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The Joy of the Lord is our Strength through Jesus Name to enable us to face what we go through in life. God surrounds us with His Love to keep us keeping on in His strength. There is great joy in heaven when sinner supported repents to receive Christ. This joy keeps us solid in Christ and gives us confidence to continue in life. il_340x270.404987637_3ru0The Lord sends his angels around us to protect us and to defend us from things happening unaware. This joy does not depend on anything we do but is the covenant blessing that comes as part of the package of accepting Christ as saviour. This joy must be stirred and kept aflame by renewing our minds through reading the word for transformed thinking daily.


This joy of the Lord’s strength is peaceful fills us with contentment and a knowing that all is well when everything else is falling apart around us. When a 1000 falls at our side and 10,000 at our right hand, it shall not come near is in Jesus Name.  Godly Joy is vibrant, colourful, beautiful strength, makes life bearable when opposite is expected in moments of adversity.


The joy of the Lord does not mean there is no challenges to deal with. It means in spite of adversity, hurts, pain or sorrow, our response is entrenched and anchored in Christ the author and finisher of our faith. One can still smile, laugh, express joy to extend loving hands to others despite whatever the situation faced.download (1)The greatest source of joy is to continue to remind ourselves to share the priceless gift of salvation of receiving Christ. We have inner strength that helps us endure in the world as we know we have eternal life. The joy of the lord fills our hearts and minds to rejoice and overcome even in the midst of adversity. The Holy Spirit enables us to have a miracle supernatural joy to overcome problems in life. As we help harvest souls for God’s Kingdom we experience greater joy.


As we await the return of Our Beloved Saviour Jesus Christ with Joy, Matthew 24 :31, says “God shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” We have joy knowing that whatever challenges we experience daily is temporary. We know Jesus will come again to rapture us.

images-6One may not achieve all goals due circumstances beyond control, the team may let you down, the washing broke down, Android gone, bills piling due to caring for sick loved one, everything turned upside down, but God is still in Control. When we think of all life throws at us, we have joy and are amazed at how we look back and say, how on earth did we make it in those circumstances.


It Is Christ’s joy like footprints in the sand that bears us up to take us through impossible situations in God’s Strength in love and unity. In God’s Kingdom TEAMTogether Each Achieves More to be there as Bible says rejoice with those who rejoice. By joining in to celebrate other people’s joy gives us joy.
bb4Being happy does not mean a problem free life. It means God protects and shields us from all problems and the Holy Spirit comforts us to hold in by faith in Christ. We are hidden in Christ in God to fulfil our destiny and be all that God called us to be to live for the Lord in the rest of God.

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