valentinevector2God’s Great LOVE for you in Christ Jesus saves you from punishment of God for your sins. Take a wonderful moment to reflect on God’s First love in Christ to all mankind expressed in deep affection as a free gift to you. God lavishes you with a true genuine love beyond human love and gives you great surprises in Bible. It is like sending Valentine card to enjoy a romantic meal and celebrate with gifts to strengthen your love life in joy, jokes, laughter with your companion trusted. Affectionate friendship intimacy shared with kisses, hugs, warm embraces helps, re-affirms commitment to each other if its deemed appropriate. The believers celebrate in Church with thanksgiving God’s LOVE blessings to perfect their love. Above all, Christians Remember Jesus Christ the GREATEST LOVER OF ALL so Celebrate His Greater love. No one loves you more than Christ who laid down His life as a True friends so Jesus did in John 15:13-14. God said in Genesis 2:8, that ‘it is not good to be alone’ so one needs someone special to love, adore, marry and live with if one chooses to do so. Some still looking for greatest perfect love to feel loved, accepted, affirmed, appreciated, confident, endorsed, fulfilled, happy, loved, true friend, loyal, faithful who is dependable, reliable, trustworthy and is instant in season,l list goes on. It is God’s people marry so a great blessing to find one to receive marital favour from God.bridegroom jesus and churchJesus says love your wife as He loves His bride the Church . Share God’s Biblical romantic stories, tales of real life drama and observing others in love tend to fire and feed imagination to desire God kind of love of life. Christian dating agencies all over world, including others like the millionaires billionaires matchmakers clubs cater for a specific clientele. Some treat love matters as if its none of God’s business so attention shifts from Godly family approach used by God to create Eve for Adam as his wife. One does not have to copy God’s exact method used, but seek His face not to be unequally yoked but Abraham found a Godly wife Rebecca for Isaac his son to become his wife. Some modern methods encourage seeking ones own partner by oneself to suit one’s standards, as long as person is approved by friends, and family or not. Standard requirements are a tall order sometimes seems impossible to attain in a single individual. The list: 6 feet+ tall, handsome, with sense of humour, make me laugh, be healthy and fit, working, earning, wealthy, fabulously rich, kind, prepared to travel, great in bed, tender loving care, looking like six pack type of Hollywood superstar model preferred.jesus_is_my_valentineSome may have a pin-up of one’s prince charming as a secret admirer, hope and pray one day those dreams come true. It is often, the fantasy image created from such lists become the object of affection and love itself replayed over and over again. The seeker goes on the hunt like the women from Iceland in search of a perfect love in many places depending on who one is looking for. So one starts watching and looking until the one that perfectly fits ones description is located. One starts ticking boxes on the list with eye contact, body language, looks, smile, voice, mannerisms, height, etc until one decides this will do. Pretty soon there is introduction, offer of a drink and presto the one is found. A person reciprocates so with intense conversation the choice is made and goes on several dates to get to know each other better. A few had a gut feeling so knew it was love at first sight, proposed and got engaged. Others warm up to each other and developed love into a more passionate and deeper relationship that lasted a lifetime. Those not so blessed find it impossible to find anyone up to their own standards keep searching forever until they find one.roses-and-chocolate-1366x768
It is interesting thing God’s definition of true love in 1 Corinthians 13 God’s Love Manual seems nothing like the made-up list people look for. God is hardly made part of or consulted in decision-making process, relationships, marriage and sex not really seen as worth discussing with God who is too Holy to be interested in human affairs. This is one reason and a major root causes of the contradictions in love life. What people want it seems is different from what God set up in HIS Love Manual. Genuine true love is often greater love of handwork, selflessness, looking out interest of others and loving one’s self but not totally lost in process. Commitment is responsibility, sacrifice, forsaking all other’s to have and to hold. God’s standard of true love is possible to achieve. God’s design is this way is for a reason to protect people in love from an unbearable partner hurting themselves and others involved. Writing check – list of what one wants or desires from these outward looks seems like a precaution to protect self but does not mean person satisfies inner – longing for peace or joy, or good success. God Strengthens you in Christ to help you love faithfully and to walk in forgiveness as God forgives you.jesus_is_my_valentineLists based on emotional or physical sex desires, looks and physical appearance for intimacy from fantasy books, Mills and Booms by Barbara Cartland is not deep enough to sustain serious business and a commitment of love. Only in story books couples always lived happily ever after, in a perpetual honeymoon period, without conflict, any disagreements or conflicts. Their love never fizzles out or requires regular inputs to develop and grow stronger seems to happen easily. Actors do a good job in depicting serial lust, portrayed in glorifying romantic love so people desperately want to have such love life. Valentine day celebrates kindness of a girl to a priest so many do fully understanding what it cost to him choose to honour real love God intends. The question is does one truly measure up to God’s real love manual, is looking inside to take someone on to be their helpmeet need, is willing to give love? Some are looking for someone to fill their love tank, but can they do exactly the same for others golden rule if one wants others to do as they wants them to do? Does one truly honestly reflect deeply in prayer first instead of letting carnal fleshly feeling lure to engross or overwhelme with momentary feeling of intimacy blind love. Genuine true love comes only from God no matter how much a loved one and family loves you.love-clipart-kije9lykt
God Says be mine because God’s Love in Christ Strengthens you to love yourself first then give love and receive human love. Having confidence in GOD’S LOVE enables you to be joyful and so happy in yourself its not other humans only that gives true love. A secular approach lasts for a season but grow into mature love to look out for each other not demand to remain centre of attention forever. After marriage, its no longer about just  two people involved: includes children, bigger family, friends, colleagues and those met on wedding aisle on the way to altar. The list made for the process of choosing a partner must include looking beyond romantic films and drama, real life experience trusted friend, therapist, others support to attain good success. If willing to obey and to eat good fruits of marriage, its not physical intimacy that makes marriage, but attention, devotion to little things that matters most to each other with God at centre of relationship. Older couples give wisdom to younger ones marriage not exclusive licence to take off reject others in family lasts for a season. Rebecca brought by Abraham into family for support not to leave an elder on his own. Leaving and cleaving does not cut off family love or to be too close for comfort. Resentment pressure mounts if only all things to each other in an exclusive isolated relationship. be-mine-women-s-t-shirt.jpgGod’s method for love, married couples includes making provisions for future, in old age by setting good example in treating those around them well with respect, honour, and humility for the same measure they will in turn receive. Love must be allowed to be taught in a real, practical, meaningful way, as God intends people to be prepared to face reality of change. Challenging transition to adjust relating in new ways integrate to accommodate each other as a family. Reality is different from a preconceived idea so its good to humble oneself with a teachable spirit to learn to love each other. Greatest Love Christ Jesus Has for His Bride the Church so gave His life for covenant marriage built on Jesus’ Model by Great Love for His Bride. A believer is saved if repents in humility by asking God to save him. God’s love principle in 1 Corinthians 13 and Ephesians 5:22-33, says with God all things are possible. To the Glory of God your Godly marriage in Jesus Name enjoy blessings and favour. Is your personal relationship with God by making right choice for eternal life.

5 thoughts on “GOD’S GREAT LOVE FOR YOU

  1. Thinking about the impact of our lives is so very important. Leaving a legacy of a godly life is also something that few seem to think of …at least when we talk with those who commit adultery and think there shouldn’t be any impact upon others , including their spouses and children!

    I appreciate this article . I see that my husband is STILL most concerned about himself after 33 years …and is still in the ‘drivers seat’ in choosing what HE wants even as he knows the damage he does to his family and me. It is always all about him and everyone just has to suck it up .

    In the years before D DAY I spent the life I had with him in gratitude for any time he would be at home thinking he really had wanted more time with us but could not do so.

    I know some people would not think this possible for so long but I was raised in a family where my father’s work came first because we were taught that he had to do so to ‘feed’ the family …however even his ongoing absence to play golf was somehow regarded as a necessity for his work and our financial needs and his health. Everyone lived for my dad’s benefit. So doing so in my own marriage seemed the best way to serve the Lord …this perspective was pretty much taught in the ministry I was in .

    It turns out it did not serve GOD well and did not call for my husband to rise up to fulfill his jurisdiction as husband and father.

    Early on he was confronted with the idea that he should study the Word to allow GOD to instruct him in how to live in marriage for his own benefit and ours .He told me then that he did not want to be the head or leader of our home! This after we married even though before marriage we discussed this and he was even in seminars where much of the responsibilities of husbands was taught.

    It seems once in the worldly venue of corporate finance he ‘forgot’ the Lord and distanced from me and our family . He off loaded his responsibilities upon me and others.

    His desire to be ‘free’ yet take all that was available from all of us whenever it was convienient for him and he had nothing else to do has been right where he is today …so he did not grow or mature since he was a college grad…but has remained a taker.

    No believers generosity or love has had any real impact upon him …he simply enjoyed the warmth and took it all giving little or nothing back …living a duplicitous life and now demanding he gets to live separate for his life long dream of ‘freedom’

    I pray the Lord brings about misery in that state of apostasy ..lest his soul be lost.

    In the mean time I am continuing to seek growth in my own walk and pray for his soul.

    • Dear Lovey,
      As much as you are disappointed by the conduct of your spouse, as a true and genuine believer you can release him to God to touch his heart for the heart of every man is in God’s hands. Do not curse him as much as you feel he deserves it. Let God be your strength to guide and direct your life and do not walk in bitterness and unforgiveness because vengeance belongs to God.

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    • Thanks for the wonderful blog and work you have done to help support others. A recent poll suggested Christians have the highest divorce rate. It is not surprising that is so because a lot of ideas and fantasies are based on worldly concepts and values. So at times it is after marriage the couple in church as believers learn the Godly foundation for marriage. Or both may be unsaved before marriage so Biblical counselling helps them change. On the other hand they may be born again, sanctified and fully committed Christians. Most people do not set out to have an affair. Circumstances addressed appropriately and honestly through heart to heart communication or love therapy can help resolve some issues. Others need the strength of God to change with sensitivity, forgiveness, passion to recommit and redress underlying problems.

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