God knows best because He created us with the knowledge and wisdom that is best for us. God’s words are powerful knowledge, alive, sharper than a two-edged word, so reading and meditating on the Bible helps us communicate with God like a love letter, text or message sent to keep in touch to express warmth and affection. God’s intimate knowledge includes knowing the number of hairs on each head, every emotion one feels as His People in Psalm 139:1-4. God’s knowledge is far above all the knowledges of 7 billion people put together. God’s knowledge is freely available to some as a privilege and it is the most printed and most read book in history. It is sweeter than honey and more precious especially to those who dare risk their lives and are desperately hungry to read and live it. Despite such abundance of God knowledge, in Hosea 4:6, God says, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’ So much knowledge abounds in the information highway than ever before and knowledge is power,’ so with knowledge everywhere, how can God say His people are destroyed for lack information?


Modern technology makes it easier to acquire and distribute knowledge with constant news and so many adverts bombarding people on TV, in the media, leaflets, magazines, newspapers, mobile adverts, bill boards, digital and electronic adverts, on buses, libraries, public places, the list goes on. Milk cartons, labels on food packaging, always has some form of knowledge distributed. Most nations make it compulsory to send children to school to gain more knowledge. It is easy to spare a few minutes on the train, bus, before breakfast, or bedtime reflecting on thoughts and actions in line with the word of God. Our lives are the most precious asset we possess so need to love preserve it by taking great care of it. Our lives are followed by the need to live physically healthy lifestyles to strengthen and to enhance our body to keep it in good shape to ensure all our cells, tissues, organs, work together for good as long as the Good Lord permits. Then we need our abundant material blessings, with not have enough room to store it so we share and live in interdependence by supporting each other. One does not have to be a saint or perfect to talk to God or read His words, come just as you are, He knows all about you already yet still loves you anyway. Real People acknowledge God so are not ashamed to talk about Jesus Christ. Skype and gadgets available today make it easy to keep in touch to encourage one another by sharing God’s Knowledge as Priority to thank God, The Source of life everyday. God comes first in our lives so cannot be afterthought with gadgets to use to read God’s anywhere, there is no excuse for no time to read 1 verse related to circumstances to stand on God’s Word for victory in Jesus Name.


2 timothy 15, commands believers to study God’s word, to show yourself approved to God so you can rightly divide the word of truth as a workman, and not be embarrassed or ashamed for you can answer accurately from the Bible and teach those who want to learn more about your faith as a living sermon and testimony. Why did God say people can perish from lack of knowledge when too much information is constantly available? Is it the right kind of information or God Type of Knowledge, relevant and good for the receiver? Is it given to build life up, encourage, motivate, inspire, correct, transform lives or it does it not matter the information distributed as it makes profit. Does contents of message allowed, endorsed, accepted online, in entertainment circles for fun etc. please God to PROFIT THE SOUL FOR ETERNAL LIFE and sponsored to preserve lives? God is saying people are perishing for being destroyed with useless information than gaining God Knowledge personally and intimately to profit the soul.


The Bible is God’s underpinning and underlining principles given to people to live according to His Words. Some nations ban the wisdom gained from the message of the Bible in school education, in public places but wonder why several generations are lost, confused by chaotic contradictory theories and policies of the traditions of men. Faith comes by hearing the word of God, by everyone reading it, not just pastors teaching it, so people can have Faith and Confidence from God’s Knowledge studied to feed the mind and soul to dwell in peace. Too much unnecessary information creates a parallel virtual unrealistic world of a second life so some people find it hard to communicate and relate in the real world. The Bible is mocked and ridiculed by people who ignore it, yet it is the greatest treasure, when people find it, so sell all to acquire it because such knowledge does not perish. A mere acquisition of various man- made traditions, views and opinions from different sources of information creates confusion so is not healthy knowledge. Tons of facts are not Truth from God’s Point of View so it is important to set time aside to read and study God’s Scripture from the Bible, by looking for keywords that meet your needs or logos rhema words that speak about issues you may be dealing with. People do not care what you know until they know you care about them, so does knowledge peddled in academia genuinely care about all people’s reality in life?


The highest knowledge up to PhD degree certificates and beyond is still not enough to answer all the human questions of life. One needs a deep reverence for God by faith through humility to ask God for His Wisdom to cope and overcome the challenges of life. At times, impression is created the Bible is an ancient book about a group of people’s history so has nothing to do with others. Searching the Bible for God’s Truth through the Power of Holy Spirit ministers and leads one into all truth to change one’s life. Going to church once a week to listen to sermons is not enough soul food so feed yourself daily with the word of God and see your life transformed in Jesus Name.


Get a notebook to write down questions bothering you after reading the Bible and get the Bible study commentary to guide or ask your pastor to help you if you have one. You do not want to perish because accurate knowledge will guide and protect your life if you apply it by faith. In Acts 19:20 so Mightily grew the word of God so doubt and unbelief did not destroy The Truth of God Knowledge. So it benefits those who take it seriously, study it consistently for God’s Word to grow until it multiplies and bears fruit in their lives for all to see their amazing transformation in Jesus Name. This is what God is Talking about that those who get a hold of His Knowledge and Truth live forever.



One thought on “GOD KNOWS BEST

  1. Good, old fashioned bible study…there’s no “app” to do that for us…thank goodness! Fill your time with knowledge of Godly wisdom.

    The True Light

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