Godly Inheritance

velpicstitch20140125_212625Proverbs 1: 22 says a good person out of the goodness of their heart, leaves good inheritance for their children’s children. So is the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just to promote God’s kingdom to win souls into Heaven. So material inheritance is good to be given to children’s children. In addition, the greatest asset, inheritance, treasure and wealth to bequeth to loved ones is wisdom is eternal salvation of soul if a believer. Recently, in 2008 Mrs MacDonald donated 11 billion dollars to Salvation Army in her will. Similarly, many others accumulated wealth but realised they could not carry it with them beyond this life so are generous to charities. It is great to own wealth and riches but not to put trust and confidence in them because the power it gives lasts for a season while the greatest miracle is eternal salvation of the soul. Hollywood wealth is good but still needs Godly inheritance and joy of the lord. It is good to busy but not too preoccupied with material things only. So enjoy life and spend quality time to invest Godly wealth and moral standards God requires as deserved by all. Inheritance left for descendants today and in future must bless generations. So must not batter and bruise them because of decisions of past generations. The rules of democracy and freedom of choice and right of consent must protect children and teenagers. The cortex must develop fully to understand wealth, business management and profit increases.People cannot be encouraged to live anyhow and do exactly as they please to make them happy because it does not matter the consequences of choices as long as they feel good and enjoy themselves it is alright. Sooner or later, the enjoyment for a season becomes a life-time nightmare because a dog is for life so the next generation bears the brunt of other’s choices and decisions. Take the modern logic for example of children who can barely take care of themselves being encouraged to do as they wish with their body which belongs to God the Creator as His Temple for His  Spirit to dwell in. As long as they can afford it, dress anyhow even it looks promiscuous or creates wrong impressions attracting wrong people into their lives. The argument is the skimpier the better because as it shows off private sacred body parts of precious beautiful people including ‘I am aware’ fashion styles that hardly cover the body. Dignity and moderation are no longer the priority as it helps size up one’s choice faster than waiting to uncover it privately at the right time. Very young children who do not control purse strings have tantrums to decide their own style and looks because of what they see others do. Parents must cater to innocent demands decency to teach changes from toddlers to teenagers to dress appropriately. They must start in the first years as parents control purse strings. They must have self-respect to dress decently from home not to secretly change in a friend’s house to blend in with latest fashion. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says the body is not your own so bought with the Blood of Jesus so respect and honour God with body and wealth.

my_treasure_chest_wallpaper_y3flSimilarly, the quality of food eaten to feed God’s precious, intricately and wonderfully made body cannot be left to chance and mood swings based on affordability. One cannot eat depending on what one craves or choose  instant junk foods. Cheap readily available food eaten by people too busy to make time to cook from scratch affects brain development. Children must be supervised to learn to cook to eat healthy family meals. And continue as adults so they can cook themselves healthy. Poor diet has consequences and effects on the body. It includes lethargy, insufficient nutrition for the body, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, (ADHD) treated with strong medications to calm the children down. It affects focus, learning, concentration and increases asthmatic conditions seen in attention reduction from Jamie Oliver’s healthy school dinner programmes. Couch potato syndrome behaviour eat lots of food before the body gets basic nutrients from such foods. This the reason why people become addicted to the combination of fat, salt and sugars that provide quick metabolism but does not last long. It is difficult to undo damage once the child’s taste buds become used to such tastes. The adult has to completely stop buying junk food into the house to replace it with healthy cheaper meals if one shops wisely. In Leviticus 19:28 God warns His people not to cut body or eat certain foods that affect body. The body marked and over decorated by excess body art by believers is forbidden. According to Bible, desire purpose of God involved in lives. Body marks by witch doctors identify DNA logo point of contact marks of incision initiation design cult destiny.

Once a person consults them for protection, healing or wealth they are marred for life. The blood DNA is linked to the altar for direct access into the family for generations unless one deletes one’s family name from demonic registers through continuous deliverance, prayer and fasting until Jesus returns. The marks on the body become a point of contact that attracts demons and spiritual attacks this is why wherever people go problems seem to follow them. God warns believers not to mark their body as the heathen did to t marks the person to suffer no matter how well qualified, trained, efficient, competent, hardworking or excellent they are. It projects a spiritual body dysmorphic disorder so instead of acceptance of divine helpers they wrongly see problems, evil aura around them so reject them. They suffer, are falsely accused and punished through evil occurrences due to the embargo of curses placed on the family through ignorance, jealousy, envy, anger, revenge or error to disgrace, bring shame and reproach to the family.  Another sad story is the curse brought upon innocent children by those who rejected Jesus and pronounced curses that the Blood of Jesus be upon them and their children in Matthew 27:25. This provoked God’s Jealousy and Wrath of God so granted their permissive will which became a self-fulfilled prophecy with global persecutions. The good news is in Roman’s 11:26 God in His mercy forgives so said all Israel will be saved in Jesus Name. Others desecrate God’s Holy Temple, their body by serving beelzebub so allowed evil spirits, demons to invade their body with spirits of fear and infirmity that torment the body because the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but God gives life more abundantly to enjoy. The devil has nothing good except to destroy, cause rebellion and unbelief against God.So watch and pray because the devil roams like about like a lion looking for those who allow it to devour them. But you are more than a conqueror in Jesus Name so will good inheritance for your children and children’s children in Jesus Name. The family must always teach people what God demands from a believer’s body. Be a good example even if you made a mistake in the past God will forgive and restore your life. Walk in holiness and righteousness ss no matter what others or family members do. You will account of yourself to God so do not let other people’s sin contaminate you to sin to cause you to go to hell. Even if a whole nation edges you to join in to conform to their worldly ways and methods, stand firm even if they feel your holiness embarrasses them remember it is better to obey God rather than men. Forgive all who sin against you so God forgive you also according Matthew 6:14. A young man shared his grandfather’s testimony in church as follows. As a child, his grandfather ate basic mealy meals everyday prepared from their own crop harvests but craved junk foods he was told was not good for him. The whole family sacrificed to contribute to save hard-earned money for his school fees so had no pocket-money. The family hardly had enough left over for the rest of the family after fees and medical bills. One day, the grandfather as a child, found money in a book. He took the chance and went on a spending spree to buy and eat junk food he was forbidden from eating. The great-grandfather angry for losing money sacrificed needs to save. Grandfather did not realise his fees hidden for the term to pay school. His father was enraged for loss so secretly consulted a witch doctor to pronounce a curse on who took money. After return from witch doctor his son suffered strange attacks and illnesses. Worst of all the curse returned against great-grandfather 7 fold and sealed unto sender with the blood of Jesus.

inheritanceThe great-grandfather died prematurely so never lived to see or enjoy the fruits of his labour. The saved, sanctified forgiven grandfather is still alive today because there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. Vengeance belongs to God even if you have the right to punish the one who hurt you. Let God’s Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness Protection Preserve your life through forgiving others in Jesus Name. Although that curse once put shame and reproach on that grandfather for years, and he stopped being the best student in the class to become the worst God had mercy on him for his naive childish sins committed in ignorance. In the past everywhere grandfather went things mysteriously disappeared as evil spirits invoked against him followed him to disgrace him. The more he helped people and worked harder the greater the shame. Eventually, after repentance, salvation, and deliverance he became born again and God revealed the source and effects of the curse from his great-grandfather upon his grandfather and saw the effects on his own father and himself. In Jesus Name, the grandfather broke the curse so God delivered him and future generations. Today that grandfather is a professor of medicine in one of the most prestigious universities on earth. People suffer from unknown generational curses, disputes over land, property, business, chieftancy, polygamy jealousy, ancestral sins inherited. But think in full control of their mind, body and soul. Yet monitoring spirits rule their lives until they come under new management of Jesus to stop suffering due to curses of jilted lovers, ex-spouses among others.

God said if fathers eat sour grapes the children’s teeth will NOT be set on edge any more. Each will account for own sins. Therefore sins will not be passed on to children’s children if they repent and seek God mercy, grace and forgiveness in Jesus Name. Character assassination by gossip defiles as mouth is used to bless and curse. Christianity is not a joke so requires holiness and righteousness in one’s body from drugs, alcohol, smoking and illicit sex which pollutes the body. Romans 12:1 urges true believers to keep their body holy as a living sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God. Mohammed Ali once said every great treasure is buried deep underneath the earth so one has to dig deeper to reach it. Similarly, anything easily acquired without the Favour and Blessing of God goes easily. It is only when life processed and refined properly does it shine brightly and perfectly like Kanye West’s engagement ring to Kim Kardashian which was once a mere black coal. So, any long-term life expectation of the precious body involves respecting, valuing, caring, using the body wisely and carefully to maintain and protect it because it is sacred. God said anyone not in control of their body and soul is like a rich city full of precious treasures left widely opened for looters to collect for free. So cover family with the Blood of Jesus in prayer to God to protect family and your spirit by leaving the greatest asset of eternal life. The greatest  as a treasure of salvation in holiness and righteousness to children’s children plus material gifts decided in will in Jesus’ Mighty Name with Thanks and Glory to God.

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