In 1 John 5:14 we have confidence in God but our faith and trust in God is tested again and again. Some circumstances try to shake faith to try to prevent us from focussing on life to accomplish our visions and goals. It is during such trying moments we must use our God gift of faith in 1 Corinthians 12:9 to carry us through. This confidence is different from normal faith in God’s salvation through Christ. God has given everyone the measure of faith in Romans 12:3, but we have to exercise this faith to receive from God. We may not always fully understand what God is doing at the beginning but still continue in faith.

We must supernaturally take a leap of faith to believe in God and be assured God knows what is best for us. God gives us step by step instructions to follow precept upon precept and line upon line as written in Isaiah 28:10. During challenging times we may need a sounding board to explore ideas to ensure we are within God’s will and word. Confidence means the first instruction is completed so God gives next one. It is following Godly directions accurately, according to God’s plans and purposes  eventually we see bigger picture like jigsaw puzzle. So keep on keeping on keeping on by faith assured God is Good all the time. So in Hebrews 10:35 we are told not to cast away our confidence in God which has a great reward. To recap, there were moments when our faith is tested above and beyond our human strength and ability but Christ carries us through. Often, it is a series of events that seems never-ending, but it shall all pass away. We sometimes cry until we have no more tears to cry, our plans may change suddenly and yet God is still in control. His Eyes are roaming to and fro on our behalf because we are written in the Palm of God so have confidence in God that problems will be subject to change in the name of  Jesus.

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