jesus.jpgJesus is crucified to save you from sin to forgive and to restore you to the LORD God Almighty Yahweh. Jesus went into Jerusalem knowing He will be crucified as prophesied in Bible after riding on a colt bravely to die as God sent Him to do on the earth to save mankind. Jesus is welcomed by large crowds from all over the world gathered for passover feast of unleavened bread. So crowd held palm branches and waved and sang as Jesus arrived as king on colt. They shouted hallelujah and spread garments on the streets for Jesus to ride upon as a sign of honour and respect. This was foretold in the Bible that the Messiah will enter Jerusalem riding on a donkey.  Passover feast season is annual time worshippers gather together three times in each year in Jerusalem to worship God.Screenshot_2014-03-01-01-02-53-1Jesus triumphantly entered Jerusalem knowing fully aware of what lay ahead of Him. In Luke 4:18 Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord is upon me for God anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; God sent me to heal the broken-hearted and to preach deliverance to the captives, recovering of sight to the blind and to set free those bruised. Mankind’s heart is broken since fall in Garden of Eden so God sent Jesus to restore faith in God. Triumphant entry of Jesus is significant because all nations are represented at the passover congregation in Jerusalem. They came from all  nations under heaven as the most devout Jewish proselytes, disciples, apostles and followers converted to Christianity, accept Jesus as the real appointed true Messiah and Son of God.134335Jesus ate passover meal last supper with His twelve apostles He identified traitor Judas who betrays Him for 30 pieces of silver Blood money. After the meal they went to the garden Gethsemane to pray and Jesus needed their support most the disciples let Jesus down and fell asleep. God sent an angel to minister to Jesus in agony. Peter denied Jesus 3 times during His trial, other apostles and disciple run to hide in fear for their lives. They were afraid they will die like Christ who did Good saved, healed all, delivered people from all destructions is not esteemed were very scared for their  lives.downloadfile-69.jpgBible says in Matthew 26:30-46 in Israel Jesus was in Jerusalem, Mount of Olives and prayed besides Olive tree in Garden of Gethsemane by Church of all  nations. The Garden of Gethsemane located east of Temple Mount, east of Kidron Valley, on lower portion of western slope of the Mount of Olives. This Olive tree is tested by carbon 14 is over 2000 years old. So Jesus prayed in the garden belonging to Nicodemus or to Joseph of Arimathea. Jesus took time from crowds to pray to Father God. In Jesus’ intense moment of prayer He took Peter, James and John to pray. They fell asleep three times, didn’t empathize with Jesus so God sent angel to comfort Jesus. God sent angels to comfort people in times of distress.adorationjesusgethsemaneJesus prayed and He seeks God’s face for wisdom, courage and power to do God’s Will in total obedience. In Gethsemane Jesus sweat Blood in intense prayers for Strength to endure His Cross at Calvary at Golgotha in Matthew 26:40-46. Jesus prayed in agony for remission of sins for salvation of mankind yet abandoned alone, God sent angels to be with Jesus. Easter shops busy selling Easter eggs or chicks helps reflect important Sacrifice Jesus made, mother hen protects chicks from predators so Christ saved mankind God sent Pilate’s wife Claudia in her dream to warn him, ignored warning so agreed with elders, crowd, the religious people to crucify Jesus despite God’s warnings of consequences on them.  20200411_081304Christ gave us the greatest gift of eternal life and restored us to God with salvation as a priceless asset to all. Jesus suffered and took our pain and was tried 7 times by leaders: Annas in John 18:12-15; 19-28, Caiaphas in Matthew 26:57; 59-68, Sanhedrin in Matthew 27:1, Pilate in Matthew 27:2; 11–14, Herod in Luke 23:6-12. Pilate in Matthew 27:15-24, stated beloved people Jesus ministered were misled by Scribes and elders due to envy. Influenced in Matthew 27:24-31 rejected Messiah and shouted crucify Him and let His Blood be on us and our children. Jesus heal to reconnect people to God giving His life as ransom for many.The-Passion-of-The-Christ_2Talk of the ultimate betrayal by people loved, sacrifice for, provides for, cares for and died for hurting one so deeply. Yet  the Messiah did the same and even forgave His enemies on cross by praying. Jesus said, Father, forgive them for they don’t know to fully understand the Messiah came to save them. Christ is the most compassionate person and by His great love for us gave His Life for Barabbas and us in exchange for sin. In response to Christ’s deep love for us we give thanks to appreciate with gratitude humility, thanksgiving for His Sacrifice. Christ died to save us is falsely accused and tried but devil did not know Jesus will resurrect. He told His disciples so Jesus’ death did not end God’s work.crucify-him-crucify-him The more we dwell on Christ Love, it is really surprising such a genuinely true friend is rejected and condemned to die in place sinners. Yet everywhere He went He was doing good, a Mighty Healer, He cleansed the lepers, when the cripples saw him, they started walking, everywhere He went my Lord was doing GOOD. Jesus has done so much Good to help people who do not make Him the Centre of Joy yet Jesus suffered to save all people. The most precious gift value in life is miracle of salvation so cannot be ignored. So much time is spent, wasting time on things of the world perishing. Earth regenerates to get rid of all who reject Jesus. Christ chose to redeem us by giving His Life as a ransom for many Knew He conquered death and won the victory for us.jesus-beatenHe could have called on the angels and the Heavenly Host of God to deliver Him from going through pain, grief and sorrow but decided to go through it by taking our place to save us. Christ fully understands all we go through and cares deeply for us even if we face challenges.We have Peace that passes all human understanding with God through Christ Jesus. Christ did not give up but accepted help from Simon of Cyrene to carry the cross for Him. In life all needs someone to help carry their cross or burden when the going gets too tough. Jesus humbly received help but could pray for strength like Samson to carry cross Himself. Christ sets good its alright to ask for and to accept help in times of need tough moments for God’s Help in Jesus name. Jesus is real take Hin seriously, not make fun of to mock.b4db1ba1-3f05-42a3-a0c9-164c3665b9eb-620x372Jesus crucified His flesh by denying Himself of fleshly distractions by focusing on God and helping people though His Ministry. He took all our punishment upon Himself and asks of us to crucify our flesh too. By crucifying His flesh for mankind, Christ set the perfect example to look up to God for Strength to endure to the end in Jesus Name. Christ could accomplish His mission to die and resurrect to save lost without help. Christ showed we all need help at some point in life to open up, seek, receive help like Jesus. No matter challenges, it should not be allowed to consume one due to pride, fear, shame or other’s opinion. Help is available through prayer in Jesus Name. God’s mercy and forgiveness to mankind’s crucified with Christ saved. Carnal flesh is not useful in Heaven spiritual place. mastheadPassion-The world places importance on flesh which passes away. Glorifying flesh, entertaining, putting it above God, excessive indulgence will NOT bless soul. Even on the Cross Jesus saved robber. There was an earthquake, tombs broke open, and the curtain in the Temple was torn from top to bottom for all to enter the Presence of God through the Blood of Jesus. The dead arose out of graves and were seen by many. The centurion on guard at the site of crucifixion were shaken to the core some repent to become disciples. He was wounded for our transgressions and by His Stripes we are healed Spiritually, and emotionally, physical change is visibly seen. Amazing gift of eternal life makes it possible to live in eternity in Spirit. Soldiers gambled Jesus garments. Life of mankind can’t cope without God because He sent Jesus to save believers from hell to note Sacrifice of Jesus to save souls makes a difference in life. The world needs people delivered from hell and to save them for eternity in Heaven.images-of-jesus-christ-144Hell is real because Jesus went there and took away the keys of death to give all born again believers abundant life in victory in Jesus Name. God’s LOVE gift to you is still available to all to be saved because its not God’s will anyone should perish. Salvation matters so consider it because what will it profit you to gain the whole world and to lose your soul. Christ made provision for your salvation as part of God’s salvation plan for all mankind to return to God. Repent, value, appreciate and today receive Christ’s Sacrifice for your forgiveness from God. Jesus has been crucified for all your sins so there is no need to crucify your life. For God so loved the world, He gave His Only begotten Son Jesus Christ if you believe in Him will not perish but have everlasting life. God blessed mankind with Jesus so you accept and receive Christ as saved believer in Jesus Name. What a privilege and honour to be called Children of God. Ephesians 2:19-22 says 19 you are no longer strangers and foreigners but fellow citizens with the saints and members of household of God, 20 built on foundation of apostles, prophets, Jesus Christ Himself is the Chief corner stone 21 in Christ the whole building joined together, grows into a Holy Temple in the Lord, 22 in whom you built together a dwelling place of God in Spirit so Jews and Gentiles grafted in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.21_they-hung-him-on-a-crossand Gentiles grafted The Choice Christ made give us all the privilege to receive free pardon and be forgiven of sin, guilt, shame, iniquities. After crucifixion on 3rd day, Jesus arose from dead. Christ appeared to Mary and others before He went to Heaven on Mount Olive. Praise God Hallelujah for Christ Jesus Victory for us in Jesus Name !!! Christ had Strength to pray and ask Father God to Forgive all who treated Him cruelly. Christ Sacrificed His Life to save all but not Highly esteemed by all. Jesus triumphantly boldly entered Jerusalem is welcomed and celebrated by people singing Hosanna but soon same people rejected Him and shouted crucify Him. It seems mankind connived to kill Jesus but really nobody killed Jesus for He lays His life down as a ransom for many.Screenshot_2014-02-28-23-44-35-1Yeshua’s death blamed exclusively on Jews, accused to be “Christ Killers” fuels fires of anti-Semitism over centuries but is not true. Record of Yeshua’s trial shows Yeshua didn’t receive trial by jury as Jewish law says the judge must hear and evaluate accusations of two impartial witnesses two or three must agrees then judge issues conviction but in Jesus case those witnesses presented false testimony. “Chief priests and the Sanhedrin looked for a testimony against Yeshua to put Him to death, but could not find any.  Many lied, gave false testimony and testimonies didn’t agree in Mark 14:55-56. Because these testimonies did not agree the judges did not convict him   they could not find any faults.               jesus_is_the_only_wayThe Sanhedrin had no choice but to ask Yeshua directly if He claimed to be the Messiah, the Son of God the charge He confessed. Positioning Himself guilty of blasphemy, carried death penalty. Again the high priest questioned Him, ‘Are You the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One? “I am,’ said Yeshua, ‘and all of you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power coming in the clouds of heaven. The high priest tore his robes and said, ‘Why do we need witnesses? You heard His blasphemy!  What is your decision? They all condemned Him to death in Mark 14:61–64. These False Witnesses interrogation revealed that neither the Jewish Sanhedrin nor the Roman authorities could have killed Yeshua without His cooperation. Some of the Roman soldiers believed Yeshua is truly Son of God after they fell in the earthquakes while watching His tomb.8e241bf7515ebd88ae4dd68a28e46ea1“The centurion and all guarding Yeshua, saw the earthquake and the things that had happened, they were terrified and said, ‘This man really was God’s Son! in Matthew 27:54. Jesus willingly gave the authorities the “confession” they needed to condemn Him to death but Yeshua lay down His life of His own accord to save us from our sins as the promised Messiah. He said by His own words, “The reason My Father loves Me is that I lay down My life only to take it up again. No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of My own accord.  I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again to command I received from My Father in John 10:17–18. When Peter took up the sword to defend jesus by cutting off a soldiers ears Jesus stopped him and healed the soldier. Christ proved He did not need anyone to defend Him or kill others on His behalf in His Name for vengeance. Accept Jesus as your Lord because God will destroy all those who reject Jesus and burn them in hell fire. Those in hell do not burn to die but are tormented forever in hell fire. It is in your interest to receive God’s free gift of salvation in Christ for eternal life.


unnamed (2)Since self-absorbed generation prefer person-centered theories, it put human life above God, Christ on lower pedestal. Most educational institution’s lifestyles encourage people to dwell on self more. To think selfishly about what is in it for, me, I, myself, alone. Self-centredness is misconstrued as genuine healthy love.The only waySo everyday has form of thrill pleasure-seeking for self – indulgence and self – aggrandizement and also ego-centric exhibitionism. Attention shifts from Christ Centered lifestyle to humanistic teachings in search of self alternatives temporary fix to seek solutions to trust human tradition unbelief God methods.for-his-gloryThe Church becomes affected, believers want performance entertainment to fulfill their flesh to feel egos massaged. The one who cares enough to correct in love to help others seek own salvation in reverent fear and trembling of God is considered as cold and uncaring. Some believers want to be pampered, treated with kid cloves forever not wanting to grow and mature to support others.GCC-L__40276_zoomFirst and foremost God and Christ, the most Powerful deserves the due Honour and Respect to God.  By seeking first the Kingdom of God, Some people look up to human role models or prefer puppet masters as idols to emulate. Things of God treated irrelevant in some societies.5-Days-to-a-Christ-Centered-MarriageProof of tangible evidence is seen as worthy to trust to hold onto as I have you, you are mine, to touch, feel, enjoy so anything invisible out of instant  reach is dismissed as irrelevant.People buy into the never-ending cycle of looking up mankind rather trusting in God. As result some of the man- made theories of experts have sprung up, undermining and mocking Godly values and steering people away from God.ma_God_centered_life-LRGPeople are made to feel all their human problems stem from either incompetent parents, unsuitable partners, faulty significant others are held responsible for challenges in life. There is a non-stop search for the constant utopia with gold pot at the end of rainbow mindset of rat – race driving people to watch out to keep up with Joneses.Is-Your-Preaching-God-Centered_1282_245x169They need to know or understand God’s privilege to be at peace and content to dwell safely in the land. To enjoy God’s blessings in moment of here and now directly, to build lifestyle on perpetual hope, trust, faith, joy not gossip fuel lifestyle in church conversations with favouritism but Godly Love.podcastlogo.002God-centered-lifeThese leads curtain twitchers superstars and retail therapy to refresh self to keep one’s image afloat. The mirage of the next indulgence draws people further away from focusing on God. Meanwhile the lifestyle they are manipulated to live seems so naturally acceptable as right thing to do they will not change or transform minds to live God’s way.

41CGtey1xwL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-70,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Takers receive without thinking of ever giving back to others with their time, or by an appreciation, encouragement and resources. Some think world exclusively revolves around them so vying for and demand to remain at center of attention at all cost in church. Yet it is about God Who Adds so much Blessings to makes Rich without sorrow, through the Help of the Holy Spirit will chase after you in Jesus Name with thanks, Glory to God.


In John 21:1-14, when the disciples got out of the boat, they saw some bread and a firewood charcoal fire with fish on it. “When they landed, they saw a fire of burning coals there with fish on it, and some bread. Jesus said to them, ‘Bring some of the fish you have just caught.’” (John 21:9-10). 10 Jesus told his disciples, “Bring some of the fish you just caught.”  11 Simon Peter got back into the boat and dragged the net to shore. In it were one hundred fifty-three large fish, but still the net did not rip. 12 Jesus said, “Come and eat!” But none of the disciples dared ask who he was. They knew he was the Lord. 13 Jesus took the bread in his hands and gave some of it to his disciples. He did the same with the fish. 14 This was third time Jesus appeared to disciples after His resurrection.  Disciples got ashore to find the charcoal burning barbecue fire with breakfast of fish and bread. The great cook is the chef is Christ Jesus, the Risen Jesus, the Son of God. As Jesus can cook, we can ask him for His favourite recipes help us make excellent meals with His fish recipes. Jesus is a man but cooked for fellow men. If possible men can support stressed wives to help cook on special occasions to save time. This is a special way to celebrate God’s Love in Jesus Name so Christ the King of kings cooked. Jesus multiplies miracles to feed multitudes. Christ gave His Life to with compassion and God’s Spirit Soul Food by Love to all in the world. It is amazing God creates all things including food for His Glory to show His Miracle Wonders. Its good to reflect on daily things Jesus thanks God for answering prayers. So it is possible to pray but help others. Some feel Jesus is too Superhuman Deity God only in Spirit. Jesus did normal things worked with His disciples, family and with His earthly father Joseph. So Jesus understands issues people face today with regard to work and family so interacts with people.It is very encouraging to know Jesus managed to combine life on daily basis with spiritual needs. The first feeding miracle of the 5,000 is in Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:31-44, Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:5-15. The second miracle of feeding 4,000 in Mark 8:1-9 and Matthew 15:32-39 with seven loaves and fish. Feeding of 5,000 was the miracle of five loaves and two fish supplied by a boy Jesus used to feed multitude of the crowds who followed Jesus from town. Jesus fascinates us by leading a very simple life equivalent to lifestyle challenges of people. Christ joins in the camaraderie of friends doing hard work. Christ helps people since youth learnt about God the Creator. Parents, guardians, teachers, encourage young people to participate in the safe Godly outdoor activities and supervised. Addictive distractions vying for mind, soul and attention. Gadgets lead to the problems of game addiction. Distraction intrude into young people’s studies and ability to focus to study or work. Jesus was equipped young so was prepared to fulfill calling and ministry to perform duties and responsibilities. Jesus is good role model, who joins His family to help meet need. We count on God in Christ Jesus to supply all our needs according to His Riches in Glory from Heaven by Jesus Name. In time of famine and desert conditions God still supplied them the manna quails, water, garments, gold, cattle, milk, good health.

Beautiful-Jesus-Picture-By-The-River-Cooking-Fish-WIth-FireIn everyday life God uses simple things we come across to experience his nurturing Shakinah Nature to supply our needs according God’s Riches in Glory from Heaven by Christ Jesus. God cares about basic needs including your last meal like widow who fed prophet Elijah so never lacked during famine in 1 Kings 17:7-16. After Jesus’ resurrection finds some apostles returned to former way of life to fishing business but still evangelised. Jesus still feeds billions of people supernaturally globally with the Holy Spirit Soul Food Word of God to prosper soul nourish physically. Christ fed 4000 and 5000 people in Gospels. Jesus’ Body is broken in communion to give abundant life Divine Health by drinking His ‘Blood’ in remembrance to celebrate Christ. Jesus is kind hearted and generous so provides when called upon in Jesus Name including food. Call on God in Name of Jesus so Christ Jesus is so kind, helpful, faithful, dependable reliable trustworthy, so compassionate, cares deeply about all needs including nourishment of the body. The Bible says beloved I wish above all things that you you will prosper and be in good health even your soul prospers in Jesus Name.

When Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion on them and healed all the sick. And as the evening approached, the disciples came to Jesus and said, this is a remote place, it’s getting late, send the crowds away, so they can go to the villages and buy some food. Jesus said they do not need to go away but the disciples should give them something to eat. They said they had five loaves of bread and two fish so Jesus asked them to bring what they had to him. Jesus directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave the food to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. They all ate and were satisfied, and then the disciples picked up all the 12 basket full broken pieces left over. Those who ate were 5 thousand men besides all the women and children. Similarly, Jesus fed 4000 in Mark and Matthew, with miracle of 7 loaves and fishes. Jesus fed his disciples on the seas side so Christ is still feeding the people unable to feed themselves through others. Jesus says all who give clothes, water or food to the least of these has done it to Jesus. So His sheep are those who show kindness to others in Jesus Name.

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jesus-wept-ray-downing (1)In John 11:35, Jesus wept although He knew Lazarus will be raised to change the situation to a miracle of joy. A turn around for Martha and Mary. It is often said real men do not cry but here is the Greatest Real Man Jesus openly and He publicly cried in front of women and children. Jesus’ reasons for weeping are debated by theologians. Some macho theologians think it is impossible for Jesus to cry because text not rendered so in their interpretation did not mean that physical tears did not roll down Jesus’ cheeks. To them it was a sign of weakness to cry like a baby or women so they continue to teach men never to cry. At least not publicly and openly like Jesus. God puts tears in male babies to cry so there need for it. As babies and young children without inhibitions, it is okay to use tears to request for all their  nourishment, warmth and change of clothing etc. Yet soon the child is told to stop tears to prepare them in advance because it not acceptable for grown men to cry. Jesus wept openly to teach people not to bottle tears but weep to get relief from intense pain and trauma. Jesus-Christ-Wallpaper-salvation-soldiers-all-nations-beg-JesusOkay to cry as whole towns and nations wept publicly in the Bible including men, women and children lamented for God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness so repented before God. In Psalm 56:8 and also Revelation 21:4 God sees all tears He bottles and keeps as memorial before God’s throne hears tearful prayers and answers them. The Jewish people’s cries and tears seen and heard by God sent Moses and Aaron to deliver them. God is waiting on tears of joy of Jesus in advance before miracles happen. It shows it is not by might not by power but by God’s Spirit Says God The Mighty One Jehova Nissi in Jesus Name for our victory. Tears lasts for a season but joy comes in the morning so there is no point in envying or ranting, raving, angry gnashing teeth at others. Turning green with envy, God’s Favour for their lifestyle for God’s Spirit may be behind it. So its not good to condemn others suffering by laughing at them for they may be innocently carrying family reproach transferred to them. It seems bizarre if one feels right of entitlement to receive the Favour of God then it did not happen as expected, though after salvation. God’s Favour is not a perfect life of utopia of no pain, tears, lack. So evaluate life with the world’s standard measurements of material success, than deeper spiritual insight into eternal life.hqdefault Since sin entered world through Adam and Eve, God is restoring His Children through Jesus Christ the second Adam to redeem mankind from the fall. It is not God’s fault but man’s rejection of God by deception of the devil be encouraged you are not alone for God is in control as this song sums up the story of life. Tempted and tried we’re often made to wonder Why it should be thus all the day long While there are others living about us Never molested, though in the wrong Farther along we will know all about it Farther along we’ll understand why Cheer up my brother, live in the sunshine We’ll understand it all by and by When death has come and taken our loved ones It leaves our home so lonely and true why do we wonder why others prosper Living so wicked year after year Farther along we’ll know all about it Farther along we’ll understand why Cheer up my brother live in sunshine  We’ll understand it all by and by. Since the world changed from perfect state of walking and talking intimately with God to sin damaged, people reconnect us to God directly in Christ to His Unmerited Favour of blessings by God’s plans.tear-bottlesIn Psalm 56:8 and also Revelation 21:4 God sees Its challenging accept, rejoice with those that hurt you. So they seem unfairly blessed from one’s point of view. The worse they get the greater their blessings but Psalm 37 warns not to fret at wicked or those who do wrong to get blessed. May sacrifice, toil, give all to help others, one’s reward seems to be tears, regret, grief and sorrow but hold on for time has come for God’s Favour so do not try to fix own miracle, wait for God’s timing. Ask God’s help and Favour to show His Sign of Approval to receive miracles in Jesus Name. Amen. Jesus wept and went through pain for all and overcame in the same manner, inspite of adversity Christ gave us excellent example to stand firm in victory.

Farther Along” is track #47 on the album Personal File. It was written by Bartlett, Gene/stevens, W B..Read more:Johnny Cash – Farther Along Lyrics | MetroLyrics



download (1)The Joy of the LORD is our Strength in Jesus Name to enable us to face what we go through in life. God surrounds us all with HIS Love to keep us keeping on in His strength. There is great joy for us in heaven so repent to receive Christ. This joy keeps us solid in Christ and gives us confidence to continue in (2)The Lord sends his angels around us to protect us and to defend us from things happening unaware. This joy does not depend on anything we do but is the covenant blessing that comes as part of package of accepting Christ as saviour. This joy must be stirred and kept aflame by renewing our minds through reading word for transformed thinking daily.images-5The joy of the LORD is strength so peace fills us with contentment and a knowing that all is well when everything else is falling apart around us. When a 1000 falls at our side and 10,000 at our right hand, it shall not come near is in Jesus Name.  Godly Joy is vibrant, colourful, beautiful strength, makes life bearable when opposite is expected in adversity.il_340x270.404987637_3ru0The joy of the Lord does not mean there is no challenges to deal with. It means in spite of adversity, hurts, pain, sorrow, our response is entrenched or anchored in Christ the author and finisher of our faith. One can still smile, laugh, express joy to extend loving hands to others despite whatever the situation faced.h.Nehemiah8.10The greatest source of joy is to continue to remind ourselves to share priceless gift of salvation of receiving Christ. We have inner strength helps us endure in the world as we know we have eternal life. The joy of the lord fills our hearts and minds to rejoice overcome even in the midst of adversity. The Holy Spirit enables us have a miracle supernatural joy to overcome problems in life. As we help harvest souls for God’s Kingdom we experience greater joy.Bible-Verses-On-Joy-Luke-15-10-Landscape-Sunrise-HD-WallpaperAs we await the return of Our Beloved Saviour Jesus Christ with Joy, Matthew 24 :31, says “God shall send His angels  with a great sound of a trumpet, and gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” We have joy knowing whatever challenges we experience is temporary. We know Jesus will come to rapture us.images-6One may not achieve all their goals due circumstances beyond control, the team may let you down, the washing broke down, Android gone, bills piling due to caring for sick loved one, everything turned upside down, but God is still in Control. We think life throws things at but have joy and be amazed at how we look back and say, how on earth did we make it in those circumstances.images-3It Is Christ’s joy like footprints in the sand that bears us up to take us through impossible situations in God’s Strength in love and unity. In God’s Kingdom TEAMTogether Each Achieves More to be there as Bible says rejoice with those who rejoice. By joining in to celebrate other people’s joy gives us joy.
bb4Being happy does not mean a problem free life. It means God protects and shields us from all problems and the Holy Spirit comforts us to hold in by faith in Christ. We are hidden in Christ in God to fulfil our destiny and be all that God called us to be to live for the Lord in the rest of God.


topGod’s Greatest Favour to you is HIS Gift of life to all. A 24 hour time God is made available equally to all, to breath, to live as the greatest asset or God’s Treasured Possessions. God maintains life through basic human rights of life, food, shelter, warmth and sense of belonging. These is Favour of God which cannot be taken for granted. God’s Favour sometimes seems unfair to to others because defies logic of the natural circumstances that manifest God’s Will. God predestines, chooses, selects, decides matters long before it happens, so changes people’s expectation to unmerited undeserved surprises shocking the recipient.7950675_origPromotion Comes from God Almighty Who Created the world so Has Power to install people, give Favour so to Glorify Himself so for with God all things are possible. God said His Favour will live on for up to a 1000 generations to bless all those whose forefathers paid price. In Exodus 20:6 God always lavishes HIS Unfailing Love to those who love Him, and to all multitudes whose lineage and descendants reap fruit of past sacrifices of trauma. Grace of God is keeping his commandments in spite of adversity.barack-obama-michelle-obama-2009-3-4-20-33-36.jpg?w=655God’s greatest asset, treasure or Favour cannot be reversed, because when God Opens a door, no man can shut it and when God Closes a door no man can open it. Rejoice with all those enjoying the blessings of favour because one may not want to pay the price that brought out God’s Favour and Glory into such lives valuable to God even if the world belittles, demeans and diminishes them, their status does not change in God’s eyes. Its important to define own good success in terms of life, goals and plan purpose for valued life. Christ, the most innocent perfect man, paid the highest priceless tag value for all sins so instead of receiving punishment, we receive Unmerited Favour of God, and have become justified to live as if we never sinned by the Grace and Mercy of God.111-Fitzgerald-1280x1024_500As exciting as God’s Favour of blessings are  another side of the coin means to be aware today’s actions or long – term decision impact kinds of fruit in future. Generations bear consequences of the past. In Genesis 15:13, God told Abram, “know for certain your descendants will be oppressed for 400 years in the future before it happened. Past slaves build or help rescue others into their promised lands. God said, in Exodus 34:7, HE is merciful, gracious, long-suffering, and abounding in goodness, truth, keeping thousand of generational blessings and forgiving iniquity. Past transgression of sin erased means clearing the guilty not visiting the iniquity of fathers upon the children. Or their children’s children to the third and fourth generation to 300 years. Generational sin not visited upon childrenbecause they repent so humble themselves, call upon God to heal their land. God hears, answers, forgives them deleting sin through redemption plan of salvation in Name and Blood of Jesus.



God knowldge is the best because HIS MANUAL Bible guides HIS creation with the best knowledge and wisdom for us. God’s words are powerful knowledge, alive, sharper than a two-edged word, so reading and meditating on the Bible helps us communicate with God like a love letter, text or message sent to keep in touch to express love, warmth and affection. God’s intimate knowledge includes knowing the number of hairs on each head, every emotion one feels as His People in Psalm 139:1-4. God’s knowledge is far above all knowledges of 7 billion people put together. God’s knowledge is freely available to some as a privilege and it is the most printed and most read book in history. It is sweeter than honey and more precious especially to those who dare risk their lives and are desperately hungry to read and live it. Despite abundance of God knowledge, in Hosea 4:6, God says, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’ So much knowledge abounds in the information highway than ever before and knowledge is power,’ so with knowledge everywhere, how can God say His people are destroyed for lack information?


Modern technology makes it easier to acquire and distribute knowledge with constant news and so many adverts bombarding people on TV, in the media, leaflets, magazines, newspapers, mobile adverts, bill boards, digital and electronic adverts, on buses, libraries, public places, the list goes on. Milk cartons, labels on food packaging, always has some form of knowledge distributed. Most nations make it compulsory to send children to school to gain more knowledge. It is easy to spare a few minutes on the train, bus, before breakfast, or bedtime reflecting on thoughts and actions in line with the word of God. Our lives are the most precious asset we possess so need to love preserve it by taking great care of it. Our lives are followed by the need to live physically healthy lifestyles to strengthen and to enhance our body to keep it in good shape to ensure all our cells, tissues, organs, work together for good as long as the Good Lord permits. Then we need our abundant material blessings, with not have enough room to store it so we share and live in interdependence by supporting each other. One does not have to be a saint or perfect to talk to God or read His words, come just as you are, He knows all about you already yet still loves you anyway. Real People acknowledge God so are not ashamed to talk about Jesus Christ. Skype and gadgets available today make it easy to keep in touch to encourage one another by sharing God’s Knowledge as Priority to thank God, The Source of life everyday. God comes first in our lives so cannot be afterthought with gadgets to use to read God’s anywhere, there is no excuse for no time to read 1 verse related to circumstances to stand on God’s Word for victory in Jesus Name.


2 timothy 15, commands believers to study God’s word, to show yourself approved to God so you can rightly divide the word of truth as a workman, and not be embarrassed or ashamed for you can answer accurately from the Bible and teach those who want to learn more about your faith as a living sermon and testimony. Why did God say people can perish from lack of knowledge when too much information is constantly available? Is it the right kind of information or God Type of Knowledge, relevant and good for the receiver? Is it given to build life up, encourage, motivate, inspire, correct, transform lives or it does it not matter the information distributed as it makes profit. Does contents of message allowed, endorsed, accepted online, in entertainment circles for fun etc. please God to PROFIT THE SOUL FOR ETERNAL LIFE and sponsored to preserve lives? God is saying people are perishing for being destroyed with useless information than gaining God Knowledge personally and intimately to profit the soul.


The Bible is God’s underpinning and underlining principles given to people to live according to His Words. Some nations ban the wisdom gained from the message of the Bible in school education, in public places but wonder why several generations are lost, confused by chaotic contradictory theories and policies of the traditions of men. Faith comes by hearing the word of God, by everyone reading it, not just pastors teaching it, so people can have Faith and Confidence from God’s Knowledge studied to feed the mind and soul to dwell in peace. Too much unnecessary information creates a parallel virtual unrealistic world of a second life so some people find it hard to communicate and relate in the real world. The Bible is mocked and ridiculed by people who ignore it, yet it is the greatest treasure, when people find it, so sell all to acquire it because such knowledge does not perish. A mere acquisition of various man- made traditions, views and opinions from different sources of information creates confusion so is not healthy knowledge. Tons of facts are not Truth from God’s Point of View so it is important to set time aside to read and study God’s Scripture from the Bible, by looking for keywords that meet your needs or logos rhema words that speak about issues you may be dealing with. People do not care what you know until they know you care about them, so does knowledge peddled in academia genuinely care about all people’s reality in life?


The highest knowledge up to PhD degree certificates and beyond is still not enough to answer all the human questions of life. One needs a deep reverence for God by faith through humility to ask God for His Wisdom to cope and overcome the challenges of life. At times, impression is created the Bible is an ancient book about a group of people’s history so has nothing to do with others. Searching the Bible for God’s Truth through the Power of Holy Spirit ministers and leads one into all truth to change one’s life. Going to church once a week to listen to sermons is not enough soul food so feed yourself daily with the word of God and see your life transformed in Jesus Name.


Get a notebook to write down questions bothering you after reading the Bible and get the Bible study commentary to guide or ask your pastor to help you if you have one. You do not want to perish because accurate knowledge will guide and protect your life if you apply it by faith. In Acts 19:20 so Mightily grew the word of God so doubt and unbelief did not destroy The Truth of God Knowledge. So it benefits those who take it seriously, study it consistently for God’s Word to grow until it multiplies and bears fruit in their lives for all to see their amazing transformation in Jesus Name. This is what God is Talking about that those who get a hold of His Knowledge and Truth live forever.



Quotation-Queen-Elizabeth-Ii-bible-truth-inspiration-Meetville-Quotes-131991God’s Greatest Truth is no one will be saved except through the Name of Jesus Christ by faith as their personal saviour. This is greatest truth, counsel we can turn to. God’s word is imperishable truth so will not perish bcause God is everlasting. God’s word the Bible is a treasure house. God puts His Words higher above Himself. So God chose Christ as His Only Way for Christian believers, as His Only Hand Picked Saviour so Made His Decision. queen-elizabeth-ii-gettyimages-904669426.jpgStatement of Queen shares All knowing, Omnipotent God’s Greatest Truth in the Bible. What God Says HE Will Do that is What He Will Do for His Words will not return void but do exactly as God sends it to do. God Honours His Words Highly Above Himself. This is the reason why it may seem like God’s command sounds too Bold, Daring, Audacious, unfair, but GOD CHOSE CHRIST AS ONLY WAY TO SALVATION FOR CHRISTIAN BELIEVERS IN HIS KINGDOM IN JESUS NAME!1551715_10152174781129742_801490505_nThis because Christ Jesus suffered and paid the price of sin by giving His Life as punishment of sins committed by others. He died and resurrected again is seated at the Right Hand of Father God Father. Christ earned Right as Only Way not others who did not die or resurrect to save sinners to qualify given Highest Status. God Gave Christ Name Above All Names in Heaven and earth.At the Name of Jesus Christ every knee shall bow and every tongue to confess Christ is Lord to the Glory of Father God in Jesus Name. It pleases God as people accept Jesus Sacrifice and live for Him, triumph over defeated enemies in Jesus Name. Christ the Saviour of world came to save, deliver, heal, transform lives in Jesus Name to God’s Glory.DSC00801-704x318God requires all to choose so none hops between two masters. All will one day give account as individuals on judgment day about their stand for Jesus. Above all salvation is a miracle to gain eternal life forever with God. To get the wisdom understanding guides matters of heart, believe in God secretly like Nicodemus, others Obey God by accepting Christ openly, saved by freewill.All KnowingAt the Name of JesuaGod wants His Children to cheerfully appreciate Christ the Truth. People do not ask why Hollywood film producers, directors, choose star as main character Superstar in films. They are exclusively celebrated with awards of excellence as Golden Globe BET, Oscar stars in walk of fame, Hollywood. Almighty God, the Heavenly Creator and Director of Life, Chose Jesus Christ as Main Character Superstar Role Model in God’s Kingdom to save you.C9h9_35XsAAbZY0.jpgJesus is given All Power and Authority in Heaven and Earth, plus Power of Attorney to Represent God’s Salvation Plan for Christians. Jesus helps restore people to God’s Kingdom to become His children in a loving relationship despite challenges of life through God’s Mercy, Forgiveness and Compassion.41uYCFeplcLAs heads of state represent nations on earth, God chose Jesus Christ to Head Kingdom, Approved, Delegated with Power and Authority as First Born Joint Heir. Others may have power and authority, but did not sacrifice their life on Cross like Jesus, so must submit to God’s Approved Plan to save the world. In John 3:16 God so loved the world, He gave His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ so whosoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life in Jesus Name. Hallelujah!!!true-131972820702_xlarge


At the Name of Jesus people must take a stand to gain from God’s Salvation Plan in God’s Christian Kingdom. Hollywood, fans love to watch their favourite stars and characters in reality shows. Some dress like them buy fashion accessories seen on them, which sells immediately and runs out. Jesus must be your first love from God to follow around to take pictures, attend Jesus events involvedstock-photo-i-love-jesus-religious-words-isolated-on-white-131915840.

in.Love Jesus Name in some extreme cases some stalked Him and mocked to imitate His lifestyle, copy hairstyles join as fake Jesus so keep in touch with real Jesus be up to date reading His words in Bible. It is strange some mortgage theur homes to sponsor favourite football stars, clubs, invest in season tickets for best seats to watch them kick a piece of leather great fun enjoyed to wind down.20191214_081411.jpg806022_world_His_truth_680x675_grande.jpg?1329-2Christian believers are in the world but not of the world and to Imitate Christ, Beyond Passionate excitement of that of Hollywood stars. Express adoration and adulation to CHRIST to Most Important MegaStar, SuperStar, SuperPower Star, Chosen by God to save believers. Jesus reconnects sinners fully to God through Blood of Jesus. God’s Word instructions are easy to follow if you fear God. Jesus loves you so much if you are the only person in the world He will die for you.


let-not heart be  troubledJesus said in end times in Matthew 24, life is harder due to human choices as some refuse to listen to Wisdom of God. Those times believers are to focus more on God’s word in prayer, fasting, and intercessions for God’s mercy, grace and forgiveness of God. There are rumours of wars, famines, difficult, challenging times but God is faithful and will give strength to enable believers to hold on tighter to God than never before.  Jesus our greatest example denied himself to bear cross for us to live and share His Grace and Love with all. Jesus a Master, humbled Himself to wash the feet of the disciples taught them by good example. Despite Love Jesus has for people was persecuted, rejected and down trodden by people He came to save and served.jesus-washing-apostles-feet1Jesus Sacrificed His Life but resurrected to prove God’s Power surpasses other powers on earth. God gave Jesus Name Above all other names so He is Highly Exalted above all other names to the Glory of God the Father. Stand strong knowing Jesus is in control no matter what the world tries to do. God’s Favour Upon our lives will carry us through it all in Jesus name. Learn to trust in Jesus and Trust in God, through depend on God’s Words. Trust God daily walking in HIS Holy Words in Jesus Name. Jesus paid great attention to all disciples and worked with them daily until He went back to Heaven. He sent the Holy Spirit to Fellowship with us by Love and Wisdom from God. Apply Jesus teaching and messages to help others. Times can be lonely, painful without quick results as expected. In John 11:1-44 Jesus came 4 days to raise Lazarus after death. So a believer has authority in Jesus Name to reverse dead situation circumstances. 114250.pJesus resurrects Lazarus but few people angry Jesus will gain more followers. A sister gave up on Lazarus thought it was over. God’s people are not immune but with 1,000 on one side and 10,000 on the other side God is near us in Jesus Name. Targets try to distract Blood cover but Jesus protects in Jesus Name. Prophet’s situation of death like God does not care but in truth really part of ‘tests’ of devil God turns into Testimonies. With God, none or any experiences are considered mistakes by God even others say so. All Glory to God mess is message trials and tears or memorials God uses to confirm you as refined as pure gold through fire unsinged smoke of Daniel. The Prophet Ezekiel 37 says Christ overcame death and suffering, subduing it keeps at bay under total control. Eliminated the sting of death. And God’s Words sharper than two-edged sword in our mouth speaks life into dead situations to resurrect in Jesus Name. God’s people attacked God Empowers His People to speak life into situation with your own (1) Words spoken in challenging times and prayed over privately in God’ Presence released by the power of agreement for changes. God insist Ezekiel answer and ACTIVATES SPECIFIC LIFE COMMAND STRAIGHT TO POINT DIRECT TO  GOD TO GET MIRACLE. Sead dry bones that seem impossible, dead finances, dead end job, dead relationships, pain and sorrow, grief are momentary so WILL LIVE AGAIN in Jesus Name!!!. All graves open, yielding life kidnapped, abducted, subdued, trampled soul released from captivity in Jesus name. Maintain your deliverance in line with the words of God to reflect before responding. Not, react, reckless indiscipline but choose right answer for God’s angels to go on assignment on our behalf. Favour of God is on believers to speak to every mountains to remove in Jesus Name. So shall it be in Jesus Name to call on God for hopeless situations to live life just as Ezekiel’s dead army brought back to life in Jesus Name Glory to God.


woman_at_the_well (3)In John 4:1-42 Jesus came to forgive and give unmerited favour to undeserving lost church society did not accept. The woman who met Jesus at the well was ostracised because all the other women feared for moral safety of the husbands, so she had to go out alone at odd times to fetch water. Only time to her is when others not around to be seen talking to her to be shunned, or offended by her tainted, tarnished presence. Jesus came through for her, found her, talked to her though not acceptable for woman alone seen with man in public who is not her father, brother, relatives or husband. Its worse Samaritan woman considered an enemy with reputation disciples were surprised Jesus talked to her. cult-prostitution-01Jesus asked for water from her to drink so Jesus entered her world. So used the occasion to teach, educate, share with her about Himself, His Living Water  lasts into eternity. Jesus acknowledged religious worship by her forefathers but told her it will not save her soul. Jesus told her that her serial monogamy, as a common law wife was not congruent, in line with genuine true faith and belief in God. She did not profess to practice her religion rightly living in sin. Jesus taught her to change to put trust and confidence in God, first not in men who let her down looked for love, affection and attention in wrong places. Special love or attention she craved cannot be provided by needy men. They used her resources, abused her, demand to be pampered spoilt by her for life. Refuse to grow up or involved in taking care of her to provide emotionally, materially. Or take full responsibility for their wild oats sown moves to next needy partner hoping things will be different this time round. With extra baggage and blended family issues things more complicated, not better. Such a man can never give what he does not know or have. She met Jesus Christ, Greatest Lover of her soul, ministered to save her repeating victim mentality vicious cycle of codependency for the rest of her life. Humbled herself, accepted correction from Jesus repents from sin, anger, and all disappointment, bitterness, pity party poor me syndrome to accept the pure, unconditional LOVE OF CHRIST JESUS. Good news of Jesus so transformed her life she run to share it with joy of salvation with all. She is bold courageous, Godfident in Living Water Jesus, clean, purified as white as snow. Virtue, Holy Spirit Power from Jesus entered, enabled, forgiven all who hurt, rejected, caused pain, shame, reproach, abandoned asked Jesus save them all.44She left water pot with Jesus and run to town to share testimony express faith action so people sawimpact of change in her, believed her, accepted her and all followed her to meet Jesus. The whole town became saved through the actions of a once tainted woman. In less than 24 hours she changed from a loose woman at centre of affairs, scandals and gossip to become greatest evangelist in town. Previously rejected and frowned upon is accepted and loved. Like the woman caught in adultery, Jesus forgave and freed them from guilt and punishment from sin so told them to go and sin no more. It takes 2 to tango but the double standard judges women used, abused by needy, greedy men, lust pornography sinful pleasure. Men not treated with disdain or punished like women. The woman at well brings her 5th man to Jesus to be saved and married. Not all women tame or change spouse but with God all things are possible for woman’s holiness covers the man in humility and as a good example to help them change. Nagging puts men off so pray for spouse for God’s  mercy, forgiveness and grace to overcome in Jesus Name.  woman-wash-feet-01Many lured by ‘domestic job promises’  trafficked by pimps fuel pornography used, abused God’s creation under the pretext of job prospects. Some women and girls had taken loans to pay pimps who put them in witchcraft bondage rituals to put fear in them to control them so become enslaved and work for years to pay them. Some remain slaves like Tamar the widow in Genesis 38 who outwitted Judah by playing the harlot to procreate to continue Abraham’s descendants as God promised. Others encountered God like Rahab who hid 2 spies in Jericho in Joshua 2:15-16 so her family was saved by the red cord signal on wall and became Jesus’ ancestress. Jesus Christ also sets tainted women free indeed like the woman by the well story set in Nineveh. Mary Magdalene met Jesus in Luke 7:36-50, Light of the world she repented. She sacrificed her life savings on expensive alabaster perfumed oil wash Jesus’ feet with her hair in gratitude appreciation by free will. Jesus said her actions  will remain in the word of God so the rest is history to prove tainted women can become saints. So be saved, delivered, healed, transformed, freed indeed in Jesus Name. Those judging such women turn blind eye on those men sponsoring them. Reminded by the woman caught in adultery story for Jesus said, ‘the one without any sin must cast the first stone at her,’ in John 8:1-11 left her for Jesus to save and restore her life. Valentine, day celebrating love all over the world, is important to remember to pray and intercede for women to be free to enjoy true love of God if single or married by unconditional love of Jesus for all.

Hosea-DetailGod’s Himself taught a lesson of actions and behaviours of tainted tarnished women. God instructs prophet in Hosea 1:2, to marry Gomer the prostitute, to demonstrate God’s relationship with believers. God showed the impacts and effects of disloyalty to God. God was always loyal and faithful to them so felt let down because followed different man-made opinions so hopped between God and idols. God is patient, tolerant in the beginning, hoping they will learn to change behaviour. They settle down for a season, focussed on God then did His Will to please God for a moment. At other times, they turned from God, did their own thing. So their relationship with God was like a roller coaster, up and down wih emotions all over the place. They did the right thing called themselves believers yet at other times took off and followed heathen practices. God was so fed up with them, eventually He gave them up to indulge in debauchery so they ended up in bondage. After many years in slavery God had mercy on them and brought them out of captivity. In Numbers 11 some prefer bondage slavery lifestyle in Egypt craving slave cucumbers, melons, leeks, onion and garlic than own land harvest for themselves. The believer has greater grace to receive the favour and blessings of God in Jesus Name.