JumperIn Bible in Matthew 4:5-7 Jesus asked by devil to commit suicide to jump from pinnacle of Temple refused saying one must not tempt God. In Acts 16:27-33. Guards watching Paul and Silas saw gates opened wanted to commit suicide but Paul said, ‘do not harm yourself,’ for we are all here. Impressed that Paul and Silas did not take advantage of miracle to escape, asked to serve the Living God whose Mighty Miracle power they saw. So Paul said, believe in the Lord Jesus, you and your household will be saved. So they spoke the word of God Lord to him together with all his house. And he took them that very hour of the night and washed their wounds, and immediately he was baptized, he and all his household.” Job’s wife in Job 2:9-10, suggested he commit suicide when pain from disease was too much but Job refused. Samson committed suicide so pulled down hall so killed him and Philistine captors mocking him in Judges 16:28-30. Judas Iscariot felt traitor betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. After conniving with the Chief priest in authority to seek to eliminate Jesus. Judas, tried to give back 30 pieces of silver in Matthew 27:35. Judas realized mistake but instead of repenting, asking God’s mercy, grace, compassion, forgiveness due to pride committed suicide hanging himself in field of blood Alkerdama. He did not foresee Jesus’ rising despite told Truth chose to identify with enemy. Bad blood money caused Judas’ life yet worked with Saviour Jesus.

King Saul and armour-bearer killed themselves overrun by Philistines in 1 Samuel 31:4-5. Ahithophel hanged himself as advice to Absalom not heeded would be killed by David as traitor in 2 Samuel 17:23. Zimri usurped throne in Israel 7 days as Israel’s army marched against him intentionally set citadel on fire, died in flames in 1 kings 16:18-19. Instant disposable materialism means anything not perfectly performing according to expectation standard is got rid of quickly without a second chance. Next thrill seeking adventures, major life decisions based on unrealistic TV soap dramas performed by actors mirror and impact life. So Hollywood culture emphasize computer touch outward physical appearance. This causes anorexia by those wanting to be thin skeleton models starved by companies to produce clothes fitting nobody shred yearly. Average person’s body looks nothing like brushed images. Cease to mature from chronological age started playing games. Looks grown but man child inside, naive so cannot cope with daily living, cooking, cleaning, keeping house, maintaining jobs. Some lose work, relationships but see nothing wrong with such lifestyles. Numb problems with weed, creates sense of euphoria delusion grandeur. Such people lack drive so create simulated cuckoo land fantasy safety comfort zone to feel safe. Become overwhelmed with real life, lack basic skills, discipline, time-keeping, working, maintaining job for a long period. o-HAPPINESS-900Others fight, have arguments, spread false rumours to attack people. Take offence easily on edge so react ending their lives. Some sent hate mails bullied online think only way is end life. Such pressure means people made not to fit in or keep up with Joneses. Peer pressure dares people to join to conform to deal with pain cutting wrists, to relieve pain and pacts made by desperation. Affect loved ones unable to help suffering due to secrecy of not sharing hurt with family. Life is now only measured in monetary terms so anyone not making money is considered useless and lazy. People who work all their lives to build and defend society but cannot do so anymore feel neglected, abandoned and treated badly. Impossible for those not in their shoes to understand what it feels treated that way. So better to shorten lives due to fear of further humiliation by society. Credit crunch business losses causes shock. Debt, bankruptcy, feeling of failure, shame letting people down. Stress, unemployment, deformities from injury, accidents, sadness, not achieving demands of society, causes afflictions. Discouragement, difficulties, distress breakdown of intimate relationship or marriage. Divorce, grief, bereavement, and low self-esteem, persecutions, trauma, wars, loss of loved ones make some think death.

2014_wspd_cycle_webSo feel cannot survive without loved one’s input so life is meaningless or over. Some due to peer pressure to conform are dared to join and destroy life. No matter how intense emotional pain felt today, God heals so what does not kill makes stronger. Others feel rejected, humiliated, embarrassed, disappointed, separated, unemployed or think the solve any other tragedy with suicide. Some think they themselves to punish or embarrass loved ones or enemies but God if the Giver of life so He only has the right to take it. Others have similar problems but choose to count their blessings and take time out to visit others less fortunate to help put their life in perspective. The greatest joy comes from helping others so find others who desperately need you and become their divine helpers. So many people’s destiny depend on you so do not destroy your life to have a domino effect of cutting their lives short too by your decision. Think of the impact of those who need you and how they feel without you for the rest of their lives. Would you want them to continue to feel that intense pain you felt during depression which can be easily overcome? So many people have been treated and healed who look back and appreciate life. If anyone does not want to be with you, they do not deserve you. So move on and God will reconnect you to those who love, adore and value you.Some sexually abused from childhood feel cannot heal from pain worse as adults. God’s natural joy of intimacy becomes reminder of sexual abuse as punishment for daring to enjoy sex to consummate marriage. Some face perpetrators in  family or powerful people in authority, significant others who deny abuse. Blackmail victim falsely accusing them of lying. Strong medications side effects, drug addiction hallucinations, long-term effects of alcohol causes suicidal thoughts. Loneliness, sheer boredom with nothing to do or too much time playing simulated games, wraps people in bubble so cannot deal with real life experiences. Some with too much money too soon seek extreme pleasure by playing Russian roulette to fulfil void in lives. Others in pain, vulnerable, impressionable go to websites glamorizing death. Some people feel unloved, unwanted, rejected, lured to join groups, cults, recruiting, brainwashing to kill themselves in name of religion like Waco. Some people take sex games, dangerous level in drug fuelled stupor putting themselves in positions causing love bites, hanging, abusing themselves. So do not heed warnings, think they are in control until tragedy happens.

Some people prefer bizarre sex with dead people so kill for sex. Such actions show symptoms of suicide put pressure on body to do impossible things God’s  body was not designed for. At times, the cause is consequences of moving into new neighbourhood bullying unfriendly neighbours. Constantly picking jealously on others to feel important negative attention. Isolation from gang neighbours ostracising person resorts to suicide. Due to feelings of neglect, abandonment by those in authority supposed to help. Structural institutional subtle racism is alive and well. Although millions of money spent to produce laws and booklets denying racism. Provisions made to treat people equally in life is challenging. Certain groups of people treated badly by dominant culture treating them as less than human. Some resort to suicide as last resort than face colleagues in posts above them. While waste lives in jobs beneath qualification in debt from education loans. Though worked extremely hard for years have nothing to show for it. The families sacrifice to sponsor, educate them so old depend on them. Thinking the save face from shame embarrassment not providing, end live because lose will to live.

They forget loved ones prefer them alive to help start over again. Some due to anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, feeling hopeless, frustration, lack self-esteem, self-worth and loneliness, clinical, depression are unable to connect with people. Fear, money worries, feeling no longer in control caused by depression. Feelings of emptiness, unhealthy codependency instead of inter- dependency. Or sense of entitlement of blaming others without sense of responsibility to face life to endues through els control. Lack of proper care of health eating over-processed junk food. Laced with unhealthy E chemicals ingredients to cause lethargy melancholy. So many issues of love gone wrong seen in dramas copied in real life. Watching others flaunt bling bling constantly too much information highway shows images of perfection. So makes ordinary people feel cannot live up to such standards craved. As impressionable so causes them to feel inadequate. Some forget it takes a whole team of make up artists, fashion designers, photographers to create model look nothing star not real life. Facebook, twitter, instagram, radiation effects from computer addictions causes mental illness stunted socializing growth.

Jesus was tested by Satan to commit suicide when He was asked to jump over the church pinnacle but Jesus refused and said God’s miracle power was not to show off to glorify self and impress people. Jesus also refused to bow to the promises of the devil to give Jesus the riches and wealth of this world because the god of Mammon has strings of death and destruction attached to such wealth. God is the giver of life and riches so gives Power to get wealth. God owns all the silver, gold and cattle on a thousand hills so it is better to seek God’s face and live within His Will to prosper according to God’s Biblical Principles. People become disappointed with the leisure and false pleasures of illusions caused by others while the Bible is removed from schools to stop people to know the truth of God. People live according to man-made rules that cannot fulfil their lives. They are misled to seek things brings true happiness. Depression is caused by anger, sadness, bitterness, disappointment, frustration, clouded thinking, pain, bereavement, grief, sorrow, drug addictions and the effects of some strong medications that put people into a deep dark state which cuts out people and keeps one in a cocoon.

If not treated early it can become a mental illness and ruin lives. So never make major decision of life in that state of mind to regret later. The good news is depression can be treated with appropriate medication to recover and lead a fulfilling life again. Other forms of depression are healed through deliverance prayer, changing lifestyle, new hobbies, eating, resting, sleeping well and working in a healthy environment that uplifts your spirit. After years of following such man-made advise they lose hope as they are left with more questions, problems than answers. These are some of the reasons among others that people commit suicide However, the good news is the Promises of God is the only true way to seek help. Do not dismiss it as old-fashioned history suitable for old people and not for modern living. Faith comes reading, meditating, hearing God’s word. Search TV, iPad, iChristian,  phones social media, Torah, Good Book for God to make a way for you to save your life in Jesus Name as He saves millions of others from suicide.

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