Time in Jesus’ HANDS

RH-JesusWantsYouIn Psalm 31:15 God tells us to commit our times into Jesus’ SAFE CAPABLE HANDS to fight on our behalf to deliver us from our enemies in Jesus Name. It means we invite God into the circumstances by seeking God’s face by setting time up daily with God to praise, pray and thank Him in advance.There is a time for various activities designed to help deal with whatever we may face in Jesus Name. According to Ecclesiastes 3:1-5 for everything under the sun there is a time. It is necessary to be instant in season in God’s timing. God asks us to do things for Him during 24 hours, 7 days a week, 366 days of the year. God’s Clock Calendar help us use time wisely so God showers blessings upon us in Jesus Name.24This requires may have to change our own plans not to lean on our own understanding.There is always a knowing, assurance, hope, and peace if it comes from the Will of God, His Plans and Purposes for us. Holy Spirit is a witness to our spirit to confirm what we are doing is achievable. So realistic within God’s time line so can be measured successfully. For there is a way which seems right unto people but the end is destruction so we need always to be in tune with the will of God. At times, we have to Obey God rather than obey people because the things of God at times looks like foolishness to the world.cast-cares-on-himGod is able to guide, inspire, help us clearly concisely to do greater works in Jesus Name. So must be spiritually discerned by checking in line with the word of God. Thank you God fer helping us to be in tune with your word. To work within God’s time frame in Christ Jesus Name.

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