let-not heart be  troubled

Jesus said in the end times in Matthew 24, life may be harder due to human choices as some refuse to listen to the Wisdom of God. During those times believers are to focus more on God’s word through prayer, fasting, and intercessions for God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness of God. There will be rumours of wars, famines, difficult and challenging times but God is faithful and will give strength to enable believers to hold on tighter to God than never before.  Jesus our greatest example denied himself to bear the cross for us to live and share His Grace and Love with all.  Jesus though the Master, humbled Himself to wash the feet of the disciples to teach them by good example. Yet despite the Love Jesus had for people, He was persecuted, rejected and even down trodden by the very people He came to save. He sacrificed His Life knowing He will resurrect again to prove God’s Power surpasses all the other powers on earth. This therefore gave Jesus the Name Above all other names because He was Highly Exalted above all other names to the Glory of God the Father. As believers, we stand strong knowing that Jesus is in control no matter what the world tries to do. God’s Favour Upon our lives will carry us through it all in Jesus name. For we have learnt to trust in Jesus, we have learnt to Trust in God, through it all we have learnt to depend on His Words. In God we trust daily walking in his Holy Words in Jesus Name.


Jesus paid great attention to His disciples and worked with them daily until he went back to Heaven then sent the Holy Spirit to Fellowship with us to give us Love and Wisdom from God. there comes a point therefore we also have to apply Jesus’ teachings and messages to help others. Such times can be lonely, painful without quick results and even what was expected was different. However, in John 11:1-44 Jesus turned up 4 days to raise Lazarus from the dead. Similarly, believers have authority in Jesus Name to reverse dead situations and circumstances though some people were not pleased by the resurrection of Lazarus so attacked Jesus. Even the sister gave up on Lazarus and thought it was over. Believers as God’s people though immune from 1,000 on one side and 10,000 on the other side which does not get near them, often those around them become the target to try to distract them. This is why the Blood cover of Jesus extends to all around us to protect us all in Jesus Name. Stubborn situations seem dead as if God does not care but in truth these are all really part of ‘tests’ by the devil turned by God into Testimonies. With God therefore, no one or their experiences are considered mistakes by God even if you or people tell you so. It all adds up eventually to the Glory of God. Messes, trials and tears are memorials before God into Messages to confirm you are refined as pure gold and been through the fire without smoke like Daniel.


Believers like the prophet in Ezekiel 37 as Christ overcame death, suffering by subduing it to keep it at bay under total control to eliminate it so God put His Words sharper than a two-edged sword in our mouthes to speak to into dead situations in our lives to resurrect in Jesus Name. It was God’s people, attacked yet God chest to Empower His People to speak into the situation with their own mouths.  Every words spoken during times of disappointment, and challenges must be prayed over privately in God’ Presence then released by the power of agreement for change. Therefore God insisted Ezekiel’s neutral answer ” God you Know’ was not enough to ACTIVATE THE SPECIFIC COMMAND STRAIGHT to the POINT SO DIRECTLY  SAYING YES TO GOD, those dead dry bones, dead situation that seem impossible, dead finances, deadened jobs, dead relationships, pain sorrow, grief are momentary and we WILL LIVE AGAIN in Jesus Name!!!. All graves are opened, yielding life so every kidnapped, abducted, subdued, trampled soul is released from captivity in Jesus name. It is important to maintain deliverance by thinking carefully in line with the word of God to reflect before responding, reacting, reckless indiscipline to choose the right answer for God’s angels to go on assignment on our behalf. Neutral or negative remark is activated by evil report to continue the problem. The favour of God is upon believers to speak to every mountains to remove in Jesus Name. So shall it be in Jesus Name. So call upon God for every hopeless situation to be turned around like Ezekiel’s dead army brought back to life in Jesus Name.

army (1)


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