Chosen in Christ

religious_024Jesus has been talked about and written about more than any other great person on earth. You watched the films, read the Bible, grown up or attended church all your life. You are biggest giver and the backbone of the church through your contributions. You sponsor ministry projects, built several churches all over the world, built orphanages. schools, given scholarships to several people so the list goes on. The question is, have you given your life to Jesus Christ and are you living in obedience to his Will? One does not have to be perfect but be connected to God through His Son Jesus Christ. One can own everything in the whole world and be celebrated but what does it profit to gain the whole world and lose your soul. Good success constantly makes plans to enjoy life but will God be impressed if invited?

Will it be an atmosphere worthy of His Sacrifice for your life? Will he be willing to partake of what you eat, drink, wear, and do? Think, reflect and be honest with yourself. Despite what you have ever done or did not do, Jesus is still waiting for you to invite Him into your heart to come and be your friend. He is willing to forgive you by His Grace to restore your life before it is too late. God is watching over you with His angels so invite Him today in repentance for salvation: Dear Jesus, I am sorry for all my sins, please forgive me. I repent and turn my back on satan so ask you into my life today. I believe you are the Son of God who died and resurrected from the dead. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Please come and dwell in my hear. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, Strengthen and empower me to live right for you in Jesus Name I pray. Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit, thank you God forgiveness, mercy and grace.

Please reveal yourself to me through your word and Help me to walk in Holiness, Righteousness, to Please You in Jesus Name. Thank you Jesus. Glory to God. The angels in heaven are rejoicing with God because your name is now written in The Lamb of God’s Book of Life. Remember the greatest miracle is the eternal salvation of your soul. Join in a good Bible Church and continue to study the word of God. Get a notebook and write any topics or words you do not understand. Ask questions and pray for a teachable spirit to learn to grow from baby Christian fed on milk to mature to eat meat the word of God. God bless and keep you and Make His Face to shine upon you. Thank You Lord, Praise, Worship To You Lord, Amen and Amen. Pray and share faith with others to be saved in Jesus Name. God reward with new name and crowns in Heaven.


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