King-Jesus-On-The-Holy-Throne-In-Heaven-Picture-HD-WallaperJesus who sits upon the throne says behold I make all things new in Revelation 21:5. When the Blood of Jesus cleanses you, all sins though red as scarlet is washed away, so you become as white as snow. Jesus has transforms and renews you into a new creation so your name is written in the book of life. Have confidence in Christ from this assurance about God’s Grace and Mercy. God forgives so is not like man’s trend one mistake and one is out. Some people protect reputation at all cost including gagging orders. So hide specific information because it cost lives dearly. Pressure is on to make certain people be presented as perfect without faults whatsoever. The reality is God sees everything so there no utopia in real life. All make mistakes in life so ask God to clean and make all things new. Others focus and talk about other’s weaknesses, intimidate, judge and condemn. God’s Standard God Treats all human beings equally. So God forgives by giving rain, food, provisions to the just and unjust who insult Him so repent and be new.

In the Bible, the story is told of the father of all nations, Abraham. He had flaws, made mistakes, once pretended his wife was his sister to save the day, yet God loved him greatly, blessed him and kept His covenant with him. Moses an abandoned baby, was raised in the wealthiest royal family of Egypt, privileged, with status for 40 years but gave it all up to fulfil the call of God on his life. The amazing thing is that, by human standards he was a murderer and a fugitive, the least qualified to be the leader of God’s people. He stammered so could hardly speak properly, tried to wriggle of out with excuses but God would have none of it, so sent him to accomplish his mission. Worst of all, he had to go back to from exile to Egypt to face the very people he feared most. With God on His side he was a changed man because Jethro, his father in-law impacted him to deliver  God’s people from captivity and bondage.In Judges 4, Deborah a female judge, was taken seriously by the whole nation when she prophesied victory in battle through a woman to defeat their enemies. Women today are still not considered good enough to hold some positions of authority or be in some boardrooms. You may be called upon into such office, yet constantly made to feel less than qualified although competent, you are taunted and intimidated. In Jesus Name you can do it. Praise, Pray, and ask God’s favour upon your life to succeed. In Joshua 2:1, 3, 6:17-25, Rahab, was an idolatrous prostitute and tainted woman living in a brothel on the walls of Jericho had revelation from God so was used to save and preserve spies sent to explore the land. By taking risk her life and those of her family was saved as the spies rewarded her by saving her family when Jericho was destroyed. Her name is written in the book of life as a memorial to honour her contribution to building the promised land.Holier than thou and prostitutes need to know God loves and cares deeply about all. Jesus interacted with Mary Magdalene, untouchables, lepers, Zaccheus, robber saved on the cross and others rejected by society.  Eternal salvation is important to God above everything else that is why He sent His Only Son Jesus Christ to die in your place to redeem you. If you were the only person in the world God will still send Jesus for accept God’s grace and mercy and be saved in Jesus Name. It was 4 lepers in 2 Kings 7: 3 -20 who dared to take a risk and go their enemy’s camp to look for food during the famine in which people ate their children and bird droppings. The whole nation was blessed through them as they went back to announce to others their fortune. God chose lepers ostracised by society, to fulfil God’s prophecy that in 24 hours there will be abundance of food and wealth. Rachel took her father’s idols into a Godly marital home yet God’s Mercy brought Joseph to save the world from famine and disaster.

Paul, once persecuted and killed many Christians until he had an encounter with Jesus on the way to Damascus in Acts 19:1-19. He became blind, was healed, forgiven, given a new name from Saul to Paul and mightily used by God to bless Christendom. Christians feared him do much they did not believe that he was genuinely born-again. It took some convincing before Paul was accepted as the real McCoy among believers. Peter denied Jesus and the disciples fled and hid from fear but Jesus forgave them and they are the 12 elders in Heaven worshipping and praising God together with the 12 patriarchs. Despite, the historical issues of idolatry and rejection of God as Theocratic Head, God kept His covenant with such position of honour. God prophesied through the child Samuel under Eli for a message for the nation. How many children will be listened to for the leaders to make a decision concerning the nation. King Saul was rejected by God for disobedience but allowed to rule for 40 years despite being a sociopath with fits of jealousy, manic depression and mental illness.

Due to the anointing upon king Saul’s life, he was allowed to continue until his death. King David was a murderer, with rapist son, and a dysfunctional home but God allowed him to rule for 40 years. Solomon his son was the most notorious womanizing polygamist who built the Temple for God but still tolerated idolatry shrines in his household. Yet God blessed him with wisdom and riches. Maybe, you feel inadequate and been told you are unqualified according to the handwriting of ordinances against you. Jesus has removed them out of your way and nailed it to the cross. God is not using perfect people He works through those who make themselves available to be used for God’s glory. God chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. Our life is hidden in Christ Jesus in God. Once you accept Christ as Saviour, you are new creation, old things pass away behold all things become new in your life.


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