In Matthew 21:28-32, Jesus tells parable story to illustrate Obedience to God. A father asked his 2 sons to help work in vineyard family business in a field. The first son agreed readily and said yes but refused to go to work, never changed his mind so did not do the work. The second son said no but changed mind later went to work in the vineyard. The question asked is which of these two sons obeyed their father? Bible says it is important to be instant in season delayed obedience is not obedience so it shows lack of respect for authority. Some say the first son did said the right thing but took wrong action and changed his mind but heart did not softe perhaps later to work. Jesus tells us to readily join others because it is never too late to Serve God. Towards end of day join others to complete day’s work although earlier start is best. Parable is used to teach obedience to God instantly, obey parents, obedience and submission to authority. God is Father to Jesus Christ Son of God Perfect Example of Real Obedience to God. Jesus Obeyed His Father God unto death on Cross.


At Calvary Jesus teaches ‘yes means yes’ if duty calls to respond to Honour God and honour parents. God Words give life to all who Obey God. One’s words build up confidence, trust, encouragement, as Father Expects from us. Respect people like FATHER God KNEW Jesus Obeys God by submission to God’s Authority. Jesus was given ALL POWER and AUTHORITY in HEAVEN and EARTH but Jesus NEVER ABUSED HIS POWER AND AUTHORITY. Jesus Humblef Himself to Obey God. God is JUST and RIGHTEOUS so Instruction to His Children is Reasonable, Appropriate. The Church is the body of Christ to Serve God in Obedience. Not only to serve God but LOVE GOD, RESPECT GOD, ADMIRE GOD. GOD ALONE DOES EVERYTHING ALL THINGS WELL SO ALWAYS RIGHT. God is Worthy of Honour, Praise, Glory through Fear of God. So hear God to Give God ALL Due CREDIT FIRST then give a credit where a humble credit is due. So Jesus’ Privileged Position of Given Power and Authority, Honour did not let Good Success bolster His ego. Jesus Humbled to God and did everything through God’s Approval. God Provided Affirmation yet Jesus stayed Obedient to God throughout His life. Jesus’ Incredible Example used by God to encourage Obedience in all. In Obedience to God life starts to get better because the Fear of God is beggining of Wisdom. Church the TEACH COMPLETE OBEDIENCE TO GOD to get life right. As Sovereign God is The Centre of Focus in Christ people then focus on God more but love GOD’S people. Jesus said that the GREATEST Serves and helps God’s Children realize their destiny in God. It is all about God First, Jesus, Holy Spirit then people in Church as God’s Servant.


A pastor is leader by example not centre of attention or focus so gets angry easily when things do not go his way. Or prays for people to do what he only thinks they should do. He cannot impose his views saying he alone hears from God so Praise time is showmanship and miracles prove his high status with God. Pastors are the sherpherds as Christ the True Shepherd laid down His Life for his flock. In Bible 2 Corinthians 10:8 says God gives pastor authority to BUILD UP God’s Congregants not tear them down. 2 Samuel 5:12 says David knew God had established him for HIS people Israel’s sake.” Life existence is for all to OBEY GOD FIRST then people. Obedience to God in Christ brings a long life blessing wellbeing in life. Father God Gave Instructions in HIS WORDS Obey by LOVE of God. Jesus said if you Truly Love God Obey God’s Words. God Obedience is Appropriate required duty of love action caring , loyalty directed by God. Father GOD’S Request demands Instant Respect and Gratitude for being counted worthy to WORK with God through Jesus Name. God’s Command Obeyed Totally without rearranging an alternative time lapse.

If circumstance impossible beyond one’s control means God Knows so Requires from us what HE Designed us to do. If alternative time must is arranged to help do GOD’S Work talk to God First not just if time permits. Time is never enough but Wisdom of God Helps Prioritise work to do urgent work immediately. Can do all things in Christ who strengthens us to do good works by love action for God. Father God Expects us to do exactly as we are told by Jesus. Obedience means one in setting a good example as a believer to others. To help God’s KINGDOM live in harmony by allowing all to be involved in God’s Family Business work. Mutual Obedience brings miracles in bigger full measure. God’s PLANS lives to OBEY to trust God to bring to pass God’s Higher Thoughts and Purposes for our lives. Our obedience proves to God He can TRUST us to do His will. This parable of Father God and 2 sons are types of believers in Christ Jesus who accept, do God’s WILL or reject Christ and own thing. Some say no to God at first accept Jesus Holy Spirit so understand precious value of the soul. Those who say yes represent the few ready to yield their minds, body and souls to God. The vine is God’s kingdom work so the types of fruits harvested are people meaning the work is yielding results.They love , Glorify and Extol God so are ready to do whatever it takes to please God no matter the obstacles. The yes group dedicated provides resources to Magnify God’s Name to Glorify Christ. Yes Choice to Father God consequences impacts God’s Kindom Vineyard.

A member of the family who refuses to obey the father is not tolerated. So God does not tolerate for too long those who reject him. Also, obedience in the army, is a serious business because lives depend on it, so it is crucial to obey orders before one dare complain. In life people are expected walk in obedience, submission and humility, vice-versa to show respect to all. Similarly, in this Bible story of the father’s actions of intervention impacts 2 sons described as 2 types of people, Jesus challenged to make up their minds in God’s Kingdom. 2 brothers asked to work in vineyard in Matthew 21:28-32 interesting answers in response to their father’s instruction. The leader Abraham obeyed God by faith humility setting off to a place he did not know but believed in God so much, it became the righteousness which made him the father of all nations. A leader’s example shows obedience as he trusts God with assurance Our Father God has our best interest at Heart. We can totally trust and confidence in God by faith, believing God do as Promised Glorify Himself in our lives. Although Abraham was not perfect, he obeyed and honoured God. God the Father’s Considers HIS Children Expects consideration towards others. Leader obeys God by example complies so submits first to God with consideration to impact those led. Grape theology of Jesus Christ True Vine leads branches by His Example consideration fairness, justice with practical hands on leadership style. To help people relate in obedience in the Father God’s Kingdom.


Story of Father God asking 2 sons to work in vineyard describes relationship between God and mankind. Father God Owner of Vineyard, Jesus the Vine and 2 sons 2 types of people in God’s Kingdom based on actions and decisions. Pictures highlight how Jesus, the TRUE Vine Vineyard, Church His Body teaches obedience moral lesson. Metaphorically using bunches branches show variety of people in God’s Vineyard Church. Good Seed of the Word Jesus in good soil helps people to be planted and watered and washed by the Word of God so grow with organic nutrient enriched feed. Living Word Bible Soul food of God is to nourish people to grow Spiritually. The Sunshine Glorious Light and God’s Love, Shines through us with warm right temperature nurturing growth. Showers of blessings rain contain best rich minerals nutrients to nourish mind, body with soul food. The Work of God through pruning and training helps vines fruits grow.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 16.41.31

Choice of actions and decisions made in Obedience to God helps mature vines to blossom. Support and encouragement to each other inspires the positive change to flourish in God’s Vineyard. So tender loving care, prayers, produce various types of growth in many characters. By their fruits you shall know them white light – mild green grapes are novice baby step believer need attention. Red grapes represent all BLOOD Bought Children of God. So purple grapes need extra care as lack frontal cortex requires support. Blue grapes are matured adults in faith so take on more responsibility to nurture all people they meet. Blue – black grapes senior citizens wiser with age experience faith so Bible says must guide younger ones through patience and loving care. Wild grapes aggressive, nuisance, weed hurt or inner turmoil, conflict, criticism, complaining but still loved by God and Holy Spirit Transforms their lives. The sour grapes immature tantrum loud outrageous irresponsible so stir up issues to create discord in Church. Yet Careful prayer and love helps overcome barriers. Obedience relates to a spiritual maturity wisdom level of understanding by faith. It important to request what each is able to do because God does not give us more than what we can handle in life. God also makes way of escape to conquer problem His Means. Obedience varies so depends on whether to climb a mountain, circle, tunnel through or wait for God to come to Direct us. Own prayer in the private closet first by Holy Spirit leading enables clarity of thought, ideas, to make better choices and decisions to decide best solution for Obedience. God is Dynamic so fixed previous method of Obedience may not always work exactly the same. Wise SEEK God’s Face each time in Obedience. Jesus Said He did nothing without God’s Approval though perfect Son of God, Sets good example to all to follow. The Gospel Good News is appropriate to support to give attention to types of vines, grapes pruned, tamed. Including edible grapevine branches fall away, helped to reproduce right result to bear good fruit in God’s winepress to flourish with sweet fruit, vintage juices and saved in Jesus Name. When we walk with the Lord, in the Light of His word, what a glory He sheds on our way, while we do His good will, He abides with us still, and with who will trust and obey, Trust and obey, for there is no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey. The greatest example of total obedience in leadership is Jesus Christ who obeyed God unto death on the cross.


Jesus Could call angels from heaven to Rescue Him but chose to Give His Life in Obedience as a sacrifice for all. Jesus said GREATEST is the servant as in Mark 9:35 accountable to the flock. Modern society creates impression parents or children at a certain age do not need to Obey God anymore. In world self-aggrandizement, selfishness highly valued and celebrated necessary to teach people it is a privilege to stand STRONG on God’s SIDE Honour God, parents and family. Blessings flow great opportunity to save to win souls as stars for God. The 2 sons disrespected but Father Gid Forgives in Mercy and HIS Compassion so worked later than do no work for God. Son recognised sacrifices all these years father provided for them. Old enough contribute to running family business so keen to do their part. In Church all must behave this Way with God trusting in God with confidence and sure of God’s Strength at work in their life. Obedience to God is highest yielding investment divident and rewarding. So, obey those in authority except if told to disobey God Obey God rather than men. Careful prayer, the compassionate love of God helps overcome these barriers. Obedience relates to a spiritual maturity wisdom level of understanding by faith. It important to request what each is able to do because God does not give us more than what we can handle in life. God also makes way of escape to conquer problem His Means. Obedience varies so depends on whether we must climb a mountain, circle it, tunnel through or wait for God to come to Direct us. This is own prayer in the private closet first by Holy Spirit leading enables clarity of thought, ideas, to make better choices and decisions to decide best solution for each Obedience. God is dynamic fixed method of previous  Obedience may not always work exactly. So wise to SEEK God’s Face each time in Obedience. Jesus Said He did nothing without God’s Approval though perfect Son of God. Set good example to follow.


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