dwell on negative pain. It helps clear head so stops mind overshadowed by fearful thoughts. To dwell on good positive things in a person’s life by guarding the spirit.

images (1)Some try to convince believers to join lukewarm ways and rebellious attitudes towards God. So call them names like fanatic, holier than thou, old fashioned, killjoy, nun, monk, etc. Some family members turn against dedicated devoted worshipers of God. They may not recognise God’s call upon such loved ones to support them. True believers love God with their whole mind, soul, body in complete obedience and loyalty.

be strongDespite facing challenging times from family members, friends, colleagues, institutions, schools, employers hold on by faith in God. Some lack accurate correct knowledge of God. Without understanding God’s words are not synchronized with Jesus’ return with sword to deal with enemies. Jesus said a prophet is not without honour except among own creation or hometown. Choose to obey God rather than people. Jesus Christ is the slain lamb of God and the lion of Judah who will return to judge the world.

Jesus-ReturnsThis is why the body of Christ has to be strong to build up fellow believers to remain boldly strong in Christ. Negative words, lyrics of music cause people to replay depressive negative thoughts constantly. Be fully committed to God, not complain, feel intimidated because other dedicated zealous believers walk in holiness and righteousness. Love yourself, and build up your own personal inner strength in God in Christ. It influences body language behaviour, leads to depression if not dealt with by talking therapy prayer.inspiringVigilance is required to get rid of negative trigger words to replace with high self-esteem self-belief words. It is good to encourage and build up good thoughts and speak them out for life and death is in the tongue. To speak life into situations no matter what one sees or one feels. Believers are to transform and renew minds to have the mind of Christ and be brainwashed by the blood of Jesus. 

Be-Strong-and-BelieveIt is interesting Gideon’s army in the Bible was told those fearful should go home not to demoralize the courageous and bold soldiers. Believer today faces challenges so must stand strong during adversity. Christians are warned by God’s words in Revelation 21:8 that fearful unbelieving have no place in Heaven. Thoughts of fear must be rejected with the blood of Jesus in Jesus Name. And replaced with relevant positive words of God from the Bible everyday words of encouragement.

This song helps reassure believers God, Christ, angels are around to strengthen always.

Be Bold, Be strong for the Lord your God is with you

Be Bold, Be strong for the Lord your God is with you,

I am not afraid, For I am walking in faith and victory,

Yes I am walking in faith and victory

For the Lord my God is with me.

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290395811Wealth and riches are delicate sensitive subjects people prefer not to discuss or talk about as it puts people in spotlight. Yet constantly in the news is the Church list of richest list of pastors celebrating their wealth. Private jets or multimillion mansions but member become poorer and poorer. God watching from heaven wonders don’t they that remember HE created wealth so owns all silver, gold to sponsor his Kingdom for salvation of souls precious to Him? Don’t feel guilty, embarrassed or blamed for heartlessly exploiting others. Such rich people with bigger mansions live further away from city contact with ordinary passers by. 51F16buLTrLTakes miles to see life activities of such homes well hidden from public’s view and prying eyes. Signs put all around warns the trespassers to stay clear of vicinity. Security is tightened to ensure no one comes close by. All an attempt to guarantee safety preservation of wealth on earth. In Acts 2:44-46, all believers lived together had all things in common. Selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all as any had need. Daily attends the temple together breaking bread in their homes, receive food from glad generous heartshez_wealthKing Solomon is the richest King blessed by God miraculously without asking for wealth. So God is not against wealth and riches in the Church. Pentecost created Christian community believers adapted to make room for all. So apostles had a responsibility of catering for different needs in church. They gave all to follow Christ who once advised not to carry a purse, extra garments or shoes so God provides through all who receive them. Extra mouths fed used own resources, sells belongings, possessions, land, gold, business to support all. Wealth collected in Exodus riches built God’s temple.Wealth of Jesus miraculously provides on all occasions multiplying few loaves of bread and some fishes from a child’s lunch is amazing. Apostles and disciples fed over 5000 saved by providing meals for those God added daily so not job for faint-hearted. God faithfully provides to continue salvation of the Church so the past history shows the richest monks on earth provided for needy in community. But its selfish greedy misguided plunder like Nebuchadnezzar ransacked God’s riches, golden cups, altars, shared booty to enrich themselves at Gods expensestock-photo-riches-gold-key-representing-wealth-and-treasure-91150718God severely punished Nebuchadnezzar made him mad crawling on floor eating grass. The Church urgently needs back wealth transfer to look after all poor not leave it to greedy confiscators to destroy God’s Temples and HIS riches. It is early Church providing that is commendable people willing to dispose of inheritance, assets, wealth helped each other. Some churches practice community lifestyle is possible practically to recreate similar caring, sharing and living arrangement to provide for believers in church today in Jesus Name. As world glorifies greed, selfishness, personal wealth, not looking out for other’s interest first, God expects believers to generously give and help to sponsor God’s Kingdom beyond status quo. Selling property shared with others awesome excellent gesture of kindness, God supplies needs, generosity increase.depositphotos_8065810-Gold-Letters-As-Symbol-For-Wealth-Or-RichesToday’s prosperity message beautifully fits into the early church’s bold decision for wealth transfer save souls for God. It really possible with abundant wealth to create an inter-woven interdependence pattern among all Christian believers. God’s work goes forward in Jesus Name. God’s family recognizes the word of God is more precious than rubies, diamonds, encourage members, relatives to share gold, diamond treasures to help poor.Wealth is not needed in heaven and so inheritance of piece of land on earth is freely given to build churches, Christian schools. God takes great notice delights in people who sacrifice riches to ensure HIS Kingdom receives and needs met to move forward. A true story in news says a Muslim who read about Wigglesworth and how God used him purchase church to be demolished for redevelopment so  God cares deeply about all His creation suffering on earth due to greedy action of others recklessly wasting resources.judean_mountains (1)Also the Muslim prayed God must raise new prophet to continue such ministry. God answered his prayer and today that church is alive to God’s GLORY. God will use anybody to further His Kingdom on the earth. Jesus Christ and disciples who gave up businesses in full-time ministry worked to spread Gospel so all provided for hosted by the people. God’s blessings come on all who bless HIS work. Jesus said what use is it to bless hungry poor but not feed them, tell them about God’s love while they are freezing in the cold.  And you do not give them one of your many coats you do not need?wp-1579547068538.jpgwp-1579547089474.jpgwp-1579547245843.jpgwp-1579548357586.jpgwp-1579547147383.jpgwp-1579547226385.jpgwp-1579547175400.jpgwp-1579547191841.jpg

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crossroads (1)As believers we face many challenges in life making choices while holding on in faith so assured all will be well in Jesus Name. It seems the deeper and nearer we draw nearer to God we face many issues of all forms, shapes, sizes testing decisions not to compromise our faith.dreamstime_6199788-300x199Like Job in Bible many have been tested and tried by circumstances of life so it is the time to run to God. To seek His Face for answers in His words of wisdom. In a confused state it’s easy to make a rush decision choice without deep reflection of risks and consequences. Do not allow emotional feelings blur your judgement to make reckless mistakes that cost you.corporate-coaching-transition-coachingPlans and goals in life demands options to be chosen and weighed carefully and with consequences in mind during time of decisions. Cross roads are like motor ways you miss first turn you must go all the way round to get on the right route. Or find alternative road longer wasting time to get to same destination. Life is a cross road so make wise choices in life.dorothy-meets-the-scarecrow-in-the-wizard-of-oz-1939-1-300x206 And one is called on various occasions to bring new situations to test you to try to intimidate and harass can taunt faith. The stress of added pressure increases  to see if one truly trusts God in difficult times. Each occasion is a test of faith for your testimony like many have been put through the fire and waters of adversity. So deal with consequences life brought on them by others to deal with by them.cross-roads-in-lifePlans appear more sophisticated in life but new issues crop up create decisions and difficult choice effects. In spite of all challenges one can say with confidence in God all things work together for good for all those who love the LORD and are called according to HIS WILL, purpose and plans. All called according to God’s plans do God’s will, fufill God’s purpose, know fully, understands God in control.crossroadsAt times, despite knowing the plans and purposes of God are always Higher and Better although it may not make sense to you until after obedience. God only reveals in stages so understand actions brought on by change perfectly line up with the will of God. Sometimes it feels like throwing in the towel if tried and is tested beyond measure, not knowing in which direction to turn but trust God. It is good news change helps to survive to make it in life to share your testimony.06_17_10-5-Skills-for-a-Successful-Career-Transition
Change has the tough domino effect one may not be ready for at times caused by others. Change is challenging you out of  comfort zone experiences outside a box. Every action in life has a reaction equal and opposite effect of laws of nature. A domino effect takes place to impact life of other people by your choices. Think carefully about consequence of decision short-term and longterm before you act.miller-lite-dominoes
With God it is well in Jesus Name. Even if ripple effects of life is not your doing God Shields you from the destruction in Jesus Name. Whatever challenges affect us God is able to give us His wisdom to help overcome in Jesus Name. Be sure your decisions are for the greater good just not for your selfish impulsive mood and temper tantrums. Life is tough, deal with hard times take care of yourself by pampering yourself with warm bath or genuine massage, good music, therapy.wp-1577568638360.jpgwp-1577568627372.jpgIMG_20200116_54662a1800138-multiple_ripples_from_a_water_drop-splRipple effects can last a life time, brings new challenges unthought through of if consequences damaging destroy you or loved ones. No man is an island so need to listen to advise of experienced expert and trained people supporting you. And remember real life is not fantasy drama but real painful experiences overcomed make you stronger and wiser. Have the consideration for others not to insist on being always centre of attention. And to recognize there is nothing new under the sun as King Solomon said in Bible.


peter-preachingDuring Pentecost Peter empowered boldly by Holy Spirit preached powerful message to devout Jewish men, women and children from all the nations under heaven in Jerusalem. Jesus commanded the apostles to wait to until they receive the Holy Spirit before ministering after Jesus’ Resurrection. Jesus told disciples Jesus promised to send the Holy Spirit to them after His departure to heaven John 15:26 stating “I will send to you from Father God the Spirit of Truth to bear witness of Jesus.” The apostles and 120 disciples instructed by Jesus, “Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift My Father promised as you heard Me speak about. John immersed with water but in a few days you will be immersed with Holy Spirit. You will receive power when Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth according to Acts 1:4–8. 613445810_2249c2d193The disciples plus the 120 people living together in the Upper Room Cenacle in Jerusalem is the site of the Last Supper Cenacle room. The Holy Spirit alighted on the 11 apostles after Easter in the place they stayed as first Christian Church to start teaching and sharing Gospel from Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit descended on the disciples from all nations present in Jerusalem. Peter’s sermon touched so many people as following messages shows: 36 Let all Israel be assured God made Jesus you crucified both Lord and Messiah of all nations.” Peter’s sermon shows his amazing transformation right before our eyes. The Holy Spirit filled believers visibly seen like flames on their heads. Started speaking in many languages understood by people from all nations spoke in other tongues. This encouraged believers to strengthen them during the challenging moments in life.mOONpWtF3723hDVrSNrZHIg Christian Pentecost in New Testament is the descent of Holy Spirit on Apostles, and disciples in general location of the Cenacle. This is the house where the Mary the Mother of Jesus lived among Apostles until her death or dormition  event celebrated in the nearby Church of Dormition. The followers of Jesus described in Acts of Apostles 2 : 1:31 and according to Luke 22:12–13 experienced descent of Holy Spirit. This occurred while the Apostles celebrated the Jewish day of Shavout Hebrew שבועות‎‎ or the Feast of Weeks celebrating the giving of the Law to Moses at Sinai. “Pentecost” refers to Pentecost: 50 days after Jesus rose from death on Easter Sunday. 7 weeks after Easter Sunday and 40 days after Jesus’ resurrection plus 10 days on Ascension into heaven. So Shavuot is significantly shared by the Jews and Christians to equips us to become bold, strong to do greater works like Peter did at Pentecost to go and make disciples of all nations. makediscipleswp When the people heard this, they were cut to the heart and said to Peter and the other apostles, “Brothers, what shall we do?” 38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized every one of you in name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables us to fulfil the great commission to share the gospel with others wherever we are. The great commission is not exclusively for only the apostles, prophets, priests, preachers, teachers, evangelists, pastors or pope, churches or professionally trained. Command is for all believers in both the pulpit and pew to share GOOD News of love, hope, joy of the Lord to help others overcome adversity in the Name of Jesus Christ. In the world of glitz and glamour, so many people look for fulfilment in things or in places. The void is only filled by God in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Good to share the gospel to fulfil the great commission for all nations to be saved as God wants. TheGreatCommissionPeter continued by saying, 39 The promise is for you, your children and for all who are far off for all who the Lord our God will call.” God is still calling Chosen vessels to share the good news of salvation, healing, deliverance to go and share everywhere with all. Those who cannot go physically can help provide the material resources to equip others to go. All can pray for those in the battle fronts of salvation for strength and protection by covering them with the Blood of Jesus in their prayers. So encourage, inspire sponsor with God’s words of Hope to build up all to go share Good News in Jesus Name.imagesWith many words Peter warns, pleads with them to save themselves from a corrupt generation.” Peter shows world urgently needs salvation no matter how sophisticated it is. Salvation of the soul is essential when all is said and done so important to reconnect with God. God’s point of view of world is stop selfish land grabbing political demarcations of maps. God considers all people HIS big family of various shapes, sizes so wants all nations and tribes saved in Christ. So various people on pilgrimage went to Jerusalem 3 times a year. The Parthians, Medes, Elamites, Mesopotamians, Judea, Cappadocia, Pontus, Phrygia Pamphylia, Asia Egypt, Libya Cyrene, Rome, Jews, proselytes, Cretans and Arabians all the people under heaven met in Jerusalem. Together with resident Jews as Bible text says, “dwelling in Jerusalem were Jews devout men from all nations under heaven.” Most were Jews by birth but in crowd was Gentiles converted to Jewish faith. Devout Jews together with the proselyte Gentiles Christians saved present in crowd from all nations under heaven for festival celebrated by Jesus.

Declare-His-Glory-Picture2Those who accepted his message were baptized and 3000 people were added to their number that day joined disciples to form God’s first church. While others returned to own nations to preach the gospel, share faith experience and their wonderful salvation testimony. Each year Pentecost Sunday Pentecost is also celebrated by whole world. Theology of studying everything about Holy Spirit called pneumatology teaches various works of Holy Spirit. An English word from two Greek words: πνευμα (pneuma, spirit) and λογος and logos or teachings. Pneumatology includes study of the person of the Holy Spirit and the works of the Holy Spirit. This normally includes the Christian teachings on new birth or born again new creation in Christ, Spiritual Gifts or charismata), Spirit Baptism evidenced by Speaking in tongues, Sanctification, inspiration of prophets, teachers, seers and indwelling of Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enlightens on the Trinity on many different aspects of Christianity by different Churches and theological approaches.crowd-388417The Gospel Message of Christ Jesus is important to share with all nations of the world to essentially save souls since 3000 years to modern times. Believers play crucial part in saving souls in the outbacks of hovels or most sophisticated parts of society. This world needs God through Christ more than ever before. Pentecost is celebration of Jews and the converts from all nations under heaven travel 3 times a year to Jerusalem to worship Yahweh. God-fearing Jews from all nations staying in Jerusalem were from every nation under heaven in Acts 2:5. They took Gospel Good News to the countries globally shared to date in living history. At Shavuot Israel saw amazing reversal of days of Moses after receiving Torah at Mount Sinai as 3,000 souls perished because of the sin of the golden calf in Exodus 32:28. God’s Mercy Forgiveness, Grace extends to the whole world including all nations saved. This same day years later, number of soul saved after the Ruach HaKodesh was poured was 3,000 people added to the community. Gospel continues today in all nations until Jesus returns to reign and rule on earth in Jerusalem. So Yeshua’s followers work tirelessly to bring Good News to all Israel first and beyond to all Gentiles grafted in Christ.


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It is now the 50th day after the resurrection of Christ which is the day of Pentecost. The Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles and 120 disciples and the women. This includes Mary, mother of Jesus who previously experienced the Holy Spirit. As Christ promised after His Return to Heaven, while still in the Upper room and praying, suddenly they heard a loud noise, accompanied by cloves of fire on each head in Acts 2:1-21. When the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. 2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. 3 There appeared unto them cloven tongues like fire, and sat upon each of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. 5 And there were dwelling at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven.


 6 Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude of 3000 came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in his own language. 7 And they were all amazed and marvelled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these which speak Galilaeans?8 And how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born? 9 Parthians,  Medes, Elamites, dwellers in Mesopotamia, in Judaea, and Cappadocia, in Pontus, Asia, 10 Phrygia, Pamphylia, in Egypt, in the parts of Libya about Cyrene, strangers of Rome, Jews and proselytes, 11 Cretes and Arabians, we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God. 12 And they were all amazed, and were in doubt, saying one to another, What means this? 13 Others mocking said, These men are full of new wine. 14 But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them, holy-spirit-fire-of-pentecost

Ye men of Judaea, and all ye that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words: 15 For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it is but the third hour of the day. 16 But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; 17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams: 18 on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit;  shall prophesy: 19 I will shew wonders in heaven above, signs in the earth beneath; blood, fire, vapour of smoke: 20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come: 21 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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The Holy Spirit is still at work today and fills us to empower and strengthen us to do greater works of God. The acts of apostles and disciples is still ongoing with miracles among the born again believing Christians who allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in them. The Holy Spirit purifies, cleanses, refines like pure gold and restores the believer. Christ sent the Holy Spirit to help, comfort and lead into all truth and to enable us discern all thoughts. Those days and moments when we feel battered, bruised, helpless, down, feeling low, or do not know what to do or how to pray, Holy Spirit Strengthens, prays on our behalf and intercedes for us. When invited He comes to have Sweet fellowship with us to pick us up emotionally. We can feel His Presence especially after worshiping and Praising God in the name of Jesus. The Holy Spirit grieves and is sad when we ignore Him or don’t do the right thing but forgives when we repent. The Holy Spirit is gentle reveals things to us in the word of God and through praying in tongues which is our heavenly language.


dormitio-and-upper-roomAfter Christ returned to Heaven the apostles and disciples stayed put in Upper Room in Jerusalem in obedience to Jesus’ instructions in Luke 24:49. Jesus told the disciples to remain in Jerusalem until they received the Holy Spirit to empower them to continue to build up His Church in God’s Kingdom. Jesus told the apostles and disciples to wait because they need to overcome the emotional trauma experienced during Jesus trial and crucifixion. They need to rest and become strengthened by the Holy Spirit. And to review their mission to recharge their batteries by receiving the Holy Spirit to carry on boldly with the ministry. It is important to be filled with Holy Spirit to empower the disciples to do the supernatural work which they could not do naturally on their own after the departure of Christ.Cenacle-Upper-RoomThey stayed in Jerusalem about ten days together with the women in prayer and fasting united in fellowship. Its precious time of refreshing after these traumatic events they experienced watching Jesus’ death and resurrection. Stayed together in unity and the community prepared to preach and reach people in Jerusalem first and all nations. They continued in prayer to wait for the Holy Spirit promised of the Father by Jesus before going to heaven.HolyLand2012 1561Holy Spirit is Power from God through Jesus on high is Mighty Spirit of God to equip with Godly Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding, Counsel to walk in LOVE to accomplish greater works of God. Jesus Said that believers through the Holy Spirit will do Greater works due to more time on earth than Jesus. God’s Wisdom gives the sound Mind in Christ to serve God in Jesus Name.26TheCenacle_wide-00ea86b0b1eb377cece9c70f7a2537d6597c229e-s900-c85.jpgThe Holy Spirit gives strength, courage, power to minister the word of God out of Zion from the city of Jerusalem to all nations of the world in Jesus Name. The disciples became emboldened to preach as never before through the Holy Spirit. However before they received the Holy Spirit they were filled with so much fear so that they locked the doors of Upper Room. Jesus visited them going through the walls after resurrection many times to surprise and encourage them before He ascended alive into heaven. So left behind the disciples continued in the Upper Room. They yearned for strength and physical presence of Jesus together with them giving them reassurance.  Pentecost 1The Upper Room is the place known as the Cenacle from Latin cenaculum which means dinner from word cena. Acts 1:13, says Upper Room was used for the Last Supper and is place Apostles stayed in Jerusalem. Jesus walked through Upper Room walls because doors locked due to fear of attack from Jesus’ enemies. Then disciples after Jesus Crucifixion and His resurrection received great boost from God through Power of the Holy Spirit.disciplesMany events of disciples described in New Testament took place in the Upper Room. Such as Jesus washing disciple’s feet and some resurrection appearances of Jesus. As gathering place of disciples and Jesus’ Mother Mary after Ascension of Jesus. People met Jesus’ disciples and continues to be centre of pilgrimage in Jerusalem. The Upper Room was where the election of Saint Mathias an apostle took place. In the Upper Room above all is the descent of HOLY SPIRIT upon the disciples on the day of Pentecost. Tristan_Pentecostes.jpgPeople heard the loud sudden mighty rushing wind that descended upon the disciples to change their countenance. So cloves or tongues of fire stood on top of each person’s head visibly seen by all people. They spoke languages they did not speak before and empowered by Holy Spirit acted out of the norm. This made people think they were drunk so people gathered around Upper Room to find out what was going on that day. So Peter stood on the balcony to explain to people from all parts of the world under heaven to preach salvation in YESHUA. Peter-preaching.jpgPeter reminded them about Covenant of God and the Messiah who came to save on earth. Then taught them about Jesus and His resurrection power to conquer death by eternal life. The people asked Peter what to do to be saved and Peter told them to receive the Lord JESUS as Lord and Saviour. 3000 people were saved to become part of God’s Kingdom to join the disciples. God CONTINUES to add many more souls daily to HIS CHURCH IN Christ from all nations, tribes at that time worshipping God in Jerusalem. The Word of God spreads abroad and was published among all people of all nations under the heavens represented in the crowd in Jerusalem. God’s Word multiplied, grew and grew, bearing so much fruit from the glorious harvest of people’s good hearts through the whole world. The Holy Spirit’s Fire manifests throughout all nations in the world celebrated in worshipping God.a4f6ffe8e0b89ff6bfd928090a48e9cb.jpgAs Jesus promised the disciples received the Holy Spirit, 3000 believers received the Holy Spirit too. Filled with power and manifestation of fruits of the Holy Spirit. People heard disciples speak in their own languages and saw tongues of fire on each head. Today, the Holy Spirit continues to fall on people who believe and receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Messiah. The Holy Spirit enables a believer to gain strength and power of God to minister and help people.e963af7ba990afc584344112b9e833d4.jpgGod’s Power is still freely available to all those who ask Jesus to Lead and guide, teach, bring understanding of the Word of God in the Bible in Jesus Name. The Holy Spirit continues today in believer’s life to Strengthen and gives wisdom of God to help us as our Paraclete. Today the world needs the Holy Spirit more than ever before for guidance, help and strength to overcome in Jesus Name. So invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in your heart to help you serve God better in Jesus Name. Talk to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit everyday to guide and help you grow and mature in Godly faith.




Jesus is seated in Heaven interceding daily with us to live victorious lives in Jesus Name.


Jesus pleads with Our Father God for mercy, grace and pardon to forgive all our sins and redeem us from the curse of the law. So we live by grace through Christ blood atonement.


Christ Ascends Triumphantly Into Heaven



The angels welcome and celebrate Jesus in Heavenworshiping_angles_ezr

After 40 days of the resurrection and Christ reuniting with His disciples on various occasions, Christ is lifted up to Heaven in their midst on Mount Olives. Christ is now seated by the Right Hand of God.


Jesus lifts His Hands and is taken up  Heaven after promising disciples to send Holy Spirit to comfort and guide them.