Since the self-absorbed generation prefer person-centered theories, it put human life above God and Christ on lower pedestal. Most educational institutions and lifestyles to encourage people to dwell on self more. To think selfishly about what is in it for, me, I, myself, alone. Self-centredness is misconstrued as genuine healthy love.

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So everyday has a form of thrill pleasure-seeking for self – indulgence and self – aggrandizement and also ego-centric exhibitionism. Attention shifts from Christ Centered lifestyle to humanistic teachings in search of self alternatives and temporary fix to seek solutions to trust human traditions than believe in God’s methods.

The only way

The church has become so affected believers want performing entertainment to fulfill the flesh to feel ego massaged. The one who cares enough to correct in love to help others seek own salvation in reverent fear and trembling of God is considered as cold and uncaring. Some believers want to be pampered and treated with kid cloves forever not wanting to grow and mature to support others.


First and foremost God and Christ, the most Powerful deserve due Honour Respect to God.  By seeking first the Kingdom of God, Some people look up to human role models or prefer puppet masters as idols to emulate. As a result things of God are often treated as irrelevant in modern society.



Proof of tangible evidence is seen as worthy to trust to hold onto as I have you, you are mine, to touch, feel, enjoy so anything invisible out of instant  reach is dismissed as irrelevant.People buy into the never-ending cycle of looking up mankind rather trusting in God. As result some of the man- made theories of experts have sprung up, undermining and mocking Godly values and steering people away from God.


People are made to feel all their human problems stem from either incompetent parents, unsuitable partners, faulty significant others who are held responsible for challenges in life. There is a non-stop search for constant utopia with gold pot at the end of the rainbow mindset of rat – race driving people to watch out to keep up with Joneses.


They need to know or understand God’s privilege to be at peace and content to dwell safely in the land. To enjoy God’s blessings in the moment of here and now directly, to build lifestyle on perpetual hope, trust, faith, joy not gossip fuel lifestyle in church conversations with favouritism but Godly Love.


These leads to curtain twitchers superstars and retail therapy to refresh self to keep one’s image afloat. The mirage of the next indulgence draws people further away from focusing on God. Meanwhile the lifestyle they are manipulated to live seems so naturally acceptable as right thing to do they will not change or transform minds to live God’s way.


Takers receive without thinking of giving back to others with their time, appreciation, encouragement and resources. Some think the world exclusively revolves around them so vier for and demand to remain at center of attention at all cost in church. Yet it is about God Who Adds so much Blessings to makes Rich without sorrow, through the Help of the Holy Spirit will chase after you in Jesus Name with thanks and all the Glory to God.



  1. This society has “booted” the Lord Jesus Christ from its midst. We strive to try to fix things, but the glue which holds us together has been placed on the shelf! People need to understand that with each day that we persist in this way, we bring more judgment upon us.

    A very well done post!


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