1250628189_depression_1004208Depression is an issue people go through due to various circumstances but some quickly overcome it, as there is always light at the end of the longest and darkest tunnel. Other’s last longer or recur triggered by trauma, hurts, pain, grief, sorrow, illness, medications while chemicals from junk food exasperate it. Whatever the cause there is a way out through support, treatment, therapy, encouragement, changes in habits and lifestyles such sleep, rest, healthy meals, drinking water, exercise, therapy and prayer. In the Biblgreatest  man of God, Elijah was depressed after winning the greatest battle of his life. In 1 Kings 18:22-40, God Mightily used Elijah to conquer baal worshippers who compromised God with idols. Elijah proved God’s Power and  forgiveness for those who decided to devote life totally to God. They were reminded by Elijah to remember God the Creator who saved them from Pharaoh’s evil wicked bondage and brought them out after marking doors with blood of the unblemished lamb so saved and preserved from Angel of death from taking their lives in the night.odThey escaped but forgot the Goodness of God to follow heathen practices so Elijah on Mount Carmel proved God was Real. This was help them overcome the confusion of mixing God’s Way with worldly ways. It was impossible to serve two masters for a double-minded person loves one and hates the other so must choose one. Elijah challenged them in the contest to set up an altar to sacrifice and call on their god to come to consume the offering. They spent all day in vain but nothing happened so Elijah taunted them to shout louder in case their god was asleep or busy. They tried but were defeated so Elijah triumphed by using God’s Real Power to do a miracle for the true believers.Elijah poured water on his Altar to soak the wood to prove the Living God’s Power.  Fire came from Heaven because God accepted Elijah’s sacrifice. Elijah proved God’s Greater Mighty Power is Supreme Forever above idols which have eyes but cannot see, ears cannot hear, feet but cannot walk. The Bible says those who trust idols are devil worshippers are spiritually blind. To stop the Wrath of God upon the whole nation, Elijah eliminated the 450 baal prophets to stop influencing total devotion to God.

Elijah gave the nation another chance to start afresh with God but baal leaders were furious so wanted to kill Elijah. The pressure caused Elijah to be depressed so run to hide in a cave away from family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. Elijah forgot to team up with other Prophets of Yahweh for strength and support for iron sharpens iron. Elijah was isolated so wallowed in misery. He told God he wanted to die and not continue his ministry due to fear from threats. God did not overrule Elijah’s permissive will but let him prepare a double portion anointing for Elisha to complete his unfinished business then God sent His Chariot to take Elijah to heaven. Elijah needed to refresh himself in God’s Presence to recharge his batteries after such a major spiritual battle. God Rested on the 7th day so Elijah should have taken time out to create a warm, cosy atmosphere, with bright lights, favourite healthy meals, good music to lift his mood. Instead he kept replaying negative thoughts of fear and death so got more depressed. It is essential to pay attention to thoughts and words spoken which take root in the spirit.

Positive confessions become self-fulfilling prophecies that come to pass because life and death is in the tongue, so choose life. As a survivor who overtook millions to become zygote in the womb, that same victorious conquering power still overcomes adversity. Elijah forgot about God’s Mighty Power to save, deliver as victory proved so focussed on fear, dark thoughts, death, without asking for help. Elijah experienced burn-out so did not think clearly. The bold, confident, courageous, man of God became weak from carrying burdens of ministry alone. Jonah 3, depressed from anger disappointment because God did not destroy Nineveh like Sodom and Gomorrah. God Mercifully forgave Nineveh in Iraq after repentance, humbled selves in prayer, lamented, pleaded with God to save them. The king of Nineveh, all people animals fasted so God saved and delivered them. Depression from pressure of juggling work, family life, retirement, empty nest syndrome, drug side effects can be overcome. Do not be perfectionist, feeling too good, indispensable so focus on minute detail, worry, not to care for self in name of hard work.

Some prefer to do everything so reject help as nothing is good enough unless perfectly done by them so causes stress. It is important to set up routines to recuperate to be more energised to continue well in life. Treatment of clinical / depression needs medical attention but those from demonic roots need deliverance to overcome spiritual attacks in Jesus Name. Some medications have side effects of depression, suicidal thoughts, hallucination, panic attacks, drug addiction causes depression, anxiety, mental illness so get professional help for treatment. Maintain health by pampering yourself with loving romantic treats like muscle relieving salt hot soaked baths, use therapy scents, rose petals, candles and favourite calming music to make your home beautiful. Speak words of affirmation in front of the mirror “I will not die but live to declare the works of God in land of living.” Refuse to be worn-out crying, in pain, sad with sorrow. Remember, the human spirit is like video camera directed records, stores, replays sub / consciously.

Be willing to accept help from loved ones who notice changes oblivious. Depression, affect family so love yourself enough to change. If God be for you who can be against you for no weapon formed against you and loved ones will prosper in Jesus Name. Every tongue that rises against you is condemned for this is the heritage of the servants of the Living God. God is keeping you Safe as His flaming Fire and angel to minister to save souls. So no enemy can touch His anointed prophets. Anyone touching you as the Apple of God’s Eyes destroys themselves by falling into the hands of the Living God. So fight the good fight of faith as an excellent soldier of God. Do not fear those who kill the flesh but cannot kill the soul. Fear God who Kills body and soul for He is Ultimate Judge and Deliverer in Jesus Name. Take time out to be delivered to heal from depression. Do not feel people will not respect or accept you because of how you feel.







Jesus Christ of Nazareth already died to save the world so do not stress to send yourself to early grave. Accept God’s Help because God Loves you and Cares Deeply about you more than you can fully understand. Receive God’s forgiveness and cast all worries at the feet of Jesus Cross. Take time to rest, take care of yourself in Jesus Name. Volunteer to help others so not to focus exclusively on yourself all the time. The greatest happiness comes from the joy of knowing you made a difference in somebody else’s life for you are a divine connection for their future. Your smile, help, words of encouragement, visits, prayers, gifts, shopping for them, doing laundry, washing up, removing rubbish when ill, whatever they need you for or to call others to help them all depend on you. So your life is precious and full of God’s Divine Purpose, Calling, Destiny, Vision to Fulfil. You are not a mistake, or an unwanted accident in God’s Eyes. You have every right to be alive, happy, to enjoy life abundantly as much as others on this planet. No matter your past God is able to transform your life if you believe and trust God in Jesus Name.

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