God’s Greatest Truth is no one will be saved except through the Name of Jesus Christ by faith as their personal saviour. This is greatest truth, counsel we can turn to. God’s word is imperishable truth so will not perish bcause God is everlasting. God’s word the Bible is a treasure house. God puts His Words higher above Himself. So God chose Christ as His Only Way for Christian believers, as His Only Hand Picked Saviour so Made His Decision. So This Statement made by the All knowing, Omnipotent God is the Greatest Truth. What God Says He Will Do that is What He Will Do for His Words will not return void but do exactly what God sends it to do. God Honours His Words Highly Above Himself. This is the reason why it may seem like God’s command sounds too Bold, Daring, Audacious, unfair, but GOD CHOSE CHRIST AS ONLY WAY TO SALVATION FOR THE CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS IN HIS KINGDOM. So be it, Amen!


This because Christ Jesus suffered and paid the price by giving His Life as punishment of sins committed by others. He died and resurrected again so is seated at the Right Hand of God The Father. Christ earned Right as Only Way unlike others who did not die or resurrect to save sinners to qualify or given Highest Status. God Gave Christ Name Above All Names in Heaven and earth.

All Knowing

At the Name of Jesus Christ all knees shall bow and every tongue confess Christ is Lord to the Glory of Father God in Jesus Name. It pleases God, when people accept Jesus Sacrifice live for Him, triumph over defeated enemies in Jesus Name. Christ the Saviour of world came to save, deliver, heal, transform lives in Jesus Name to God’s Glory.


God requires all to choose, for no one can hop between two masters. For all will give account one day as individuals on judgment day about their stand for Jesus. Above all salvation is a miracle to gain eternal life forever with God. To get wisdom understanding, to guide matters of heart, believe in God secretly like Nicodemus, others Obey God by accepting Christ openly, saved by freewill

God wants His Children to cheerfully appreciate Christ the Truth. People do not ask why Hollywood film producers, directors, choose star as main character Superstar in films. They are exclusively celebrated with awards like Golden Globe, BET, Oscar stars in walk of fame, Hollywood. Similarly, The Almighty God, the Heavenly Creator and Director of Life, Chose Jesus Christ as The Main Character Superstar Role Model in God’s Kingdom.


Jesus is given All Power and Authority in Heaven and Earth, plus Power of Attorney to Represent God’s Salvation Plan for Christians. Jesus helps restore people to God’s Kingdom to become His children in a loving relationship despite challenges of life through God’s Mercy, Forgiveness and Compassion.

As heads of state represent nations on earth, God chose Jesus Christ to Head Kingdom, Approved, Delegated with Power and Authority as First Born Joint Heir. Others may have power and authority, but did not sacrifice their life on Cross like Jesus, so must submit to God’s Approved Plan to save the world. In John 3:16 God so loved the world, He gave His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ so whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life in Jesus Name. Hallelujah!!!


So people must take a stand to benefit from God’s Salvation Plan in the Christian Kingdom. As seen in Hollywood, people love to watch their favourite stars and characters in reality shows. Some dress like them, buy fashion accessories seen on them, which sells out immediately and runs out of stock.


Others follow them around to take pictures, attend, events they are involved in, and in some extreme cases stalk them. Some imitate lifestyle, copy hairstyles and join their fan clubs to keep in touch to be up to date. Some mortgage homes to sponsor favourite football stars, clubs, invest in season tickets to ensure best seats to watch people kicking a piece of leather great for them.


Christian believers are to Imitate Christ, Above and Beyond Passionate excitement received by Hollywood stars. To express adoration and give adulation to CHRIST, Most Important MegaStar, SuperStar, SuperPower, Chosen by God to save believers. Jesus reconnects sinners fully to God through Blood of Jesus. God’s Words, instructions are easy to follow by those who fear God.



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