In Mark 7:7-12, Jesus taught about giving to parents as commandment with a CONDITION ATTACHED. IT WILL BE WELL WITH YOU AND YOU WILL LIVE LONG. God did not give choice option to honour if they are perfect or if one feels they are good perfects. Especially elderly family members unable to provide for themselves. In Exodus 20:12  and Ephesians 6:1 we are to remember to honour parents as worthy of honour. God said it will be well with us and we will live longer by honouring elders. This instruction of God is attached to one’s success and long life.  Those who curse father or mother to be put to death in Exodus 21:17. Parents sacrifice to bring up children so invest when providing for them.







Parents fabulously rich, wealthy, poor need to  be honoured, appreciated with gratitude. Corban excuse giving to God cannot stop from providing for parents and family members. So do not deprive parents, encouraged to give ‘in name of God’ to obey rules to build man-made structures or indulge expensive lifestyle to aggrandize themselves while neglecting elders. Some embarrassed by parents refuse to build them up though parents invested in them to be excluded from inheriting wealth, properties jointly owned. So provide budget for parents, families. Recognize right of entitlement to invest in nuclear, extended family members. God values elders so expects nation’s respect and honour for them.

It is important to set aside a budget jointly to provide for both families equally without each spouse giving in secret to favour one parent above other although some parents deserves more for dedication to helping that person. Some people at times refund parents and cut them off because they feel they paid enough based on calculations of fees, loans, board and lodgings from the past. Yet if parents had invested in  business rather than raised children they could be millionaires in their own right. Some even insult or hate parents that they are envious and jealous witches who should leave them alone to lead their lives. Others have value or respect for elderly parents, adults not economically viable. Yet parents and senior citizens fought wars on behalf of modern generation to enjoy peace and luxury. 

It is essential to honour parents so it will be well with them to live longer blessed lives. Every family has a senior citizen adult that needs looking after through giving them attention of time, support, shopping, lifts to church, taking them to hospital, providing their needs and resources including financial commitments. Some parents and adults lived lives that children do not fully understand or know the hardships they went through during experiences of life over the years. They are not burdens so do not ask for much or complain but cold starving to pay bills  but God will intervene in Jesus Name for them.faith_forgiveness_2Those bedrooms taxes levied by rich millionaires with 50 room mansions who do not pay bedroom taxes with second home allowances, salary increases God sees and knows while frail adults freeze to death. Senior adults are now blamed for living too long yet most worked hard all their lives and lost savings and pensions in the credit crunch.God wants all elderly adults to grow old gracefully from strength to strength physically, spiritually, and emotionally. God wants all supported by honouring respectfully and treating them not as nuisance but with dignity. It is good to give to God but not at expense of parents senior citizens as it is necessary to give to both.Know-God-Know-Love

God cares deeply about old people and loves them dearly so will make a way where there seems to be no way in Jesus Name. They must not be denied health treatments after a certain age just because they are considered too old to be of value to society. God bless wonderful people honouring your parents and senior citizens because it will be well with you and you will live long in Jesus Name. The church must set up  well-being resources, funding to provide for senior citizens in the church and in the community so the nation will prosper and receive more blessings from God. God will make sure they are well cared for and provided for in Jesus Name. To His Glory and Testimony for God shall supply all their needs according to His riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.


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